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RE: Convert Pilot WH to Electric Start?

My first MH a 1972 lifetime from Bendix There was a re-igniter on the fridge flame That fridge had the pezo push button for lighting, bought it 1992 The RV systems never gave me any headaches But the Chrysler Motors drive train sure did, Transmission rebuild, radiator water pump replacement, overheated cracked a head, Really wore out brake shoes and tires I was doing brake jobs twice a year, 8 lug wheels, hard to find tire size
MrWizard 11/27/20 11:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Outside Shower

If it's so cool outside, that the outside shower house is stiff, the only thing it might get used for is muddy shoes & boots, Not going to wash the dogs or me in those conditions
MrWizard 11/27/20 12:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery failure puzzle: voltage good, little power

RJ For load use you are correct But not useful life/age For aging gracefully with a longer lifetime, the thicker plates in the 6v batteries will last longer in terms of years of use But as pointed out many times, 12v batteries will out preform 6v when powering heavy loads like a MW via inverter
MrWizard 11/27/20 02:34am Tech Issues
RE: New problem

The jack alarm light on mine is signaled Via a float switch in the reservoir If fluid is low it will alarm even with all jacks retracted, occasionally it sticks, and will signal not retracted, with jacks up and fluid is marginally enough and jacks working, To replace the internal float switch would be a messy slow process, can't be done without removing reservoir from pump
MrWizard 11/26/20 10:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Broken cargo door key

Maybe a dental pick would pull out the broken key, maybe use a diaper saftey pin to make a hook for removing the broken piece, or use a small fishing hook,sticky tape pushed against the broken piece
MrWizard 11/25/20 02:27am Tech Issues
RE: Broken cargo door key

You need to get at the backside, and remove the screws holding the cover then you can pop the rods that pull the latches out of the door frame when opening the cargo door, pull the rods by hand to unlatch the door, The latch rods are inside the door, run thru the interior, one on each side of the door, from lock to latch, I installed a new cargo door lock and the latches on one Bay door just a few months ago
MrWizard 11/25/20 12:04am Tech Issues
RE: Changing refrigerator cooling unit...New or Refurbished??

Well done...great job
MrWizard 11/24/20 11:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Black Tanks Won’t Flush

I think he is saying he has 2 black tanks and only one will rinse from the installed sprayer I think there is confusion , I think he has the , 1 grey. 1 black, grey water tanks don't normally get a rinse sprayer installed in a grey tank
MrWizard 11/24/20 02:12am Tech Issues
RE: New problem

On this MH, the pump and reservoir is curbside up front, access is thru the wheel well , I think the mounting location, is a Fleetwood thing, but who knows, maybe yours is also there As for fuses, mine are in the battery control center box with the relays and other fuses, Do you have this box under the front engine hatch/mini hood,
MrWizard 11/23/20 10:46pm Tech Issues
RE: I Hope This Doesn't Get Taken Down Right Away

15 years old, 9th grade freshman gym class in high school, Coach Denton our PhysEd teacher was listening to a report on the radio at his desk in his office, several other teachers were also there He assembled us in the gym, rest of the school soon arrived for the special assembly, where the principal made the announcement, school was dismissed early, And because school was cancelled/closed until after JFK funeral, I was home watching TV and saw Ruby shoot Oswald on live TV news,
MrWizard 11/23/20 08:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Black Tanks Won’t Flush

Gray tank and black dump to the same outlet Drain down the one hose, One 3inch pipe and valve for the black tank, And a smaller valve and pipe for the grey tank 1&3/4 inch pipe I think ! Personally my RVs have never had a grey tank rinse, I have only had black tank sprayer rinse, And this RV does not have any at all, I end up flushing lots of clean water down the toilet to rinse the black tank, does not clean the tank sensors, No bathroom window and I don't like dragging a water hose thru the RV to use a spray wand down the toilet, Two black tanks will have two 3 inch slide gate valves on 3 inch pipes, Look at the valves , handles, and pipes One large and one smaller is normal
MrWizard 11/23/20 07:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Underbay Storage Slideout - need design

I have done several small cargo slides for portable generators, done In one day start to finish, would be even less time, if I wasn't so slow, for me what should be 3 to 4 hours, turns into an all day job
MrWizard 11/20/20 03:39pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Amazon Lockers

I use Amazon lockers , around here you can find them at Chevron Extramile gas stations, Some stations they are inside, some they are outside, they have 24HR access, I find it to be very convenient, I do returns via UPS, have never had trouble with the return credit progressing
MrWizard 11/20/20 03:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: freon charge in a Dometic

I think what you are referring to, is/was for commercial systems, and very likely that no such books are published pertaining to RV units Can't read what's never been printed
MrWizard 11/19/20 11:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Underbay Storage Slideout - need design

44 inch long time heavy duty slides Full extension, 44 inch cargo slides For more ideas Joey Bed RV Cargo Slides
MrWizard 11/19/20 11:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: What's a good battery level monitor?

"Without plug ins, we also generally don't sit at float for hours upon hours to get your monitor back to 100%." Don't need to be on float for hours & hours Batteries don't really need floating in an RV that's in use, floating is too keep an emergency battery service from self discharge Once batteries reach float, they are full It's not the monitor that needs to come to 100% In many instances, The monitor will reach 100% before the batteries are full, watching the charge rate is what is necessary with lead acid batteries, Since lithium batteries have very little compensation needs, just count AmpHrs in and out, I think the one I using would work quite well, If l had the $$ for lifepo4 I would get whatever monitor I thought was best for the job, be it Victron or something else
MrWizard 11/19/20 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: What's a good battery level monitor?

Capacity is a matter chemistry and chemical reaction increases with temperature, And I do my best to not go below 70% SOC, This morning I was at 83% capacity, Colder weather will mean more heater runtime and lower SOC in the mornings, But like I said batteries are in the heated basement, My capacity does Not shift very much because of temperature, Any drift/shift is the Perkurk? Effect (chemical reaction ) from evening and morning MW use, Which BTW is also/more so, on your use So if I use 80 AmpHrs over night, its really more, when I do the charging, When the monitor says full but the charge rate is 3amps, no problem I'm in the high 90s SOC, I can stop if I want or keep going If the charge rate is high , 10 amps or more then I know I should keep charging until the batteries are full, goes to float or at least tapers to the right value, Monitor saying full capacity, means the measured discharge has been returned, Does Not mean batteries at saturation level You and I are trying to achieve the same thing But your doing math with too many variables While I watch for my recharge rate to reach the correct threshold BTW this monitor has more setting that I do Not know the use of, and have left the values at default, there is probably one for recharge compensation, but the instructions weren't much help with that
MrWizard 11/19/20 04:05pm Tech Issues
RE: What's a good battery level monitor?

I full-time my RV, I use the LP furnace, basement is heated, there is no need to change battery capacity numbers unless the batteries are degrading "border=0" For Full-Size Image. Batteries fully charged No need for me to worry about accuracy drift I've said it here many times, I dont do 50>90 cycling of my batteries
MrWizard 11/19/20 12:58am Tech Issues
RE: Added a new battery monitor...(Aili)

It can be changed to a white Brighter background, But you can just unplug from the 5v USB to turn off the display/settings control, The main module at the sensing install location aka batteries, will keep right on working, and the correct data will be displayed when the inside module is powered up in the morning, For me, always on is normal operation, if I'm up for any reason, a glance at the display informs me of the batteries status & health
MrWizard 11/18/20 04:09pm Tech Issues
RE: What's a good battery level monitor?

If you keep charging past when the monitor says 100%, then your AH counter will be out of whack and needs to be reset to zero once you do get to True Full. NO ! My monitor and most other ones stop adding amps to the capacity value when the amps returned equal what was removed and set value is reached Charging does Not Stop, but count does not increase beyond the set value I think you are thinking of your way of a minus value from zero for amp hrs used then recharging to a plus value larger than zero to compensate and ensure you are at or near full, Confusing what your display shows, with what is the normal operation of my system
MrWizard 11/18/20 03:42pm Tech Issues
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