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RE: Autopay anyway!

I've heard mention of a credit card that you can create a temporary one time only virtual number. No company or anyone ever sees your actual credit card number. You create this virtual number one time use only for use with a specific vendor and specific one time purchase. That's all I know about this, check it out and let us know. EDIT: Looks like Capital One has this.
OkieGene 03/01/21 09:33am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Locked Out!

VERY VERY VERY gently tap on the lock area with a rubber hammer while you apply some pressure to the key. Is this another product made by the infamous Sum Ting Wong chinese factory???
OkieGene 02/25/21 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Running a generator to exercise it when there's shore power?

Start up, let warm up 5 minutes. Turn on loads to exercise generator for 30 minutes. Shut load off. Let idle 7 minutes to cool down. Shut off. Go have a beer.
OkieGene 02/23/21 09:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping near water in AZ

Just curious, are you in or near Green Valley AZ? I'm looking for at least a winter home there, if not a full time residence. I have several friends who live part time to full time in Green Valley/Sahuarita and one near Vail. Thanks!
OkieGene 02/07/21 10:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Small Grills

For the Blackstone 17 and 22 inch units, there are videos of people going to the Dollar Tree Stores and buying their $1.00 grill scraper/foodshovel/whatchamacallums. Buy enough to make a nice windbread, they fit very well. I can't think of the right word, but if you chop up some vegetables you can use these things to scoop up what you just did. They look like stainless steel doohickeys. Hope that made some sense. EDIT: These things Dohickeys $1 each at Dollar Tree.
OkieGene 02/05/21 07:18pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Small Grills

If you get a Blackstone, skip the 17 inch and go directly to the 22 inch. The 17 works fine, but the 22 inch has 2 knobs and 2 burners, so you can cook 2 things at different temperatures. You can cook eggs on one side, for example, and pancakes on the other side. Plus, with the 22 inch, the grill surface gets up to temp pretty much 99.5% all over the grill, giving you more consistent heat and thus cooking. The 17 can't do that, you will have cold spots in areas, which will screw up your cooking. Unless you're a caveman and will eat anything anyway it's prepared. Trust me on this. Get the 22 inch.
OkieGene 02/02/21 09:21pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Dishes for RV

Corelle. White. They're light weight and hard to break. Very durable. Buy a basic set and look at the a la carte singles to round it out. White always looks good. If you need to add to your set at a later date this is so easy, in Corelle white is white. Eazy Peazy. .
OkieGene 02/02/21 09:08pm Beginning RVing
RE: Taco Soup

I grew up eating Frito Chili Pie, which is chili with slightly crushed Fritos. Add a dollop of sour cream, onion, Hatch green chilies, whatever you like. I just ate the last frozen container I had in the freezer, time to make up another big batch in a few days.
OkieGene 01/27/21 11:05pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Meds on the road.

Leave your existing insurance and meds and pharmacy relationship as a going concern, don't mess with it. There is another way to get sufficient meds to augment or supplement your existing situation. Depending on your meds, Costco Pharmacy sells them at a low price, and Costco also accepts GoodRx to lower the cost further. A 90 day from your regular pharmacy, a 90 day from Costco, BOOM! You've got a 6 month supply. I just asked my Doc for a duplicate script for me to carry into Costco and just paid cash for the meds. Simple and easy peace of mind.
OkieGene 12/29/20 10:47pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: V6 Silverados

Yes, it most certainly can. Of course you must be going downhill only. .
OkieGene 12/29/20 10:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Camper Security

Biohazard tape wrapped around and a biohazard sign with another Quarantine Sign - Covid ? Or just a bunch of yellow crime scene tape.
OkieGene 12/17/20 08:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Tioga propane light blinks green, heater not functioning

I think you have more than one issue, I mean separate issues, not related to each other. Carbon Monoxide detectors have roughly a 10 year life span, smoke detectors also have a limited life span. They do wear out, they go bad, they are meant to be replaced. Take yours off and look at it, it may have an original date or an expiration date. While you have it off, throw it away and install a new one. I'll stay out of the electrical and propane issues, others are probably more able to advise you on that. My advice would be for you to call a good reputation mobil rv tech to come out and diagnose your electrical and propane problem. Good luck to you.
OkieGene 12/17/20 06:19pm Tech Issues
RE: What’s for Christmas dinner?

Brisket and Ribs.
OkieGene 12/12/20 11:06am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Remembrances of vacuum tube days

Whoa! There is a guy local to me with an interesting electronics business and he has multiple tube testers and piles of tubes. All new old stock.
OkieGene 12/11/20 09:36pm Technology Corner

I would invest in this: Flameking Absotively Posilutely! I can, but do not like to, refill the regular green disposable 1 pounders. I feel much safer with a purpose designed, engineered and built unit. You can get one on Amazon for a bit less money, even when paying for shipping.
OkieGene 12/04/20 07:26pm Tent Camping
RE: Oklahoma State Parks

^^^^^^ What he said, Red Rock Canyon is awesome. The tornado season is basically all of May into June. That's the time when everyone has the TV on in the background tuned to a local TV station. After the middle of June into July tornado season is pretty much over with, but there is always a possibility of tornados year around. Oh, and BTW, tornado season means hail season. May through the middle of June is a much higher chance of hail. I'd have no reservations (no pun intended) exploring Oklahoma until the 1st of May and after the 1st of July. Oklahoma is a very diverse state, georgraphically speaking. Look up Cross Timbers Of America. One very interesting place is in the panhandle, the Black Mesa area. If you want some peace and quiet in a beautiful area, go visit Black Mesa. There are not a lot of services there, so be prepared to be stocked up and provisioned. If you are into Astronomy, or ham radio, this is the place to be, it's very dark sky territory as well as low electrical noise.
OkieGene 12/03/20 04:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Blackstone 22" griddle for $99 at Walmart!!

^^^ Regular paper towels pretty well suck. They lint up and fall apart. Go buy some rolls of the Scott Brand blue shop towels on the roll. Sams or Costco is best, or you can buy single rolls or 2 or 3 rolls in a plastic wrap pack at wallychinamart. I accidentally left one of those blue paper shop towels in my pocket and ran it through the washing machine. When I was tossing clothes in the dryer I noticed it. It did not fall apart, in fact I let it dry and used it some more. These are what I use for my cast iron pans, among many other uses, and of course glass cleaning. They just don't lint.
OkieGene 11/30/20 08:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Had my friends over for Thanksgiving dinner

Hopefully this link will work. Link You may need to be sure to click on or whatever to get the sound too. You should be able to watch this without signing in to facebook. It should let you.
OkieGene 11/27/20 10:13am RV Pet Stop
RE: Very Frustrated

+1 My Craftsman hydraulic floor jack my dad gave me when I was 15yo failed to hold a vehicle up this past weekend. Not sure I will replace it. Very well could be low on hydraulic jack fluid. I have a vintage floor jack that has a very slight seepage. Occasionally I have to add fluid to it. I know when it's low on fluid when the jack only raises part way up then bleeds down. There are just getting to be very very VERY few places that repair starters, alternators, radiators, things of that nature. Those repair shops are few and far between, as well as the availability of parts to repair such things. It's a changing world. Buy cheap ****, throw it away.
OkieGene 11/26/20 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Drawer latches

Contact Colaw RV Salvage in Carthage Missouri. They are beyond huge with inventory. Excellent chance you might find what you need as an exact match.
OkieGene 11/26/20 02:26pm General RVing Issues
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