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RE: norcold rv refridge issue

Needs 12VDC for controls/functions etc even when using the 120VAC Also...needs to be in a 'cabinet' with tight clearances top/bottom/sides and especially backside. Not designed/intended to run & properly cool sitting out in the open (Needs draft across backside...bottom to top w/o much space between cabinet and backside of cooling unit)
Old-Biscuit 04/05/20 06:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: How come?

Get in car/truck Drive around the neighborhood/local area Then when you get back home............go do a long over do project Clean/reorganize the garage Redo that back room that has been used as a catch all Paint the interior Cleanup/paint the exterior Driving around then immediately doing something gives you the 'feeling' of having gone somewhere and being pro-active Do something! Time WILL fly bye (And you will have made improvements around the house) Win-Win
Old-Biscuit 04/05/20 04:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: We're using the TT's fridge as a "semi-lifeboat"

if an earthquake knocks down our house, we could stay in the trailer. If an earthquake is strong enough to knock down your house, I wonder what it would do to an Rv? Rock around a bit? Yea, I was going to make the same comment after I hot yo the last posy. You beat me to it! S&B ----rigid....shakes/snaps/falls apart RV......on suspension/wheels-----bounces but no harm/no foul *those on permanent sites/not sitting on wheels-suspenison can be knocked of 'foundation' 30+ yrs living in SO. Cal....been thru a few quakes
Old-Biscuit 04/05/20 04:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: We're using the TT's fridge as a "semi-lifeboat"

Our 5vr is parked next to house..FHU Is plugged in 24/7 and fridge stays on with cold beverages Use it as a quick get put of the heat refuge when working outside. Can be used as guest quarters when her brother shows up Fully stocked---ready to GO whenever the need arises.
Old-Biscuit 04/05/20 01:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stimulus Check , what are you going to do with yours ?

Ours is going into our savings account.....
Old-Biscuit 04/03/20 04:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Emergency Travel - Texas to South Georgia?

THis is STILL the USA......we are FREE Citizen and NO MARTIAL LAW Shelter in place/stay at home are 'suggestions' Use common sense, wash your hands after ALL encounters (fuel/groceries etc) Drive SAFE And do call that hospice before departing to find out what their guidelines/restrictions are.
Old-Biscuit 04/02/20 11:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Which address for 2019 tax return

Out of the apartment for over a isn't your apartment anymore nor is that addresss. New tentants are probably tired of dealing with your me regardless of USPS Forwarding instructions some of your mail is getting delivered to that address. When that continues to happen.....mail gets thrown in the trash Change your address to the FL CRMA and let them handle your mail forwarding. They are legal, provide an address and have a contractual obligation with you and the USPS to do so. File IRS Tax return ON-LINE..........MANY FREE services available Takes 20 minutes or so. Within 2 days you will get contirmation FEDS have recieved/accepted your e-file. Then your records are updated and you can provide routing/account number for direct deposits.
Old-Biscuit 04/02/20 09:00am Full-time RVing
RE: Hitch re-install question- My mind is going with age!

Cross member (section the head mounts to via large pivoting pin) should be BOLTED to frame supports...not attached using the bent pins (as shown in your picture) Bent pins should be for securing frame support to bed rails Installation Manual **NOTE: YOUR Links to pictures are of SAME picture
Old-Biscuit 04/01/20 10:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hideout 338lhs the grey back tank wont drain

Drop the tongue/front jacks & raise the rear of trailer Slightly off level.....not good for draining waste tanks and Definetly NOT good for longh term reliability of fridge. Is BLack Tank (larger pipe) draining OK? DO you 23 grey tanks ---you state grey BACK tank not draining? That could be galley tank and has it's OWN drain line/dump valve back behind tires etc If only ONE grey tank---then a 'cutout disc' (holes cut into tank for vent line/drain line etc) may have fallen into tank and not removed. Gets sucked down to tank outlet and blocks it
Old-Biscuit 03/30/20 11:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hydro Flame 8500 series furnace

T-stat 'fan' setting should have NOTHING to do with furnace operation Auto,low,high would be settings for A/C Unit fan Furnace fan is controlled via furnace system DC from a FUSED source goes to furnace...then backfeds to t-stat When t-stat closes (temp setting lower then room temp) the DC then energizes a 'timed delay relay' OR a Blower Circuit on circuit board (depends on year model) When energized FAN is powered by the DC from fused source. Fan runs/triggers Sail Switch which then allows DC thru sail & limit switches to circuit board for gas valve & spark electtrode for ignition. 8500 series should have an LED light on circuit board which would indicate a Fault Code Could be relay Or blower circuit, could be sail switch sticking, could be loose connections This is wiring diagram using a 'relay' height=400 width=400 This is a wiring diagram using blower circuit on circuit board height=400 width=400 Got a voltmeter ----use it and trace the DC
Old-Biscuit 03/30/20 01:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Water pump warning... a little long but may be worth it

Never understood 'quick connections' on an RV water pump. Just have many times do you need to remove/replace one that it needs quick disconnects ???????
Old-Biscuit 03/30/20 12:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Fridge wiring

Draft (airflow) across backside of fridge is CRTICAL to cooling process Previous owner added fan/battery to enhance the airflow to help with cooling process. Sounds like he used a t-stat on the condenser fin ----when fin temp reaches 135* it would turn fan on.then back off when fin temp dropped below 115*F (typical temp range----other ranges available so only guess what that t-stat range is) Enhanced draft is a GOOD thing for absorption fridges.....FIX/REPLACE Fan/t-stat etc
Old-Biscuit 03/30/20 12:50pm Tech Issues
RE: water pump problems

Thanks for all the suggestions. It is definitely on the inlet side. I have no idea what happened but I have leak right at the top of the fresh water tank. I am thinking where the fresh water line enters the tank. I had two thirds of the tank filled and no water leak. When I filled it to the brim a little water leaked out. I checked the pump by running water through the winterizing hose and it worked fine so.... I replaced the pump for no reason. :( Works fine with city water inlet though. So does it work now? A leak there should not cause the problems you are experiencing. The tank does not need to be pressurized. You are drawing air somewhere in front of the pump or the pump itself. Exactly^^^^^ Tank has a vent so a small crack/hole on top of tank would NOT affect pump being able to suck water from tank. Air leak on suction line between tank and pump, strainer gasket, winterizing set up etc allowing air into pump ---hence no priming/pumping
Old-Biscuit 03/30/20 12:37pm Tech Issues
RE: water pump problems

RV water pumps are simple diaphragm pumps......won't pump air/faucet has to be open for pump to prime and move water & expel the air is system Two pumps doing same thing (not priming) ......then you have 'air leak' on suction side of pump(s) Strainer gasket, pickup hose clamps, winterizing valve open/leaking etc Problem is on suction side.
Old-Biscuit 03/29/20 07:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Fuel Prices are WAY Down!!

At 19 pesos/liter is roughly $3.24/gallon At 13 pesos/liter is roughly $2.24/gallon $1/gallon cheaper is a significant drop in pricing. Wish we were seeing a drop in fuel pricing in in AZ $2.59/Gas (down a few cents) & $2.88/Diesel (roughly same for months)
Old-Biscuit 03/27/20 09:56pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Full-time and don't/didn't like it?

As with any activity there are those that absolutely LOVE it and those can't stand it/don't understand it. Golf..... Can't stand it or get into it at all. Whack a ball then have to go find it so you can whack it again.....hole after hole/all day 'Cow Pasture Pool' But that is me............1000's love it and 'jones' for it. What matters is HOW you feel about it. Don't invision doing it...then don't. Why worry about 'others' ??? We FTd for 7 yrs and would still be on the road IF life hadn't thrown a curve ball when it did......that was almost 6 yrs ago and still miss it. We TRAVELED.....weekly/bi-monthly and don't understand the 'parking'/Living in an RV (Snowbirds/Permanent Residents) BUT it works for them. TRAVELING worked for US.
Old-Biscuit 03/27/20 11:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Still need the maiden voyage...

Ain't nothing wrong with a little driveway camping to get the feel and test the system...then if you have any issues much easier to take care of
Old-Biscuit 03/25/20 05:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: OTR Indoor Antenna

The S&B we bought after FTng is 'down in a hole' so OTA Channels and Internet is limited. Tried a RCA Flat Panel antenna that goes on the wall. Plugged into TV I would hold it in different spots while doing multiple scans for channels. Got a few at each different placement but no one place would pick up those that were available When FTng had purchased a single array roof top antenna from ACE Hardware and used it hoisted up on top of ladder when RV Roof top didn't get channels So I mounted it on top of Two 10' sections of pipe and scanned/re-aimed it until I got 8 digital channels...each with several sub-channels for total of 25 channels we wanted to watch.........deleted roughly 15 other channels that we didn't want or would watch Location, terrain & line of sight make/break if/what you can recieve with OTA Antenna be it inside or outside Point is......nothing beats HEIGHT when it comes to OTA TV reception
Old-Biscuit 03/25/20 05:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Missouri SPs closed

Private CGs are still open and would welcome the 'income'
Old-Biscuit 03/25/20 04:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Closing campgrounds and no where to go

Boondock PRIVATE Cgs Options are available ----one only needs to do a little research
Old-Biscuit 03/25/20 03:58pm Full-time RVing
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