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RE: 12 Volt/120 Volt Portable Air Compressor

Viair is the brand. Extremely well built and reliable. I'll recommend one that hooks up to the battery rather than the cigarette lighter/charging thing. Go to Viair dot com, they have lots of different models. Choose one based on the PSI you want, etc. Also sold on amazon dot com.
OkieGene 10/18/20 12:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Food!

We are tired of everything! Fast Food is enemy number one. I have ate enough hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, steak, ham, and everything else. I want something different! If I had the energy I would open a restaurant and call it Something different. Anyone who ordered a burger, might be banned for life? Out here in the desert especially the options are even more limited Micky Ds and Cracker Barrel. I know the menue by heart! Don'' ask me though. Wife isn't into cooking, on the road this trip. I don't believe a steak wold whet my appetite after a week, right now. I want something different. What is it and where can I get some...within 50 miles??? Where are you? You don't have to say exactly, but a close enough yet still vague description will help to identify and suggest what foods might be available in that area. Here are some ideas: Fish Tacos, Beef Stroganoff, Shepherds Pie, Goulash, Chili, Green Chile Stew (New Mexico dish). White Chicken Chili, or beef chili, or turkey chili, etc. Chicken Pot Pie. Stuffed Bell Peppers. I have no idea where you are located, but my local Costco makes, from scratch every other day in their kitchen, Stuffed Bell Peppers. I love it, buy one every 10 days or so. It's really good. Ham and Beans, with Cornbread, and even with Fried Potatoes. Calzones are good. Fish dinners, Halibut, Catfish, Salmon, etc the list goes on. Don't eat Talipia, they are usually farm raised and nasty and not healthy. Otherwise Tilapia would be fine. Stuffed chicken breasts. My local Sprouts Grocery makes them from scratch and puts them in the fresh meat case. Take home and bake it. Mighty fine. Macaroni & Cheese. Variants include adding Green Chiles, I like to chop up a Brat and add, also a mild hot link like Earl Campbell Hot Link (the regular, not the Red Hot one) Go pick up Chinese to go, get the lunch specials, in fact get an extra for the next day or so. Cheap and good. When all else fails, just make breakfast, no matter what time of day it is. Chicken Salad. Got a Crock Pot? It's the original Set It And Forget It cooking thing. Get the crock pot out, throw in a whole chicken, add a bag of frozen veggies, later throw in a tube of biscuits. Great Dinner. Just Google that. You'll love it. Save the broth, make home made chicken soup.
OkieGene 09/20/20 04:12pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Food!

Maybe it's time to go vegan? ;) I’m a ‘second hand vegan’ ........ Cows eat plants, I eat cows. The plants are purified as they pass through the cows, that makes them even safer ....... That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Kent Rollins, the Cowboy Cook, said the same thing, slight variance in words. Go to YouTube and watch Kent Rollins cooking videos. He is a great personality.
OkieGene 09/20/20 03:58pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Recommendations on portable flat-top griddle

I have the 17 in Blackstone, it has only 1 knob/heating control. I am looking to get the 22 inch Blackstone because it has 2 knobs/heating controls, allowing me to cook things on one side at one temp, and the other side I can have a different temp. Makes it especially better to cook breakfast.
OkieGene 09/19/20 09:36pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: About to buy Rebuilt TT (previous salvage) Please help!

Run away. Don't walk. Run away. Do NOT buy!!!
OkieGene 09/01/20 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Cast Iron pan seasoning Question

Quit reseasoning and just cook in it. Cook in it. Rinse and repeat. Just keep cooking in it.
OkieGene 08/11/20 08:28pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Eu2000i muffler cleaning ideas?

Its $135 for a new one. Mine is completely blocked. If you blow on it, nothing goes through. Any ideas? What is the internal structure of these things? Is it just a cavity or is there like a zig-zag path? $135? Really? Where are you getting that price for a replacement spark arrester? I just did a google search and found them for around $20-ish. Under $17 bucks Original Honda Part You might mosey over to YouTube and in the search box enter how to clean your Honda Eu2000i spark arrester. Seems to be some good videos there.
OkieGene 07/27/20 01:05pm Tech Issues
RE: EU2000i starts, then imediately quits..

YEA !!! good news!
OkieGene 07/26/20 10:26pm Tech Issues
RE: EU2000i starts, then imediately quits..

OkieGene 07/24/20 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Ham radios

You can rent a satellite phone, and this option may work very well if you don't need to own one and will only be off the grid, so to speak, rarely.
OkieGene 07/17/20 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tow Truck Policy

I think I'd definitely check out Allstate for their road side service. Good luck to you.
OkieGene 07/17/20 12:42pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Tow Truck Policy

Good luck to you, I'm sure that when the vehicle gets to the place it will all get worked out. Vehicle troubles are always a headache.
OkieGene 07/17/20 08:24am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Tow Truck Policy

Whoa wait a minute!!! Is the vehicle needing towing your RV? Or not? I'm reading this as a Jeep needing some sort of repair. Is this indeed a Jeep? Does Jeep make an RV? I'm confused. And further, and I'm assuming here, if the shop that serviced the vehicle screwed up or the part is defective, they should be paying to get it towed to them for repair. Your post is getting me to think that you're indicating the problem is with Good Sam, but it may be someone else? Do you have AAA for automotive services including towing? Insurance company covering towing? Please clarify your situation. And BTW I'd pay $45 out of my pocket, up front, to avoid walmart at any and all costs. If you need towing back to the Jeep dealer, and have to pay the $45, any reputable dealer should refund the $45 to you if the service department is at fault. Thanks
OkieGene 07/17/20 08:12am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: I-40 Anything worth seeing

I'll second the National Cowboy Western Heritage Museum in OKC. I will HIGHLY recommend the National Atomic Museum in Albureque. It's just a couple miles south of I-40 on Eubanks road, and it's katty-korner from a Costco so you can reprovision supplies and food, and gasoline, there. I kid you not, it is absolutely worth the visit. Allow several hours, even 3 or 4, to see it. They also have a 9 acre outside museum of planes and missiles and such. I stop every time I go through Albuquerque.
OkieGene 07/14/20 08:31pm Roads and Routes
RE: Walmart overnight and running the generator

Hopefully you have a very quiet generator and not one of those that are not relatively quiet.
OkieGene 07/09/20 07:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Flashlights

Nothing fancy, but we like this one. Nice size and bright, USB rechargeable. Anker Bolder on Amazon I use headlamps most of the time, but this one is handy when a headlamp isn’t ideal. Has Harbor Freight stopped the FREE stuff from their sale ads? I get their sale ads from the paper and have not seen any free stuff things since the 1st of the year. I really did like those free lights!
OkieGene 07/01/20 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flashlights

Flashlights. A tubular device for the purpose of storing dead batteries.
OkieGene 06/30/20 09:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Backing that trailer into a tight campsite..

Let's just pretend something for a moment. If you can "see" this in your mind, from ground level and from an above view, indulge me a moment here. What if your tow vehicle had a hitch in front? Let's just pretend you have a bumper pull travel trailer instead of a 5th wheel. If you had a hitch on the front of your vehicle and could hook up the trailer, can you visualize in your mind exactly what you'd have to do to easily and successfully place your trailer exactly where you wanted it? It's perfectly fine to stop and reposition a bit, that's just fine to do. If you can "think and see" this through your "minds eye" it may help in the normal situation. Best wishes to you, good luck.
OkieGene 06/26/20 11:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Backing that trailer into a tight campsite..

In my opinion, and I'll assure you this is quite accurate, 90% of backing up successfully, and safely, is positioning your rig in a good position before you even start to back up. When you are coming up to the spot where you are to back in, take a good look at it. Get out and on your feet if you feel the need. Take a good look. Then drive your rig into a position where it will be the easiest it can be to back in. The less wiggle wiggle turn turn you have to do to back up is the best positioning. Feel no shame, none at all, no embarrassment, just stop, get out and look, take your time. If you are starting to back up and your rig is a all katty-wampus and discombobulated and it's going to be an ordeal with lots of cranking the steering wheel...STOP and reconsider. You may be a LOT better off to drive off and come back in and reposition your rig better.
OkieGene 06/23/20 07:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: I must have violated one of the rules

Hey buddy, you'd better watch out, straighten up and fly right, or you'll be on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!!!!!
OkieGene 05/26/20 05:53pm Forum Posting Help and Support
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