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RE: Boondocking and working with no electricity

Well said Mitch. I use combination different batteries and small portable generator for boondocking. Everything works great.
NamMedevac 70 03/16/21 10:43am Tech Issues
Cell Phone Restart

Most of you already know this but for those not in the know I discovered again today that a cell phone restart will solve many problems or glitches with our phones. For example my phone advised me of no mobile networks available and after wasting time messing with settings and checking AT&T website I finally did a restart and instantly had cellular signal for making a call. Restarts have solved problems on other occasions. Cheers
NamMedevac 70 03/12/21 12:22am Technology Corner
RE: Cell phone service

Many many years ago I used a long extension pole that I propped up next to my carport and received McDonalds Wifi from 5 miles away to surf the internet. The pole was 12 to 15 feet and light weight fiberglass. MacD was on a hill higher than my location. Maybe same trick could work as you can quickly lower the phone for incoming call. Awkward but might work weather permitting. I now have my vest on. Cheers
NamMedevac 70 03/10/21 12:16am Technology Corner
RE: Storing TV

mines in a garage in tempe, we do put a battery tender on the battery. starts right up .can sea foam in the gas tank. OOPS!!!
NamMedevac 70 03/07/21 07:11am Technology Corner
RE: New Ford 150s Save the Day in Texas

Well I can tell all of interest that I am an RV camper and also tent/truck camper in the boonies and I love this for frequent recreation use and emergency use. The others will soon follow ford's lead. This is no brainer and is covered under manf. warranty. After that if it fails and expensive to repair then I will buy a Honda or whatever. Lots of common sense here sports fans. May even lease truck instead of buy. Lots of wonderful options. Cheers and Happy Trails
NamMedevac 70 03/04/21 12:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Gmail Reverted to Portuguese

"You can also change your GMail language from settings". That would be my first item to do or check if not already done so.
NamMedevac 70 03/01/21 04:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Fry's Electronics shutting down 30 stores in 9 states

I've not been to Fry's in Dallas for probably 20 years or so. All the sales associates seemed to be from 3rd. world African countries. I could never communicate. I liked all the stuff they had but really could not get a bit of help. I had always assumed this was their corporate culture. Perhaps I was wrong, but again it's been 20 years. That was not my experience in the Portland, Oregon and Sacramento stores about 5 to 6 years ago. Great big fun house for me. They had everything and very helpful and knowledgeable. When management and/or shareholders decide to finish off a business they usually start cost cutting and providing poor customer service as prelude to close down. Very cruel to the loyal decent employees that help build their business but this is yankee land and home of the. Replacing quality people with eaters who care less.
NamMedevac 70 02/28/21 09:27am Technology Corner
RE: Internet speed

All the internet speed test sites I have used use Megabytes as standard for measuring speed. Good enough for me.Are you sure about that? All the ones I've used show the speed as Mbps, which is Megabits per second. Most of the time, internet speed is usually shown in Megabits, and data storage is Megabytes. But it makes sense, because Megabits per second will show higher numbers, eight times as high as a matter of fact. 80 Mbps will show as 10 MBps. Bits or Bytes whatever works for me is fine. I pay less than $60 a month for Spectrum speeds running between 106 to 130 download. And my on the road original legacy AT&T mobley runs beteen 87 to 103 bits or bytes most of the time. I am one super happy camper. Captain Happy.
NamMedevac 70 02/27/21 11:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet speed

All the internet speed test sites I have used use Megabytes as standard for measuring speed. Good enough for me.
NamMedevac 70 02/26/21 11:52am Technology Corner
Fry's Electronics shutting down 30 stores in 9 states

They are shutting down all stores immediately. I always enjoyed shopping at their California and Oregon locations RIP.
NamMedevac 70 02/24/21 01:29am Technology Corner
New Ford 150s Save the Day in Texas

Some if not many home owners in Texas were able to use the onboard generators in the new Ford 150 pickups to power a limited number of appliances such as lights, coffee, microwaves , etc. for warmth and hot food and internet, charging phones, tablets, etc. The larger the engine then the more powerful the generators. This will send the sales of new 150s into space orbit and I may switch from Rams to Fords next go. All the insurance cost for the damage repair in Texas will also be passed onto the rest of us.
NamMedevac 70 02/21/21 04:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pfizer protection against SA variant reduced by two-thirds

Well bright sport I copied and pasted the entire article as I saw it on the news bud so save your detractive words for the circular file. Cheers.
NamMedevac 70 02/18/21 07:43am Around the Campfire
Pfizer protection against SA variant reduced by two-thirds

Pfizer-BioNTech announced on Wednesday that a study shows the antibody protection of its COVID-19 vaccine may be reduced by two-thirds against the South African variant of the coronavirus. In the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, scientists from the drug companies and the University of Texas Medical Branch replicated the variant and tested it against blood taken from people who had been given the Pfizer vaccine. They found the level of neutralizing antibodies was two-thirds the level produced in tests using the most common version of COVID-19. It is here in the USA including Reno
NamMedevac 70 02/18/21 06:58am Around the Campfire
Occupied RV Fire

This poor lady just lost her Class A RV in a fire just now in Reno when a heater tipped over. She made it out safely but photo shows total distruction.
NamMedevac 70 02/17/21 12:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Again Texas Fails Its Citizens

I got off my couch and read many different non fox news sources located on the Google news website using many sources including our greatest honest CNN, NYT, NBC, MSNBC, etc. and some said wind turbines contributed to the massive electric failure and provided up to 1/4 of power to the Texas grid. Almost all said there was across the board failure of all "POWER" systems in Texas due to negligent prior planning and preparation. So where is the beef about mentioning wind turbines. As a non uptight person I feel sorry for uptight people over wind turbines as if they are the be all and end all solution to everything and most do not want to live near wind generators that kill birds and are an eye sore. I am neutral on the wind turbine critters and also solar. Could care less either way. Friendly contended RVer
NamMedevac 70 02/17/21 09:35am Around the Campfire
RE: Again Texas Fails Its Citizens

This thread is going the direction some tried to go with Covid; operating on 'opinion' sources (editorials) rather than factual sources. Let stick with what is known to be true; the 'hearsay' contributes nothing positive. Thank you. So I take it that editorials that quote or refer to other news sources and "experts" are not factual anymore. Also I guess we can now know that all news articles that are not editorials are always "factual" Please .................. Ok, I didn't have the second of coffee when that was written so the wording was not clear. Sure, if 'facts' are included one may react more correctly; point is to not operate on 'hearsay' only. :) (Mod)
NamMedevac 70 02/17/21 07:47am Around the Campfire
RE: Again Texas Fails Its Citizens

And they said go to wind and solar, that is what we need!! Doesn't seem to be that reliable to me. Had that problem (supply) in Colorado also! Well said RockyMTN
NamMedevac 70 02/16/21 06:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Again Texas Fails Its Citizens

Over 2 million Texans including RV campgrounds without electricity for heating due to frozen wind turbines. Many news sources on the Google News page. Texas gets almost one fourth of electricity from wind turbines. Admission was made by ERRC and owner/operator of the grid ERCOT. According to many news sources on the Google News page the Texas Electrical Grid receives near one fourth of its electricity from wind turbines and they froze up hard during this severe ice and snow storm in the state. The admission was made by the state Energy Resource Reliability Council and also owner/operator of the grid ERCOT. Here is an Austin TV station source describing how at least 200,000 people in Austin area are without electricity for heating. People are having to boil water for purification in many locations. With More Than 200K Customers In The Cold, Austin Energy Says ERCOT Won't Allow Power To Be Restored | KUT Radio, Austin's NPR Station
NamMedevac 70 02/16/21 11:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Apps to laptop

She may have already done the google thing as has many others. Often google searches give conflicting confusing or vague results and answers from others with direct on hands experience is often quicker and more accurate. Just saying:)
NamMedevac 70 02/06/21 08:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Short Sellers Your Time Has Come Thanks to the Short Squeeze

D3500Ram I was able to read the full story on Google Business news without registering withing past 5 to 6 hours. Good luck
NamMedevac 70 01/31/21 11:15pm Around the Campfire
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