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RE: Bad air quality--finally taped a house filter on the A/C

Is that on the Return side? YES...then you will end up with diminished return airflow which can lead to Evap Coil Icing up especially with fan speed on low RV A/C Units are 'recirculating' units...inside air gets sucked in/cooled down/discharged back inside You source of smoke is via bad slide seals, open roof vents, open windows, entry door leaks etc It's not from the A/C Unit.
Old-Biscuit 09/16/20 08:24pm Tech Issues
RE: recipes

Are those ones you have actually cooked or just recipes from Internet?
Old-Biscuit 09/16/20 08:16pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: What to make of this......

"....the pay comes right along at payment times, no problem there." that is not the issue. YOU were place in jeopardy Pack up, get off that work site and then e-mail her with your reasons for leaving and convey that you will not return until dogs are caged/kenneled/placed in a secure area so another incident can't occur. E-MAIL so you have it in written form and any response from her And/Or text but KEEP the text ro/from her In writing vs vocal wins
Old-Biscuit 09/15/20 09:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: recipes

Why nothing new here? No recipes You didn't post one...why? Forum is dying a slow death sub-section by sub-section
Old-Biscuit 09/15/20 08:56pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Norcold fridge

The 8A GLASS Fuse is for the 120VAC Circuit......electric elements --TWO of them Unplug the element leads for circuit board....then replace fuse If it blows...circuit board 120VAC Circuit is shorted If it does NOT blow.........element is shorted ---have to replace BOTH
Old-Biscuit 09/15/20 08:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Wolves as Pets

"Dancing with Wolves" But that was just a movie....... Border Collie, very intelligent, family oriented, good protector But you have to be smarter then them
Old-Biscuit 09/14/20 10:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Atwood water heater won't stay on.

Suburban uses the Fault Light ON when switch is turned ON then it goes out when trial for ignition occurs then will come back on IF flame fails Atwood?????? Fault light is triggered by a fault...flame failure or ECO Fault Light Should NOT come on when 1st turning switch on See pg 21 for testing 'Power Track', 'Lamp Test', 'Valve Track' Atwood Service Manual
Old-Biscuit 09/14/20 10:28am Tech Issues
RE: 5th wheel landing gear damaged need new

Venture Landing Gear..... Standard length and extended length Venture Specs
Old-Biscuit 09/13/20 07:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Atwood water heater won't stay on.

G6A-8E is a GAS Only Atwood 2 things can cause Red Fault Light * Flame failure *ECO tripping OR bad connections on terminals/spade connections Check continuity thru ECO Check IF RED wire has 12VDC on it FROM circuit Breaker when switch is on Could very well be bad circuit board 'Valve Track' circuit
Old-Biscuit 09/13/20 07:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Sw6p water heater

Usually happens on older rusty water heaters That is a failure in production (over penetration during welding) Definitely warranty issue height=300 width=550
Old-Biscuit 09/13/20 04:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for Dometic DMR702 service manual

You posted "It would not ignite these cold days. Now back in the warmth, I see the igniter wire is pretty crispy where it enters the ceramic piece of the igniter." Sure seems like electrode issue YES electrode provides dual function Ignition and flame proving boa Flame Rectification ( electrical process that causes a low level DC current to be conducted from the flame rod through the flame, and back to ground---circuit board senses this dc current) Your model doesn't use a thermocouple Maybe DOUG can post up a part number for your spark electrode
Old-Biscuit 09/13/20 04:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for Dometic DMR702 service manual

Installation/Operation Manual Clearances for installation/Component ID/Wiring Diagram etc DMR702/DMC702 Manual Parts......... NO PARTS LIST Available Even Dometic doesn't list any Renaissance Series Parts (DMR702/DMC702) Renaissance Parts Looks like a Call to Dometic is in order..... Have Product Number and/or SKU Number available (on data sticker As for that Spark Electrode That wire MUST be intact It carries the High DC Voltage that ignites the gas BUT it also is part of the flame proving circuit (milliamp signal that circuit board senses ---- no signal/DC is shutoff to gas valve) Dometic 2932781012 (Part number for spark electrode used on NUMEROUS Dometic Fridge Models....17" Lead)
Old-Biscuit 09/13/20 12:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood water heater won't stay on.

"Model is GC6A-8E Flame is more orange than blue. There is a wire with what looks like a resistor in it, what is that for?" 8E has separate controls for electric & gas ELECTRIC: 120VAC comes from a Circuit Breaker to on/off switch (backside of WH Tank) then thru set of T-stats to element (also backside of WH Tank) GAS: 12VDC comes from Fused source to 'thermal cut out' (fuse in clear tubing----it blows at 190*F if flame blowback occurs and stops ALL DC to water heater. One shot device --replace if bad) From thermal fuse DC goes to/thru TT-stat then to circuit board Circuit Board then sends DC to ECO/Gas Valve AND spark electrode Posted earlier When flame lights flame BLUE and quiet (very slight roar)? IF NO (YOU stated more ORANGE then Blue) Might need to adjust air shutter ---typically only needs to be roughly 1/4 open Might need to clean orifice (soak in alcohol/air dry), clean burner tube (small bottle brush)
Old-Biscuit 09/13/20 11:41am Tech Issues
RE: RV Water heater

Yes, those are open at least 2/3s, but I think Old-Biscuit is just using the picture to show what slots, rather than suggesting the pictured setting is 1/4. He is a good source of reliable information! Jerry Absolutely......... Pic was example of the air shutter (which was being adjusted in photo)
Old-Biscuit 09/13/20 11:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Preparing to Camp Host

Where are you finding all of these 'paid positions' that pay enough to live on before SS kicks in???? Most prime Camp Host positions are filled by previous Hosts or on the 'LIST'
Old-Biscuit 09/12/20 09:02pm Workamping Forum
RE: Domestic electric water heaters

Few folks post Positive things cause not a problem Negative posts are looking for HELP therefore it SEEMS like lots of troublesome water heaters, furnaces, water pumps, fill valves, fridges, AAVs, ATS, etc etc etc My 13 year water heater, furnace, fridge, etc are OEM and no parts replaced Did have ATS issue.....solved that with a manual transfer switch And did replace both AAVs cause OEM were cheap
Old-Biscuit 09/12/20 08:58pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Water heater

Our water heater " suburban I believe " has an electric on-off switch at the WH itself, another electric on-off switch at the control panel and separate Propane switch. I've not seen this configuration before. Regarding the OP's concern. We've yet to use Propane to heat water when hooked up to of 5 until kids moved out. Suburban OEM electric ON/OFF Switch is in the outside compartment Some RV MFGs install an additional on/off switch INSIDE RV for convenience of owners (OEM Switch is inconvenient but was installed in outside compartment as a safety measure when working on electric element. Propane can be disabled by disconnecting wires on gas valve solenoid) OEM Switch and Added Switch Inside are wired in series so BOTH have to be ON for electric element to work. Outside one can be left on and Inside Switch used for turning WH on/off
Old-Biscuit 09/12/20 08:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Water heater

Dometic IS Atwood (Dometic owns Atwood) Model Number will be listed on data sticker in outside compartment IF 10gal model will be GC10A-4E If 6gal model will be GC6AA-10E If it is GAS/Electric Combo and you are in CG why do you have the Propane ON? Propane Noisy then you can adjust the air shutter to control flame (fuel/air ratio) Only 1/4 of slots should be open for a good BLUE Flame that is fairly quiet height=400 width=400 YES you can turn BOTH ON for fastest recovery time Both use the same set of T-stats so both will turn on at same time and off at same time. At night...turn the GAS off so you don't have to listen to it fire up
Old-Biscuit 09/12/20 01:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Water heater

What Brand AND Model???? ONLY Suburban uses an 'anode rod' ----NOT Atwood To drain/flush Turn water supply OFF Relieve system pressure by opening a Faucet Hot/Cold Sides-----leave it open Remove drain plug ---water WILL flow out emptying the WH Tank I turn water supply back on ---turn faucet off and let water Blast out WH TANK drain hole. CAUTION: Stand Back as it will BLAST out Turn water supply back off....install drain plug (new anode rod if Suburban) and open faucet hotside to bleed air out of plumbing system and allow WH Tank to fill. Water flows/no air from faucet-----done Nosey FLAME on water heater Atwood has an adjustable air shutter Suburban no air shutter so could be dirty orifice, dirty burner tube etc WHAT water heater do you have????
Old-Biscuit 09/12/20 12:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Atwood water heater won't stay on.

RED Fault Light is triggered when flame fails to light and PROVE it lit Flame Rectification ---milliamp signal generated Spark electrode provides high voltage spark for ignition AND is return path for that milliamp signal *Electrode must be CLEAN---soot/carbon removed using emery cloth *High Voltage wire connection at transformer on circuit board clean/tight *High Voltage wire not loose in the ceramic insulator *Ceramic Insulator --no cracks--milliamp signal will go to ground and circuit board won't receive it *electrode must be engulfed in flame *spark gap 1/8" - 3/16" When flame lights flame BLUE and quiet (very slight roar)? IF NO Might need to adjust air shutter ---typically only needs to be roughly 1/4 open Might need to clean orifice (soak in alcohol/air dry), clean burner tube (small bottle brush) Is this a GAS Only Water Heater OR GAS/Electric Combo? Gas only vs Combo use different wiring systems So what is MODEL?
Old-Biscuit 09/12/20 11:52am Tech Issues
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