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RE: What size jack and stands for f350

Harbor Freight recently had a problem with their jack stands and they had a recall on them. The replacements stands also had a problem and a second recall. I would make sure the ones they currently sell are safe before risking an accident. They may be ok now but how can one be sure they will not fail until it is too late.? I just bought over $150.00 of their products today but no jack stands.
PastorCharlie 03/05/21 08:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Glue the assembly and just screw it in place and allow for some movement as the chassis twists on rough uneven drives. The drawers will still be held firm.
PastorCharlie 03/05/21 07:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ceramic Waxes

I used the Meguiar's Ceramic Wax on my F350m dually and it shines. The instructions are to use it as regular was for the first coat and for the second coat after the vehicle is washed and sprayed off to spray the Ceramic Wax on and then use a strong stream of water to rinse the wax causing it to spread and cover the vehicle better. They dry with Micro-Fiber cloths. I find that the more it is buffed with Micro-Fiber cloths the better it shines. Cost $16.00 + - per bottle and I use 1 1/4 bottles for the two applications. Would I use it on my MH? If I were energy driven I might try. Its hard to beat Nu-Finish Nf-76 Carwax the once a year product...rated number one by professionals auto finishers. Its my preference.
PastorCharlie 03/04/21 05:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Too old to drive ?

Why not go to a trusted medical physician and have a heart to heart talk with him/her, get a good physical exam, perhaps even an exam from a cardiologist, take the AARP driving class and use all their counsel to help with your decision to drive a RV or not. It appears that your concern is if your are mental and physician fit to continue to drive. No one can advise you over the internet about your condition. I am 80 and I still drive a large Class A. I use a lot of judgment about the routes I take and try to keep my day's drive to around 300 miles, 6 hours, more tends to be unnecessary. After all I am retired and no one is depending upon my labor or time. Enjoy your journey and not be pressed to make any destination. If not today perhaps tomorrow or the day after. Stay focused. Do not get distracted.
PastorCharlie 03/02/21 08:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jump box for dual battery 7.3 diesel

Should camper batteries be used for engine starting? I have understood that deep-cycle batteries are not designed to deliver that kind of high amperage. Would engine starting harm camper batteries, or not? "There are times I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know." (The King and I) Not unless they are discharged too low. I have sufficient batteries and sized cabling that I could do mild welding with them.
PastorCharlie 02/28/21 06:03pm Truck Campers
RE: New F350 owner seeks TC information

Here is the problem with a short bed, SRW, raised truck hauling an excessive large truck camper. Real Life situation.
PastorCharlie 02/28/21 10:20am Truck Campers
RE: Jump box for dual battery 7.3 diesel

All the 7.3 Diesels that I have seen, and I have one, carry two 850 + AMP parallel wired batteries for the chassis. It is near impossible for both to die beyond a start up without being neglected in maintenance. I have two of them sitting in my shop due to one morning during a recent cold spell I had to activate the glow plugs twice to get a start up. My next trip was to get two new ones. They are maintenance free except keeping the terminals and cables clean. Six years is a good life for the batteries and they had served well. Unless the two batteries are both totally dead a 750-850 AMP battery booster should start a good tuned 7.3 with the aid of the weak chassis batteries. I recommend under such time to activate the glow plugs 2-3 times before attempting a start. Preheat the cylinders and do not depend upon the compression solely to do so. If equipped with an engine warmer use it before attempting a start. That 15-40 engine oil gets stiff sitting in cold weather.
PastorCharlie 02/28/21 08:12am Truck Campers
RE: 2022 Ford Super Duty interior?

I'm probably gonna buy a new truck in the next year, my 2002 is about ready for retirement. My 2,000 7.3 Diesel F350 4X4 CC LB DRW is just getting its second wind. :D SEE TRUCK PULL
PastorCharlie 02/26/21 03:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Locked Out!

Glad everything worked out for you. On the comments about all locks keyed alike. Why have more than one lock if they are all going to be keyed alike? The purpose of the striker lock and the dead bolt keyed different is to add another layer of security. I suppose if one had nothing of value in their RV then leaving the doors unlocked would make no difference. Locks are designed to help keep honest folks honest and to harden the entry therefore prolonging the thief's effort to gain entry.
PastorCharlie 02/26/21 02:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Revisiting pop-up campers

Considering the age, lot of TC owners sold them becouse of troubles getting to high bed. Using dinette for sleeping is not the option for everybody. For less money than TC combo -you can buy ClassC or B who will be more senior citizen-friendly. For less money than TC combo -you can buy ClassC or B What do you do when you need to pull a 5th wheel RV or gooseneck stock trailer or flat bed gooseneck with construction equipment? OR...
PastorCharlie 02/26/21 01:45pm Truck Campers
RE: not sure where to post this.....

I had a 7,000 lb. construction trailer with the flip up jack. Pull pin and the jack will fold up along side of tongue. Removing the tail gate is a two minute job. A cart can be loaded with or without a tailgate.
PastorCharlie 02/25/21 08:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Fulltime 5er to MH - Help?

Perhaps converting the back of a motorhome with fold outs like THIS would be a better option than slide outs.
PastorCharlie 02/23/21 05:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fulltime 5er to MH - Help?

On the toyhauler, yes there are a few, Thor outlaw, and Newmar Canyon Star comes to mind, but I was referring to a 5th wheel TH, the garage areas in many have drop down bunks. That would also provide a "play area" when your toy was outside. Some even have permanent bunks above the garage leaving it free as a workspace. If you are looking at Motorhomes because you are hoping it will be easier to heat, Texas had a very bad winter spell, I doubt you would find a MH much easier to heat, the front glass areas are a loser compared to an insulated front on a 5er, and the wall construction isnt going to be much if any thicker. You may have an easier time finding double pane windows, but those would be available in the 5er too. The Texas snow storm which left a foot of snow was the worst snow storm in over 100 years. A person could wear out a lot of Class A motorhomes in a 100 years without worrying about if it was 4 seasons protected or not. What is the worst snow storm in San Antonio? Leaving the city buried under more than a foot of snow, this January winter storm was the worst snow San Antonio had seen in over 100 years. The mayor ordered citizens to essentially shelter in place, instructing businesses to remain closed until the snow was melted and roads were no longer icy. The 5 Worst Winter Storms In Texas History
PastorCharlie 02/23/21 03:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: FloJet Macerator Capabilities -Unique (embarassing) Question

I have used my macerator up to 150 feet runs and pump 100 plus gallons in 10-15 minutes. It has a hose connection for flushing it after pumping tanks that cleans out pump and hoses. After pumping I disconnect the pump and spray the inside propellers with a liberal coat of penetrating oil. It prevents it from sticking after sitting dry. I ran a dedicated fused circuit from batteries to dump bay and plug the pump into it. I have different lengths of 3/4 commercial hoses that are adaptable for different distances with a combination of all to 150 feet. I have never had any problem dumping the tanks. I see no problem with the pump size if the tanks are used proper.
PastorCharlie 02/21/21 09:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

The 1996 7.3 is listed as having 215 HP and 450 ft. lb. torque.
PastorCharlie 02/20/21 01:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

2000 F350, 7.3 PSD, 4R100, 224K, CC, LB, DRW. All Original; 12,000 Warn Winch/CG.
PastorCharlie 02/19/21 01:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Blame it on the hole in the ozone. :)
PastorCharlie 02/19/21 10:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

I then pulled the drawer out most of the way, and am satisfied with the stability of the drawer. With the drawer pulled out and only about 4" still holding the drawer in place, it's still pretty stable. I would not want to load this with 50 lbs of "stuff", like canned goods or something, but for somewhat lighter items, it should be fine. Hey, if it falls off, I'll just have to fix/replace it. You pulled that drawer so far out it caused me to prop the front of my computer up. I thought the drawer was going to fall out. :)
PastorCharlie 02/18/21 11:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: No power

Why would a 2,000 watt inverter be wired into a heat pump circuit?
PastorCharlie 02/16/21 03:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Have you allowed for the drawer faces to clear the back window cover?
PastorCharlie 02/14/21 11:17am Class A Motorhomes
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