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RE: Thought on suspension equalizers

Did the MoRide CRE3000, wet bolts & heavy shackles kit. Made a noticeable improvement in ride quality. Well worth the time and work, as things in cabinets seem less jostled & tossed about than before.
Nv Guy 09/12/20 10:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: The worst Post Office in the USA... your vote

If you consider that I regularly receive other's mail & I don't get mine, we have a carrier that randomly decides to not deliver for petty reasons then I guess they are doing a good job. All I can say is I am glad they don't have to do anything critical like deliver important documents..Oh, wait..yeah..But there's always Fed Ex, problem solved.
Nv Guy 07/11/20 10:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves long road trip

This whole wont let you over and failure to merge is nothing new, back in the early 90's when we were racing (40'F/W, severely underpowered truck) I regularly had to feed guardrail to folks who refused to speed up, as it took forever for my combination to get back up to speed, I couldn't risk being rear ended by some idiot.
Nv Guy 07/11/20 09:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

What I find most interesting is how one review complains how there were no level sites, but the other 25 make no mention of that, same thing with dust, low trees and other items. As previously mentioned, I think there is a segment of society who is miserable and they do their best to spread misery. Overall, I blame social media, as people have gotten used to saying anything with impunity.
Nv Guy 07/08/20 10:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Thoughts on this Truck

Coming from the snowy salty North- Strike one Bouncing thru several auctions- Strike two Import from Canada, maybe no factory warranty-Ball one Due to differing title laws may be hidden salvage or buy back- Ball two First two owners were commercial (as said- possible rental)- Strike three. These new vehicles are far to expensive & difficult to repair to gamble on.
Nv Guy 07/06/20 10:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dr Doug cbd oil verus pain meds

Here in NV vets can't talk to pet owners about CBD, but vet techs can. Our vet's office has a specific tech who has been trained in CBD therapy and can make recommendations. As had been said, CBD is not a guaranteed cure all, but it does have its success stories. We haven't tried CBD, as Duramax seems to work OK for our arthritic dog.
Nv Guy 07/03/20 10:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Ford's twin turbo 2.7 Eco-boost V6 (new and older versions)?

Wife drives a '15 Edge Sport, just hit 60K miles zero problem. Only replacements have been tires, the Hankooks wear rather quickly, but with the AWD they work very well in snow. One of the best cars we have owned.
Nv Guy 06/26/20 09:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fighting local zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

I live in an HOA that allows RV's in the side yard, the development was designed for just that- all the houses have RV gates. I can somewhat understand the thinking behind restricting RV parking. Aside from blocking views on streets (that can make exiting driveways a real treat) lots of RV's sit 50 weeks a year, with torn covers and other garbage piled around. On the other hand, lots are used regularly, are well maintained and look fine. As previously mentioned, its difficult to split hairs when writing ordinances- so everything gets banned. End result, these ordinances aren't created in a vacuum, one must go to meetings and get active.
Nv Guy 06/24/20 08:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: heartworm meds in the mountain west

Even here is relatively dry, darn near mosquito free Nor NV our vet recommends heartworm preventative, especially if we are traveling.
Nv Guy 06/23/20 10:08pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Las Vegas RV Parks

Another vote for Oasis. Groceries and other needs nearby, clean, well run, 24 hour security gate and all the other stuff JimK mentioned.
Nv Guy 06/15/20 11:43pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Deer jumps between truck and trailer

Shows how poorly built rvs are. If that were the front of a pickup it would be toast. Dan Shows how well built deer are. A friend hit one with his dually. When he got out to look at the truck, the deer scared the he%% out of him as it climbed out from under his truck and ran off.
Nv Guy 06/13/20 10:30pm Towing
RE: Walkable TT roof

One of the reasons they started making non walk able roofs was to save weight, as people wanted "lightweight" TTs. If a coach didn't come with a ladder, it's a safe bet the roof isn't walk able, and adding a ladder never seems to work as there isn't any backing to attach one to. If you really feel the need to get up there- use the sheet of plywood method (as previously mentioned) to spread your weight.
Nv Guy 06/05/20 09:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: In bed diesel tanks

Pretty much what FJ12 said. Travel with no fuel worries, drop the fiver at the CG, go find a good deal on fuel. I went with the pump - nozzle route as I didn't want to risk any warranty issues with the truck by cutting any hoses. I went with the RDS 40 GA because of capacity. I didn't want 100 gallons or just 20. It also had to fit under my bed cover.
Nv Guy 06/03/20 09:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice - tires again

Easy decision for me. Michelins. Every Chinese tire I have had has failed and left me alongside the road.
Nv Guy 06/02/20 10:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Brake Controller/Brake Issues.

While there may be voltage, there may not be any amperage,so check it with an old school test light to see if the test light bulb lights. Some controllers output a sense voltage (with virtually no amp output) to "look" for shorts & verify continuity, so that might be what you are seeing. Also, some controllers need to be connected to a load before they will deliver an output.
Nv Guy 05/30/20 11:01pm Toy Haulers
RE: Mini Winnie needs major work

In a late 1990's Class C there is no "valuable RV stuff to resell". If you want a hobby project, get it and have fun. I seriously doubt you can repair / rebuild and make any sort of profit.
Nv Guy 05/24/20 09:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Anti-freeze question.

I would drain and flush simply because leaving it in year round isn't what it was formulated for or how it was intended to be used.
Nv Guy 05/17/20 08:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where Can I Find A Bike Now?

Went thru this about a week ago. Got a bike for the wife. Decided I needed a new one as well. We ended up driving to the Peoples Republik of CA to get what I wanted. Wall Mart around here are sold out as are most of the bike shops. Totally crazy. If you find one on FB mkplace or Craig's List - act fast we missed out on two.
Nv Guy 05/12/20 10:58pm Family Camping
RE: Wet bolt kit recommendation

I went with the Mor Ryde wet bolts, HD shackles and upgraded equalizer. Easy install.
Nv Guy 04/27/20 10:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

I am on an HOA board. My philosophy is what will an appraiser think? Some of our rules wouldn't register with an appraiser. Junk cars would. So our staff goes after that sort of violation. I have lived next to nazi HOAs, not fun and it really doesn't add to property value, as "the word" gets out, so resale is affected. In regard to the OP- if this was here, it would certainly be allowed- there is a difference between letter of the law and spirit of the law. In this case, letter of the law is unreasonable due to the current situation.
Nv Guy 04/18/20 12:18am General RVing Issues
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