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RE: Replace Mobley

I remember unlocking my Mobley SIM and changing the lock code from default, then moving the SIM to the netgear hotspot router, it's been on pretty much 24/7 ever since then, runs on battery when the inverter and/or generator are offline, I bought my netgear 815S in June 2018 I think Feb 2018 thru Sept 2018 will have the most postings about the Mobley SIM to Netgear , service, sims, etc.. I can't be sure on the date but I think it was Feb 2017 when I gof my Mobley and started service, possibly even 2016 Will have too look up my AT&T account for start of service date, when I'm less tired and more awake,
MrWizard 03/11/21 03:19am Technology Corner
RE: Wiring Disaster

I am a retired electrician , worked years in commercial residential and industrial, I don't recall any NEC that says a generator installed in a mobile vehicle on land, has to bond the neutral to ground, Bonding the neutral to ground creates a 120v hot to frame/chassis hazard, while an unbonded neutral offers a lower 60v hazard from either wire to chassis/frame, RVs are considered a remote sub panel, neutral bonding is only Done at the main service drop from the power utility or the installation of a fixed generator location, even secondary sub panels in the same building , do not bond neutral to ground at the sub panel, The RV breaker panel is a sub panel, shore power, portable generator, installed generator Here is a picture of my Breaker Panel "border=0" For Full-Size Image. Ground Buss Bar on left Neutral buss Bar on bottom aka white wires Mounting screws holding Neutral buss are insulated None of the ground wires on the ground buss bar connect to the neutral buss, None of the white wires on the neutral buss bar connect to ground Buss or the box,this is a floating neutral Yes generator ground is connected to ground, but generator neutral is Not Bonded to ground Some may think that the very bottom ground wire on the left, is connected to the neutral buss, ...... look again closely that wire crosses over the neutral buss and goes into a Romex clamp at the back of the panel (not visible at this angle) and is connected to a circuit in the RV,
MrWizard 03/11/21 01:10am Tech Issues
RE: GPS rerouting due to accident

I drove with CB radio for many years,it was very handy my smart phone can tell me where the incident and blockage is at, and I can look for a spot too pull off, put Not leave the route I'm taking, I'll pull off at a rest stop, truck stop, or even the shoulder of the highway And wait it out, it's an RV it's self contained, Why creep along burning fuel and being frustrated, I stop and watch the traffic jam go by, sleep eat watch a movie, continue after things are cleared up, same thing as in heavy wind or rain
MrWizard 03/10/21 10:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: First Time RV Buyer

Great info so far I will add this from personal experience If it has been stored under a tree Put in some ant baits in cabinets high and low front to back, first thing, once you start moving the RV they will get disturbed , woken up by warming up and the vibration of the moving vehicle Ants love RVs, there is always something to eat, even if it's crumbs, and someplace to nest, walls and ceilings
MrWizard 03/10/21 09:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bluetooth Adjustable Converter?

A BT controlled buck boost DC to DC converter Install in the charge line near the batteries And set your charging profile to the desired characteristics That would be a nice gadget, a handy development
MrWizard 03/10/21 09:30pm Tech Issues
RE: printer on the road

I have a cannon all in one I might print "text documents", twice a year, or not at all What I print are pictures I have taken, or image labels for CD DVD discs, it gets more use as a copy machine, than anything else, not much trouble with ink drying up, even though it can set for months without being used, It's an MX series, MX80 ?, I've been very happy with it
MrWizard 03/07/21 11:55pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Rebuild Website - Online soon - Input?

Pulls up fine on Android phone. The device determines the page layout,. No Not so Your browser settings will attempt to contain the page layout & fonts to your choices when using a pc Font size only when using android device, what a mobile device will do is attempt to fit things into a vertical portrait mode, when holding the device that way, I have found it better for me, to use my Android phone and tablet in landscape mode when using the Chrome browser and visiting websites
MrWizard 03/06/21 09:38pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Rebuild Website - Online soon - Input?

Bob it fits good and looks good, on my 10" Lenovo android tablet, resolution is 1920×1200 using landscape mode, I haven't checked it on my 17" HP laptop But I know it's only 1440 wide, and the site as is, will be too wide and require side to side scrolling LaptoPS TVs and pc displays, are physically huge compared to tablets and phones, tend to be higher structural quality, and pricy , and replaced less often, so that many of these items , remain in use for many years, and consequently have lower resolutions than most tablets and phones A 1400 ? Wide webpage will reduce side scrolling for most users and still look good on smaller devices that have higher resolutions, You can have higher resolution pictures resized ôr displayed at lower resolution and enlarge to original resolution when clicked on by a viewer
MrWizard 03/04/21 02:44am Tech Issues
RE: Bluetooth Adjustable Converter?

The solar controller I installed in the Safari is Bluetooth controlled, and I really like having that function, it replaces a dedicated wired in monitor and control module, I installed the control app on my tablet, As. For app updates,, an app designed and dedicated to operating one piece of hardware, comes from the hardware mfg, an once setup and working, is less likely to cause problems than a controller module, and does not need maintaining, backup the app on your Google drive or MS one drive, it will be there if you get a new phone Yes if my converter had that ability, I would use it
MrWizard 03/04/21 02:13am Tech Issues
RE: Tires

Since he did not drop names We have no idea what brand he bought, some people are assuming he paid too much for unknown brand, unknown quality
MrWizard 03/01/21 11:41am Tech Issues
RE: Tires

I'm sure you have a good idea mileage wear verus the price, and received value for your $$, a necessity when operating a business fleet of any size large or small OP said he got a good price, (he paid 30% more than you did, an RV has different ride requirements,and you might be getting better pricing, fleet operator and regular customer) I agree, sounds like a fair price for decent tire quality People making comments about not buying cheap Must think paying $800 per tire is the only way to do it right
MrWizard 03/01/21 09:20am Tech Issues
RE: Tires

6 tires ? $2200 is not what I call cheap, about $375 per tire Yes Toyo or Michelin or Bridgestone would be more $$ Poster did not mention tire size 16, 19, 22.5 inch I can get 8R16 235, local $125 per tire, that's Cheap Yes most likely Chinese Toyo 22.5 for the DP were $600 each IIRC, might have been less it was a few years ago
MrWizard 02/28/21 06:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Fry's Electronics shutting down 30 stores in 9 states

I love Fry's, I too saw the notice the day it was published, my last two laptops were from Fry's, my digital camera came from Fry's, and my inkjet printer and other devices, most of the blank Cds DVDs came from Fry's, the Burbank Fry's and the Canoga Park store are about equal ,distance from me in opposite directions, giving me 2 choices, but now being closed, sad times indeed, I do have a good parts store close by, very close by, but that's all they have is parts, not pcs, not tablets, printers, camera, TV,DVD players, audio components,car stereos, not all the things that Frys carried
MrWizard 02/28/21 03:07am Technology Corner
RE: New Ford 150s Save the Day in Texas

While the frozen , no utility power Texans, are happy to use these trucks at home I think it makes more sense to working craftsman that uses power tools and goes to many places during the week, than the average non RV person, or construction site worker, City utility trucks, att etc.., have had 120v mobile power For many years
MrWizard 02/28/21 02:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons

Im retired, 72 yrs old, does that make me a geezer, I don't wait in lines for any store to open, if I can avoid it, not HF, not 99cents, Not Walmart, The exception being the second week of Covid19 lock down when we were out of TP, and I waited an hour in a long line at the grocery, then when still not open, I said forget..was lucky we had a bunch of napkins, I do get stuck waiting In check out lines sometimes The last time I got up in the Wee Hours to be first inline was back in the 70s for a "Toys for Tots" Concert , with an All Star line up of Hit record performers, groups and singles, i didn't even do that to get tickets for Eric Burton and the Animals in the 60's or the Highwaymen Tour in the early 90's ? Yes I did attend those shows, but the only lines I was in, was the one going into the shows, tickets had seat numbers first in or last thru the door, didn't make any difference, tickets were pre-purchased, Wait inline for a free flashlight ? Nope, nada Maybe for a free laptop PC
MrWizard 02/28/21 02:19am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Battery Charge Issue

You don't mention type of RV, or if you have a generator In my previous RV I had a residential 120v fridge, powered by inverter 24/7, solar and generator I made it a point to run the generator every morning to do the heavy recharge from nightly use, then the solar could do the top up, and supply the usual daytime needs Batteries need good voltage and amps, when being cycled daily, otherwise they sulfate, this will continue to degrade battery capacity and charge acceptance until they are useless ! If your needs are minimal, a 1 hour charge from the rv converter in morning, powered by a generator will go a long ways in keeping your batteries in better shape giving you more life from them, or you can add 200 more watts of solar, and hope for good sunny weather every camping day
MrWizard 02/28/21 12:05am Tech Issues
RE: Renogy DC-DC Charger UPDATE 2 Test

Good to hear you got it fixed, Sounds like the charging outputs solar and DC to DC converter, were somehow in series instead of parallel Many solar controllers are positive connections (input-panels, output charge) are common ( connected together) on the controller and it is the negative connections input and output that are isolated separately, (charging control flow is thru the negative side, not positive side ! Of the solar controller, this is opposite of vehicle wiring we are used to This might be why you had a problem, the DC to dc charger AKA voltage booster, is wired positives Isolated and negatives common, like vehicles Thinking all the negatives would be common and at zero volts, you ended up wit two devices in series for double voltage, until you moved negatives around and took one off the Trimetric shunt and broke the series circuit between the two charge systems, Renogy and alternator in series, instead of Renogy replacing the alternator, an inline boost operation for DC, like an autoformer does for 120vac That's my analysis based on your description, and first hand experience with a solar controller that was mfg input output positive connections common, negative connections separated/isolated, charge controlled by the negative Since charge current into a battery has to travel thru both wires electrically , the control can be thru either side of the circuit, and since the charger is not in the load circuit there is no problem, the material design type of the power control devices determine whether it's positive control or negative control germanium, Silicon , npn pnp, etc.. Engineer's choice or budget been counter, or maybe what the purchasing dept knows they can get, and tells the engineer, we can't the ones you want, redesign this device, we can get from our main supplier, we can't source your choice at the profit we want to make, or in the number we want to manufacture Any way that's my thoughts on what happened on your first try, you were able to correct it , and tells us about it
MrWizard 02/27/21 11:27pm Tech Issues
RE: ..Looking for a new air compressor for the MH tires etc..

As air compressors go, this Husky is really quiet, if you have use of a quiet Trim tool size air compressor I can recommend this one, for that low noise quality Twin piston single stage compressor, at 27 pounds it Is a little heavier than I wanted, but comparable to other 1 gallon air compressors, the Ryobi cordless 1 gallon was only 14 pound's without the battery, but I was concerned that maybe the battery ( used with my Ryobi cordless Drill ) would not be at full charge at the moment I needed the compressor, and decided 120v corded was a better choice, since I could use shore, generator, or inverter power !
MrWizard 02/25/21 07:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Cost of engine replacement or rebuild

No matter when it goes, next year or tomorrow, it cost big bucks, when your a regular working stiff, even bigger impact when your a retired working stiff 2012 in frame rebuild of the Cummins in the DP, $7000 and two weeks motel expense , full timing and on a trip 3 yrs later turbo went out, blew oil everywhere,but where it was so Posed to go, $15000 rebuild and 2 weeks In the motel All you can do is keep some money available and pray, it doesn't happen during your big vacation trip across country
MrWizard 02/25/21 06:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ..Looking for a new air compressor for the MH tires etc..

I was at home depot this evening I looked closely at the Senco 1 gal 120v $159 The RYOBI 1 gal 18v one+, one plus battery system, $99, wt 14# Husky 1 gal 120v 135psi $99 weight27# I brought home the Husky, I cleared some storage space for it, and tomorrow I will test it
MrWizard 02/23/21 02:42am Tech Issues
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