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RE: How to search for tires?

In 17 years I have placed new Goodyear and Maxxis tires on my TT by shops and myself and no wheel or tire balancing was needed. Never any tire wear or problems during those many years. I do not know so called lug centric balancing. My simple RV life has been great fun and rewarding with no complicated equipment, toys, etc. Plain is good and comfortable. Object focus was camping and not Others have gone dus Cheers to the comfortable good life and 4 Rs
NamMedevac 70 08/18/23 06:33am General RVing Issues
RE: How to search for tires?

I just literally 1 minute ago ordered four Maxxis M8008+ 205/75R15D for my cargo trailer. Excellent choice. I have used these tires for many years with great results and also goodyear tires with no issues towing always a heavily loaded TT. Tire Rack along with Walmart, Discount Tire, etc have good search engines for tires.
NamMedevac 70 08/14/23 05:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rank your RV issues

In 17 years of towing a TT only one slow valve stem leak and minor issue with circuit breakers and road debris damage easily patched by me. I bough a very good quality TT by R Vision that was owned by Monaco Coach of Oregon. Yup I also practiced periodic preventative maintenance chores and especially on the roof.
NamMedevac 70 08/14/23 04:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Time to Part with Loved Travel Trailer

Consignment sales doesn't work for a lot of people because the item sits in the store or on the lot forever and ever unsold. Maybe one can advertise on FB or craigs list, etc that your RV is on consignment at such and such location. Don't depend on consignment dealer doing much if anything to move your product as many won't such as listing it in an advertisement, etc. Being on the backlot next to rear fence is not good IMO. Of course you may have a hot product. Great deal of difference in consignment dealers.
NamMedevac 70 08/11/23 03:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Pre-cooked packaged bacon

I heat it in stove top oven until very cripsy. Use both sams and Costco. Blot off the excess grease. Very very good. I like thin and crispy and no grease smell or residue in my kitchen. Yup
NamMedevac 70 08/11/23 02:21am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Site squatters

Well Mr. rabbit hunter congratulations on your education and yes the keyword is sometimes and like a day and night until forced to remove said truck by arriving reserved campers if owners of said truck are at the campsite and not out hiking, fishing, etc. They usually have two or more vehicles. Yes it happened to me more than once and had to wait hours for their return to move the truck. But of course you already know all this and never be a guilty party. By all means fly that flag sport and you can sign up for the next GF and thank you for being a generous taxpayer. WAJ. You will have my support all the way!!!! Cheers from the big casino.
NamMedevac 70 08/08/23 08:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Site squatters

In recent years I have frequently observed large crowds camping together in several adjacent sites with loud partying/music late into the night. Camp hosts do nothing but usually leave for the weekend or holidays. You're on your own boys and girls. Reason I camp before and after July, August and no holidays or weekends. Cheers from the big Casino.Camp hosts are not the law but rather just there to observe and be helpful during daylight hours. Don't expect them to intervene with a bunch of drunks late at night in possible possession of unknown weapons. Instead call the ranger, local sheriff or police. They have the training, authority and a gun. Verify where to report the mayhem when you check in. I know that KH and I have seen armed forest service rangers in east Texas drive thru a FS campground giving high fives and friendly waves to a crowd of drunken motorcycle pukes raising hell on several adjoining sites. Camp host were gone for the long weekend billy bob. That ranger should hand in his badge and gun and stop stealing from the taxpayers. Sort of like the do nothing Parkland puke. Even when camp host are there KH they do not call for the useless rangers but go shopping. In 30 years of camping I have found many camp host to be total useless do nothing critters that don't want to be bothered with any info about site problems such as non working post, etc. on the site. You know all this of course bb. But they are great wonderful Americans who fly the flag. Your education is now complete. Congratulations.
NamMedevac 70 08/08/23 12:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Site squatters

No accident maybe?? They may have put the truck in your spot so no one else would set up next to them or have friends on the way in another RV. I have seen this frequently at public campgrounds as I do observe what goes on around me for my own safety in addition to fun camping and fishing. Sometimes it is the older folks that squat/takeover on another's site. I am 76 and never have done this in 30 years of camping. In recent years I have frequently observed large crowds camping together in several adjacent sites with loud partying/music late into the night. Camp hosts do nothing but usually leave for the weekend or holidays. Your on your own boys and girls. Reason I camp before and after July, August and no holidays or weekends. Cheers from the big Casino.
NamMedevac 70 08/07/23 08:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: First Post, Out of Frustration over Dometic AC

Inquire at your RV park or campground (managers/owners) about a mobile RV repairman with electrical/AC experience. A Google search may also help you find a dude that knows RV AC and electrical systems in your general location area. Inquiry phone calls may also be necessary in addition to email contact. I was always very lucky in that my Dometic AC would freeze me out even in the high heat of Texas summers.
NamMedevac 70 08/05/23 02:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Unsolicited want to buy your RV people

Sometimes they actually want you to give it to them for next to nothing or learning info for a later outright theft. Apartment neighbors once kept bugging me to give them my second older standby truck to them for nothing even when I said no and finally had to get rude. Thankfully the deadbeats were evicted and all was good. I fully understand why others get rude and it is the self righteous who are the rude ones. Cheers from the land of honey.
NamMedevac 70 08/02/23 11:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Best way to market a dinghy tow vehicle

Craigs list and also FB Marketplace where I found a brand new perfect fit used camper shell for sale to fit my late model crew cab Ram 1500. It was not stolen as I help take it off the truck belonging to the truck owner. They just bought the truck and did not want the shell to make room for their 4x4 off-roaders. I have had very good luck with both outlets but always cautious when dealing with strangers and money. Use public space in front of bank, busy restaurant, etc. and no night time transactions. Cheers from Eldorado
NamMedevac 70 08/02/23 04:09am Dinghy Towing
RE: Unsolicited want to buy your RV people

Maybe put a sign on it NOT for sale. This is good, very good. Make it a large sign. Yup Life is sweet and sour
NamMedevac 70 08/02/23 04:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Is this normal?

You have a narrow view of things sport as many folks and RVers are elderly and/or have health issues such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Arthritis, and cannot handle a heavy tire and rim or crawl under the rear of a truck for the spare on hot road service or in winter severe weather conditions, and on and on. Some are even in wheel chairs believe or not. Surprise surprise. Did I say Arthritis and many folks develop it at a young age. But I am sure you are aware 0f this now sport. Your education is complete. Also excuses for poor tow truck and road side service contracts are a cheap cop out macho ones. Way to go, "sport". That'll cheer him up! Well cyclops from Kalifornia I happen to be one of those folks with medical issues at age 76 that cannot DIY tire changes on side of the road and in heat of day with temps near 100 so you can take your squirt gun and go
NamMedevac 70 08/01/23 05:48pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Learned an expensive lesson today

Well look around we know plenty of honest people. We're just honest it's that simply. We r far from perfect but we don't lie. Don't mean to start any arguments. Tara This uplifts my well being even further to know there is at least one person on the planet who has never told even a little white lie. Congratulations to you are in order as you are a true saint. There is no way to know if someone else has ever told a lie. That is complete BS to say otherwise. Cheers from the Silver state.
NamMedevac 70 07/30/23 09:04pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Left blinker does not work when the running lights are on

Yes resetting the bulb may work or replacing it with a new one. Also look for wire corrosion due to moisture intrusion as I found recently on one of my trucks where the wire connects to the bulb socket. Cheers from the hot spot.
NamMedevac 70 07/30/23 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Learned an expensive lesson today

Lucky me that for a great many years I have used a UPS PMB address for all my important mail including 4 major banks, insurance companies, etc., etc. with no problems or questions. BOA did update my info a few years ago requiring me show a DMV DL. I also have an outstanding bank loan on a Dodge Ram 1500 that uses my UPS address and not a physical address. One time I used a friends address to renew my Texas DL for a few years and I indeed sleep very well at nights. A totally honest person is like perfection and that is BS. A chuckle a day keeps the devil at bay. Cheers
NamMedevac 70 07/30/23 04:27pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Hate being followed around

Just tune them out as they blather on and on and go about your looking and checking and inspecting. The liar will follow you around and around and he may even give an honest answer sometimes. I do my research ahead of time of the units and price compare before setting foot on their lot. Works for me for both trucks and RVs. They can still be useful idiots. No one on the RV forums ever admits to being or having been an RV sales critter. "To argue against success is to blow against the wind." Talking about them "blathering on" and calling them "liars" is an insult to those in the sales profession. Points can be made without the offensive remarks. Well bubba joe it has been said many times on the RV forums that RV salesman have been caught lying to customers in order to sell product and I have experienced this myself with non-camping world rv salesman and real estate agents and as of yesterday an AT&T sales puke at Costco who flat out lied on several questions/issues and I was immediately told this by the AT&T corporate store next to Costco plus online website contradicted her lies. Several years ago a Texas real estate agent flat out lied to us involving the sale of our home and this is common for the critters. You folks are anything but saints so climb down off your high horse Mr. self-righteous. Seems to be an American way of and thru self education and research I have done quite well for myself without relying on liars. You also need to divest yourself of your biasness aga
NamMedevac 70 07/28/23 09:55am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Can't get key fob for a sprinter

A local reputable locksmith with a thriving business made an extra key that will start the truck and also a smaller key that will unlock the doors and tail gate should I lose my OEM fob. Cost for both keys was $80.00 out the door and included extra key for camper shell rear door. 3 for the price of one. Life is a breeze.
NamMedevac 70 07/25/23 09:19pm Tech Issues
RE: 2022 dodge ram sway issues

I have a 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 V8 Hemi and I can turn off my truck anti sway option with the push of a button. I have also two older Ram 1500s V8 and a former Ram 2500 V10 4x4 and I can tell you will be most challenged in the high mountains of the Rockies and western USA with that amount and length of trailer. I do have experience in towing a 28 foot 5000 lb trailer in those mountains and chose to use the 2500 V10 for those chores and safety plus of course an Equalizer WDH. Better safe than sorry. Cheers to the 4 great Rs of life.
NamMedevac 70 07/25/23 05:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Odd Experience While Camping - Lesson Learned

On rare occasions I run afoul of this type of individual and just say I need to visit the john and leave them hanging in the breeze. I consider this a form of selfish rudeness on their part when they won't take the hint. A few years ago the same type of individual tried to make himself at home at my campsite to never ending sound off how there were to many people in California. He was a float tube fisherman from Santa Rosa. Latest episode is a local casino bell hop who I did not know came up to me and started a never ending one sided story telling mew in detail of the life cycle of the Lahontan Trout of Pyramid Lake, Nevada and their spawning, eating and migration habits up the Truckee river. Then he launched into his intricate knowledge of fly fishing and fly tying. He knew more than any encyclopedia on the fish, etc. He did give me some free drink coupons that I did not need. Good grief. Cheers from the House of good eats.
NamMedevac 70 07/24/23 07:03pm Family Camping
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