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RE: tire covers, yea or nay

Never used the covers when I was actively RV'ng since I parked out of the sun (3-wall carport), so FWIW: - Lost 3 out of 4 tires on an ATV wagon due to sunchecking / dry rot even in Alaska. It only rolled about 2x per month between May - September and sat for the rest of the time (except for reposition to get out of the way for snowplowing). Lost the tires after about 4 years of that pattern...cheapo ATV type tires, FWIW. - Several colleagues fly bush planes with high dollar (think $2,XXX per pair) tires on them. They always cover (even in Alaska, and even in the winter) when parked and most will take fabric covers (even though it adds a few pounds) when they fly into the backcountry and plan on the plane being parked for a few days. - My airplane (with the above high dollar tires) sits in a hangar most of the time, but I take tire covers along when I fly out of town for more than 1 night. My 2-touchdown per landing skills will likely be what dooms my tires, but putting the covers on or off is worth it for whatever protection is provided.
PA12DRVR 07/27/21 05:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pros and Cons of Tankless water heaters in RV

I have a tankless system at both of my remote properties in AK: served by well and / or rainwater catchment. Temperature of the supply water can run between 35 and probably 60. One of the tankless heaters has an electronically adjustable water temp, the other requires a manual plug-n-play to change the delivered water temp. If one wants to do a lot of shutting off and restarting during use, this is not the system to have. If one has a limited supply of water, this is not the system to have. However, if there is not a significant limit on water, I believe tankless are actually more cost-efficient (considering cost of gas and electricity) than keeping a 20 gallon or larger tank full of hot water. 6 - 10 gallon? IDK. All that being said, we use our tankless heaters without the "way too hot or way too cold problem" (IMO, that's a mixing valve issue at the point of delivery) and without any problem with cold intervals...but when we shower with the tankless heaters, we let the water run for about 2-3 minutes before getting in and we keep it going until through with the shower. Similar exercise if we're using how water for other tasks. We have not had problems in either location where the tankless heater is fed by varying volume / pressure of water (i.e. both our locations are served by pumps, either from the well or from the rainwater basin). Might not be the best application for a typical RV, but there could be some benefits for some situations.
PA12DRVR 07/13/21 01:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: What would YOU do???

I'd do what you're planning on doing. To go to the next step, I'd make sure all the boxes were checked (admin fee paid, duly receipted, etc), and then plan on giving them the $150 unless it would create unnecessary accounting problems for them....and being a family outfit, I'm sure you'll learn if there would be problems when they respond to the initial information. From your prior description of the potential cruise, while it's always a business transaction, it sounds like a great cruise and I'd want that business to have a favorable recollection of the past interaction if I was to book again in the future.
PA12DRVR 07/13/21 10:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Pics from our Alaska trip

Pretty nice pictures...looks (to me anyway) like you captured the "I'm the big guy" attitude of the male as well as the "It's all fun until you mess with my baby" attitude of the sow. Great eagle pictures as well.
PA12DRVR 07/12/21 01:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Found It, What a joke. Buying in 2021 LOL. You can keep it.

I could give y'all the address...not a bad part of town (not Fairview, nor Bootleggers Cove, to cover the bad and the good) and the only $$ put in was about $1800 for interior painting. Did not have a garage or a yard to speak of to the degree that matters. Guess away to whatever degree you want. If commenting on the high price of new trucks is somehow offensive....
PA12DRVR 06/23/21 10:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Found It, What a joke. Buying in 2021 LOL. You can keep it.

Granted, decades have gone by but: 1800-ish Square foot town home, 1992: $25,000 Airworthy but not shiny 1946 PA-12 in 1998: $23,000 Cabin + 30-ish acres in Alaska semi-wilderness: 1999: $20,000 Total-ish: $68,000 New 2019 model in late 2019: F250 Lariat 4x4, diesel, etc : List (IIRC) $65, negotiated down to $58,000. I could barely stomach the idea of paying that much for a new truck in 2019...have to agree that now is not the time for new.
PA12DRVR 06/22/21 03:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Texas Drivers License Hassle

FWIW, I lived in Texas when these requirements came into play and I had to get a Texas (vs. Alaska) DL....I would advise waiting until your replacement SS card shows up. The same regs were in place and I thought I was good to go with my pilot license and a 1099 (both of which carried my SSN). After going through Houston traffic and fighting my way to the local DPS / license station (about a 4 hour event all told after waiting in line), the agent would not accept anything except a SS card. I pointed out the regs, a supervisor got involved, and the question was put to me, why didn't I have a SS card? My explanation that I lost it, that I was trying to comply with Texas regs (surrender the out of state license in 30 days), etc didn't cut it and apparently raised suspicions. Deciding not to fight city hall, I just drove with my AK license for a couple months beyond what I was supposed to until my SS card came in. Never got any queries about it, but didn't get pulled over in that time either.
PA12DRVR 06/22/21 11:19am Around the Campfire
RE: Trailer or Motorhome...For a Boater/Fisherman-Which Rig?

Back when I RV'd, we tried out MH, Class C, TT, etc. We found that we liked a truck and trailer combo best since it allowed us to separate the truck and see whatever we wanted, whether city streets, scenic day trips away from the CG, tourist attractions, side roads, etc. I think some of that might apply to the OP's situation...but the OP is quite interested in fishing. I'd have to agree with Grit....the two most versatile choices are a truck camper towing a boat or a Class C towing a boat. FWIW, Alaska doesn't have as many "real" boat launches as most of the SW / PNW, so I have limited data points, but I'd certainly recommend nothing bigger than a class C if you intend to use the MH to launch your boat. Aside from the general enjoyment of watching other people struggle at the boat launch, it's really entertaining to watch the 30' or larger Class A's try to launch at many of the popular spots here in the Los Anchorage general area....almost always good for my boat-launching ego. :)
PA12DRVR 05/28/21 09:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Canadian Camping outlook or No Alaska this year

"Numbers of buses running are reduced and seating is limited to 50%." This is a fairly common paradigm for the federally-controlled facilities and infrastructure up here as well as for the big national operators...reduced operations and capacity limitations. Many of the big operators are not planning to operate this year....while that may change, if you're coming to AK, look into services from "Joe and Morty's Tour Bus, Flightseeing, and Dogsled Rides, all-in-one!" rather than XXXX-line. As posted earlier, the small local outfits appreciate the business, although with the lifting of the state (and many local) mandates, local traffic is starting to impact the capacity of even the small operators.
PA12DRVR 05/20/21 10:59am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: That Cummins, she’s just a ____ing machine!

Nice looking setup. While my preference would run to a blue oval, it sounds like your setup really hits the sweet spot for you. ...and if it can pull uphill fighting the winds (I spent three years around Spokane...), it's obviously a stout beast. How's the truck work for routine drives w/o towing? Do the big tires & lift impact in-town maneuvering?
PA12DRVR 05/19/21 10:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Canadian Camping outlook or No Alaska this year

The issue for Alaska is the loss of cruise ships that, because of foreign registry, stop in Canada before entering Alaska from another U.S. port. The loss of RV traffic through Canada will obviously have some impact, but the big "tourist" dollars come from cruise ships and their leveraging effect, not RV travel. When a ship of 1500 pax makes 4 stops in a SE Alaska circuit, the $$ loss is significant if that ship simply cancels it's Alaska trips. The "not-reliant-on-cruise-ship" tourist businesses are doing well. A couple of remote lodge clients of mine are fully booked for the year; BIL who has an air taxi operation got all of his planes ready this year based on confirmed reservations; some local sightseeing flights and boats are booked at least 45 days in advance (although admittedly some still operating at reduced capacity).
PA12DRVR 05/18/21 04:14pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Coffee Survey

I'm still looking for the coffee setup my dad and uncle used at the project site: 30 cup Bunn (IIRC) pot, coffee from a 5-gallon can of Hills Bros. or Folgers Mountain Grown. Pot was always on. I use a 12-cup Mr. Coffee drip brewer, Folgers classic roast, and an Insulated 20oz coffee tumbler. 1.5 of those lasts all day.
PA12DRVR 05/18/21 03:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: Retirement

Tried "retiring" at 56...after two years spent house remodeling and house hunting, and after working since I was 13, I simply couldn't get used to missing the routine that working provided; so I went back to work as a consultant (allowing me to readily bail for an early weekend at the lake with the GK's). DW also retired for a short time, had the same issue, so went back to work at full-time, very lucrative position, but low key enough to also bail for those early weekends. Best of all worlds. We'll cross the SS bridge when we actually stop working for good.
PA12DRVR 05/17/21 05:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Benefit of extra fuel tank.

FWIW, I'm in the "it adds convenience so why not" crowd. When I pulled a 39' fifth wheel, the extra fuel from an in-bed tank gave me a total of about 1200 miles range before needing a fillup. That meant I could gas up after dropping the trailer and setting up camp rather than worrying about getting into any given station with the trailer attached. The convenience was worth it for me...never did the math nor took the trouble to chase the cheapest fuel, but sure did like just wheeling the truck into a station.
PA12DRVR 05/12/21 09:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Free Immunizations to Tourists

"Back to Alaska-we will be there next month. I'll be checking while going through the airport to see if anyone is taking them up on it. Should be interesting." Just got back to AK from a week-long trip....the shot / test area (in TSIA) is indeed interesting. The line for testing and the line for shots were both much shorter than the line for the nearby Starbucks stand. Didn't count, but my impression was that there were more folks in orange vests saying "tests this way" "vaccines this way" than there were people being either tested or vaccinated. FWIW, although things could change by July, various covid-related restrictions in Anchorage (and a few other home rule / self-governing localities) are in excess of any State of Alaska "mandates", most of which are at most recommendations.
PA12DRVR 05/11/21 09:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Bear Spray

The best and most effective bear deterrent continues to be the use of one's noggin to stay situationally aware. It's this time of year (continuing for the next 6 weeks or so) when we routinely have bear encounters between trail runners and bears: why? ....'cause the runner says "Oh, it's great to finally be able to use XYZ trail after its been blocked by snow all winter." Unfortunately, hungry mama bear with a cub or two is thinking the exact same thing.
PA12DRVR 04/30/21 10:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Free Immunizations to Tourists

AK is just trying to get rid of inventory! They can’t give away enough shots here even in Seattle to fill the appointments available. Any guesses why? Because the paranoia isn’t en Vogue anymore.... This ^^^^. Alaska is having a hard time getting the majority of folks to vaccinate: many of the remote villages are seeing pretty high vax rates, but in the big population centers, lots of skepticism is leading to lots of leftover vaccinations. On top of which, of the XXX places that provide the vax service, probably 80% require an if one is not terribly energized to get the shot, then has to schedule an appointment, thus taking time off work or whatever....the shot just doesn't happen. Offering the shot to incoming travelers also helps them (the travelers) deal with the many local governments that require either a shot or a two-week quarantine before entering. It may not be logical, but there it is.
PA12DRVR 04/29/21 11:35am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Evacuation Insurance

Not to beat this dying horse, but would reiterate that any purchased "evacuation" or "travel" insurance should be carefully reviewed and compared to the details of the intended travel and the locations of any potential evacuation need. If the medical evacuation coverage is to transport one from the village clinic off the Parks Highway at Lower Podunk, Alaska to either Los Anchorage or Squarebanks, almost any "evacuation" coverage will provide that since it's on the road system (or at worst, between two identified airports, say BGQ and MRI). If the desired evacuation is from the Jake's Bar landing spot up the Nizina River, a long 60 minute flight in the 'ol PA-12 from the nearest identified road, that particular evacuation won't be covered by all plans.
PA12DRVR 04/28/21 12:55pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Nokian Rockproof tires?

FWIW, my former daily driver Chebby 2500 had Nokians of some "all weather" version on it. Can't recall the model, and they weren't the best in either mud or snow, but for for the 5 years so far, they just couldn't be beat for a dependable, tight, and look-like-they're-supposed-to tire. Don't get much mileage now on them, but I'm pretty impressed with Nokian so far.
PA12DRVR 04/23/21 10:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Obesity in America

At 2X years of age, my job was acting as a pipefitter for anywhere between 8 -12 hours /day on industrial construction projects. For recreation (and to help pay rent) I took care of the proverbial 4 horses, 3 cows, and a bunch of dogs. Involved quite a bit of hay handling, mucking out, etc. For pure recreation, I went hunting and fishing....all involving a backpack and hiking. Decided to improve myself. Two college degrees and a few decades later, my job involves being a keyboard wielder for 7-10 hours per day; my recreation is driving a boat or airplane; and hunting and fishing involves taking said boat or plane somewhere and ideally catching or shooting at something while still having said toys in sight. ...and along the way, I acquired an interest and some skill in smoking meat, scotch tasting, and cooking for the family. Although I'm technically obese (or close) according to the BMI scale, I view myself as pudgy rather than obese...but whatever the analysis, I know that I have no one to blame but myself.
PA12DRVR 04/21/21 03:26pm Around the Campfire
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