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RE: Firearms to Alaska

FWIW ...Assuming you won't be guided, but will be using either a transporter or a charter flight: - Although all bets are off in the current environment (i.e. impact of covid on folks coming to Alaska), transporters tend to book up a season in advance. Now would be the time to make inquiries for 2021....and depending on any number of things, many transporters tend give preference to their prior clients. - Alternatively, one can just charter a flight from ____ (some town) to _____ some unnamed lake. Probably less critical to arrange in advance, but less certainty of being in a productive area as well. - For moose, "boat" use tends to hit extremes: boat on rivers that are within reach from the road system (i.e. Little Su from Los Anchorage) and count on luck and hunting during the week to find a moose, or take multi-day trips up the bigger rivers to get into the country. ....of course, my colleague has a cabin within an hour's C180 flight of Anchorage and he routinely has his choice of moose to shoot by just hanging out for a few days.
PA12DRVR 08/07/20 09:29am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: over nite stops

Have (in years past) seen several rest stops in Texas where all the "Truck" spots were full of trucks and there were more trucks parked on the entry / exit it's not just a RV v. Truck problem. That being said, I would use rest areas for the 5-6 hour stop (usually between circa 9:00 p.m. - 3: a.m.) when passing through with my 39' fifth wheel and I'd park in the "Truck" side. I don't agree with cars parking in the truck spots or for people staying for days in a rest area.
PA12DRVR 08/06/20 11:03am Around the Campfire
RE: Firearms to Alaska

FWIW: - You'll be competing with 1/3 of either Los Anchorage or Squarebanks if you try for a moose hunt up here in road accessible locations. ATV-accessible locations off the road are a bit better, but only if (in my experience) if you're AT LEAST 1 full days transit back, and ideally a tough day's transit. One can always "get lucky", but it doesn't happen all the time. - Same thing on early caribou: Road accessible means it's accessible to much of the population of the bigger towns..... - Not sure when Canada is going to relax their transit requirements. - I spend much of Moose season at my ATV-accessible cabin; more to ensure no vandalism from the ATV-riders than anything else, although if the world's dumbest moose wanders by (as has happened 4-5 times in the past 30 years) where I can take it from the deck, so be it. I operate primarily 85% + on wheels. Have skis but also have a hangar that is 2000' of asphalt away from the snow strip in Los Anchorage. Failed at retirement once already but the next retirement may see new wheel skis. Float spot logistics are complicated in Los Anchorage, so no floats for me.
PA12DRVR 08/06/20 10:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 2020 GM 2500HD Dead Weight Hitch Tongue only 500 lbs ?

Do 2020 GM's have hitch labels ? I just went out and looked at my truck. There isn't any kind of sticker on the hitch receiver at all. All I can tell you about it is it's a Class 5 hitch and has the 2 1/2" receiver and a 2" sleeve that comes with it. Failing any other labels, is there any information engraved on the hitch bar / ball (i.e. the part that slides into the receiver)? A couple of mine say "Do not exceed XXX max trailer weight or XX tongue weight".
PA12DRVR 08/05/20 06:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Firearms to Alaska

"...better ideas"? Yep, but a question first: Why are you bringing a firearm to Alaska? Is it for a hunting trip? Bear protection on a true wilderness self-guided fishing trip? General concerns on the wild streets of Los Anchorage and Squarebanks? Unless it's for a hunting trip, my personal view is that there is no need to cart a firearm in an RV up to Alaska....and if it's a hunting trip to Alaska, one probably wouldn't be driving. Most fishing guides don't want clients to have firearms and unless one is truly at a remote area, on foot, chances of running into brother bruin with a bad attitude are pretty small. ....and a bit of inquiry will identify the parts of Los Anchorage, Squarebanks, and the Meth-Su to avoid so that a defensive firearm is not needed. If one is determined to carry, then ship it to and from. Least hassle, probably in the final analysis least expensive.
PA12DRVR 08/05/20 10:41am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: DeWalt vs Milwaukee

Purchased a set of DW cordless ("20vMax") tools in 2012 (drill, saw, driver, angle grinder, recip saw, flashlight) that a professional handyman used for a 5-month "restore" of our remote cabin. Used up a few batteries and saw blades. Never a problem with the DW tools during or after that time, including the intervening 8 years of my homeowner use, building of two wood sheds, and rebuild of a 30' boat dock. Were I going back into the construction/ corded tool world, probably default to Milwaukee, but for even aggressive homeowner use, been pretty happy with DeWalt.
PA12DRVR 08/03/20 10:28am Around the Campfire
RE: How to increase water flow AFTER the filters?

"I probably reduced the effectiveness of eliminating the sulfur smell by removing the metal trap filter, but at least the shower can be used now." In my experience, which may not apply to where you are, sulfur smell and stink was best removed by a carbon filter...and the further upstream, the better. FWIW, in years gone by, I've used a 20 micron upstream filter in series with a 10 micron...and our water tested fine out of the spigot. Theoretically, it won't make a flow difference (that's what the filter makers advertise anyway) but I don't believe you need three relatively fine filters in series. I currently use a 5 (not 0.5, but 5) micron at the house and it's all good.
PA12DRVR 07/31/20 03:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: A Commercial Vacuum Sealer Might Be Just What You Need

We use a Cabela's vacuum unit that we've had since 2002? 3? 4?. Check the heat bar every so often and let it sit for a minute every so often, but it's worked well for the past 15 or so years. Of course, when we're doing up a batch of 120 salmon fillets or 100's of #'s of moose or caribou, we enlist my buddy with his vacuum chamber sealer (that's what I thought the thread would be about) very well without the liquid-handling issues common to all vacuum sealers, bag it push the button, BaM! done. ...course, the chamber sealer cost him about $2000.
PA12DRVR 07/28/20 02:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to increase water flow AFTER the filters?

Thoughts: - I use a filter system at the house and at the cabin. No RV, but both locations have iron / smell issues. - Carbon filter helps, but to eliminate the iron and the smell, I had to have a carbon filter upstream and the last downstream filter was an "RFFE" filter, the filter people simply called it an "iron filter". - Recognizing that I don't use it on an RV, I'd suggest: a) taking out each filter in sequence and seeing how the water flow is affected; b) going with a 5 micron carbon filter as the upstream filter, an iron filter as the 2nd "midstream" filter and ditching the "metal trap canister"....although I'll admit to not knowing what that is, on both my house and cabin systems, I only have the two filters. If there was a "simple system" you used previously, try putting an iron filter as the downstream filter in that and see how it works out. You've got a flow issue, so I'd also check the filter housings for physical impediments or a clogged orifice.
PA12DRVR 07/28/20 02:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cracker Barrel

Haven't been for quite a while, but CB was the daily stop for breakfast when we were RV'ng. Southern Gulf Coast, and at least one "level" of State's North. Never had a problem with the 22' TT; infrequently wasn't able to get in with the 30' TT. Rarely could find a spot when we had the 38' FW. Food was dependable; always found it to be tolerable; not home cooking, but not as rancid as some other chains and at least in the areas I traveled, a dependable solid breakfast. Wouldn't eat there for lunch / dinner, but have that same feeling about many other breakfast-centric chains.
PA12DRVR 07/27/20 11:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Being hoodwinked by Store Clerks

"30 years ago, most went to a shoe store where there was somebody there to help make sure your shoes fit before you leave the store. Face it, at this time, everybody will talk bad about the clerk that finds a way to pocket a few bucks. But the guy that instead of paying form help to make sure the shoe fits cuts staff numbers and pay to near zero so he can make the most money possible, he not only gets rich, he is called hero." Point is that both the alleged misbehaving clerk and the alleged shoe robber baron are much more publicized now than they were 30 years ago, so a greater chance of the perception, right or wrong that "All shoe clerks are bad" or "All owners are greedy".
PA12DRVR 07/24/20 12:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Being hoodwinked by Store Clerks

Bottom line: Positive thinking is more healthy for body, mind and soul than negative thinking. Been proven over and over. So, not ignoring the reality of the pandemic, let's focus on as much positive as possible. We each need to do what ever we can to bring this pandemic to an end. And, yes we may be 'inconvenienced' for a while but to ignore an reality is not an option!Whaaaa? x2...quite the leap in topics To the original topic...generalizations are, generally ;), imprecise and inaccurate. Further, today's rapid communication creates an impression that examples of behavior (for good or bad) are more widespread than not. There are now tens? dozens? of people that "know" about the discount shoe store clerk. 30 years ago, only those directly involved would be aware of it.
PA12DRVR 07/24/20 10:42am Around the Campfire
RE: those with boats

Late to the party, but FWIW: - GK's (now 13M, 16F, 8F) have been doing water stuff for 10 years....math is easy enough - We took the 8 y.o. on the tube 1st when she was either 3 or 4, accompanied by 2 adults. - At present, the 16 y.o. loves to be pulled on the tube by the ripsnorter 360 hp boat with a couple of friends. Ok, fine, although a full throttle run usually gets them dislodged soon enough :) - We still pull the younger two on the tube but with the 19' lake boat with the 115 OB...and an adult accompanying. - FWIW, the regulation up here is that there must a 16 or older observer to haul minors (under 18) behind a boat. IMNSHO, having a competent observer is probably the most critical to safely towing/tubing kids, regardless of the circumstances / ages. Relying on the boat driver to drive, watch for traffic, watch the tube, plan the course, etc while ensuring kids are staying in/on is too much.
PA12DRVR 07/24/20 10:35am Around the Campfire
RE: Payload Rating vs Tongue Weight

"That assumption of a wdh is primarllily limited to RV owners. In the real working world, wdh setups are rare as hens teeth. People hook trailers and tow them when they have a job to do. They pine over tongue weights and where to load the canned goods and have a bathroom scale handy when they’re pulling a TT. I can’t explain the phenomena." Even as one who generally tries to stay within ratings, I wholeheartedly agree with this. Buying a truck and RV setup? Yeah, I'll run the numbers and stay within GVWR and GCVWR. Have to haul something somewhere? Just like back in the day: if the deuce-and -a-half is available, I'll use it. Otherwise, I'll take the heavy duty pick-em-up....slower trip, watch the descents, but will get the job done. From the time I was 16 (awful long time ago) until probably 40, either work or play involved hauling everything from OTR doubles to lowboys to sno-go trailers with anything from a GMC Astro (when it was a truck, although a POJ truck) to a Jeep Wagoneer to several varieties of Class 1 - 5 trucks. Never heard of a WDH until I bought my 1st RV. To the OP's question, I haven't seen many vehicles that call out a specific limit on tongue weight, but if the vehicle manufacturer calls it out and you want to comply with the ratings, then a called out tongue weight will (extrapolating backwards) provide a limit on the trailer size, or at least the loading of that trailer. I'd dig into the manual and see if the tongue weight rating is truly the manufacturer's engineered rating or if it's a byproduct of the max trailer weight.
PA12DRVR 07/24/20 10:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tailgate Bike Pad - any experience?

Don't have them, but had friend in TX who used them for years on their high-dollar new chevy to carry their high dollar fat tire mtn bikes as well as their real-high dollar road bikes....i.e. $1X,XXX. No complaints, but I did notice that they routinely would remove the pad and clean the tailgate, often in the middle of a trip if it was overnight or longer.
PA12DRVR 07/21/20 03:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: She still has it!

To the OP...great news when the truck just keeps plugging away. It does feel nice to put one's setup through the paces and get to the destination, pop a cold one, and just relax without any intervening trouble. Had that on two 6.0's (one was stolen, one was sold in a move) but only for about 50k miles each. Can't say the same for my chevy experience. ...course, then there's the old PA-12 going strong after 83 years. :)
PA12DRVR 07/21/20 10:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Water hose threads...

Same as others....I was going to launch into "NHT" v. "NPT" v. "sweat" v. "copper" discussion, with a ancillary discussion of "hose barb" and "schedule sizing" thrown in for no extra charge. :)
PA12DRVR 07/21/20 10:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Big truck dealer in Idaho?

Purchased several vehicles from Dave Smith "back in the day"...which means decades ago with Los Anchorage as the destination. They could almost always underprice the Alaska dealer (Chevy) by enough that, if one had the time, it offset the cost of to / from travel plus saved a bit. The vehicles I purchased there were for a commercial contractor and it was always easier to find the truck I was looking for from Dave Smith and to get Dave Smith to facilitate the additions than to try to get that truck up in AK and fight to find a shop that would do the additions needed. The last time I considered using them (probably 10 years ago), I was in Houston and they couldn't compete with local pricing.
PA12DRVR 07/20/20 10:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pls respect Canadian laws

"The law is the law. If you disagree, run for office to help change it...or stay away." ^^^ This.
PA12DRVR 07/16/20 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Toyota fake 3/4 ton spotted, overheated

Marketing nomenclature is, at best, misleading Know that few will, the rest will continue to use marketing, but the best is the use of it's ratings GVWR, GCWR, rear GAWR And best among them is GAWR A minimum of 6,000 lb rear axle rating is my preference for my TV A forever circular discussion using marketing's half ton, 3/4 ton, etc...which has their specification in a constant flux... This seems to capture it. Based on limited experience, my view is that the Tundra / Sequoia is a better-than-average tow vehicle for and within it's ratings. If required to tow in excess of the ratings, I'd feel better about using a Tundra to pull anywhere between 101% to 120% of it's ratings than a similarly rated GM or Ford....I'd feel better with the Tundra, but have towed in that range with Toyota as well as with my GM's and Fords and they didn't catastrophically detonate. ...but for me personally, I wouldn't use any vehicle for towing over ratings for often or for long.
PA12DRVR 07/16/20 01:07pm Tow Vehicles
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