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RE: Flying to the USA and shipping car

35-55% have people who get a mild case of covid and don't need the hospital, are still sick months later. 92% of people who are hospitalized are still sick, months later. 50% of people who have no symptoms at all have heart damage. I'm in the first group. I had an extremely mild case of covid in March. I never even had a fever. Just a bit of a cough. I was able to keep working at home. My doctor had me decreasing my steroid inhaler dose, phasing it out, when I had a relapse in July. I learned that a relapse in month 4 is very common. It made me worse than I was with the original illness. 8 months later, I'm on the highest dose of steroid inhaler. I can be out of bed an active for 1 hour per day. Then I run out of air and it takes me 23 hours to recover. I'm alive, but it's not much of a life. I don't recommend it.
Naio 11/14/20 07:02pm Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

I came home early, in March. I think I will be going south again, but a few months later than usual. And I won't go as far as I usually do from my S&B. That's partly due to where covid is under control and where it isn't. It's partly about not wanting to be very far from my parents, because they are older. And the timing, leaving later than usual, is because I want to wait and see what happens after the election. I feel like I need to be near my family, in uncertain times.
Naio 10/20/20 01:16am Snowbirds
RE: How do I get a colder freezer?

I'm glad I was helpful! Even without opening the door, having air space makes a big difference. I guess because the air circulates and warms up at the walls of the freezer. My experiments have been mainly about how long I can go without power. A full freezer stays frozen for 3.5 days at reasonable exterior temperatures. But a half full freezer doesn't stay frozen for even 24 hours, even if I don't open it at all. Conclusion: A half full freezer requires a constant input of power to keep it cold. And if the power input isn't enough, it's just not going to be cold. With the low power of some freezers, it -would- take a long time to freeze a bunch of water. I would probably add one bottle per day, rather than adding them all at once, unless I didn't have any food in there to worry about :-).
Naio 08/03/20 12:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Suggested locations in Arizona's White Mountains?

Yeah ... it's getting pretty dry here, too. For weeks I've been removing 40 years accumulation of leaves to clear a big circular area around our home - just in case a fire should come up the canyon. :E Can you save those leaves somewhere and put them back after fire season? Losing their deep leaf mulch can be deadly for many native trees, especially oaks.
Naio 08/03/20 11:03am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: How do I get a colder freezer?

Working with your existing freezer, I would be tempted to build a styrofoam box, 6 sides, that fits inside the freezer, for extra insulation. But I probably should ask first, is your freezer packed as full as possible? Any bit of airspace will interfere with its efficiency. I pack frozen water bottles or ziploc bags of water in, if I have empty space. I find it's important to fill the freezer all the way to its ceiling, and not have air space on top of my food. Depending on the mechanism of cooling, sometimes a little pathway for air flow, but other than that, nothing!
Naio 08/01/20 05:24pm Tech Issues
RE: How do I get a colder freezer?

The one I linked to is 67 Watts. But probably 1/4 the price :-). 120v fridges and freezers have a huge inrush when they first start their cycle. I can run one on a 1500 watt Harbor Freight inverter. Sometimes I can run two, if the inverter is having a good day.
Naio 08/01/20 05:21pm Tech Issues
RE: How do I get a colder freezer?

Another option is to get a separate freezer. If you have access to 120 volt power, I highly recommend this one. It will keep things frozen for 3.5 days without power, if it is full. And of course there are 12 volt options, but they are more expensive :-).
Naio 08/01/20 11:23am Tech Issues
RE: Snow Birds ??

I was born, and have lived all my life in the US. I agree that the vibe I get from Canadians in this thread is of kindness and concern. They seem to be feeling what any of us would feel if we saw a neighbor caught up in a situation that was unhealthy and dangerous for them and others. A mix of wanting to help but not wanting to butt in. I am grateful for the good wishes.
Naio 07/07/20 11:30am Snowbirds
RE: Snow Birds ??

Actually, the study of the US Navy sailors found hispanic people were less susceptible to covid than white people, when you factored in things like mask usage, exposures, etc.
Naio 07/06/20 10:40am Snowbirds
RE: Snow Birds ??

For Florida to get to herd immunity, they would have to have 200,000 dead from covid, just in Florida alone. It might happen, but it's not a pretty picture. To maintain herd immunity in Florida for longer than one day, they would have to close their borders and not allow anyone from other states in the US in. They could let Canadians in, but only by plane, not with RVs.
Naio 07/05/20 04:19pm Snowbirds
RE: Snow Birds ??

Yeah, I think a lot of us are just waiting to see. One thing that would make a huge difference, to me at least, would be news about what types of antibodies are protective in the long term, if any, and a test to see if I have them
Naio 07/05/20 02:11pm Snowbirds
RE: Reddog1 "Wayne"

I lived just 10 minutes from Wayne's and got to spend a lot of time with him over the past few years. Wayne went out in style, doing the things he loved; working on his truck, Samurai and RC trucks as well as getting in some serious play time on his tractor. He was in great spirits through his illness right to the end. I never heard him complain once about his lot having it. Just that he needed some help getting things set up for his wife before his time came. I will miss him tremendously. Jerry Thank you for posting this, it is beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss, and that of everyone here.
Naio 07/02/20 11:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Hauler to get my trailer from Florida to Canada?

Florida to Canada. 7x16 cargo trailer. Insurance on me. Joe, my crowd delivers autos from Ft Lauderdale to NY city but Canada might be a bit further than our drivers would want to go. Something they don't like about crossing into Mexico and Canada. (mainly Mexico I think) I would not even want to give you a price on crossing the border. You might think I have lost my mind Would it be realistic for Joe to meet somebody at the border?
Naio 06/28/20 07:51pm Snowbirds
RE: Snow Birds ??

1 bar in Lansing now has 85 confirmed cases from 1 night of business. Wow, those poor people and their families!
Naio 06/28/20 12:06am Snowbirds
RE: Gets-you-home insurance?

It sounds like Edd505's saying that coachnet is both, bundled together. Is that correct?
Naio 06/26/20 10:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gets-you-home insurance?

Thank you for the heads up, WatsnJa89! I ended up going with the FMCA. And I ended up having to use it, this spring. I put in my claim in March, and haven't been refunded for my expenses yet. But they are still communicating by email. They said they are just extremely swamped because of covid. I'll try to update here if anything ever happens.
Naio 06/26/20 12:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should I be concerned about this?

I don't think I can do pictures of the screws. It would be necessary to get up on a ladder, and I have knee issues. I'm happy to describe, though, if there's anything that is unclear. (I'm not really sure that the attachment situation is relevant.) The raised roof is attached to the original van structure all the way around, with screws about every three inches. It was a professional install.
Naio 06/25/20 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Hauler to get my trailer from Florida to Canada?

There are always local guys who have a business hauling RVs. you can find them on Craigslist, or RV parks can suggest somebody. Make sure they are bonded, etc, of course. In my experience it generally works out to about $1 a mile., when you factor in their gas two ways, meals, motels, etc.
Naio 06/24/20 09:46pm Snowbirds
RE: Snow Birds ??

I'm trying to plan for going and staying, both, so that I can decide at the last minute. Added complexity is that I have a relative who's having some sudden health problems, not covid related. If I do go, I might not go as far away as I usually do. it's really hard to know how to make any future plans right now.
Naio 06/24/20 09:43pm Snowbirds
RE: Should I be concerned about this?

I'm trying to visualize the result. I hope you will bear with me here, and not think I am being overly critical of your suggestion :-). I'm trying to figure out what exactly it is that worries me about the current situation, and what effect the angle iron solution would have on it. I'm concerned that the weight of things I put in the loft right now is pulling the entire loft downward, and especially the front center. I worry that by pulling it down, I am pulling the sidewalls inward and putting stress on the seam between the raised roof and the side walls. I don't know whether this is something I really need to worry about. The raised roof is held on to the side walls by screws, about every 3 inches. So I guess downward pressure on the center of the loft is resisted by all those screws along both sides of the van. If it is a problem, how would the angle iron sandwich change the situation? I think it would transfer all the stress to the two section of the loft edge, one at each end of the angle iron. The loft metal would want to tear at those points. I don't think it would change the stress the loft contents put on the side walls. I think that would stay approximately the same. Also the weight of the angle iron and the strap bouncing around up there as the van goes down rough roads might not help matters. -- Maybe one of you will tell me that I'm worried about the wrong thing, and that the angle iron project is a solution to a different problem, one that I am not aware of. I'm used to thinking about houses that are made out of wood and don't go down the road. I also feel like I don't really even understand what holds the box of this van together. It seems like it is about tension rather than obvious post and beam weight bearing. Either that or nothing is holding it together and it's just as flimsy as it sometimes feels...
Naio 06/24/20 09:17pm Tech Issues
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