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RE: Taaadaaa! Took the plunge. Airbags on the Class A

I never got to do the rear airbag install, the first stimulus check went to other expenses, this next stimulus when/if it arrives is going for the lifts, even if it takes the whole check, 2020 has been a rough year all the way around, one more week, then we welcome 2021 and everybody I know is hoping and praying it Will be a better year all around. Sure need to Lift our spirits the whole world has got The Covid-19 Blues Merry Christmas too All
MrWizard 12/25/20 01:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fluorescent to LED conversion

The Safari dp previous MH Has a 120v fixture over the dining table that uses 4 candlelabra bulbs the type used with chandeliers, I found led replacements at home depot and installed them reduced load from 60w to 10w
MrWizard 12/24/20 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Cheap Reliable Battery Load Testing

Traveler .. Where did you get the idea of 3x the AHR capacity, I did not see that mentioned A 1000 cold cranking amp start battery, would be tested at 500 amp load, the biggest load my batteries see in use is the MW, with a few lights and the TV, Around 96 amps, For testing I turn the load knob all the way up, what I want to see is the voltage stay in range then recover when load is removed, since you have to turn the knob , it is Not instant 500amp load, and you can adjust to to a preferred amp load if you want, the tester can handle 500 amps for 15 seconds, that doesn't mean my batteries or yours will supply 500amps into a carbon pile resistive load, that's a load , not a dead short like welding, or a surge like cranking over the engine, starter wiring has very little resistance so it's a high current spike operation , I think the highest amps I have observed while using the tester on the house batteries is 300+, which is over 3x my usual max draw As stated this is a stress test , Watch the voltage and the amps, and the recovery or lack of recovery Imo whatever it's worth, for a start battery it has to maintain enough voltage to keep the starter cranking , I don't know what that is And for house batteries Not drop below minimum voltage for inverter use Inverter runtime testing has been done by many members , Seems like BLF does a lot of this, and reports on it frequently, the rest of us don't have to do it, we just read his posts, This tester gives us a way test batteries before install, and a way to test monitor degradation as they age, and trouble shoot problems when they arise
MrWizard 12/24/20 01:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Any "Real" Unlimited Plans?

Telcos use the word unlimited too freely Often what they really should say is "unfettered access" to the internet, anytime anyplace you have signal, NOT what we think it should mean " all the data stream we can use" When they throttle the bandwidth they reduce the data flow, so they really are limiting how much data can be used, Around here, mobile data gets really congested from rush hours thru early evening, I think it's too many people using navigation apps to get home , commute traffic is virtually same most days, traffic delays and accidents are common place, Waze can give you more info than you used to get from the car radio, but it IS still the same slow drive home, commuting has been getting slower every year, watching the App screen real time traffic glut, won't speed up the drive home Oops off topic, anyway that's my data use situation, every afternoon, forget internet .. Work on something, read, take a nap
MrWizard 12/24/20 12:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Warm weather traveling

Yes some time it is needed, chassis Air will cool the cockpit not the whole RV, Yes you are burning gas No it does not change "Actual" fuel mileage of the drive engine, it just LOOKS that way because of using gas for another purpose Yes you use more gas , but that was used by the generator not the drive engine, if anything drive engine load was very slightly reduced , because the chassis AIR did not have to work as hard at cooling, Very slightly equals maybe a few tenths of percent less load If I got worried about the extra fuel use, I would turn off the chassis Air, and use the generator & rooftop air , it would be warmer up front, but the MH would be cooler
MrWizard 12/24/20 11:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cheap Reliable Battery Load Testing

I have one, gets used every time I purchase batteries and several times a year, testing my batteries or someone else's battery
MrWizard 12/23/20 09:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Any "Real" Unlimited Plans?

And how much is your monthly , weekly daily data usage certainly Not 50 gig a day I'm online a lot I watch movies and you tube , post on forums, download etc, I also share my att hotspot account, I seldom hit 100+ gig for an entire month, Usually 40 gig or so, 60 to 80 if I have been saving video content to watch at another time, Maybe multiple people streaming different content at the same time for Long hours or massive online role playing gaming A 4 person team in battle on call of duty or wowc Live video broadcast streaming from the rv ? Geez, just stay home. There's so much to see and do as you travel you should find you only watch an hour or so tv and internet each day. We don't all camp like you do. I personally work a 9-5 job remotely. Being able to take the RV out and still be able to work is wonderful. It allowed me to fulltime and travel the country with my family of 4 for the past 5 years. Just because you use entertainment differently doesn't mean everyone does.
MrWizard 12/23/20 09:36pm Technology Corner
RE: free tv

Rats and Cats! Xumo is not available in Canada. The website or the app ?
MrWizard 12/23/20 05:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Blocking "Restricted" Calls on Smartphone

Last year I kept getting calls from American Solar Who wanted to put Solar panels on my home and reduce my electric bill, finally one day I told him if he could 5000 watts on the roof of my motorhome I'd be interested otherwise forget it, No more calls from that telemarketer This year it's the female robocall trying to reach me about my car warranty And the one calling from BankX about my account And of course, I don't happen to have an account at that Bank,, that one is a Pishing scam , I pity the people that actually use that Bank, answer the questions, then get ripped A friend has gotten emails saying her eBay account has been closed do to suspected fraud activity and to call such & such number, that person has never had ebay sellers account, has never too my knowledge bought anything off ebay , she thought somebody used her name and email and messed her up, I had to explain it to her, it wasn't ebay but a scam to get her info, her name wasn't in the email, and she never had account there to get messed up
MrWizard 12/22/20 11:34pm Technology Corner
RE: free tv

PT I have Pluto TV, Tubi tv, Xumo and "free cable TV" apps installed on my Lenovo android tablet I use only cellular data, verizon phone & att netgear HOTSPOT, they all work, Pluto & tubi are the least troublesome, "free cable TV" is the one that bogs down ? The most, but it does have the most content, All the network news channels,online news channels, Streaming movies, TV series, comedy Central, kids shows, also carries content from Pluto and other online servers it aggregates everything Including sports channels Also if you are interested you can go directly to and watch free content online In your browser window, stand-up comedy, and series show content Fans of South park can goto Www.southparkstudios.comto binge watch old and new episodes from season 1 to current season 24, all seasons have episodes for free viewing, Not all episodes are available for all seasons, but some seasons have all of them available I think it has to do with what previous seasons are in syndication, I think episodes marked not currently available, are those playing on cable somewhere, such as comedy Central, or adult swim PT go ahead try out the different streams you listed Xumo is my current free favourite My one paid service is Amazon Prime, I get video and music with my free shipping
MrWizard 12/22/20 10:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Any "Real" Unlimited Plans?

When I record 1080p broadcast OTA TV, it is 6 gigabyte per hour video stream, No video stream I have watched and recorded from online has exceeded 2GB per HR, a 2HR streamed movie approximately 4GB of data, to stream 50GB of HD video will require 24HR continuous HD video stream Yes Less hours for 4k uhd streams, but I don't think either is a realistic possibility over cellular data network, even if I could get those data speeds, I could not spend that amount of time with eyes glued to the screen, How did you come to the conclusion you need 50 giga bytes of data stream per day?? Most telcos throttle after the plan wifi hotspot data tether limit 10 GB per MONTH, you are going to need multiple accounts/lines just to cover one day of 50GB !! Some services will give you more hotspot data per month , none are going to allow 50GB per day average use
MrWizard 12/22/20 09:21pm Technology Corner
RE: How to listen to MY own music on my phone?

Google play ? Will play the music files that are stored on your phone, use the menus and point it there, personally I use VLC and MPC. Video LAN player (LAN=local area network) Media Player Classic Both are good Apps translated/ported over, from versions originally for windows
MrWizard 12/20/20 03:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Tioga propane light blinks green, heater not functioning

He mentions both devices, the CO detector and the lp control Pre tell, the CO detector does not control anything but misbehaving indicates a problem, I think he has 12v power problems, I think the house batteries are not getting charged , and low voltage is his problem needs to check and clean house battery negative main ground, maybe replace cable, check and make sure the house battery is charging when engine is running, Don't know why a 19ft RV with out OEM built in generator would have a CO dectector
MrWizard 12/20/20 02:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Booster vs Laptop charger

" Ok, Seems senseless to charge an expendable charge in a laptop with another expendable battery. Duh! But just checking." Millions of people do this everyday, with pocket size USB power banks for their phone or tablet Quite a few lithium jump boosters have DC output ports with proper adapter for charging notebooks and laptops, Before it died the one I had could do 12v, 15v, 19v Had push button to select voltage out, I damaged it trying to start a suburban with dead battery hidden under floor in the rear, with jumper posts under hood, poor power to the battery, and heavy amps from booster direct to starter when turning the key, Warning don't connect to jumper posts under the hood, always connect directly to the start battery, If it's not your car, tell them to remove seat, open trunk bed, etc.. What ever has to be done to access the start battery, with lithium jump booster, After I tried to help them and failed, the battery in my booster swelled up, it started losing power , power faded away with each use, it was only 2 years old $80 gone, now I need a new one Note: the warning is just info about my experience, not related to OP question, maybe it will prevent some one from doing the same thing and killing their jump start booster
MrWizard 12/20/20 02:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

32" Visio TV here, no problems with OTA TV No problems with the remote 1080p excellent picture, it is Not A smart TV with internet and wifi 3 HDMI input ports, 1 near useless usb port Near useless because it is only good for still image photos, won't play video files, I use other hardware to send video to HDMI input
MrWizard 12/19/20 07:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Washing RV while traveling

There are several self service car washers around here, the closest one 1.x miles has a high bay with catwalks for doing large vehicles, that's where I take my Bounder It has spray wash and long handle wash brush, Brush wash then spray to rinse, Not necessary to spray along window caulking with high pressure, to get a good rinse, by the time I've finish washing 36 ft of MH,it cost $12-$15, Brush washing takes longer than using high pressure spraying, so more quarters in the money box, and it's about $3 a pop for 8 minutes?, been a few months , time to go again, it's dry for the rainy season and mother nature isn't washing it for me
MrWizard 12/19/20 06:48pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Ultra Sound wireless LP tank sensor , Bluetooth to phone app

Dutch I was thinking much the same thing, need a secure mount for holding and some protection from road exposure
MrWizard 12/19/20 05:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Bad Converter Charger

2x a year n for deep cycle recharge Once every 6 months Better info would be the number of shallow cycles allowed between deep discharge & recharge cycle Camping styles and number of days nights vary per individual I'm full-time if I followed the 2x year recommendation, it could be 183 days of shallow cycles before a deep cycle recharge, I do believe that would be too much sulphation buildup I strive to keep my batteries at or above 70% soc But there are mornings when when it is significantly less, one morning a few weeks ago it was 46% SOC I will charge till the meter indicates 1 amp or less charge rate, sometimes because of other uses and wanting to keep the batteries in a top OFF state, until bed time, I will keep going even when there is zero amps charge into the batteries, but I still powering other things, instead of immediately using the inverter and going into load discharge use, In the last two weeks I have done that 4x, with the power monitor showing zero amps charge rate at 14.x volts, with the converter supplying the lights and parasitic loads, it would take a different setup to register milliamp float charging
MrWizard 12/19/20 04:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Ultra Sound wireless LP tank sensor , Bluetooth to phone app

Thank you everybody, I just might go for it next month, their product advert was inserted in a YouTube rv project video I was watching, I was unaware of this product until seeing the demonstration advert
MrWizard 12/18/20 09:43pm Tech Issues
Ultra Sound wireless LP tank sensor , Bluetooth to phone app Came across an ad for this on YouTube tonight, while looking at some other RV topic video, use Android phone or tablet for gauge display, can be set for auto alert low level Looks promising, does anybody have any real world knowledge The tank on my Bounder the gauge is Wonky (scientific term) reads 1/4 tank low, max full can't hold no more, will read 3/4 full Gauge at 1/4 is really 1/2, needle on at empty line, really somewhere between 1/4 and empty, but No-way to know if that is 1 gallons or 4 gal, dead empty to max full and out the liquid bleeder takes 18.8 gal I have to check it everyday, so I can judge my use rate of the first 3/4 ,and guess how many more days I can last, several times I was caught unawares of what day was cross over, and ran out of LP
MrWizard 12/18/20 03:38am Tech Issues
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