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RE: Can1500w inverter or Honda 2k gen work 900w Microwave

How many batteries does Brother have connected to the inverter w/o and what size wire, mucho battery capacity is king when it comes to this situation,with Big Thick Cables, for the high amps I consider a 1500w inverter not large enough for a 1300x load, doesn't allow for sufficient overhead for inverter conversion loss 15% need 1495watts into the inverter from the batteries, and that doses not include startup surge spike
MrWizard 05/10/21 12:37am Tech Issues
RE: Added a bicycle carrier track to my motorcycle carrier
MrWizard 05/07/21 04:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Added a bicycle carrier track to my motorcycle carrier

Carefully placed cut & shaped pieces of pool noodle, Protect the bicycle paint job from tie down strap wear and scratches , my scooter has been riding on the rear of a Motorhome since 2010, first the safari dp and the pass 3.5 years on the Bounder, and it paint is faded out, plain flat basic black, if when the scoot gets painted, I'm thinking 2 tone maybe green & gold or orange and blue , either way re-cover the seat in white, I'm not fond of Hot black seats in the summer time
MrWizard 05/07/21 04:42am Class A Motorhomes
Added a bicycle carrier track to my motorcycle carrier I bought 8ft of 3inch. Alu channel from Grangers Cut it to 6ft drilled holes 36inches apart and used the MC tie down eye bolts to mount the new bike track to MC carrier Use ratchet straps to hold the bicycle in place, and cover both with a large motorcycle cover, Going to replace the skinny cover "tie in place rope" With more MC straps to make covering and uncovering faster and easier chore
MrWizard 05/06/21 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which of these 3 battery brands would you choose?

I like Deka, have been using them for 4 years In this RV, last year replaced first set at 3 years age, full-time everyday use and recharge, over 1100 cycles of varying dod between 70% and 40% soc, with full recharge most days I do not do 50 to 90, I use what is needed 30% or 70% then recharge to full if possible Then do it again the next day, that's full-time off grid living
MrWizard 05/05/21 03:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need recommendation for a replacement inverter

Running/powering and RV fridge from the inverter is a waste of battery power, 300+ watts for the heating elements uses 30 to 40 amps D.C. Battery power into the inverter to get the 3 amps 120vac for the fridge heating elements, The best thing is to use propane for the fridge when not connected to shore power, this RV has an RV gas electric fridge, I power it exclusively from LP unless I run out of propane, in which case I switch to electric and inverter while I drive to the LP station, For 7 years with a previous RV I did power a residential fridge from inverter, with 649watts of solar pane on the roof and 500+ AmpHrs of battery bank, that fridge compressor only need 100 watts of electric power RV gas electric absorption fridge need 3 to 4 times as much electric power, I use l.p. And keep electric as emergency backup operation With this fridge
MrWizard 05/05/21 03:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disc brakes temperatures

I can't say what temps to expect but unlike drum shoes, the disc pads rub all the time not just when brakes are applied. I did a Google check on that very topic because a friend of mine thinks like you do, and I think differently, I think there is suppose to be an air gap Pads that touch mean friction and drag, they will wear more, wear it faster, and get hotter, What I found was the statement and drawings, that when brake pressure is removed the bellows style piston cover retracts the piston and disc/rotor "run out" forces the pads away from the surface allowing for an air gap between pad and rotor, no value was given for the size of the gap They do not touch when wheels are turning aka driving down the road Think about this A tire with a 4ft circumference will spin 1300 times in one mile, if you are driving 60mph that tire is spinning at 1300 rpm , if a brake pad is touching the disc rotor, it and the rotor are going to get hot, that is what friction does, brake pads have lots of friction capability or your vehicle would not stop
MrWizard 05/05/21 02:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning replacement fabric adventure...oy

Imo the Acrylic fabric is the best, lighter weight doest crack, brighter colors, I've had acrylic and vynIL , I'll choose acrylic every time
MrWizard 05/03/21 12:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Short in the ACC pole

If you have the schematic that shows which items are powered via that fuse Remove fuse check continuity to ground from that feed to ground, Now the slow part, one by one disconnect each item until you find the one that makes your continuity short disappear I suspect that something has failed, something that would automatically have power, not something you are going to manually b operate a switch for, Unless you have had a rodent chewing on wires, that should be visible unless it chewed a random spot In harness somewhere, creating a short between that hot feed and the ground lead for something else How long as it been parked
MrWizard 05/02/21 02:48am Class A Motorhomes
Disc brakes temperatures

What is average, what is good, what is bad I bought a temp gun, to check tire temps and realized it could also be used to check wheels bearings and brake parts
MrWizard 05/02/21 01:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winegard mast orientation while driving

If you do this, will the new resting position be forward in front of the A/C, or rearward behind the A/C ? Up front the Batwing will catch all the road wind, behind the AC will give some wind break protection, Can you add a wind deflector in front of the batwing to protect it from lifting forces and damage ?
MrWizard 04/18/21 01:45am Technology Corner
RE: image on phone

It will warn you about possible threats to your phone, Like leaving usb developers options on, or links in text messages might be harmful to click on, it's not an anti-virus app, but more like a watch dog warning, doesn't hurt anything and doesn't use much power resource or memory, I leave it on, but on my Samsung it doesn't show that icon in the status bar
MrWizard 04/18/21 01:34am Technology Corner
RE: Difficulty Finding Adaptor This will do it One is lighting male to C female Two is C male to usb A female So you get usb A female to lighting male, which lets you plug in a usb A male to a lighting female port They came in a set I bought on Amazon in April of 2020 Cost was low 7 or 8 dollars, set came with 6 different adapters, all possible data pins are used, these are for data transfer interfacing, device communication, Not charge cord adapters, a camera to lighting adapter is data communication and should also work
MrWizard 04/07/21 06:44am Technology Corner
RE: Aux Start to Boost Cranking Amps

Yes .... Arrive at destination, batteries should be charged from driving, leave engine running, use the jacks to level the RV If you need to use the aux start switch to boost the engine battery, you have 2 problems, a weak chassis battery that should be replaced and a charging system that is not working correctly, because the house and chassis batteries should already be combined when the engine is running, There is an exception to this If your MH has a diode based battery isolator instead of the battery control center box, that is common on many MHs A diode style isolator let's both batteries charge while keeping them separate, if you have this then yes you must press the aux start switch to combine them to provide extra power to the chassis system for the jacks(if chassis battery is weak) The BBC cost more $$ takes more time to install than a diode isolator, so some RVs do not have the BBC, but instead have the less costly diode isolator and a less costly momentary duty relay for the aux start function Instead of the heavier more reliable continuous duty relays used in the BCC
MrWizard 04/07/21 05:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Docking station with USB C

This is a case where you want to sure you get a Data cable not a charge only cable, no data syncing, My tablet has usb C, my phone usb micro, my laptop usb A female, my thumb drives are all usb A male, I have a slew of cables and adapters The most useful are the OTG cables, very short, micro male to usb A female, And usb C to usb A female OTG on the go. Cables let you connect a thumb drive to your android phone or tablet and play video or music from the thumb drive, or transfer files to the thumb drive memory stick, they are 100% connection compatible, easy data transfer While USB C, specs do call for downward compatibility o usb 2 & usb 1, You still need the old desktop to have the correct Driver installed for the printer, that's on the C port dock station or wifi or they will not communicate
MrWizard 04/06/21 01:01am Technology Corner
RE: Android Tablet eReader

On my tablet I have these readers Amazon Kindle ALreader DOCS XODO PDF reader With these I can read all ebook formats and plain text files and PDF files I do buy ebooks from Amazon I also download free ebooks from Bain Books website Free service manuals in PDF or text when I can locate them on other sites Except for service manuals the ebooks are fiction Sometimes something historical catches my interest
MrWizard 04/06/21 12:22am Technology Corner
RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

The voltage won't get any higher than the highest set point of the 3 D.C. Power sources, As long as the highest one is below damage level for the lithium battery (most likely solar) everything will be ok, There is no harm in having all three in use, as long as none of them are set too high
MrWizard 04/04/21 02:49am Tech Issues
RE: Releasing Foot Brake after Slides are out?

If i release my parking brake, my levelers will retract, Why would you want to release the parking brake , on a vehicle so large, with slides extended out like sails, you could end up rolling thru the campground, most likely into another camper Powergear system and some LCI will release when the parking Brake is released, BUT, the key has to be turned on. If camped and the Ignition OFF, and you release, the jacks should not retract. If they do, the wiring is not to spec. Doug Doug You are correct and I failed to mention the key being on ! I was thinking of when he got in the Drivers seat preparing to leave, turn on the key to power up the slides and because the parking brake has already been released the jacks retract, but the slides are out, he would no longer be level, and any good wind would be putting additional strain on the transmission parking paw , This is not a situation I would trust, This could damage the transmission if the MH moved, Even more dangerous if the MH has kick down jacks, which have been know to give way and flip up, if the RV rolls forward, it's a feature which prevents damage to the jacks, if the RV is driven forward while the jacks are down How ever it might be described, I think releasing the parking brake , while using leveling jacks and slides , Is Bad Idea There is nothing in the chassis literature that says do Not use parking brake for ???? Or longer tHan xxx PARKED STORED NOT BEING MOVED parking brake should be engaged
MrWizard 04/04/21 02:11am Tech Issues
RE: Toilet lasted 22 months, replaced it

Thetford 42048 Waste Ball Drive Arm $15 Amazon....$17 E-bay Outside the bowl drive arm is Not Broken I think the piece that broke off and was still attached to waste gate drive arm, is from the ball valve, The waste gate drive arm, fastens to ball valve waste gate, with a screw, The correct part to replace would have been the waste gate ball valve And Im not in a location to have taken the thing outside cleanse it with soap bleach and water hose, to install a new ball valve waste gate, don't think the local car wash would have appreciated me doing it there, either, considering that it wasn't mud That toilet and broken pieces are long gone in the trash dumpster last night
MrWizard 03/31/21 01:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Toilet lasted 22 months, replaced it

I full-time Ordering parts online and doing without a flushable toilet until they arrive, was not the option I wanted I deemed replacement with a different model a better choice, although more costly Matt It's an Aqua-Magic V, Low profile version, water saver, hand flush with optional hand sprayer for cleaning rinse Plastic and very light weight I prefer the Sealand line from dometic, I like the 310 models with bowls made of China, they are heavier, cost more, but I think they are better quality And that's what I wanted, but they sold the only one yesterday morning before I got there after lunch
MrWizard 03/31/21 01:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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