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RE: Rv loan rates!

It's not just RV loan rates. The "cost" of money has shot up. IIRC the Fed was below 1% but is now up to about 4% or so. I'm probably not accurate on those exact numbers but what is correct is the basic underlying rate has jump up a huge amount, percentage wise.
OkieGene 03/11/23 05:27pm Truck Campers

OkieGene, Arizona only has so much water available and all the snowbirds really out a strain on the resource. It is estimated the the snowbird population around the Quartzsite area alone is in the 500,000 range. Mesa's population swells in the winter, causing waiting lines at restaurants to go out the door (summers, it's walk in and have a seat). So the year round population gets a little tired of the birds. "So many snowbirds, so little room in the freezer." is heard often among the year round population. Yes absolutely water is a huge issue. I've been following the story of the town (not really a town but a very nice home area) by the name of Rio Verde Foothills, a suburb of Scottsdale AZ. Rio Verde has NO water supply. The residents have been paying water trucks to bring water in from a supply in Scottsdale. Scottsdale kept warning Rio Verde to get their own water supply because Scottsdale residents come first. Huge homes continue to be built, there's NO water for them. A few weeks ago Scottsdale made true on their warning to cut off the water supply. Trucks now have to drive an hour or 2 away to get water to haul back to Rio Verde. In an interview I saw, one resident was using 24,000 gallons per month!!! That's crazy. Wasteful. And west of Phoenix, not too far from Buckeye, the Hughes Corp spent something like 600 MILLION DOLLARS to buy a 37 THOUSAND ACRES to build 100,000 new houses. THERE ISN'T ENOUGH WATER TO GO AROUND!!!! Yet we see more developments, more golf courses etc etc etc. You can google those 2 stories I mentioned to see how sad and pathetic it is, and how builders just want to make their $$$ building with no regard to water going forward.
OkieGene 01/18/23 11:41am Snowbirds

Forget the RV Parks in AZ for a moment. TThere are a LOT of RV's not staying in parks at all, or just occasionally. The free to almost free land in AZ holds a LOT of RV'ers, of all types. You can slip across the border to Whackyfornia and get the same deal. Some BLM land is free, some you pay $40 for a 14 day stay, the best bargains are 7 months for $180. Under a $1 bill a day is very attractive to a lot of folks. Depending on the location, it may include free trash dump, free tank dumping, and fresh water. The Quartzite to Yuma contains a LOT of this.
OkieGene 01/18/23 12:51am Snowbirds
RE: What part of Unsubscribe don't you understand?

Another reason to use 'throw away email addresses" and save your real very personal email address for close friends and family and such.
OkieGene 01/18/23 12:44am Good Sam Club
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

Well it's a good thing the price of LiFePO batteries have dropped tremendously. The gold standard has probably been Battle Born batteries at roughly $1,000 each for a 12 volt 100amp battery. They're good, no doubt. However, now you can buy LiFePO 12 volt 100 amp batteries for $299 each. May not have all the bells and whistles of the $1,000 batteries, but there it is.
OkieGene 01/07/23 03:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: cheap solar panels

My scam detector is screaming at me. There doesn't seem to be much on an internet search of this company. Internet search indicates a good probability of scam. Just google them, there is no evidence of any reputable company by that name at all, that I can find anyway. SCAM. I'd only pay by a major credit card, don't ever pay people like this by paypal or zelle or ways of that type. I'll just about wager they're going to get your credit card info and go to town with it. If I decided to take a chance with these people, I'd ONLY use a credit card that lets me create a one time use only virtual card number that can only be used ONE TIME ONLY. Proceed with caution, if at all. In fact, I'd not proceed at all. Deal is "too good to be true".
OkieGene 01/07/23 03:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium for dummies: need advice in simple terms

A new feature now is a Lithium battery with a self-heating feature. It uses a small portion of it's stored power to heat itself up. You should be able to google that, lithium iron phosphate battery with self heating. And as noted above, you can keep them inside the coach, or in a heated bay, and all will be fine.
OkieGene 12/05/22 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Extended stay propane use

Depending on how long the extended stay may be, and the location of such, for some people it may work out better to contact a local propane company and ask if they can bring out a 100 gallon tank, or some such amount, and fill it as needed. Gakes a lot of of you while they deliver as needed. It may or may not work out, or work out well from a $$$ standpoint, but I do know someone who did that one winter and for them it worked out quite well.
OkieGene 11/02/22 10:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Extended stay propane use

Depending on how long the extended stay may be, and the location of such, for some people it may work out better to contact a local propane company and ask if they can bring out a 100 gallon tank, or some such amount, and fill it as needed. Gakes a lot of of you while they deliver as needed. It may or may not work out, or work out well from a $$$ standpoint, but I do know someone who did that one winter and for them it worked out quite well.
OkieGene 11/02/22 10:17pm Tech Issues
RE: You tube Fulltimers getting squeezed

It's often quite sad to see some of these fulltime youboobers, many fail and disappear, the fulltime RV or van life isn't easy, it's lonely, and it just doesn't work out for them. No one forces me to watch, but I found some I liked and followed. Pretty soon they're all begging for money. At the start of the video they put up a frame asking for PayPal donations, then another showing a Tip Jar buy me coffee or whatever, and of course they're selling Stickers and coffee cups and tee shirts. Then at the end they repeat all of that. I get it, need money, got to pay for life. But pretty soon, the content drops, who wants to see them going to a cafe and eating, then going to the laundry, then going to get propane, getting water, this and that that is just really worthless. I no longer watch those. Now the trend is to get a Paid Sponsor. Mattress, batteries, generators, they get these for free to promote them on screen, and some also get $$$ to do so. I get it, folks can learn, but pretty soon it's just blah blah blah on every episode of gimme gimme gimme me money, one way or the other. As I said, no one forces me to watch, so I drop them. However, I did see one fulltime youtuber snarl into the camera when he said that a viewer questioned the lack of content and too much asking for money by saying into the camera, with a really angry look "What do you want from me? I don't owe you anything". Classless, tasteless, biting the hand that feeds you. There's one creepy woman, van lifer, who about a year or 2 ago had a really pathetic video up, now taken down, but I know where it is still available, a very short video where she said into the camera "**** you" in a really long drawn out sentence. Disgusting, classless, crass. I feel sorry for most of them, in a way, because they did not make it in life, they can't hold down a job, they've got a criminal record, etc and this is what they have to house, shelter and feed themselves with. They need to do something to take care of themselves, so they get a 1990's worn out van with a LOT of miles, or an old Skoolie bus with a pretty much worn out engine/trans, put in a lot of time trying to fix it up, and travel, then it breaks down, and they have no funds to fix. I feel sorry for them. Get a job. There's another one who is infamous for every month or so having a blown transmission, engine out, needs brakes, needs radiator, over and over. UGH. I've unsubscribed from most of them. There are a few who have sufficient funds to travel and do interesting things, and don't ask for money. I'll watch those because their content is worth watching. It's the bottom of the barrel, and I feel sorry for them. Get a job. If you want to work, you can get a job, it may not be glamorous, it may be in fast food or whatever, but all honest work is honorable and respectable. I respect that.
OkieGene 10/19/22 04:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

Member here since January 2004, and 1291 posts. I have watched this website every single day, without fail, since then. Not one single day has gone by where I didn't see what was happening. Why? I don't know, I guess just curiosity and not wanting to quit something I had going. I was looking at the tab where I had subscribed or clicked on to watch certain members. Most are now gone, very few left. I assume most of those passed on. Yes, I've seen a lot of changes here. This website used to be a blast, very informative, good camaraderie. Things have changed, for sure, as everything does with the passing of time.
OkieGene 06/21/22 07:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: You tube Fulltimers getting squeezed

I started watching some about 4 years after I became semi-retired, then I found a lot of new ones when Covid hit and everyone was quarantined at home, it helped me to pass the time. I saw some peter out quickly. Their content was blah and all they did was beg for money. It was pathetic. I have continued to follow a few others, maybe a dozen to 15, and some have dropped out. Some quit because of various reasons. And as usual, there was the continual constant e-begging. I still have a few that pop up on my YouTube feed. They e-bag of course, and they ask for Patreon members in every episode. Some of those have been doing pretty well financially. If they are interesting, I'll watch. Few had any decent savings to smooth out the financial bumps. There was one who was always e-begging, even having their transmission go out every 5 months or so, a fire, this or that, interspersed with engine troubles or other issues that cost money. Folks, you have to have a budget for tires and brakes and other things that will come due. And you need insurance. E-beg to the rescue. I always said from the beginning of me watching them that one day the $$$ from YouTube would be reduced and they'd have to get off the road, get a real job, and save money. More e-begging. I'm thinking of one specific husband/wife pair, it was absurd how often they'd e-beg. Start of the video, end of the video, all requests for Patreon membership, PayPal donations, buy stickers and other worthless **** from them. They were all too young to retire, didn't have the financial resources, and it eventually caught up with them, they're gone now. Apparently a few marriages and boyfriend-girlfriend relations went splitsville. One vile nasty single female made a "f*** Y** video. It was sick to see that behavior. I have been really saddened to see some of those go buy an old school bus, lots of miles on it, and spend many thousands of $$$ on it, maybe $20,000 quite easily. Interior, solar, etc. They take off and the old bus diesel engine dies. They sadly don't have the savings to fix or replace the engine, they've spent tons getting the bus going, now they just walk away from it. It's sad. They can't recover much of what they've spent on it. Sad whammy to have, tough pill to swallow. I feel really badly for them. I don't begrudge anyone for getting into rv-ing, but you have to have enough cash money stashed back as well a a good monthly income, emergency funds, etc. I'm not trying to be mean, but some exhibited anti-social behavior, probably couldn't hold down a job, and went to full time rv-ing to live. Do what you wish, I'm not trying to be mean, but when just about every video you make has e-begging while you are sitting around drinking beer all the time as well as smoking a lot of cigarettes, well gee that's too bad, no $$$ for you. I'm glad for them that many have seen the 48 States, Alaska, Canada, etc. I gave a few bucks here and there to some because I liked their content and I learned about new things and new areas to explore, etc. BUT I am not going to fund your daily live when you need to have a job and you're maybe 35-50 years of age.
OkieGene 06/18/22 11:32pm General RVing Issues
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