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RE: 8r19.5 in rear and 225-70-19.5 in front

I started out with 245/70s in front and ran 8Rs in rear after many years. I now have 245/70s all around. The tires I have are more rigid sideways then earlier tires No interference between tires. 1993 Chev P-30 Oh i definitely want that. I didnt realize that size existed. Did you need wider rims? What load range did you get?
Octaneforce 11/19/20 07:47pm Class A Motorhomes
8r19.5 in rear and 225-70-19.5 in front

I have a 1993 chevy p30 platform and i would like to replace the front tires. Currently all 6 are 8r19.5. Can i put 225-70-19.5 on the front and leave the rears with 8r19.5? Id like to widen the front track a little. These pizza cutter tires catch every little groove.
Octaneforce 11/19/20 05:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: P30 weld in drag link?

Did they check your ball joints? What about the bell cranks? I specifically asked about those items and they assured me everything else was in good shape. Ive done the ball joints twice already (first time i got the wrong ones and they failed). Ive never done bell cranks but i dont know what the life expectancy is for those. This rv feels very tight going down the road. Virtually no slop.
Octaneforce 10/19/20 09:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: P30 weld in drag link?

I got my rig back today. It got the new supersteer drag link, new moog tie rods, and an alignment. It drives about as good as a p30 ever will. I am satisfied. Hopefully i get atleast a few trips out of this repair.
Octaneforce 10/19/20 05:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: P30 weld in drag link?

Hey everyone, i emailed the supersteer and suspension website to the service manager that ive been dealing with and he agreed that a cut and weld is wrong. He asked me to order the 93+ drag link from supersteer so i had it sent directly to the shop. This particular shop is really popular with rv repair in my area. Im not sure why they got frazzled with this part. Im going to give them the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to a brain fart. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
Octaneforce 10/12/20 10:09am Class A Motorhomes
P30 weld in drag link?

My 1993 class a p30 coach with rear disc brakes is at a shop for an alignment at the moment. They called me and said it needed a drag link because it has alot of play. I said no problem just fix it. They called me back a few hours later saying 2 alarming things; 1: Apparently these drag links on the p30s of this era vary in lengths, and the one they are providing is a cut and weld part. So i guess it comes really big, and then they chop and weld it to the proper size? I cant find any info on something like that. Supersteer offers 2 drag links for the p30 and they do specify that after 1991 there was some confusing changes. But nothing about cutting and welding stuff. 2: they also told me that whoever worked on this front end in the past used all the wrong tie rods (possibly ones from a regular pickup) and that they arent long enough to align it because there wont be enough threads to grab the adjuster sleeves. So now its getting new tie rods. So is this cut and weld drag link really a thing? How many drag link options were there for these rigs?
Octaneforce 10/09/20 02:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not getting 115v

Don't cut new openings! There should be about 4-6 screws holding the box in the wall. Remove screws and see if you can pull it out. Two screws show in the photo on left side. Yes you are right i did notice that! However it appears someone replaced the fridge in this coach at some point with a bigger one and then redid the paneling above it, and framed in front of the flanges of the electrical panel. Im definitely gonna have to do some surgery
Octaneforce 09/30/20 06:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not getting 115v

These electrical components were definitely not built to be serviceable. Im going to have to cut open the inside of the medicine cabinet to access behind the panel and then pray that theres enough slack to fix this properly. Really amazing advice here
Octaneforce 09/30/20 05:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not getting 115v
Octaneforce 09/30/20 03:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not getting 115v

Loose neutral. Yep thats what it was. Looks like the neutral for the main was barely touching. Can i just cut back the fried ends of the wires and put all the neutrals in a wirenut instead of using the busbar? Its only like 6 wires
Octaneforce 09/30/20 02:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not getting 115v I took the cover off the panel next to the breakers and these wires are smoked. I was so aggravated i had to walk away from it. I’ll do more digging later. I really appreciate the help. I am an hvac tech so i have some electrical knowledge.
Octaneforce 09/30/20 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
Not getting 115v

My 1993 fleetwood coranado class a suddenly will not give me 115v anywhere. When plugged in or even when the generator is running, i have no voltage anywhere. Ive reset all the breakers above the fridge, which are the only 115v breakers im aware of. Im looking for some suggestions on where to start before i start cutting open cabinets.
Octaneforce 09/29/20 09:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installed supersteer springs but...

Thanks for all the info. Im going to vent a little more; Every time this rig sees a shop (and its seen alot of shops) i ask them to grease all the grease fittings and charge me for whatever labor it is (its alot of zerks). I crawled under and every single grease fitting was dry as a bone, even the new components! Unreal. Everybody is incompetent. I digress, since i greased everything ive heard almost zero noises. Once in a blue moon it will make a feint clunk, but who knows. Im going to another shop tomorrow to get another opinion. It still drives like a forklift
Octaneforce 09/13/20 01:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installed supersteer springs but...

My P30 was all over the road I did supersteer bell cranks,ipd poly bushings front and rear with larger front sway bar,supersteer rear trac bar,koni shocks,all tie rods,idler arm,steering dampner,ball joints,supersteer coil springs,steer safe. after all that I finally fixed it by selling it and getting a old DP Im about to do the same. Im so sick of this piece of ****
Octaneforce 09/03/20 10:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installed supersteer springs but...

Hi sorry for the delay. The front end on this rig is tight. I have spent most of my ownership of it fighting with the front end and replacing parts. The springs were the last thing on the list. It never made noise before the spring install. Im aware of the balljoint differences, i actually replaced them twice already while learning the hard way. I think rls is right about the springs not being “indexed” properly. I dont know how to confirm that thru a visual inspection. In the instructions included with the springs from supersteer, it says the springs must be “twisted” into some sort of slot in the control arm. Im going to assume the mechanic never did this. I feel like kind of a jerk bringing it back but i spent a good amount of money having these installed and its not right. I even gave the instructions directly to the tech (i probably insulted him), but here we are.
Octaneforce 08/31/20 06:02am Class A Motorhomes
Installed supersteer springs but...

I installed supersteer front coil springs to replace my leaky saggy spring/airbags. The coach rides much much better and sits higher. However over big dips when the front suspension is fully extended, it sounds like the spring is popping out of its “basket” for a moment. Its pretty gnarly. I only noticed it on my drive home from the mechanic who did it but now its 7:30pm on a friday so i cant just go back. The rig is a 1993 chevy p30 with rear disc brakes. What prevents the spring from falling out of the control arm? I dont see a clamp anywhere. the shop who did the work has always been very good. I just wanted to be educated when i go back with this issue.
Octaneforce 08/28/20 05:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I weighed my rig. Need help with math

Hey sorry for the delay. Things are crazy around here. Anyway i appreciate the replies. The tag in my coach says 14,800 gross and 65psi for all the tires. 65 sounds a little low to me. The tire size is 8r19.5 even assuming that tag is accurate...a big still don't know what you actually weigh on each axle. brand of tire? and the complete size from the sidewall? According to tag Gross front is 5000 and gross rear is 9800 Tires are sumihoto and just say 8r19.5 which sounded weird to me but the tire shop knew exactly what they were when i replaced these tires last year.
Octaneforce 03/18/20 06:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I weighed my rig. Need help with math

Hey sorry for the delay. Things are crazy around here. Anyway i appreciate the replies. The tag in my coach says 14,800 gross and 65psi for all the tires. 65 sounds a little low to me. The tire size is 8r19.5
Octaneforce 03/18/20 04:38pm Class A Motorhomes
I weighed my rig. Need help with math

So i got my 30ft class a weighed today. With me in it, it weighed 13,060lbs total, 8400lbs rear, and 4660lbs front. Now i know i should have fully loaded it but i didnt have the time or energy. With the basic math i did, Id say in fluids, gear, and people, I’ll add about 1500lbs, mostly on the rear axle. I did this because i want to order coil springs from supersteer to replace my crummy front airbags. The springs im torn between come 4400-4900lbs or 5000-5300lbs. Im leaning towards the 5000lbs springs. All i need is 2 additional passengers and I’ll be beyond 4900lbs My other question is how to calculate my tire pressure. My tires say 3525lbs at 110psi single and 3305lbs double. I keep my tires at the recommended 110psi and my coach rides like a brick. Id like to run less psi but im not sure how to extrapolate the numbers to determine my minimum psi needed.
Octaneforce 03/16/20 05:01pm Class A Motorhomes
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