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RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Hi IAMICHABOD - thanks for link to this from 2018.. This looks different than 28A that I have - mine does not have a rear-window. Indeed - I was wondering if it is possible to add a rear window just above the bed! Is this a different version of 28A or did someone add a window! :) Hi quasimatter,Cruise America deleted the rear window about 10 years ago,the one pictured is that old.I have not seen anyone that has put a window back in. They then deleted the window in the door a few years later. If you are interested in putting a window back in the door like MtnBikeMarty did, Here is a link to the great job he did. As for the lock question,I have not seen anyone post about it but this company RV Locks and More seems to be coming out with a remote one for the coach,they do have a keyless one. I used them to replace all of my outside locks and they are all keyed the same. The remote on the chassis doors may be dooable if it was configured from the factory.I recall someone going to a company that installs auto alarms and they managed to install a remote lock and alarm,you might ask around in your area. With my neighbor's help (he wires police cars' lights, siren,s radios, etc for his day job), we installed an alarm/doorlock wireless remote, he built a custom wiring fused harness to connect to the battery. So, I'm sure any car stereo/alarm company, Best Buy included, could install one for you. It does not do the coach door, not sure if they offer anything for those doors. We also hard wired in a CB radio, which I barely use, cause cellphone coverage is so good along the highways anyway. I love the window installed in my coach door, well worth the ~$100 and less than an hour install. I want to do a ladder at some point too. Thought about a rear bedroom window but wife has plans for us (me) to redo the whole interior...paint walls, paint cabinets, new flooring, new window blinds, re-upholster the cushions (her job). But luckily I'm too busy at work to start this remodel. ;) MtnBikeMarty
MtnBikeMarty 04/21/21 11:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

We purchased a Cruise America Majestic 23A in November. We've only taken one short maiden voyage but have been busy putting on vents, back up camera, awning, tv and fiddling with it. Our next project is a ladder on the back. Anyone do that yet? We've had a couple 'little' issues but nothing big. Oh, did duplicate the window Cruise America on theirs but with our dog.LOVE IT! If I figure out how to post it, I will. Welcome Willy1, my plans to add a ladder got delayed with my wife wanting to remodel our CA 27G (paint, replace blinds, maybe flooring, maybe counter) all in effort to brighten up the interior. But I see IAMICHABOD all ready sent a link to the ladder info in here. I added a window in my CA door and I recommend doing that 100% if you haven't already, plus it's fairly easy for novices, like me. You can look back through this thread and see pics of my window install. MtnBikeMarty
MtnBikeMarty 03/19/21 11:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Thanks TwistedGray! BTW your interior looks great now. And just what we want to do...brighten up the inside. Thanks again. MtnBikeMarty Brightens it up for sure, and it doesn't look like an RV anymore...score! It took a lot of hours though. It wasn't easy! Honestly I probably painted our house in the same amount of time it took in here, ha. Good luck; share photos. I also tinted some of the lenses on those lights! The LEDs are super bright, too bright. I left some clear but otherwise amber'd the rest with multiple coats. It's still bright but it takes some of the blindingness away. What model do you have? I have the 27G, it's a little shorter than the big 28A, but still has the walk-around queen bed, and one chair instead of the fold out couch of the 28A. Mine's a 2011, and I got in 2016, the last year CA offered the 27G. It's distinguishable by the rounded bunk over the cab. Here's a pic: What scares me is, my wife is not the best painter, and how you describe how hard and time consuming it was... it's going to take her... us... me a long time. LOL
MtnBikeMarty 03/12/21 01:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

My wife wants to paint the interior of our CA to cover up the faux wood paneling and brighten up the inside, anybody have any suggestions on type of paint? MtnBikeMarty Hey Marty, This was the first project that I undertook. You should be fine with any paint and primer combo. It is gonna be an exhaustive process because there are so many corners, so many things to accidentally paint. PREPARATION is obviously key OR take the 5ft approach : ) One word of advice - do not bother to remove the wallpaper (just sand it a bit to provide a better surface to adhere the paint to). Otherwise, be prepared to learn a few interesting things along the way such as the number of different/random screws used throughout or find multiple holes for one thing (ie: they, whoever they is in this story, screwed new holes to re-mount things rather than using existing far as filing those old holes, nah...just leave em was their attitude. So, I filled in probably a dozen or so holes. Examples include (on mine, 19G): the mount for the dinette on the wall that takes it from dining table to bed was removed at some point, adjusted, and reinstalled about a half inch away. Someone made a mistake at some point and there were a complete batch of holes documenting that. I found similar situations with almost all of the curtain rods, strap mounts, etc. I don't know how many different screws (different heads) I found either of varying lengths, too, despite them being for the same application. I convinced CA to send me a box of screws though, so that was nice...and I have now decided I will only use square headed screws. (Why are we using Phillips and flat head when such a better solution exists? (I'll thank CA for that enlightenment.) In short, be prepared for a project that is not as simple as it is in your home ... BUT I will say this, it completely changed the look and feel of the RV. It now looks more like a studio, apartment, home, etc. ps: two coats may fly, three is better! I have had a mind to remove all the cabinetry to do another coat on them, but I really don't want to spend another evening with a paintbrush in my hand. Here is an example of the transformation. I have a few videos on the Facebook page I linked before, and I'm hopefully going to turn it into a public page so you can easily view the videos (fyi). Thanks TwistedGray! BTW your interior looks great now. And just what we want to do...brighten up the inside. Thanks again. MtnBikeMarty
MtnBikeMarty 03/11/21 08:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

My wife wants to paint the interior of our CA to cover up the faux wood paneling and brighten up the inside, anybody have any suggestions on type of paint? MtnBikeMarty
MtnBikeMarty 03/11/21 02:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Whelp I may be joining your ranks, if all goes well I will be looking over a Thor Majestic 23A from Cruise America. I am a first timer and am new to owning an RV. These rental models really appealed to us with their simplicity. I felt like it would be a good fit for us with our limited RV'ing knowledge. I did RV as a kid with my parents but now its time for me to do the same with our children. I gotta say thank you guys for all the good information in here. I've been reading over all the posts in here to help calm my nerves. Man buying an RV feels alot like sipping from a fire hose. So much information and opinions. Its hard to weed through it all. Wish me luck, any last minute advice before I hopefully pull the trigger? Racerboy, Go for it! There's a lot of great info here in the 148 pages, take some time and go through it, a lot are quotes repeating the original question. But in a nutshell: skip the CA extended warranties (put that $$ in a rainy day fund), if new to RV's like me, hire a third party to inspect it prior to taking delivery, if you're thinking of a awning, go with theirs, it's a basic manual awning but their installed price is better than you can get elsewhere, take it on a shakedown outing as soon as you can to test out and familiarize yourself with everything, then get it into CA and they'll fix most anything (my refrigerator light blew out and and one verticle window was missing the clips to hold it open, they fixed both in a quick 30 minute appointment). BONUS Info: If you're in the Mesa AZ Cruise America, there's a museum of minibikes in their service waiting area, that the founders started collecting minibikes they grew up on. We had a Honda Trail 70 and neighbors had a Trail 50, CA had several in mint...way kool, made the wait time fly by as I looked at the 100 minibikes. MtnBikeMarty
MtnBikeMarty 02/25/21 07:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Thanks Chris for the above answers - Makes sense - I will plan on getting 2 identical batteries. Another quick question for Majestic 28A owners, What is the compartment in front of Master Bed - It is solid metal box with metal cover screwed on with special pin-in Hex screws. I opened it up and voila - there is nothing in there. Was it supposed to house something? Attaching a picture. As you can see - there is another metal box inside with sides open (nothing inside that either). Maybe it used to house something which was removed (or an option that was not installed)? It looks a bit odd being right at the foot of the bed and also just being big metal plate which does not match other flooring. PS: Is there a forum anywhere that is specific to Majestic (or even 28A)? I remember asking my CA salesman, and he said something about it was an access panel to the transmission, maybe the differential. I just took it at that and never opened it up. Maybe someone else has better information. MtnBikeMarty
MtnBikeMarty 12/11/20 10:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Floridastorm, the 3 month warranty is mainly for powertrain wear and tear but I was able to get vehicle and house issues repaired or replaced. The starter and coils/plugs tune-up was deemed normal maintenance and not covered. I purchased mine in Orlando and they are great but I'd recommend having an inspection done before you pick it up. Get as much done while it's on their lot. Floridastorm, Yes they will allow an independent inspection, I used one, then while the salesman and I were doing the paperwork, they got everything addressed on the inspection list. I paid cash, so no help with the other questions. I would recommend their price and installation of the awning it you are even slightly thinking of one in the future. I passed on theirs, figured I could find something better and cheaper, I was wrong. Though, my Mesa AZ salesguy will let me purchase one, (almost 4 years later) and schedule and install appoint. MtnBikeMarty
MtnBikeMarty 11/12/20 09:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Do you have any ideas which upgrades to steering and suspension made the most difference? We already had the steering bits that were bad replaced and an alignment (desperately needed) and added the roadmaster steering shock (I'm thinking I have to adjust it though) The rear antisway seems very thick already but it looks like the front could use replacement. I'd personally love to lower the toilet in the 28a (and of course a 50 gallon grey tank) I did my upgrades in piece meal...The new steering stablizer, seemed to eliminate/drastically reduce steering wheel dancing, the constant movement left to right to left...just to go straight down the road. It definitely brings the steering back to straight quicker when completing a turn. My original front anti-sway bar moved about 6" left to right when you just grabbed it and tried to move it. The new one, does NOT move one millimeter. It seems to have eliminated/reduced blow by from semi trucks passing, and having to white knuckle the steering wheel. The rear anti-sway bar definitely reduced/eliminated the coach from rocking and rolling when I pull into my driveway with it's rounded curb, and anything on the counter or table would go flying before. The pre-story to all this is I had my 27G almost 4 years and we had a front left shock blow out on the highway, we think metal shard's damaged the two left rear tires. Towed into a shop (thank the good sam roadside assistance policy), replaced all 4 shocks (should have upgraded to bilsteins, but they had already installed Ford OEM's before I thought of upgrading and called them), and went ahead and replaced all 6 tires (two damaged and all were beyond 5 year old mfg dates), plus AZ is tough on tires with the heat. I did have them put the "youngest" good tire on as the spare. While the rig was in the shop getting this done, I started looking on line about upgrades I could to make the drive/ride better. I did add front sumo springs, not sure how much impact they have, maybe when I have the rig heavily loaded??? I do want add rear sumo springs when I start towing a car with my rig. You can scroll back this thread and see pics and story adding those upgrades. As for the tall shower step, my 27G is the same, the 27G is no longer offered but it's very similar to the 28A, just about 3 ft shorter but still the E450 v10 chasis. I think it's just the grey tank under it (at least for the 27G), which lowering it would reduce your grey tank volume. We use a small folding step to get in and out of ours and I added some grip tape to the step. But I'm not replacing all that and I plan to install a shower grab bar when I get a chance. Happy trails... MtnBikeMarty
MtnBikeMarty 10/21/20 11:30am Class C Motorhomes
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