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RE: Germs, viruses and fuel pump handles and doors

I will only use 100% natural & 100% biodegradable gloves while fueling. My gloves are made from pangolin skin with pure rhinoceros horn gripping surface. I change gloves every 10 seconds while fueling. Seriously, I also use reusable grocery bags and reuse the few plastic bags I have left. Maybe they are dirty, maybe not, maybe its all a scam. But they are much better quality bags if nothing else.
PatJ 03/19/20 09:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar Questions

In my small class C, I have always roughly ball-parked 20AH per day minimum for fridge on gas, WH on gas, CO and propane detectors, charging phones, and factory night-lights for 12 hours. It has gotten me close. My 40" LED TV and Sony blu-ray take very little through my tru-sine inverter. I want to say off the top of my head they are like 50w combined while running, and about 400ma from the inverter while it is idling with TV off (I turn inverter off when not using.) I might be off track there though, going from memory. One thing I am sure of is my wife and I and one kid use 60-65 AH per 24 hour period dry camping real-world when we are running hog wild and not trying to conserve and it is cold enough to need some heat at night. If we don't watch any movies and are stingy on lights and heat it is more like 30 AH per day. With two crappy 12V LA in parallel that means fire the gen daily if you are liberal with your power, fire it up every other day if your are stingy. We don't have solar because we are always in the woods. I am a weekender with kids, and generally not trying to be stingy with power
PatJ 03/17/20 10:29pm Tech Issues
RE: FL state parks open events canceled

All these cancellations and bans are designed to NOT overwhelm the hospitals with sick people: if a hospital has 40 ventilators, and 50 people need them - then what? Do YOU want to pick who is liable to die? One point that is being missed by many is healthcare staffing. My wife and I both work in healthcare, at different hospitals in our area. We also have school-age children. I am part of EP planning at my hospital and have been to all the meetings discussing this. 40% of the hospital staff has school-age children without alternate childcare i.e. they are staying home with schools closing. In your example, 25 of the ventilators will likely sit unused because half of the ICU is closed due to staffing shortages. Working in healthcare is different than working for Google, Nursing and RT can't work remotely from home. And healthcare employees are knowledgeable enough about this they aren't sending their kids to Grandma's.
PatJ 03/14/20 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire brand

I'm late too but same here as well for my 2019. Mine were OEM made in Korea, but I ordered a 7th online (Amazon) as a spare and it is identical in every way but made in USA not Korea.
PatJ 03/06/20 06:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: engine longevity?

It's other things failing and then it's not worth fixing...if you have a 20yr old car that needs $2k in suspension work, you are usually better to put that $2k towards a newer used car...same thing with RVs. It is very much the oddity to "wear out" an engine, so it really isn't a consideration. Agree 100%, its been at least 25 years since I "wore out" an engine, any engine, including air cooled rototiller/pressure washer/mower etc., let alone a vehicle. What a glorious time we live in. I've wondered if it is really premium production tolerances, premium construction materials, premium lubricants, or a combination?? Either way I'm not going to complain!
PatJ 02/02/20 09:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Coast on the uphills accelerate on the downhills

Wondering what you learned here? Did you pull lower hose and look at in rad heat exchanger?
PatJ 02/02/20 09:05pm Towing
RE: good Sam VS AARP.

I refuse to support any firm that has policies that I do not share. So if Hitler had the lowest rates, you would select him? bumpy Worst way of trying to make a point that anyone has ever attempted on here. I agree with Bumpy's opinion that "we" can "shop" using our political opinion as one deciding factor. Maybe the word "Hitler" was a non-PC choice but his reasoning was spot on.
PatJ 01/24/20 10:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford V10 vs Pending V8

The new 7.3 is a beast on paper, no doubt. One of the reasons we expedited our purchase new in 2019, after many years of lollygagging, is because we were worried the V10 would disappear in 2020. That fear pushed us over the edge. The V10 was proven reliable in the long term, with cheap parts, cheap maintenance, and plenty of power for Class C. So we upgraded. The 6 speed trans was more recent, but it is used in rigs with much more power than the V10 and much more GVWR and GCWR than any class C I would ever purchase. I went with the proven reliable V10 and 6spd and have zero regrets. I'm sure the 7.3 has a good bit more performance, but additional performance to me wasn't worth the risk with less-proven equipment. Just my opinion and I don't know anything about anything.
PatJ 01/22/20 10:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford Starting /House Charging Question UPDATE Test

how is that 20 sec delay better than just waiting for the spring-loaded key to go back to "ON" from "START" ? If the house batteries are very low, it may be nice to have the engine settle back for a bit after a cold start before it's hit with that large charging load. But I don't know if it's actually any "better" or just my perception. But if for some reason the chassis were placing a heavy load on the charging system and it dropped below 13.6, the charge relay would shed the house batteries to focus on the chassis. I can see value in that scenario, even though it is unlikely.
PatJ 01/21/20 06:55pm Tech Issues
RE: THOR Motor Coach

I also found some Thor units plumbed the bathroom sink into the black tank. That would not work for us because we boondock most all of the time. Our Thor has the bathroom sink plumbed into the grey tank, however my last class C the BR sink went into the black and I actually preferred it that way. Now I intentionally add extra water to the black via the toilet. We also boondook most all the time. I prefer to dump with full tanks. In the old rig I would just turn the BR sink on and let it run to fill the black tank full before dumping. Now I have to stand there on the toilet pedal :) So it is all personal preference.
PatJ 01/21/20 06:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford Starting /House Charging Question UPDATE Test

On my 2019 Ford C the charge isolator relay is under the coolant overflow bottle. It has a delay built in so the engine has to be running for about 20 seconds before it ties the chassis battery and house bank together. The manual explains it needs to see charging voltage >13.6V on the engine side which starts the 20s timer. Any time voltage on the engine side drops below 13.6 it will untie the batteries and wait for 13.6 again to restart the timer. You can hear this click from the driver's seat after starting the engine. Emergency start switch bypasses this delay.
PatJ 01/20/20 06:31pm Tech Issues
RE: THOR Motor Coach

I have been RV'ing since 1996. I have over 100k camping miles and WELL over 1200 camping nights in RVs. This past spring I purchased my third RV (this time new,) a 2019 Freedom Elite 23H which is the same as Four Winds 23U. The floor plan I chose is very common and offered my basically every class c manufacturer. The difference with Thor in this floor plan was they had so much more storage. Basically a full basement. That's what steered us to Thor over the other brands that had basically the same floor plan for basically the same price. I knew what I wanted as far as floor plan and this was it. Quality-wise I've had zero issues. I don't know why Thor is considered low quality online, I have nothing but positive comments about my rig. I have experience with other 2019 rigs including brands considered premium to Thor and my Thor is top quality in my experience. I can elaborate if you are interested. I love my Thor C. I will even go a step further and say my experience purchasing at Camping World was great. CW also has a terrible online reputation and that is just not my experience at all. I have nothing but good to say. Good luck in whatever you decide.
PatJ 01/19/20 09:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Coast on the uphills accelerate on the downhills

Ben says to tow in 3 instead of D for the same reason you towed in 3 with your old rig, because the GMT400 manual tells you to. For the GMT800 it says tow in D with tow mode on. Even though it is the same transmission, the software has changed significantly between the GMT400 Vortec and GMT800 LS era. The LS powertrain computer is something like 100,000 times more powerful than the GMT400 computer was. Both owner's manuals are absolutely correct the trucks are just slightly different. Just do what the manual says and you should be OK. Hopefully you had a breakthrough here, but unfortunately I think the 80 still locks up in third when in 3 (direct.) I hope I'm wrong and your right.
PatJ 01/10/20 10:56pm Towing
RE: Coast on the uphills accelerate on the downhills

I wouldn't pay to pull the tank on radiator to inspect unless it was something unique/hard to find/rare/expensive. Like you said it will probably cost more than just replacing. Just my opinion. There is probably someone smarter than me that has a way to figure what kind of exchanger is in the radiator tank without disassembling it. A small mirror in a radiator hose connection? Borescope? Drain the trans loop in the radiator and titrate fluid in to measure volume? Not sure. Hopefully there is some type of tag or identifying label somewhere on the new radiator you can google and get some info. If it comes back as being a low end radiator than I would suspect it possibly at least contributing to your problem. The fact your engine coolant is 190ish reinforces the fact your cooling is otherwise OK. GMT800 3/4T Chevy's with a tow package have an insane amount of cooling capacity compared to older trucks. A lot has to go wrong to have an issue. If you are somehow able to verify the radiator may be part of the issue, you have a two possible solutions. 1) Replace the radiator with OEM. 2) Significantly upgrade the trans cooler and route it first, before the small trans loop. If it were me I would replace the rad. On the cheapest radiator for your truck is $67, the most expensive (AC Delco) is $178. You have a very common platform and therefore quality parts are inexpensive, take advantage of that. For the Delco part look at the RPO codes to make sure it is the correct one. I'm not a rich guy but for $178 I would do it to rule it out. Even if you go to the dealer and it is $500, that's less than one payment on any 3/4 ton anything these days. Keep in mind Chevy spent a gazillion dollars designing your truck so a ditsy soccer mom could hook up her 10k pound horse trailer and pull it wherever without caring at all about shift points or coasting or lockup or anything. Again all just my opinion
PatJ 01/10/20 10:47pm Towing
RE: Coast on the uphills accelerate on the downhills

I have owned and still own a few GMT400 and GMT800 trucks both 1/2 and 3/4. Your trans should not be getting as hot as it is with the weights you are talking about and 4.10. These are my guesses as to your issue, numbered from most to least likely in my opinion: 1. Your driving style kept RPM lower than designed and therefore your converter was unlocked and you were out of torque curve. Up hills with that load and 4.10 at low highway speeds you should be locked up in at the top of 3rd. The LS will rev more than your previous Vortec did, and transmission programming has changed to reflect that. The tow/haul mode does more than just trans shift points so be sure to use it. 2. At some point the radiator was replaced with a cheap aftermarket which notoriously have a very short straight piece of restrictive copper tubing in the tank as the "trans cooler" versus the large heat exchanger section that was in the tank of the OEM radiator. If this is the case then you are basically asking the external trans cooler to do all the work and it is fairly small. There are photo comparisons online of cut-open Autozone-class replacement radiators vs. OEM class and the biggest difference is usually the ATF cooler loop inside one end. Chevy designed for significant trans cooling to happen in the radiator (more than 50%.) 3. The trans is tired or has internal issues and needs rebuilt/replaced. Luckily this is a common transmission fairly inexpensive to rebuild/replace and the GMT800 trucks are worth it, especially the 3/4T. Just my opinion/guess
PatJ 01/09/20 08:09pm Towing
RE: weight of MH

My 24 foot 1984 Lindy on Chevy chassis full of water and loaded up for a trip was just about exactly 10k. Probably had 1k pounds of water and stuff. My 2019 23 foot Thor is about 11,600 full of water and loaded for a trip including 3 people. My guess is you will be under 10k with that rig, and probably under 9k if its empty. You can still get 16.5 tires they are just a little harder to find because there a little less common. Firestone Transforce comes to mind as a reputable brand-name tire that still comes in 16.5 that is available from most any tire shop (if even by special order.) Price is not much more than equivalent 16".
PatJ 12/29/19 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: 25' 30 amp extension cord

The unfortunate thing is you can't easily tell the quality of something by looking anymore, even by price. Also brand names have much less meaning these days as almost all are licensed to Chinese manufacturers. Brand X part number Y could be manufactured by one plant on one day of decent quality, and the next lot comes from a different manufacturer and is complete ****. There are examples of this everywhere. There is also documented evidence of Amazon and Wal-Mart etc positive and negative reviews being bought and sold by overseas mass-review-writing firms. The "UL listed" hologram tag is easily counterfeited and there is documented evidence that counterfeit "UL Listed" items are sold by nationally known retailers every day. So everything is a crapshoot. Most users of this site, myself included, would pay more for a quality piece. The problem is, where do you get a quality piece? (True for almost every consumer good these days.) The $50 cord could very easily be just as good the $100 one, or even better. In my opinion the options are 1) Buy bulk good quality #10 SOOW-A (or similar SO cord) and brand name connectors from a local electrical supply house where you can be sure you are not getting counterfeit and spend $100-150 building a cord that is flexible in all temps and you can pass on to your grand kids or 2) as was already said buy the cheap one and enjoy it, repair/replace as needed.
PatJ 12/24/19 09:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Buying 2019 RAM 3500 DRW - discount expectations?

We used the ABC method...Contact 3 dealers that have the truck you want to make sure it is still available. Then email them all on the same email. Let them know you are going to buy but only from the best deal. All three should return with their offer. One will be the lowest... Has anyone ever seriously had this work for them? I tried this strategy ~15 years ago with an economy car (Ford Focus) I was paying cash for. Several people I know since have tried this with various cars, trucks, SUV, RV, farm equipment, etc. I have literally never heard a single time where this has worked. I never got a single reply from any of the dealers I contacted using this method. If it works for someone that's awesome I'd love to hear the story.
PatJ 12/07/19 10:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Yellowstone 2020

Thank you all very much for the excellent suggestions so far, and please keep them coming if you have anything else to add. We booked early understanding the altitude and possibility of winter weather, but hoping that with most kids still in school there would be less traffic (Disneyland logic.) If we're lucky our gamble will pay off. The suggestions of bikes, rental cars, and tour buses are all things I had not thought of and will research further. Thank you for those suggestions. We are definitely early risers and our plan was to generally start early and hit one major desirable attraction first-thing per day (again Disneyland logic.) Thank you for your confirmation that our plan may actually work. 4runnerguy, I would love to bring our older daughter with us on this trip and agree with you 100%. Unfortunately this is a busy time of year for our college sophomore. I hope one day she has the opportunity to first experience YS the way I did, when I was young on a summer break from school with friends. suprz, please thank your son/daughter for their service to our nation from the Jones family. Again thank you all for the tips and please keep them coming
PatJ 12/02/19 10:58pm Roads and Routes
Yellowstone 2020

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I have a family trip planned to Yellowstone in spring 2020, and would like any tips or advice from those that have recent experience in the park. About 25 years ago, I visited Yellowstone as a care-free ~20 year old. I drove my old pickup and camper from WA state with a 650 Yamaha strapped to the back. We stayed at the West Yellowstone KOA (coasted in on a summer weekend and easily got an available spot walk-in with no reservations.) We rode the bike and drove the camper around the park for a week or two (don't really remember.) There was never any issue finding a spot to camp, finding a parking spot, traffic, etc. This was August. That is my only experience with the park. Memorial Day weekend 2020, my wife and I have a spot reserved at the same West Yellowstone KOA for a week. We will be bringing our 2019 "23 foot" (24'10" actual bumper-to-bumper) class C. We are also bringing our 8 year old daughter (the 18 year old is too cool to camp with mom and dad anymore.) We are experienced campers/travelers. From my reading it seems a lot has changed in 25 years. Based on searches and trip reports it seems it is much much busier. We do not have a toad so we will be driving our class c into the park for daily excursions. We are fine with long days driving with many stops, but based on my reading we may have issues even simply finding a place to pull off with an RV for an hour to eat. Of course we would love to show our daughter Old Faithful, the paint pots, etc. But we will need a place to park... I am seeking any tips/input from those more experienced with sight-seeing in the park in recent years. My biggest concerns now are traveling in the motorhome. Is there still room to pull off occasionally? Is there space to park at the major attractions in a (slightly) oversize vehicle? I welcome any tips tricks advice or thoughts. Thank you in advance.
PatJ 12/01/19 11:07pm Roads and Routes
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