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RE: Goodyear Endurance is 5 years too old?

For reference on SoCal prices, mine are 235/80/16 and the $1212 includes $150 worth of certificates for replacement if the tire is damaged beyond repair for any reason (sidewall punctures, blowouts, etc.). I purchased the same tires from the same dealer almost exactly 5 years ago for $149/ea. They are now $223/ea.
Njmurvin 05/19/23 06:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Goodyear Endurance is 5 years too old?

Thanks for the responses. Some answers to your questions... The trailer lives in SoCal. Weather is very mild. Sun exposure is minimal as trailer is stored parallel to my house with one side within about 4ft of the north side of the house and the other side up against a cement block wall. The awning up high gets some sun exposure but not much down where the tires are. Awning was replaced earlier this year with a model that has the metal shroud. I only put about 2k miles per year on the trailer. Usage is on the low side. I always inflate the tires to 80lbs before traveling and it has never taken more than a couple of lbs to "top them off". No visible cracks or bulges. All that said, I have decided to replace them now instead of waiting another year. It hurts to pay $1200 for the same set of tires I bought for $800 5 years ago. Welcome to inflation. Although even new tires can fail, I won't worry as much about that happening with new shoes.
Njmurvin 05/19/23 12:58pm Fifth-Wheels
Goodyear Endurance is 5 years too old?

My Goodyear Endurance tires just turned 5 years old. Some sources say tires age out at 5 and others say 6. The price of these tires has gone up 50% since I bought them. I’d love to squeeze another year out of them but not if it’s too risky. Thoughts?
Njmurvin 05/16/23 05:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Awning material replacement questions

And ShadePro doesn't offer a topper with the aluminum guard. Too bad. I have one topper (bedroom wardrobe slide) that's on the sunny side when it's parked.
Njmurvin 10/07/22 05:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Eternabond over Dicor on PVC roof

How about TSP? They don't mention it. I haven't used it in a while. But, I've cleaned some pretty nasty stuff with it and it worked very well.
Njmurvin 10/07/22 05:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Awning material replacement questions

Update: The awning was installed by a ShadePro team of 2 guys. It took them less than an hour and one was a trainee. It was SO worth the net $100 to have them do the install. The weather shield option is totally worth it. The first 18" or so of the awning is metal and then it connects to the fabric for the rest of the way. The fabric ends up rolled under the metal portion for sun protection when retracted. I really like the acrylic fabric too. I expect this to last much longer than my previous unprotected vinyl shade. Slide toppers are next!
Njmurvin 10/06/22 02:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Roof tear along edge ...

I have a similar tear along edge on my FW, I repaired with Eternabond tape without going under the moulding on side, then applied self levelling Dicor to edge has been there for several years, was told also that roof had to be replaced and insurance not willing to pay more than 50% Frank I did this on my last 5th wheel and it held for a while. I eventually put a new roof on it. But, it didn't cost anywhere near $7500. More like half of that. Inflation?
Njmurvin 10/01/22 04:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Roof tear along edge ...

I'm pretty sure Dicor alone isn't going to cut it this time. But maybe I could just carry the eternabond to the edge of the molding to avoid removing it and pulling it back. I'm just not sure there's enough surface there over the edge to stick to. I think the right way would be to go under the molding like the original roof material.
Njmurvin 10/01/22 03:36pm Fifth-Wheels
Roof tear along edge ...

I bought this 5th wheel 6 years ago. It had a roof repair using just Dicor along the edge of the roof which has been water-tight for the 6 years I have owned it. The previous owner must have dragged the trailer along a tree branch or other object. It is along the top of the edge of the roof (just before it bends over the edge and tucks under the molding). The repair has come loose in two places (one 4 inches wide and the other about 3 inches wide). I need to address this before the winds and rain come. I had a mobile roof repair guy come out today and he took one look at it and said the only fix is a new roof (quoted $7500). The rest of the roof is in perfect (age-appropriate) shape. He said there is no repair he can make that would hold up to the wind. OK. So, I agree this is probably the worst place a roof can be damaged. But, I'm not so quick to give up on the possibility of a repair. It seems to me that the molding could be pulled back, and a wide (e.g. 12") roll of eternabond tape could be applied to the length of the damaged area with 2" or so overhanging the edge. Then roll it over the edge and re-attach the molding over it and trim as necessary. Is there any reason this wouldn't work? Has anyone had this kind of damage and successfully repaired it?
Njmurvin 10/01/22 03:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Awning material replacement questions

Update. I ordered the acrylic material fabric replacement with the metal weather shield from ShadePro. Since I live near enough to them that they will do the installation, I opted for the installation. They charge $250 for the installation BUT, they bring the awning with them on their truck instead of charging $150 for shipping. So the install is really only $100 (no brainer for me). They offer free shipping for fabric only orders, but adding the weather shield means they have to ship by truck ($$$$). I'll provide another update when the installation is finished.
Njmurvin 09/29/22 12:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help from experienced woodworker

I just refinished my grandkids' oak table/chairs set. I sanded to 220 and it wouldn't accept the stain very well. So I went back and resanded to 120/150 and it opened up the grain a bit better. You can also open the grain with water right before staining. I used pre-stain on the table but not on the chairs and honestly didn't notice any difference. It's true that it is more effective with softer woods. I agree it's really hard to match a color with oak - especially red oak because the red changes everything. I used a mahogany stain with red oak once and it really took on a dark red hue. You can always mix stains too. But be sure to keep track of your ratios if you do. Along the lines of CoveredWagon's post above you can also try a stain/varnish combo (I think Minwax sells one). With that, the color is blended in with the finish and doesn't soak into the wood. So, each coat you apply makes it darker.
Njmurvin 08/25/22 09:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Awning material replacement questions

Great replies!!! Thanks, everyone.
Njmurvin 08/15/22 10:18am Fifth-Wheels
Awning material replacement questions

My Carefree electric awning is delaminating at the very top. I am sure this is due to sun exposure while stored/rolled up because it's perfect below about the first foot or so - and the awning has no sort of weather guard. It's just rolled up material (vinyl, I believe). I bought my trailer about 6 years ago, used, from a dealer who replaced the awning at that time. I can only assume they used the cheapest material available. So, it's replacement time. First question, acrylic vs vinyl. Is acrylic worth the price difference (i.e. will it last longer)? I don't really care about breathing or appearance. I just want the most durable product. I hope to add a weather guard to protect from the sun while in storage. The gold standard as I understand it is the alumaguard which covers the rolled up material with metal. But, there appear to be options for a non-metallic protection that bonds to the cover at the top and supposedly does the same thing for less. Does anyone have experience with this? Lastly, there is a company called Shadepro who offers a new acrylic cover with alumiguard for $939 installed. I'm pretty handy but not particularly comfortable with heights. So, I might consider this option. Does anyone have experience with the company or its products.
Njmurvin 08/12/22 12:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: goosebox

I'm surprised no one has suggested he consider an Andersen Ultimate Hitch - especially if you're talking about the trailer in your signature which looks to be fairly light weight.
Njmurvin 08/09/22 05:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anderson Camper Levelers

Mine haven't broken yet. But, my brother has them and one of them broke. Andersen has a lifetime warranty and promptly sent a replacement. I experienced the slipping and purchased the rubber mats (and a carrying case) from Andersen. All good since. I have a large leveling bubble on the front of my trailer visible in my rear view mirror. I like that I can get it level on my own. I usually overshoot level by a tad allowing for some settling. I use the small wedge provided to lock in the Andersen leveler and chock the other side of the trailer.
Njmurvin 07/28/22 11:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using a Cpap in my AF 27-5

We just went a week boondocking in the Sierras. I could have simply plugged the AC adapter into an outlet using the inverter, but I thought I would try to be more efficient. So, I bought the 12v adapter for my wife's Resmed off Amazon and an extension cable for the cigarette plug. I have 2 12v marine batteries from Costco, a 135 watt solar panel on the roof and a portable 100 watt panel I can move around to optimize solar exposure. We ran the humidifier on low (no heated hose). Batteries never got below 86 percent or so by morning after running the CPAP all night. We had a relatively small number of clouds that week and the batteries were replenished by the sun by lunch time each day. I had my generator with me but never had to fire it up.
Njmurvin 07/22/22 03:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's the real scoop on propane tank re-certification?

Try AmeriGas in Oxnard The OP is in Simi Valley - looooong way to Oxnard !!....:E (and -Yikes!-you're in Fresno ??) With a little bit of effort *locally* you can find a *convenient* place to refill. About 3 miles from my home in Orange County, a local gas/diesel station refills tanks at a good price...:C (they do a good business filling tanks - often several folks waiting!) *NEVER* had the attendant that comes out to the giant supply tank - check the date on the 20# or 40# tank you want him to fill...:W Como se dice...."gracias amigo!"...:W ~ I used to have a place that didn't check. That was before they became a tank exchange dealer. Now they check because it means more $$$$ for them if the tanks are expired. I found a place in Sylmar. They wouldn't tell me over the phone how much they will charge. Said I had to take it to the dock and have a technician inspect it and he would tell me. They also refill there. It's looking more like I might just order a pair of new tanks from Camping World (oddly they seem to have the best price).
Njmurvin 06/26/22 03:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's the real scoop on propane tank re-certification?

Try AmeriGas in Oxnard I called them. They said the closest location that does the recertification is in Orange County (Placentia).
Njmurvin 06/26/22 02:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's the real scoop on propane tank re-certification?

We don't have too many places in town that actually refill them. Most do swaps of 20lb tanks. I guess I'll call around to the places that do refill and ask them. I know the local Uhaul refills them, but I don't think they will recertify because I've been turned away from there before when I had expired tanks.
Njmurvin 06/13/22 03:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's the real scoop on propane tank re-certification?

Can't answer your question. But if you're a Costco member it's half that price. My local Costco used to stock the cylinders in the warehouse. But I don't recall seeing them on the floor in last year or so. CostcoI was going to say just replace at A few years ago I paid just over half that amount IIRC. Thanks. But, I think the Costco tanks are the 20lb BBQ size tanks. Mine are 40lb tanks which are quite a bit larger.
Njmurvin 06/13/22 03:53pm Fifth-Wheels
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