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RE: Water heater newbie

Thanks to moderator for resizing the picture!!!!!!!
Old-Biscuit 06/02/20 11:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Water heater newbie

Picture is TOO LARGE...makes it hard to follow info etc THAT is an Atwood GC10A-4E water heater.....electric.gas combo and uses a Common DC Fused source for controls/functions Fused DC goes to the On/Off Switches (inside RV) then from switches DC goes to circuit board (Electric/White wire & Gas/Orange wire) DC then goes to/thru T-stat thru Thermal Fuse (inside the clear tubing---blows at 190*F if flame blows back out of combustion chamber---must replace if blown) and back to circuit board (Brown wires) *thermal fuse can be removed...wire connected to t-stat to 'TEMPORARILY' operate water heater When DC comes back via brown wire then Circuit Board sends DC to ECO/Gas Valve...... On Gas it would be FULL DC Voltage to open gas valve and energize Spark Electrode (high voltage spark) On Electric it would be just a few millivolts so that ECO (Energy Cut Off/Hi Temp T-stat) is incorporated into control loop On Gas Spark electrode FIRES (Click, Click, Click) and ignites propane from gas valve provided propane is available, orifice/burner are clean and spark electrode wire/connections are good) On Electric DC is sent from Circuit Board to DC Relay which closes and allows 120VAC to go to element provided AC Circuit Breaker is not tripped, wiring at DC Relay is not bad and element is good (energizing w/o water will burn element out in seconds/minutes) 2A fuse on circuit board protects DC circuits on board...if blown/no functions (and probably a shorted circuit board) Got a Voltmeter...know how to use it....trace the DC circuits from on/off switches to circuit board and components. Here is the wiring diagram to follow circuits,h:600 height=400 width=400
Old-Biscuit 06/01/20 07:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water heater newbie

And remember most water heaters have an inside "On" switch and an outside "On" rocker behind the outside panel where the water heater is drained. Make sure that little guy is "On", too. Only Suburbans ---outside switch is for Electric Element (OEM) Inside switch is for GAS Some RV MFGs will add an Inside Switch for Electric wired in series with outside switch...both have to be on for electic to work (unless burned out due to no water in tank) Atwood uses Inside switches since 2004 models (combo elecric/gas) Gas Only...inside switch Think OPs Dutchmen uses Atwoods
Old-Biscuit 05/31/20 11:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Security Bar over RV entrance door??

A $50 lock on a 50 cent frame though. And a 99 cent Large FLat Screw Driver from the bargin bin will OPEN any RV entry, compartment etc.
Old-Biscuit 05/31/20 09:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: Help - Plumming

Link opens for me......Old BISCUIT
Old-Biscuit 05/31/20 09:33pm Tech Issues
RE: DC power

Battery supplies RV DC System when NOT connected to AC Power Source AC Power Source supplies AC to Converter which then supplies RV DC System and maintain/charge battery Battery POS Cable In-line fuse blown would only prevent battery from supply DC Converter Reverse Polarity Fuses blown will prevent converter from supplying DC/charging battery (can be on backside of converter or installed on DC Dist Fuse Panel If you have an INverter.....battery would be source of DC so battery POS cable in-line fuse (Or DC Circuit Breaker) would be suspect More details would be helpful..... Year/Brand/Model of RV Brand/Model of Converter ----or Inverter if you have that instead of converter CONverter...AC Voltage IN and DC Voltage OUT INverter....DC Voltage IN and AC Voltage OUT
Old-Biscuit 05/31/20 09:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water pump issue

That sounds like the pump internal check valve (diaphragm) is not fully closing so pressure bleeds off until pump pressure switch closes...pump runs/pressure comes up/pump shuts off Using the pump wil sometimes clear any debris etc on the check valve and allow it to reseat OR it could be a LEAK.....minor but a LEAK City water inlet check valve leaking....dripping Water Heater T&P Relief Valve weeping...dripping A small leak at ANY of the numerous fittings on Hot/Cold Plumbing lines Place some TP at/around fittings and then check later for any wet TP
Old-Biscuit 05/31/20 09:23pm Tech Issues
RE: New on tandem axle trailer.

yes.....tight manuvering will cause one or other tire to 'slide' which can torque the suspension. Normal. When you pull forward wheels will straighten out
Old-Biscuit 05/31/20 09:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water heater newbie

More details please......... Model of Dutchmen? Brand/Model of water heater? Is water heater Full of water ---Cold inlet valve open, Bypass valve CLOSED? Opened closest faucet HOTSIDE with water supply ON to allow water heater to FIll and bleed air from system If gas model..... Is propane valved in service? Have you used any propane appliance so LP System is pressurized and get flow (light off stove top burners on HIGH and let them burner for a minute to get fll pressure/flow established) Water Heater......might need several attempts to get full propane flow to water heater Turn switch ON...if you get a solid red light turn Off and then back ON
Old-Biscuit 05/31/20 09:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help - Plumming

IF the connectors are Flair-It Fittings.......see pg 10 for description of removal Flair-It Fittings
Old-Biscuit 05/31/20 08:58pm Tech Issues
RE: F250 3.73 to 4.30 axle ratio

Regardless of Gear Ratio the Rear Axle Weight Rating will not change
Old-Biscuit 05/30/20 12:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: fifth wheel backing trouble

A Reese Revolution/Sidewinder Pin Box moves pivot point back roughly 22" Wedge Locks out the mvement at 5th wheel hitch and then pin box rotates on a turret back at pin box mount location
Old-Biscuit 05/29/20 04:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: F250 3.73 to 4.30 axle ratio

YES.......Lower Gear ratio (4:30) allows for higher tow rating BUT.....your 2017 F250 has a 6200# RAWR 5th wheel PIN Weight is carried by rear axle. I have a 2007 3500 SRW with same rated rear axle. Tow a 14K 5th wheel with a 3080# WET Pin weight. That puts be right at the RAWR of 6200#. Puts be OVER the MFG GVWR of 10,100# Swapping gears gives you more 'grunt' but does not change the Axle Weight Ratings Get your truck WEIGHED 'Camp Ready' (all passengers- humna/pets, all cargo (backpacks, stuff in cab, stuff in bed etc) See what your Rear Axle Weight is.......subtract that from the RAWR of 6200# That will be how much addition weight your rear axle can 'carry' Subtract 5th wheel hitch weight from that number..........that is available pin weight Figure 22% of 5th wheel GVWR for a 'WET PIN' weight 2017 F20 crew cab 4x4 ------might have 3000/3100# available depending on actual weight on truck rear axle That puts you in the 14K GVWR for 5th wheel (real world towing)
Old-Biscuit 05/29/20 02:51pm Tow Vehicles

Wrap in aluminum foil....cut a few 2" slits in top of foil then place onver burner Aluminum foil keeps ashes from falling out and clogging burner......slits allow the smaoke out When done.......drop aluminum foil package in trash (after it has cooled down)
Old-Biscuit 05/29/20 01:08pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Routes to Big Bear

Old-Biscuit 05/28/20 05:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Cautionary tale

OEM jacks are marginal at best I always carry a bottle jack and flat piece of wood for base in truck....can be used on trailer also
Old-Biscuit 05/28/20 05:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Removing Atwood AC cover?

Those 4 hold-down bolts should be 'SNUG'-------5 ft/lbs torque Gasket should be compressed 1/2 of original thickness If comressed too much/bolts to tight then roof line can be warped or drain holes blocked by roof line Should have roughly 1/2" gap between A/C bottom pan and roof line If less then time for new roof gasket
Old-Biscuit 05/28/20 11:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Ultimate Tow Vehicle for 5th Wheels

Nicely staged photo.....but front landing gear is DOWN and no pin weight is on truck.
Old-Biscuit 05/27/20 10:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trouble With Am I Alone?

Open Forum has several portals to gain access thru. RV.Net USED to be a better portal to use.....then the 'Service Unavailable' started a few months ago. I recently swapped to portal. No more 'Service Unavailable' errors but I hate to webpage layout (the muted red banner/red links is cheesey) RV.Net portal will remain a problem cause rarely do glitches get fixed
Old-Biscuit 05/27/20 10:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Neutral lines reversed

reversed polarity on AC Power means Hot & Neutral are swapped. Open the 50A Breaker and the Neutral remains HOT (energized) Folks can be electricuted should that make contact with 'live' neutral and ground source Appliances/electonic equipment can be damaged due to live voltage being present causing overheating of circuits Notify CG Staff and have them correct/check wiring at power pedestal
Old-Biscuit 05/27/20 10:48pm Tech Issues
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