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RE: Wanting to install Ceiling Fan in Bedroom

just google them "12 volt ceiling fans" and I got many pages
MountainAir05 05/18/21 09:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Monaco R4R Brake Rotors

He needs to be looking at the Caliper for the lock ups. The rubber hoses are another thing that is overdue according to your issues. Do you not know who made the chassis. Doug might stop by. I take it your mechanic does not work on RV or he would know what chassis it has and to look at the other components also. Looking on their site it is a Roadmaster Rail Chassis. It either has a propane gen or a diesel. Your coach should have the Roadmaster R4R (rail chassis). You will have one of the following rear differentials: DANA S-150, Rockwell RS15-120, Eaton 15040S, or DANA 80. Because Monaco built those chassis themselves with outsourced parts from various suppliers, the braking systems can vary. Once you know which rear differential you should be able to know which brake system you will need for the rear. These guys will or can help you with the front brakes.
MountainAir05 05/17/21 05:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windshield Wipers Stay On

Look for water when you take the plug apart. Sounds like you have a open that get ingested water when it rains. Maybe on the motor it self.
MountainAir05 05/13/21 09:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windshield Wipers Stay On

Look at the connector under the hood and any wiring that goes to the wiper. Unplug connector and fill with dielectric grease and connect disconnect.
MountainAir05 05/12/21 05:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Alfa basement air service

Make and model would help. Most are already incased and just cutting a hole will not let you do a good job cleaning. call a friend who use to own one and he said to you Good Luck. He stated his comes out the bottom of the RV. It was made by coleman who no longer makes them. It has two compressors. As stated its a case inside a case. here is a picture maybe of what you have.
MountainAir05 05/10/21 01:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing a 2 wheel drive automatic transmission

As rick stated look at some. As far as driving with the engine running. In a 500 mile tow, engine running you will have a over heated engine and possible transmission. We have seen this several times. Have seen more on I 75 South doing this for some reason. No air gets to the engine or not enough. Jeeps seem to be but not all towable.
MountainAir05 05/07/21 04:59pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Windshield seal

glass shop who put in windshields.
MountainAir05 05/06/21 05:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Road conditions

As state you will be find. We have used Hi-way 550 Red Mountain in Colorado at 11500+ and you can drive that one too. As stated use your gears and slow down to the 45.
MountainAir05 05/06/21 12:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disc brakes temperatures

I can't say what temps to expect but unlike drum shoes, the disc pads rub all the time not just when brakes are applied. I did a Google check on that very topic because a friend of mine thinks like you do, and I think differently, I think there is suppose to be an air gap Pads that touch mean friction and drag, they will wear more, wear it faster, and get hotter, What I found was the statement and drawings, that when brake pressure is removed the bellows style piston cover retracts the piston and disc/rotor "run out" forces the pads away from the surface allowing for an air gap between pad and rotor, no value was given for the size of the gap They do not touch when wheels are turning aka driving down the road Think about this A tire with a 4ft circumference will spin 1300 times in one mile, if you are driving 60mph that tire is spinning at 1300 rpm , if a brake pad is touching the disc rotor, it and the rotor are going to get hot, that is what friction does, brake pads have lots of friction capability or your vehicle would not stop Go to a car race at night and it might make you rethink or every car out there is not set up right. I also think there is a gap " very small" but seeing them glow is another story. I have pulled brake pad off right after driving and you must have good gloves on to take them off. But I agree with you on the gap. I try to get runout to .002 or zero if I can. You will know it when they go out of round. Vehicles with a good brake job will not build up of rust or other stuff on the rotor due to the very low runout. They shine. Remember they are floating calipers.
MountainAir05 05/05/21 07:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Exhaust Manifold

As long as you can get them out. Had it happen many times on Gas engines. About the only way to get them out.
MountainAir05 05/03/21 01:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Winnebago aventurer

Read the First time buyer guide on the Title page. A lot of info.
MountainAir05 05/02/21 08:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disc brakes temperatures

Think you are going to have a hard time. Brake pad are made from different material and each will have they own temp readout. Disc will be one temp, and drums will be another. You might find the info from whom made your brake. On my sport car my pad are cooler than on the AWD 4 runner. They both have Disc and both are very good brakes. Have fun with your new toy. Just went out and check the sport car and it show in history that the pads run right at 185 average. All 4 are different and the 185 was the middle range. They are 5+ degrees different with the fronts the highest. My front pads are one brand and the rear another. On braking hard it shows 250 plus.
MountainAir05 05/02/21 08:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Extend-a-stay alternate

The 4 way does go where you are saying and yes I have read and seen the videos and no I am not trying in the wrong area. Here is a photo so you can see that I really do understand. BTW I have built and designed 17 manufacturing plants. Regulator is to the right Still wondering if there is an alternative You have a electrical solenoid for the shut off. You are just going to have to convert to a different fitting unless they have something else. If you have a propane place near they might be able to help faster than you can find the right fitting. I thought that that type valve had been removed years ago to a manual shutoff. Probable wrong in my thinking. But the propane shop should know for sure. Maybe Doug will ring in.
MountainAir05 04/28/21 06:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Extend-a-stay alternate

The fitting should be standard on your gas system so you either got the wrong one or you are not installing it where it should go. wa8yxm video is right on.
MountainAir05 04/28/21 03:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Turbo goes out at 37,000 miles

One item that kills a turbo really fast is driving down the interstate at full speed and getting off to get fuel, coming in to the gas station and shutting down the engine. This simple little action is detrimental to the life of the turbo, while the engine is running the oil is circulating to the turbo and lubricating the bearings and cooling, shutting the engine down shuts the flow of oil, this oil not only helps lubricate the bearings it also helps with cooling the unit. When the flow of oil is interrupted the residual oil begins to cook and slowly starts to block the passages and also starts to destroy the bearings. Depending on the turbo, it will spin at about 17,000 RPM at idle and anywhere up to 150,000 RPM's running down the road. Try to avoid this by letting the engine idle 2 to 3 minutes or more before shutting down, this helps the turbo slow down to near idle speeds and helps cool the unit a bit, this prolongs the life of the turbo. I do not know if they still manufacture them or not, it is an electric motor 12vdc and a pump coupled with a timer that runs for about 3 minutes at engine shut down and pumps oil to the turbo after the engine is shut down, totally separate from the engine, runs from the engine sump to the oil line for the turbo, the oil then drains to the engine pan this helps cool down the hot end of the turbo while it spools down and prolongs it's life. navegator This - 100%, every time. Plus very good oil and change out every 7000 miles. We don't put the miles on like a OTR truck does or we don't. Its get new oil when it put to bed and then 6 months later after we start using it again another oil change. I do have the oil check every year and so far that has worked out.
MountainAir05 04/28/21 07:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: oil leak

At the rate the oil is leaking, if it is the ac compressor seal, the ac system should be out of refrigerant already or soon. Does the ac system work well? If the problem is related to the ac system, get it repaired now rather than wait until another time because once all the refrigerant is gone, air will replace it and then you'll most likely have to replace the dryer along with a long draw down of the system with vacuum to remove the air. Plus, air has water in it and water will possibly cause corrosion of the internal ac parts. Save time and money and fix it now. If its the compressor, he will have to replace the dryer to get any warranty for the compressor.
MountainAir05 04/27/21 04:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Houston toll roads

If this is a regular trip, then set up an account and put money in it and they take it out as needed. When you pay by mail the price is a lot higher or use to be. Where we live we had to go thru Texas to o East so a account was setup. Way cheaper and easy.
MountainAir05 04/27/21 11:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Short in the ACC pole

Tom, when you loose the tone in the frame, are they any chance that you have vent holes in the frame. If not find where wires come out and start checking there. Also I am sure you have looked for the same color where you loose the tone to where the wires come out of the frame. Ohm from the blown fuse side (fuse removed) to ground and see what you come up with. A lot of wires to check but it can be done. Insure that your battery is off or the fuse is pulled. If you leave that wire off , what does not work and that gives you place to start. Gene
MountainAir05 04/26/21 12:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Safety Hand Grab Rail

Do a google search unlimited #s come up. Only you know which look you want.
MountainAir05 04/21/21 10:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: oil leak

Your AC compressor oil should be clear or just slightly dark, very thin.
MountainAir05 04/18/21 05:16pm Class A Motorhomes
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