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RE: Towing in the snow

Having just (10 minutes ago) completed a 95 mile trip to Los Anchorage with boat (not RV) in tow, I'd second what everyone has said and would emphasize: - Slow is your friend, but if there's a part of the road that is straight, level, and consistent conditions, don't go 35 in a 65 mph zone....right or wrong, other drivers anticipate something below the speed limit, not 50% or less. - Back off on the gain on the trailer. - Plan on stopping at every light you hit. If you don't have to stop, less harm caused by a slow passage on green than a panic out-of-control slide on yellow or red. - I don't believe in cable chains. Never had much success with them and would recommend (as above) diamond / V-Bar / Pewag chain chains if you'll be routinely driving on packed snow, ice, deep snow etc. That being said, make sure any chains are properly tensioned so that you don't get chain lash slapping your tow vehicle or trailer. - If the lanes in the road are packed snow (or ice), don't hesitate to use the shoulder for stopping. The difference in drag of even a couple inches of fresh snow vs. black ice is noticeable. - Watch out for the idjits driving other vehicles.
PA12DRVR 12/01/22 10:02am Towing
RE: Europe Electrical Adapter

Leave all that stuff at home except for the phones. Europe runs on 220v The phone charger runs on both 110 & 220 all you need is an adapter for the plug. Any store that sells suitcases and travel gear will have what you need. ^^^^ This. Common mistake is to head overseas with a bunch of different plug adapters (which allow plugs to fit outlets of different shape / structures) but not to have an appropriate transformer. As noted, stop by the travel store, get a bunch of adapters for the phone plug, pick up the rest of the stuff over there.
PA12DRVR 11/17/22 09:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Cargo trailers to tow behind an RV

Would second the suggestion to just borrow a few trailers and try pulling them for a bit, see how it works, and how the drivers' stress level changes. FWIW, since '85, I've had several "trailers" either 1-axle utility, 1-axle sno-go, 3 axle 5th wheel, several dual axle sno-go or utility, and a dual-axle boat trailer. Probably jinxing myself but one of my current trailers (have 4 now) is a 1999 vintage single axle utility and it is the only trailer that has gone that period of time (i.e. 22+ years, and have gone through 3 sets of tires FWIW) without a blowout. The wife's stress level is probably a paramount consideration, but I'd get the trailer that fits and would not worry about 1-2 axle if the single axle otherwise fits your needs.
PA12DRVR 11/08/22 10:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Replace instant hot with standard water heater?

No dog in the hunt but what is the beef with an instant vs. traditional water heater? With the instant hot you have to maintain a certain volume of water flow or else it won't activate. If you take Navy showers, no hot water. If you trickle a little hot water while doing dishes, no hot water. Insufficient water flow in both of those scenarios. Got it....I use a instant at the cabin (not an RV) that is ideal for that mission ....propane fueled, doesn't require power (just water pressure), ignites off the flow, etc....but out at the cabin, neither water volume (500 gallon catchment) nor flow rate / pressure are otherwise restricted. Thanks for the info.
PA12DRVR 11/02/22 10:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Replace instant hot with standard water heater?

No dog in the hunt but what is the beef with an instant vs. traditional water heater?
PA12DRVR 11/01/22 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

New vehicles are still pretty scarce on the ground in Los Anchorage...that being said, the Chevy Dealer (across the street from work) now has about 10 new pickups (1-2 1500's, the rest 2500 / 3500) on the lot vs. 1 at 6 months ago. The Ferd dealer (pass it twice a day) has an increasing # of 150's, maybe increasing 250's 350's, but they were never as low as the Chevy so hard to see if there's been a big increase.
PA12DRVR 10/31/22 09:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: This net is dying!

Lots of good info has been posted and will be posted on, the forum is pretty clunky for technical stuff (i.e. posting pictures and for searching) and the Faceborg monster has an ever increasing set of fora (?) that are easier to use and that often has as much or more information. It used to be that it only took a bit of reading (on any board or forum here) to figure out who had valid information to offer, who had valid information but it would be accompanied by baggage, and who had invalid information. It seems that now the valid information is buried pretty deep below the baggage and the invalid information.....and it also appears that an increasing % of the readers can't let bogus be bogus but feel compelled to yell and scream about it. <<< which of course prompts a similar reaction from the posters of bogus. The forum is still good, but it's not as beneficial as it once was.
PA12DRVR 10/31/22 09:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Winter Battery Storage

FWIW... power toys primarily live in Los Anchorage. Typical winter sees regular below 0 (F) temps, frequent below -10, and often quite a few days of -20. ....For the boat and the OR Jeep and the summer ATV, I pull the batteries and put them inside; fully charged in circa October / November; trickle charged to full charge about 1x per month after that until "spring" which realistically means mid-May. ....For the spare road vehicles, I typically end up moving them around the driveway at least 1 x per month, so nothing special is done to the batteries, although I make sure the engine runs at least 45 mins during that 1x per month. ....For the PA-12 and the sno-go; trickle charge about 1x per month if not otherwise used; on the infrequent trip to cold country (where -30 is common, -50 is not unheard of), I pull the batteries every night and bring them in the tent/cabin, etc. Particularly when flying the PA-12 somewhere cold, if it doesn't start one is either faced with a very serious situation or faced with the need to hand prop...a very serious PITA. My batteries typically last at least 8-10 years, but they're all automotive, not golf cart.
PA12DRVR 10/27/22 10:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Storing My Diesel Truck Over Winter Advice

Some things like oil seals may start to dry out, brakes get a lot of surface rust and have to be changed out. Calipers may seize up too, those are some of the "hard" things. Not wintering over in a dry garage. The vehicle storage paranoia is strong on the ole rvnet today! Where's the f**borg "like" button?
PA12DRVR 10/20/22 09:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Comical EV article

Interesting thread. For the statement: "The state fire marshal of Florida said "a ton." Do you think one car is a ton?"....maybe the battery is a ton? :) I don't have an EV and won't get one up here in the GWN; I also won't own a 2WD car up here. Not against EV's but they don't fit any part of my current needs. That being said, for the 10 years I spent in Ewe-stun and had a Prius, it was the perfect vehicle. Easy on the gas, no sportster but could merge onto either 610 or I-10, room enough for 4 if they were not all plus size (moi); and it lasted all ten years and then some after we sold it. The starting battery had to be replaced and I determined to my complete satisfaction that tires lose in a contest with tie spikes, but I'd buy another hybrid in an instant if I were elsewhere than the GWN..... ...just not in a position to get an EV.
PA12DRVR 10/19/22 07:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rental Cars-Anchorage June/July completel booked

Looked at Alamo for a friend a couple days ago (decided to go a different direction) and they had cars for the last two weeks of July. Not only was that 2 days ago, but there's an increasing (well, there were, back in August) number of people showing up here in Los Anchorage only to be told that "We know you had a reservation but we don't have cars." ....and they are indeed expensive, circa $2000 for a week or so if one gets any add-ons. As mentioned, Alaska 4x4 Rentals, or some of the secondary rental outlets (Rent-a-Wreck, dealer rentals, T**o, etc) might be an option as well. Personal opinion (volunteered, worth what's paid for it) is that if one is coming to Alaska and will be on the road system (Los Anchorage-Homer-Valdez-Squarebanks-Dalton Highway in a pinch), having a vehicle exponentially improves the enjoyment of the trip. Cruise to SE, no real need for a vehicle: 3 weeks to spend between Los Anchorage and Squarebanks, having a vehicle really adds to the experience.
PA12DRVR 10/18/22 09:41am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Not enough room

With hydraulic jacks you can unhook a fifth wheel In acouple of minutes. Head to the pumps. If I have to unhook to fuel I having an awfully bad day. If I have to unhook to fuel regularly I need to find a new hobby/ lifestyle Exactly.....due to not planning ahead/thinking/daydreaming, I found myself w/o fuel at about 1:30 a.m. on the wrong side of San Antonio. No real problem but a major league PITA. Just left the 39' 5th wheel in the HEB lot, drove the 350 across the street to fill up, then hooked up again and got to the CG about 4:00 a.m.....wife was not happy so ... Decided convenience was worth something so I had a 65 gallon aux tank installed. Between the saddle tanks and the aux tank, I then had about 1200 miles towing range. Problem solved. Stop for food and restroom when needed. Fill with fuel (on the every 2nd day or so it needed to be filled) in the evening after the trailer was parked for the night.
PA12DRVR 10/06/22 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Storing My Diesel Truck Over Winter Advice

Just put one of my diesel p/u's to bed for the winter...of course, Los Anchorage then got a record high. :(. In any case:...pulled two batteries out and into the garage where they'll get charged once a month or so on the trickle charger. Filled the fuel tank with winter blend and added a bit of Stabil. I think DEF was at about 1/3....didn't do a thing with it. If the OP is storing in Western WA, probably won't see real cold weather. However, if you anticipate -10 or colder, I'd recommend going the trickle charger route and not "just" disconnecting leads. I've had fully charged batteries work fine to -30 or so (beyond that is the general range of colder than heck...and I don't do much in those temps anymore). A depleted charge battery will freeze in those same I've found out twice with the house batteries at the cabin.
PA12DRVR 10/06/22 10:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Buc-ee's

When we lived in Ewe-stun (about 15 long years), we always liked to stop a Buc-ee's since it was the cleanest travel stop with the widest selection of food, drink, snacks (and in most spots in the area) hunting supplies if needed. However, their business model, it appears, is based on volume and rapid sales. An RV taking up multiple spots at the gas island, even if they move after filling (many didn't) or having to have the real estate for rig parking, probably no longer makes sense for Buc-ee's market.
PA12DRVR 10/04/22 09:52am Around the Campfire
RE: How many of you own an EV?

Don't own (or want) an EV, but did own a Prius for several years and was impressed with that vehicle. Got good mileage at a time (2004 +) when gas was high. Got a tax break for purchasing it. Surprisingly roomy and a great commuter car (had a circa 25 mile one-way commute at the relevant times). Not a sports car by any stretch, but felt a lot more nimble than the then-tow rig (F350 DRW). Wouldn't want a Prius now...don't want anything 2WD...and the value proposition simply isn't there for an EV.
PA12DRVR 09/30/22 10:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Time for new tires already?

Wish I could offer a solution, but I'm in the same situation. OEM tires on my new (now "newer") F250 may make it through the remaining month or so before switching to snow tires, but they'll need replacing before next spring. ....and I'm seeing the same thing on CL and the local version: low profile tires focused on looks, not capability.
PA12DRVR 09/26/22 09:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Alaska - 2023

Last full trip (going North) I took was in time flies....we left Ewe-stun TX circa April 10...arrived in Los Anchorage circa May 26 or so, late May in any case. We entered Canada from Montana and I seem to recall crossing the border circa May 17 -19 or so. Did not encounter snow on any of the main roads, had one snow flurry (turned into rain as soon as it hit something, no accumulation) around Whitehorse, no temps that were below freezing enough to notice (i.e. it may have toyed with 32 for a bit, never stayed that low). Lakes in Northern BC, YT, and Alaska north of Los Anchorage were still frozen / snow covered. ...all as best as I can recall..
PA12DRVR 09/15/22 01:30pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I thought the RV market might be getting soft. I was wrong.

I think you sold at the right time Mr Grit, perhaps even a little late to the dance. The bottom is going to fall out of the RV market in a huge way. How can it not with where inflation is going? Wait until folks look at the next 401K statement they get. This economic fiasco is just getting started. Folks have a chance in November to possibly change the course, I am not optimistic. It took almost two years after 08 for the numbers to reflect the RV Industry crash then. The RV Industry is very good at burying the bad numbers as long as possible, and have propaganda arms in the form of the RVIA and RVDA that do just that. Couldn't agree more...Given the direction of inflation, I simply can't see how depreciating assets (i.e. RV's) will continue the upward pricing trajectory. Been very wrong on predictions before (see the above mentioned point on 401(k)), but nevertheless, I believe we're on the crest of the pricing wave for RV's (..and houses, and, and, and...). ..of course, that being said I just received an offer for someone to buy the ol PA-12 for 150% of what it cost to rebuild it 12 years ago...
PA12DRVR 09/15/22 10:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Storing My Diesel Truck Over Winter Advice

Both of my DEF-burdened diesels (both Fords FWIW) routinely sit for days on end in Los Anchorage in the winter and fairly frequently take multi-day trips to Squarebanks and environs wherein overnight temps get to the -40 F or colder range.....whether its multiple days of circa 10 degrees (Los Anchorage) or a couple of days of -30-ish (Squarebanks), that's enough cold for the vehicle to lose any semblance of warmth. ...and I've never had a problem with DEF due to freezing / expansion. Also FWIW, my F550 plow truck regularly sits from end of May to early November: When I remember, I put a tender on it (I have a Schumacher model) but have never had an issue either way regarding battery charge. ...course, since it makes no sense to have an asset like that sitting for 1/3 of the year, I recently sold it....
PA12DRVR 09/15/22 09:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Alaska - 2023

got my 2022 MilePost. Little daunting. Gonna dig in this weekend. But curious what fuel prices are in BC and Alaska this summer? gallon of diesel? Gallon of gas? Thanks Most recent diesel fill-up with my RDS discount card and at the station with the lowest prices in the general area (based on nothing more than anecdotal drive-by) was $4.64/gallon....Monday or Tuesday in Big Lake AK Most recent gas fill-up (last night) $4.44/gallon for regular. Premium (which I routinely get for the toys but not last night) was $5.19/gallon. Grocery chain gas in Los Anchorage. Big Lake is about 45-50 miles from Anchorage (depending how it's measured) and I find diesel to be cheaper there by $0.10 - $0.25/gallon than in Anchorage...but of course that's very much the exception. Generally, one can add 25-50% to the Anchorage prices for the more distant areas on the road system. ...we won't discuss avgas for the ol' PA-12.
PA12DRVR 09/15/22 09:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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