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RE: need key help

There was an industry change from Trimark (typically roundish key head) to FIC then to Global (both square heads) over the years. Most likely your coach will have either FIC or Global. Your entry door key will either say FIC or have Global lock molded into the plastic. Good chance the compartment locks are the same brand. The RV biz is notorious for using the same/ common (generic) locks for the compartments so your dealer should have some of the common (generic) compartment keys lying around as every coach comes from the factory with lots of extra compartment keys. If not, order either FIC or Global keys from the sites linked in earlier posts.
Nv Guy 07/23/21 09:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical layout in fifthwheel

6FT sure looks like scribbled GFI. Outdoor, kitchen and bathroom receptacles are typically GFCI protected.
Nv Guy 07/22/21 08:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Duramax Turbo adventure conclusion

When I was doing maintenance purchasing for a trucking company, we had one tractor that would randomly lose power. No codes, no cel..just a complete lack of power. After several tows, lots of checking and rechecking, an ECM replacement we finally put our technical director in the truck with a laptop so he could monitor all the various sensors. Turned out the boost sensor would randomly drop out, so the ECM would cut fuel- resulting in no power. This taught me the value of a "flight recorder" so every sensor output can be reviewed.
Nv Guy 07/22/21 08:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Directions salt lake to reno

Take I80. Easy run I have done it several times. Biggest hill WB is Park City-Salt Lake, but the road is engineered for trucks/ large vehicles. Couple of hills near Elko, but, again it's set up for large vehicles. If you're not needing fuel or ready to stop in Winnemucca, then fuel up in Fernley, fuel is much cheaper than in Reno. 50 is known as the loneliest Road In America, and has a hill near Austin that isn't all that "friendly".
Nv Guy 07/18/21 10:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Tongue jack clicking

Could be the slipper clutch let go. It limits the power of the motor by slipping, while you are the limiting factor with the hand crank.
Nv Guy 07/18/21 08:20pm Tech Issues
RE: How many strokes??

Where did the grease go that was in the hub / bearings? Why is there a need to "add" grease? Trailer hubs do not used or consume grease. Putting fresh grease into a failing bearing will not make it last longer. If the seal has failed and leaked grease into the brakes, your adding more won't improve things. As you are pumping grease several things can happen- the grease you are pumping in may flow out of the outside bearing or if the seal is weak grease will go into your brakes or maybe both.
Nv Guy 07/13/21 11:00pm Fifth-Wheels

Had a tire failure last year due to a rubber stem popping out. When I was getting the replacement tires installed I had metal stems installed in all.
Nv Guy 07/10/21 09:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Found It, What a joke. Buying in 2021 LOL. You can keep it.

You guys have never bought a Raptor. Before all this covid craziness So Cal dealers added $10-$25K to the price and what's really scary (and stupid) people pay it. This just isn't a Ford problem, all of these parasitic dealers do it.
Nv Guy 06/22/21 10:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 20' KeyStone Hideout Mach15 dripping inside...

Low fan speed / restricted air flow and high humidity will cause icing / freeze up. Also- as mentioned, no ladder = no walk roof. That's how the manufacturer tells you to stay off, so also as previously mentioned use plywood to spread the load.
Nv Guy 06/19/21 11:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is this a bad circuit board? (fridge)

I think youre way off with #1 and #2 Doug. Thanks for helping though. #1. The tstat runs in cycles, no? It cools until the probe reaches a resistance. Then the burning stops. Once the resistance rises to a certain level the burning starts again. Is that not a cooling cycle? Whatever you want to call it, that is the topic im hoping to discuss. #2. I agree the air temp will vary slightly from food temp. But they are very close and in my experience you can measure air temp and get a good idea what the food temp is. To say "NOT AT ALL" is plain silly. Ive been gauging air temp right next to a bottle of water with a dial thermometer in it. Promise they are always very close. Enough to determine if your fridge is cooling properly or if youre running a bit warm come summertime. Back when I was in the RV biz, if you called Dometic tech support and reported interior air temp rather than the temp from a container of water, they would all but hang up on you. Air temp is unreliable - you need a thermal mass to determine actual accurate interior temp. Why do you think the manufacturers attach the themistor to the refer fins (thermal mass) as opposed to just let it dangle in the wind?
Nv Guy 06/19/21 10:29pm Tech Issues
RE: I hate roundabouts -- but maybe I am wrong

I don't like them. Typical government outcome- copy a design from Europe, but don't do it completely right. Make them overly "tight" so if you're towing anything you're going over a curb either inside or outside. Don't put up clear signage so drivers are swerving to get to the exit they want. Then you have drivers who stop when they don't have to, don't yield when they are supposed to. Anyone who says roundabouts work need to come to Fernley NV, they have one that regularly has huge back ups waiting to enter. In short no one is doing it right. Driver training needs to improve as does driver behavior. The designers need to improve signage and design the traffic circles correctly.
Nv Guy 06/18/21 11:14pm Roads and Routes
RE: Water lines chewed up.

It's most likely rats. They eat poison that causes internal bleeding, that in turn makes them thirsty, they chew water lines for the liquid inside. Back in the 1980's an RV rental company I worked for in Southern CA had this happen to a large amount of coaches stored over the winter.
Nv Guy 05/31/21 09:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

TWO???? You must be very very active LOL What he said. One of the regulars at our dog park has a Gordon, it out runs and out distances every other dog at the park. Lots of energy.
Nv Guy 05/21/21 09:32pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Rv-ers prefer Duramax?

Oh yeah, this wont end well..
Nv Guy 04/26/21 08:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford experts - rear turn signal output to trailer stopped

Not sure what I know about the Ford methods applies to 2012's, but here goes: The body tail / turn runs thru the Body Control Module (BCM). This module switches the various lights on and off and monitors the current load. If it senses excessive current, it shuts that circuit off. Now here's the lousy part- apparently it only does this a fixed number of times before it sets a permanent non resettable code and kills that circuit- and you have to replace the BCM to make everything work. Stupid way of doing things to me, but I am not the guy selling BCM modules. There are fuses for the BCM, so if you're lucky, one of them blew, but since the FT & mirror lights work I am not 100% sure about the fuses. Due to the mixture of one thing working and others not, I would verify that the 7 way is actually connected to the trailer lighting circuit, as that circuit is old school with fuses & relays. Ultimately I suspect the two trailers you pulled had some electrical issues that the BCM didn't like, hence the non op RT Turn.
Nv Guy 04/16/21 10:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Misplaced Keys

Once unlocked, one of two things: Have the locksmith who picked the lock make a key or take lock out of door, it should have a sticker with a code number, using that number either an RV dealer or a locksmith can cut you a key.
Nv Guy 04/13/21 09:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Landing gear problems

It's good landing gear is hand cranked, so could be: Wiring or switch issue, if not, motor is worn, and drawing to many amps. Doubtful motor is "to small for trailer", as that would have caused problems for the original owner.
Nv Guy 04/02/21 08:48pm Tech Issues
RE: 14 Reasons You Will Regret an RV in Retirement

No matter the subject there are pros and cons. That article only lists the cons. OK. That's their opinion. Will it cause me to make any changes? Nope. Nothing to see here move on.
Nv Guy 04/01/21 09:36pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Bringing Trailer in for Service - Need Advice

1. Replace the water valve on the toilet - I watched some YouTube videos on this and it seems it should only take 15-20 minutes. Most places seem to want to charge for an hour of labor and $50-$70 for the valve. I'm pretty sure I could do it myself, but it will take longer for me to get the part, and I'm in a hurry to get this stuff done and resume my trip. As been said most shop have a 1 hour minimum. Also, what is shown on You Tube is not always based on reality. Yes, dealers mark up parts, as does every other retailer. 2. Identify shower leak and repair. When I pressurized the water system I got quite a bit of water spraying between the tub and the shower surround. Because the water leak is that high up (and I didn't see any evidence of water below the tub where the drain line is), I would think the issue is the tub faucet. I removed the tub faucet and didn't see any evident cracks in the fixture, and the supply lines looked ok from what I could see. Anything else I can do to troubleshoot to save time at the repair shop? If you can, remove the valve and cap the lines then pressurize the system. in addition to eliminating the valve as the source, you can look down thru the holes where the valve was to see if you can see the location of the leak- if it’s still there. 3. Remove portion (8' x 3') of underbelly on rear of trailer, replace insulation soiled by rodents, remove any remnants of rodent activity, and replace underbelly material (it's not coroplast but the thinner, more flexible plastic/vinyl). Any idea how long this might take? I had an estimate from one dealer of 6 hours to do the whole length (17' box; 24' tongue to bumper). So for only about 3 feet of length (and 8' width), any guess on how long this should take? How do you know the rodents were in only that area? This may turn into one of those ‘chasing the problem” repairs & you may end up having all the insulation replaced.
Nv Guy 03/21/21 09:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Moving an RV ready to collapse

Not to worry, at the end of the dirt road there probably wont be much left. Actually I think as BurbMan said, the wind load will probably fold it up pretty well. I would consider cutting it up with a sawzall into smaller bite sized pieces that perhaps could be stacked and tarped over/ tied down on the existing frame/ floor.
Nv Guy 03/21/21 08:24pm Towing
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