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RE: Front landing gear broke

On mine there is square tube that comes across from the drive leg (motorized) to the driven leg (presumably the one that's failing). The tube slides over the drive shaft of the driven leg. The shear bolt connects the tube to the drive shaft making the physical connection between the two legs. If something gets bound up in the driven leg, it can cause extreme stress on the gears in the leg, the gear box and the motor. To avoid damaging these critical parts, the shear bolt is designed to break before those other components do (analogous to a fuse in an electrical circuit). The symptom of this failure is that the drive leg turns and the driven leg doesn't. If your issue turns out to be the the shear bolt, make sure you get a new bolt with the same rating (stamped on the bolt head). Of course you'll need to remedy whatever is binding the driven leg. I was having similar issues. I ended up drilling holes in the outer casings of the legs allowing me to squirt lubricant onto the screw gear inside the leg where mine was binding. I do this with lithium grease spray before every trip.
Njmurvin 08/05/19 02:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front landing gear broke

Are you certain it's the gear and not the shear bolt? From your description, the system was straining to lift the trailer. It's the shear bolt's job to break first to protect the gearbox, leg gears, etc. from excess stress.
Njmurvin 08/05/19 12:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front Landing Jacks Speed

I think this is the perfect excuse for getting a dual motor setup. My single motor setup is marginal. I have to lube it at the beginning of each season. Be careful about which dual motor setup you buy. Carefully measure the distance between your frame brackets. Some may fit your existing frame brackets and some may not. Unfortunately mine don't fit either of the major aftermarket kits. To use one of those kits, I would have to cut off my old brackets and weld on new ones in different positions.You most like could have gotten by with welding on new tabs on each leg to properly support the leg and work with the positioning of your brackets. That would have been much easier than taking off the old brackets. I got the wrong size leg when I ordered them. Just welded on a new tab and it worked perfectly. B.O. Actually, I haven't done anything yet. Good to know for when I decide to upgrade. The alternative is to buy the conversion kit that fits my bracket spacing. You basically remove the crossbar and add a second motorized leg and switch to the driven side.
Njmurvin 06/26/19 06:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front Landing Jacks Speed

I think this is the perfect excuse for getting a dual motor setup. My single motor setup is marginal. I have to lube it at the beginning of each season. Be careful about which dual motor setup you buy. Carefully measure the distance between your frame brackets. Some may fit your existing frame brackets and some may not. Unfortunately mine don't fit either of the major aftermarket kits. To use one of those kits, I would have to cut off my old brackets and weld on new ones in different positions.
Njmurvin 06/24/19 02:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires

I recently had a blowout with my less than a year old GY Endurance. I was taking it out on a short test run for the new fan clutch I put on my truck. Pulling the trailer up a hill was the easiest way I knew to get it hot enough to engage the fan clutch. Since it was such a short run, I neglected to check the tire pressures before going. So, I blamed myself for the blowout. Turns out the pressure in the other tires were fine. It was a road hazard ... something long as it penetrated the tread and scarred the inside of the wheel. I probably drove the better part of a mile before getting off the freeway. The tire was shredded, of course. But surprisingly, the rim and trailer had no damage at all except where the hazard made contact inside the rim. AAA put on my spare, I went straight to Americas Tire and they replaced the tire for free (I had purchased road hazard insurance when I bought the tires). I did have to purchase another coupon for the new tire ($24).
Njmurvin 06/24/19 02:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Roadside assistance

I recently used AAA for a blown tire on my 5th wheel. They dispatched a local towing service. Service was prompt and courteous. Couldn't have been more satisfied. Luckily, it happened close to home and I drove straight to America's Tire for a replacement.
Njmurvin 06/14/19 01:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Damaged RV on roads on way home from Florida, anyone else?.

Coming south on Interstate 5 through California returning from a trip to Oregon, the roads were just awful. After I got home, I noticed some abnormal wear on two of the tires (opposite sides). I ended up taking it to a truck alignment place to have the axes bent back into alignment. And I replaced all 4 tires with GY Endurance.
Njmurvin 06/14/19 01:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need trailer brake wiring help

One wire from the "frame" one from the brake and one from the other side hooked together. The other three hooked together. Thanks. This makes sense. One of the “frame” wires is hot and the other ground?
Njmurvin 06/03/19 04:26pm Fifth-Wheels
Need trailer brake wiring help

I was starting a trip and noticed my trailer brakes, while there, didn’t seem “strong” enough. I turned up the sensitivity on my controller and it didn’t really help much. With a helper, I determined that only the rear axle brakes were buzzing when engaged. After closer inspection, the front axle wires were disconnected. It looked as though the wires corroded in the barrel connectors and literally fell out. There are two wires coming out of the frame right above the axle, presumably from the brake controller. There are two wires going into the driver side drum and two going into the axle which I assumed are going across to the passenger side drum. I connected the two wires from the driver side drum to one of the wires coming out of the frame and the passenger side wires to the other wire from the frame. No joy. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?
Njmurvin 06/03/19 03:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Holding tank capacity?

You're on the right track with Alpenlite. The holding tanks are huge. My brother has a early 2000s Valhalla (~31ft) and it has 100 gal fresh tank. I believe the 2 gray tanks add up to 100 gal and the black tank is 50 gal.
Njmurvin 04/27/19 11:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: This happened today

HAHA, Jerry. You beat me to it .... and posted while I was typing. Not sure what it is in Pennsylvania, but here in CA a fallen tree is usually considered an act of God where the neighbor, in this case, would not be liable for the damage to the trailer - only for the removal of the tree. I have a friend that just went through this (i.e. his tree fell on a neighbor's storage shed). There are exceptions if the neighbor had previously been formally notified/warned that the tree was a threat due to lack of maintenance, disease, etc. Thus, OP's own insurance will likely cover the damage.
Njmurvin 04/22/19 10:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should We Get A New Hitch?!

Superglide owner here. Yeah, it's heavy. I have an electric cable winch I bought at HF mounted in the rafters of my garage. It snaps that hitch out of there in no time at the push of a button. I lower it onto a cart which I store under the fifth wheel overhang.
Njmurvin 04/10/19 10:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Re-coat roof already?

I would get a second opinion to see if you really need to do all that work. It is also unlikely that the dicor needs replacing, Touch-up yes, replacing no. I think someone might be looking for work. That was my conclusion as well. Thanks.
Njmurvin 04/07/19 12:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Arctic Fox black tank valve glued in?

It's actually not that crappy a job if you plan through it. It's even easier if you have a way to dump at home. Find a way to access the valve and look to see which side of the tank it is mounted to. Figure out how to tilt the trailer using the jacks or leveling blocks on only one side so the everything flows toward the valve.Drain the tank and give it an extra 5 minutes to drip dry.Close the valve and reposition the jacks or blocks to tilt the trailer the opposite direction.Get some disposable gloves and a new valve.Crawl under and look at the whole drain path.Loosen but don't remove some downstream hangers to allow some movement in the piping.Pull the 4 bolts.There should be only a few drops of liquid coming out of the open joint.Remove the old valve and make sure you also remove the o-rings (1 per side of the valve).Replace with a new valve making sure to use the new o-rings that came with it.put the bolts back in and tighten them up.Tighten the downstream hangers.If necessary use a paper towel to wipe up the few drops that landed on the ground. You make it sound so easy (and tidy)... tempting. It has been sitting for 8 months. Is it possible the liquid in the tank has evaporated by now? It was dumped the last time I used it. But you never get it all out.
Njmurvin 03/22/19 02:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Arctic Fox black tank valve glued in?

... find somebody else to work on your rig. Art. Thanks to all for the thorough explanation of how these valves are installed and serviced. I am taking Art's advice and will look for someone else to replace this valve. I'd do it myself if it wasn't such a "[email protected]" job. Thanks.
Njmurvin 03/18/19 11:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Arctic Fox black tank valve glued in?

Does that mean you can take off the 4 bolts and slide the valve body out without cutting the pipe on the outboard side?
Njmurvin 03/15/19 07:45pm Fifth-Wheels
Arctic Fox black tank valve glued in?

I had a mobile service guy come out to quote me on replacing my black tank valve. The valve has been very difficult to operate (especially close) and is leaking a small amount. After cutting an access door in the underbody to look at things, he concluded that the valve is glued to the black tank. He pointed out some hard white material at the connection and said it was glue. Oddly, there was a hose clamp there as well. That made no sense to me that they would glue it AND clamp it. And it's so close to the tank that cutting it off is not an option as it wouldn't leave enough for a new valve to be installed. So, he recommends leaving it open and installing another valve downstream where he has access. These valves are prone to failure and need replacing from time to time. Is it normal for them to be glued like this or is it possible this white stuff is something other than glue? I'm beginning to wonder if this service guy knows what he's looking at.
Njmurvin 03/15/19 05:34pm Fifth-Wheels
Re-coat roof already?

I had a mobile RV service guy come over to the house to look at a couple of items on my 2011 Arctic Fox 27-5. One of the items was to check out the caulking on the roof. He told me that besides the caulking being all cracked and needing replacement, he also said my roof needs a complete re-coat (he calls it paint - in two stages of base and top coats) job. He quoted me $3,000 for the whole job. The first owner lived in Bakersfield, CA and I'm in SoCal. Yeah, it's hot in the summer but certainly not desert type heat. I would have hoped the roof would have lasted longer than 8 years before needing this level of service. I'm a DIYer for many things, but climbing on a roof is not something I'm comfortable with. If I go up on a ladder next to it, can I see enough to confirm that it really needs re-coating? What should I be looking for? If it does, is this a fair price for a 28ft trailer (includig re-caulking)?
Njmurvin 03/15/19 05:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Backing a 5th wheel up a Steep Driveway

Above is a good thing to keep in mind. On pavement, once rig is closer to straight, I shift to 4wd low, to take strain off from transmission, when backing uphill. This is even more important in a situation such as OP, that requires very slow uphill, stopping to check, restarting, and adding/removing boards, if needed. Jerry Excellent point!! I also use 4Lo to back up over a curb, over a horse trail and into my driveway to get a straight shot at my gate. Truck and trailer just slowly crawl along with virtually no resistance. Using 4Lo causes much less slippage of the torque converter thereby reducing heat. Same goes for backing into campsites where it takes multiple shots to get it right.
Njmurvin 03/09/19 12:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1st time buyer - 31 vs 35 ft trailer?

It has been said before ... no one ever complains that they bought too much truck. Get a 350/3500. And, I second the comment on the exhaust brake. I will never tow heavy again without one.
Njmurvin 03/03/19 11:36am Fifth-Wheels
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