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RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

it is a 2001 5.9 diesel Dually not 4x4 I had the tranny rebuilt with very heavy duty inards. He said better than the original and an extra cooler Also has been chipped, I never have had the the radiator flushed or the fluids changed So I was pulling a 12000+ 5vr and it did find on the level but climbing a steep pass like a 2 lane and it got real hot so I pulled over 3 times to let it cool. If it hadn;t heated up I could have pulled over that pass and others without any trouble. Howdy Billy, I have a 1996 2wd 2500. When pulling on steep grades I use the overdrive lockout button so the transmission will lock into third gear and lock the torque converter. This keeps the transmission and engine a lot cooler when pulling hard on steep grades. Also, you might check to be sure the fan clutch is working as it should and engaging the fan.
Mote 01/28/20 04:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advice

I just set up my camper and the toilet black water is over flowing. What's the issue?? Like other's have said sounds like you've got your hose hooked up to the wrong connection. The one labeled "city water" is the one you want if you are on full hookups. Don't worry, we've all made mistakes along the way. It's part of life. We've been camping for many years and have made quite a few along the journey.
Mote 01/13/20 11:43am Beginning RVing
RE: GM to introduce electric Hummer

3 years of driving a Volt now into 5 years driving Caddy ELR. Both cars yield about 50 miles electric range with careful driving, more than enough for our daily driving now that we are retired. Consequently it is rare for the backup gas engine to run. We've had solar panels on our house over 2 years now. In effect, we charge for free. Would never go back to gas. If the carbon industry would stop spreading lies, more people would realized what a no-brainer electric vehicles have become. They bear the responsibilty why we don't have electric RVs at this point. Once Tesla's semis hit the road, it will only be a matter of time before DPs will go away. The bigger the vehicle, the greater the fuel savings. That, plus the high routine maintainence cost of DPs will doom them. The high cost of DPs will make them the low hanging fruit for displacement with gas rigs to follow as batteries continue to fall in price and increase in capacity. I don't think he likes DP's :D Just kidding of course. My opinion is most folks who spends $400,000 on a diesel pusher don't really care about fuel mileage or maintenance cost. If they do then they didn't do their homework.
Mote 01/13/20 11:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1 ton SRW debate

Have you tried searching for a new GM truck using the locator on the Chevrolet website ? You can filter for what cab, bed and engine you want. It shows some trucks like you want within 150 miles of my area however the other car sites do not. Might be worth a try. I hate to see you not get to drive one before investing a large amount of money in something you will have for a long time. A lot of folks don't like the looks of the new Chevy HD trucks, but I do like them. The new 6.6 gas engine would be great for those of us who don't really need a diesel. Good luck in your search.
Mote 01/07/20 03:39am Truck Campers

mix and match, change up if you like. Today's it's an old wives tale, that actually had a basis of fact in the past. Friend was a mechanic that had a car come in with a failed engine. A little thick sludge came out of the drain. After an investigation, turns out the female owner religiously took her car to the same quickie oil change place for an oil change every 3000 miles... except for (IRC) 50,000 miles, it never got changed. Sounds like one of those apocryphal stories that never happened. At best, it may have been a lie when she was trying to get a warranty claim after never changing the oil. They might be able to trick her on the filter but if you are sitting in the car, you can typically see them putting the oil in. An oil change place that doesn't change the oil would get caught by someone real quick and then get run out of business as not all people are stupid. Everyone has a quickie change horror story. I have two friends that had a bad experience. One with Walmart. They drained his transmission instead of the engine and then filled the engine with more oil. He didn't make it to far down the road before the transmission gave out. Walmart did make good on that one. My other friend had his oil changed at a GM dealer. The next day when he pulled out of his garage his saw a large puddle of oil. The tech forgot to tighten the filter. Lucky for him he didn't drive to far after the oil change and was able to tighten the filter and top off the oil. I realize these occurrences are rare but they do happen.
Mote 12/10/19 03:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: TR: The Road to winning a National Championship

That's awesome. Way to go Ruth. You're quite a husband helping her out with her dream. Bet you're glad you had the dually for that trip and not the old '03 single rear wheel.
Mote 12/02/19 06:43am Truck Campers
RE: Any nice new 5th wheels that have cloth furniture

Well looks like we might be putting the new camper on hold. The company we work work for announced cutbacks and layoffs are coming. The current camper is paid for so and actually is quite nice. We'll just keep enjoying it for now. I think we'll dress up the interior with some new flooring and maybe replace the two chairs in the rear with some euro style recliners.
Mote 11/22/19 04:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any nice new 5th wheels that have cloth furniture

On no, I'm in trouble now. The wife found one that she likes. She's always wanted a rear kitchen but also have a nice living area. We looked last night at the new Cougars and she liked the 362RKS. Nice big kitchen in the rear and living room with two couches. The 81 gallon fresh water tank would be nice in the state parks here in Indiana. At 39'4" it would be a close fit in the barn. We'll have to do some careful measuring of both first.
Mote 11/21/19 05:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any nice new 5th wheels that have cloth furniture

Take a look at VanLeigh Vilano 5ers. We purchased a 2019 320GK a little over a year ago. Love the beautiful woodwork. Also love the Franklin furniture. Microfiber and very comfortable. Interesting. I didn't know Tiffin made 5th wheels.
Mote 11/20/19 08:38am Fifth-Wheels
Any nice new 5th wheels that have cloth furniture

We would like to get a bigger 5th wheel around 35 foot and this time have opposing slides in the living area for more room. We like our current Cougar and like the cloth furniture. It's held up well and your legs don't stick to it. My wife is always cold so she doesn't like vinyl or leather. Seems like every camper we've looked in the past few months is the cheap leather/vinyl. Does any manufacture still offer cloth furniture ?
Mote 11/20/19 05:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Interior windshield privacy curtain and door screen

Concerning the original poster's question regarding "the benefits of a screen for the sliding door", you should be able to find some good YouTube videos on that. It sounds like you have a very nice van. I second the youtube thing. There was a couple on the West coast that drove a "loaner" Hymer for a couple years. It was their home so they may have some ideas for privacy curtains and door screens.
Mote 11/14/19 08:27am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

Follow up: I ended up taking the unit to Beaver Motors where the facebook group says the experts are for the problem I had. They diagnosed that the inverter was bad. So they replaced the unit with a good used one they had and it has worked fine for two months. Per the instructions from the home page of I sent my experience to CW. A few days later Shawn from corporate contacted me and they wanted a copy of the $840 bill I paid. They investigated and told me they would pay for it. Then I got phone calls to verify my home address and my email. Both of which were on the initial communication. It sure sounded to me like the run around and stall tactics before the final shoe dropped and they denied the claim. Finally on Monday I called Shawn up and told him that this was crazy, if they were going to deny it, just get it over with. He assured me that the mix up was on their part and the check would be in the mail, yea right! Well on Tuesday, the mail man brought me the check. I know I read on this forum CW bashing, I for one will stand up and say they treated me right. I bought the unit "as is" but they were to point out all the working and non working features. I strongly believe that when they ran the AC with shore power every thing worked and they simply failed to check that the AC would work on generator since every thing else worked. Now everything worked fine and we have gone on two trips and are very happy. Howdy fellow Hoosier, We're not to far from you. Near the little town of Westport. Hope you enjoy your new camper and maybe we'll see you at one of the local state parks next summer.
Mote 11/14/19 05:33am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: My new to me camper.

I'm a little late to the party here. You're camper looks almost exactly like our 2001 Lance 1030 inside and outside. The only difference being ours is a dry bath. The shower is tiny but doable. I do wish our grey tank was bigger thou. We carried it on a 1996 Dodge 2500 for a few years. We were within 200 lbs of the tire limits when fully loaded. The only issue we had was the brakes on that old truck were never that great. Even after updated pads. We now have a 2005 dodge dually only because a friend at work was moving to California and didn't need the truck anymore. Hope you continue to enjoy your adventures.
Mote 11/14/19 03:34am Truck Campers
RE: Best route from Kentucky to Cody, Wyoming

Good morning neighbor. We live in Southern Indiana. We've been to Cody twice since 2015 hauling a truck camper. The first time we went thru South Dakota and thru the Big Horn mountains on hwy 14. I would not recommend that route when pulling a camper. The second time we thru South Dakota again but this time turned off at Buffalo WY on hwy 16. That was a better route but still some hills and turns. If you want to avoid the mountains then I'd go I80 thru Nebraska then work your way up thru Casper and Thermopolis WY.
Mote 11/06/19 07:11am Roads and Routes
RE: GM Strike

Don't be quick to condemn an entire company or group of workers based on the inappropriate actions of a few. I'm part of a small union in our company. We have around 1600 members. Yes, there are a few that take advantage of the union security and don't work as hard as they should. And there are a few who are very vocal. But, 99% of the folks work hard and are good people.
Mote 09/24/19 07:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge RAM flywheel

Dual mass flywheel do your self a favor and contact South Bend clutch and see what they offer to rid yourself of it. Maybe a nice dual disk clutch, way less than $4K even with a shop install. Yep, I would agree.
Mote 09/10/19 01:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge RAM flywheel

When does it vibrate? All the time ? If it's a manual transmission and the flywheel has hot spots that can cause a vibration on take off. If it's an automatic not sure how the flywheel will cause a vibration.
Mote 09/10/19 11:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Your Rig

Our 5th wheel and truck at Brookville last weekend.
Mote 09/04/19 04:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Ram 3500 SRW (Edited with Pictures)

Nice truck. Thanks for your support (I work for Cummins)
Mote 09/03/19 06:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Trailer and Truck

Like the others have said a SRW may be capable, but since you are planning on traveling the country with this setup you will really appreciate the extra stability of the dually. We just have a small 30 foot fifth wheel. When we went from SRW to Dually I was amazed at the difference in handling.
Mote 09/03/19 04:57am Towing
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