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RE: Honda EU2000

See what a volt meter reads at the generator. At 14 years of constant use, this gen has done its time. If it was me I’d sell that gen to someone willing to fix it and put that money towards a new one. Harbor freight and craftsman have very similar models that are cheaper and better than the Honda. To me its not worth the risk of starting a fire and possibly putting my rv and family in harms way. That’s just me though. I overthink everything.
Octaneforce 12/08/19 04:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Continental Tires PSI rising 20

Do you notice any vibrations? Maybe these tires aren’t balanced as well and causing more heat.
Octaneforce 12/07/19 10:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator handling?

Before i got my fancy inverter gen, i had one of those rinky dink harbor freight 2 stroke generators. It actually wasnt bad!! It lasted all night on a tank of gas, was quite when it was warmed up and under a load, and was just enough to run my furnace, lights, and charge my batteries. Obviously couldnt run the ac on it. We put TONS of hours on that little thing at basically full load. It didnt even die its sitting in my shed still. Also never had to worry about anyone stealing it lol.
Octaneforce 12/04/19 07:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator handling?

Did you buy it already? I would say just get 2 little hondas and run them in tandem. And you have the option of running just 1 of them at a time for charging batteries. My 2300 watt craftsman inverter gen was 400 bucks and is just enough to run my ac, lights, water pump, and charge my batteries. I put it on a hitch rack and run it while im driving to keep the family cool. maybe im crazy.
Octaneforce 12/04/19 07:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bigger stabilizer bar improvement in handling?

Typically a bigger class a is never going to drive as tight as your 24ft class c sprinter. Those sprinters are caddilacs. Depending on your budget you should consider skipping all the stops and getting a diesel pusher.
Octaneforce 12/04/19 07:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 15 Amp Service

I store my rv next to my house on a 15amp circuit. I have an electric heater running non stop, a few lights, the fridge on electric (cold beers at all times) and when im in there tinkering i have the tv on. This is pretty much the exact limit. Sometimes i run the water and the pump trips the breaker. If im tinkering during the summer I’ll start the generator and turn on the ac because i sweat like shaq at the foul line. If you overdo it you’ll just trip the breaker. Not a big deal. Depending on how long you are there, you’ll learn precisely what you can run without tripping it.
Octaneforce 12/03/19 04:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Strange house battery issue

Hey everyone. I finally figured out this issue. I was getting funky voltage on the ac side of my converter. There was an old surge protector (like the ones you see under a desk) between where the converter plugs in and the original plug. I removed it, plugged the converter directly into the outlet, and my problem was solved!! Thanks for the help. I went ahead and installed a “smart” power inverter that was suggested anyway. Pd9260c.
Octaneforce 12/01/19 02:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another ‘dadgum’ post re: tire PSI…please bear with me…

Something else to consider is inflating your tire with Nitrogen instead of pain air. Nitrogen doesn't heat up like plain air does. You stated that you F53 handles pretty good with PSI at 80 PSI when you start out, but as your tires heat up the handling changes. I've owned 2 F53 and they both handled badly. Bzzzzzt WRONG! There is virtually no difference between N2, O2, Air and Co2 thermal expansion rates. "I'll take Thermal Expansion for $100 Alex." Geek speak on the subject --> Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT This formula is the "Ideal Gas Law Formula." Although there is no such thing as an ideal gas the formula is pretty accurate for N2, CO2, and oxygen as we assume that the gas molecules are point masses and the collisions of the molecules are totally elastic. (A completely elastic collision means that the energy of the molecules before a collision equals the energy of the molecules after a collision, or, to put it another way, there is no attraction among the molecules.) The formula becomes less accurate as the gas becomes very compressed and as the temperature decreases but here "very compressed" pressures are well above even the highest tire pressures and "decreased temperatures" are extremely cold, too cold for tires. There are some correction factors for both of these factors for each gas to convert it to a Real Gas Law Formula, but the Ideal Gas Law is a good estimation of the way N2, CO2 and "air" should react through temperature changes. What does all this mean? It simply means that "air", nitrogen vapor, and CO2 vapor should all react pretty much the same within normal tire pressures (0-120 PSI) and temperatures. In the hvac business we use nitrogen for leak down tests under the assumption that it doesn't fluctuate in pressure like compressed air will. However we use pressure way beyond that of a tire (500-600psi). I guess this is within the theory you provided. Why do race car drivers bother to use nitrogen in their tires? Is it a myth?
Octaneforce 11/30/19 02:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Paint job done

I wish i could just do the bottom half of my rig. You should be able to - that's the easiest part. Oh i know! Its just sourcing the right people to do it. There isnt huge aftermarket support for rv’s here on long island. I was actually debating doing it myself. :B
Octaneforce 11/29/19 02:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Paint job done

Very nice! Now when you attempt to go to a 10 year rule campground, you can honestly say, "it's brand new!" (just don't specify "what" is brand new!). Congrats! Happy camping! Ive never run into a campground with rig age limits. I thought it was a myth. This paintjob is amazing!! are the decals vinyl or also paint? I wish i could just do the bottom half of my rig.
Octaneforce 11/29/19 10:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery charging slow

If the batteries are actually from 2005 then i would bet thats your issue. I can barely get a few seasons out of batteries lately, let alone 15 years.
Octaneforce 11/29/19 10:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another ‘dadgum’ post re: tire PSI…please bear with me…

What do you mean by front and rear stabilizers? Sway bars? The best thing i ever did for steering wander was a supersteer rear trac bar and 4 bilstien shocks. I also did 4 centramatic balancing rings which is supposed to lower tire temps. And to ice the cake, i measured my front swaybar diameter (mine is 1 1/4) and ordered universal poly swaybar bushings from energy suspension to replace the mushy rubber ones. It made head winds almost non exististent. I have a p30.
Octaneforce 11/29/19 10:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I got the shakes Some of the bags were whole like this
Octaneforce 11/29/19 10:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I got the shakes

The bags just break to allow the equal flow to the circumference of the tire. Your picture just shows broken bags so they did what they were suppose to do. Many would argue that fixed weights are better and equal could harden do to moisture and throw the balance off, but that does not appear to be your case. Hopefully your new tires and rims fix your problem. I just dont see how the beads could distribute properly with the bag in the way. Its a cheap easy way to balance tires but from experience and research the bags are a gamble. Anyway the truck drives MUCH better with the actual balance weights. I think my problem is solved. I’ll see how the next trip goes. Thank you and everyone else for the help!
Octaneforce 11/28/19 07:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I got the shakes

Im at another truck tire shop having all the tires dismounted, cleaned of equal powder, and re mounted and roadforce balanced. We’ll see how it is on the drive home. These equal bags never disintegrated in the tire. Theres a few thousand miles on these at this point. I dont see how this stuff could work.
Octaneforce 11/25/19 12:40pm Class A Motorhomes
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