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RE: Towing Frontier on Dolly

The first thing that stands out to me is that it's unusual to tow a pickup using a dolly. Are you using a driveshaft disconnect to load the Frontier on the dolly the conventional way, or are you towing it backwards? If your towing it backwards that might be the issue, since the back end of a pickup is much lighter than the front. Drive shaft disconnect.
Onyrlef 03/20/23 06:31am Dinghy Towing
RE: How big a toad?

I don't even have a Class C! Or anything other than a camper trailer. But I might be buying something and am considering a Class C. It would probably be me and another person, plus gear. Wondering how big a toad you can pull. I am first needing a new pickup, mine is falling apart! It's 15 years old and things keep breaking and I'm ready to buy something. I fear making a 500 mile trip in my old truck. So, can a Class C pull something like a Chevy Colorado? I don't know what you call it. Is it a half ton? It's smaller than a half ton like a Silverado. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone pull a half ton. Anyway, since I have to buy a pickup, wondering about this. For just general use, I'd rather buy a half ton but... a small pickup could also serve as a toad. If a Class C will pull it. If a Class C won't, would a Class A? Or do you always need a real small toad? Actually in today's truck world, I dunno if they even make real small pickups anymore, I can't think of one. Even a Toyota Tacoma appears to be about same size as a Chevy Colorado. Depends on the type Class C, some are rated for as low as 3,500 lbs tow capacity, some 8,000. Subtract the vehicles gross weight rating from it's gross combined weight rating for tow capacity and be aware that as the weakest link in a chain determines it's breaking strength, the hitch you have mounted may be rated lower than the tow capacity. In which case that is your tow capacity.
Onyrlef 03/18/23 09:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing Frontier on Dolly

I would rent (borrow) a non steering dolly and see how it behaves. You are correct on how you inflate your tires. Thanks Ivylog, that had occurred to me in puzxling this out. On the Demco SS there's a pin to lock the steering out for towing the dolly when empty. I'd then have to leave the vehicle steering unlocked. Think I'll try that.
Onyrlef 03/18/23 05:27am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Frontier on Dolly

Have you put MH back on highway without toad? Think you might have worn or binding parts in front end. The new toad pointed out issue Yes, it handled perfectly both before and after the toad experience.
Onyrlef 03/17/23 09:15am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Frontier on Dolly

The condition that you describe sounds like "tail wagging the dog". The Toad is pushed and the rear of the RV sideway on the axle which causes the front end to point out of track, thus the correction. Normally the TracBar will solve this issue and locks the axle to the chassis. You stated you have a TracBar so this shouldn't be an issue. Perhaps check the connections on the TracBar to make sure they haven't come loose? Your sway bars have no bearing on the issue. Initially I had a similar issue (without the Toad) and it was mostly caused by alignment of the font end. Perhaps a place to start? Thanks, I will check the trac bar connections. Without the toad however the coach tracs true with zero steering issues, furthermore the steering was wild even when not being overtaken by a big rig, only wilder when his bow wave blew the front end over and then sucked it back as he cleared. It had occurred to me the weight of the toad and the length may have been swinging me around as you say "tail wagging the dog" but I couldn't detect any fishtailing in the camera and the wheels on the dolly were tracking straight.
Onyrlef 03/17/23 08:32am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Frontier on Dolly

Inflate your tires to the max pressure on the side wall of the tire Thanks but tires are inflated to the psi recommended in the Michelin Tables for my Cat Scale axle weights. The max pressure on the tire sidewall is irrelevant unless the tires are supporting the max allowable axle loads. Besides, an over inflated steer tire isn't going to reduce the tendency of the front end to wander, I suspect it will increase it. However if you have information otherwise I'm certainly open to it.
Onyrlef 03/17/23 06:29am Dinghy Towing
Towing Frontier on Dolly

So for some context, Towing with a 2016 Jayco Alante 31L, 5spd V10, GVWR 18k GCWR 23k. Tires are new and PSI set to Michelin tables. Towing a 2012 Nissan Frontier on a Demco Kar Kaddy SS with steer axle. Total length ~50'. 300 mi. trip on relatively flat terrain from DFW to Chatham, La. in T/H Cat Scale weights showed dingy is at the dolly rated 4800lbs, GCWR is just below 23k. Problem is the trip was a nightmare, the coach was wandering badly as if there was not enough weight on the steer axle even though the steer axle Cat Scale weight was unchanged from a previous weigh. Big Rigs wouldn't move the rear of the coach but heaved the front severly, and yes I have trac bar and safe steer and ordinarily barely notice big rigs overtaking. At speeds above 60 mph. it got really difficult to control. I've driven trucks with excessive tongue weight which behaved like this but a loaded dolly only exerts a ~100 lb. relatively negligible weight down on the hitch. I know there's a cause but I'm at a loss. The dinghy didn't fishtail or otherwise behave erratically. Maybe someone else has experienced a similar issue?
Onyrlef 03/17/23 03:23am Dinghy Towing
RE: class A safety

I'm convinced much of the problem has to do with the driver. When I brought mine home from Florida to Arizona it was white knuckle terror for almost the entire trip. It seemed to lurch from side to side in the lane and require constant correction. As I drove more, even on that trip it got easier. Now, I pretty much one hand it and it's steady. What changed? Me. I learned not to overcorrect on every little movement. It is not a conscious thing, just experience. My advice for those new to the Class A game would be to give it some time before you drop big bucks on chassis mods. One mod I do recommend - a steering ball, aka suicide knob (no, they are not illegal). It makes maneuvering the beast in tight quarters and right turns and backing so much easier. I'm a sample of one and likewise first time or two I drove our 32'w/ f53 chassis and even with all the suspension mods short of LS it was harrowing. Now it's just more or less a day in the park. Being overly sensitive to the slightest movement and over correcting was mostly the problem for me. As far as culpability for not adding a trac bar and safe steer or what have you as OEM standard features it's a just a matter of simple economics and ubiquity. How many more f53 chassis would be sold with the suspension upgrades vs. chassis's without and your answer lie in how many more coaches would Jayco sell with furniture that won't delaminate in 3-5 years as would they suppose with a quality furniture upholstery. Answer is likely few if any. Either all chassis would need to feature the suspension upgrades and all Jayco coaches feature upholstery that's not waiting to fail or none.
Onyrlef 03/10/23 03:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

They will be all over the roads in 25 years. Yep, meantime though they've got a lot of tech to go before they're ready for over the road. I've read in Europe they're experimenting with charging systems built into the highway, so vehicles can keep the battery(s) charged while underway.
Onyrlef 08/16/22 02:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow dolly or not?

I think that the saying "to each his own" works here. As for me, I started out using a tow dolly 30 years ago. That lasted a year! Turns out that the tow dolly was stolen from my back yard while I was away on vacation. All my RVing friends wondered if I had paid someone to steal it! That's because I continuously complained about having to use the tow dolly to haul my car around. What a pain to load and unload the car and then store the tow dolly at a campsite. I took the money the insurance company paid me for the stolen tow dolly and had my car outfitted for towing 4 down. Never looked back! Have now outfitted 9 vehicles over the past 29 years to tow them 4 wheels down. In my opinion that's money well spent, but of course some would disagree. Anyway, that's my story and I'm stick'n to it! Thanks Doug,I was tempted to go the dolly route instead of investing to make my truck flat tow ready, you've convinced me otherwise.
Onyrlef 04/18/22 08:43pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Tow vehicle

Is your Ranger automatic? If so are you doing the driveshaft disc. or the pump. How are you going to handle braking? Guessing you should be okay on weight even w/the Harley.I've always heard those limits are from the lawyers anyway and you can fudge on them some. Doubt I'd be in TH without a dinghy but I'll definitely use it when towing, it knocks mileage down a bit but is a transmission saver. I don't plan to cruise at over 58 anyway. Yup, 2wd auto. I'll be ordering the driveshaft disco. at the end of the month. I have a Brake Buddy from the CR-V, our last toad, to take care of the brakes. The CR-V was just under 4,000lbs in "toad" trim, and the BB worked well behind our old HR moho. As for the weight I'm not worried, the Harley is 645lbs, even if the Ranger is 3,500lbs I'm good. That's what I'm doing, I'm having my disc. done here in Dallas, by the same outfit that's doing the Blue Ox plates and brake light wiring, I'll be ordering the Blue Ox braking outfit and fitting it myself. Kind of pricey all together but beats buying another vehicle. I'll be pushing up against 4,800 estimated when loaded out but I'll run everything up on the scales before heading for parts unknown, since I plan to run with full fresh water and all.
Onyrlef 04/16/22 03:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow vehicle

No engineer ever established that the tow rating for all gas burner MH's is 5,000 lbs. Towing capacity is determined by a number of variables. H.P., Torgue, weight of TV, Transmission, and etc. The towing capacity of one MH with a V10 could be 6k and another 5.5 k and yet another 5k. To be on the safe, one size fits all, side therefore towing capacity is universally rated @ 5k.Notice too that the towing capacity of a MH sporting a 2V V10 is the exact same as that of a 3V V10 regardless of the differences in sustained output. Would one care to argue that an engineer determined none of the mitigating factors affect towing capacity or that somehow when all the variables are calculated the magic towing capacity of 5k is always arrived at?
Onyrlef 04/13/22 08:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow vehicle

Is your Ranger automatic? If so are you doing the driveshaft disc. or the pump. How are you going to handle braking? Guessing you should be okay on weight even w/the Harley.I've always heard those limits are from the lawyers anyway and you can fudge on them some. Doubt I'd be in TH without a dinghy but I'll definitely use it when towing, it knocks mileage down a bit but is a transmission saver. I don't plan to cruise at over 58 anyway.
Onyrlef 04/12/22 03:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CBC radio

Speaking of technology, years ago my kids would tell me to get a Garmin and I'd just say "that's what maps are for", until I got one.
Onyrlef 04/11/22 07:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow vehicle

Thanks guys, my expectations for the 3 valve V-10 are 7-8 mpg. As far as weighing I know what the Frontier weighs, what the kayaks weigh and will get pretty close on the misc. so I'll be in the ballpark of 5k anywsy. Just kinda Wanted to check around before I invest in the drive shaft disc., front plates and the blue ox progressive brake set up. That said, are you in tow haul on flat ground as well as in the mtns?
Onyrlef 04/11/22 07:22pm Class A Motorhomes
Tow vehicle

In the process of purchasing a 2016 Jayco Alante with V10. Plan to tow a 2011 Frontier (Automatic) after I have the drive shaft disc. installed as well as Blue Ox plates, brake actuator and etc. The tow capacity of the TV is 5k. The Frontier is about 4.25k, if I load it w/ a couple Kayaks and misc gear I'll be pushing up on the tow capacity. Anybody towing a heavier rig like the Frontier with a V10? Any pointers? Transitioning from a Trailmanor, so this will be a different ballgame. Thanks
Onyrlef 04/09/22 04:13pm Class A Motorhomes
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