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RE: Getting My Mail on the Road

Do RV parks accommodate such services when, for example, your stay is an extended one, say, a month? Many to most do not. Accepting mail for other persons gets a park into having to comply with US postal regulations on retention, security, forwarding, etc. Most don't want to bother with it. And it is a nightmare at times. Can one have mail sent "General Delivery" to and be held by a local Post Office for pick-up? If so, how long will they hold it? I can imagine that when one knows where one is headed, and when, one can arrange for mail to sent ahead of time, for retrieval when I arrive, but for those of us who travel on the fly, fluidity is key when a specific date one would arrive isn't yet known... Most US Post Offices can accept General Delivery, and it will be held for x number of days. I don't know the current number, or if it is across the entire system. Is such a dilemma easily handled? Or will I encounter a challenging issue here? I believe you are overthinking this. First. Do you really want to change your official address every time you change campgrounds? Which might impact your driver's license, your place of voting, your taxes, etc. We changed our official residence and domicile from the home we sold in north Texas near Dallas to Escapees in Livingston, TX. We vote in Livingston, we pay taxes in Livingston, my vehicles are registered in Livingston. We have had no trouble having mail forwarded in over 6 years of full-timing. But twice we had to make multi-hundred mile drives to pick up mail we have forwarded and had to change our travel plans - the first one for a mechanical problem with the truck, and the second for a funeral. We have gotten post office boxes in two places, Big Bend National Park, and Thomaston, CT - when we volunteered for several months in those places. Used those PO for mail forwarded by Escapee's mainly for convenient access to the PO box rather than the locked mail rooms at both hosting locations. Another friend spent five months in 2015 traveling from Texas to Alaska and back. They simply had their local PO hold all of their mail. Nothing important was expected and nothing was missed. If your longest away time is an estimated month or six weeks - just have your post office hold the mail until you get back - provided you can go on-line and pay such things as the local water bill and electric bill. Ask yourself if you really NEED to receive a particular piece of paper every month, or such. If the answer is no - don't bother with forwarding mail. I'm also assuming you do not have anyone close who could come by your residence and pick up your mail, check on the place, every couple of days.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/13/20 11:11am General RVing Issues
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

It will be outside, on his patio. It's a joke....
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/13/20 08:44am Around the Campfire
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

My wife's son says he is limited to 6 guests for Thanksgiving. But 25 can attend a funeral. So his is having a funeral on Nov 26 for his turkey at his home.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/13/20 08:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

The fun in distributing the virus is still to come. I would not have any faith that the administration can handle the task. Excellent story on 60 Minutes last Sunday (Nov 8) on the US Army General running the program to ship the vaccine out, track distribution and such. Transcript of the story
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/10/20 11:34am Snowbirds
RE: Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral

There is a Publix about 3 miles south of there on A1A/Atlantic Ave. If that is too far to ride, check out Space Coast Area Transit -
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/10/20 10:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: banking when full timing

We are Chase customers, have used our cards across the country. Some places don't have a Chase. So we use the RVers friend ATM - Walmart. But $2 of a soda and get $60 cash back. Almost never use a real ATM. Grocery stores are nice also for cash back. We also save a few hundred dollars on fuel purchase each year with Safeway and Kroger discount cards. Both have many additional brands - Safeway - Albertsons and Tom Thumb Kroger - Fred Meyer, Frys, others. BoA is just as good and wide spread as Chase. PS - learn to use their app. We have deposited a couple insurance checks and others using the phone app. No need to go to the bank for a deposit. Just take pictures of the check, and file it away/ shred it.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/09/20 09:22pm Full-time RVing
RE: Nascar Follies

Failed pre-race inspection twice for the championship race !!!! Someone at Hendrick Motorsports Sports needs to find a new job.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/08/20 01:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: Veterans Day free Admission

National Parks Service Page on Veterans Day
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/08/20 01:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reality of RV length restrictions?

Amazing data - Thank you But the data is incomplete. The Vermont COE Park was reserve able through reserveamerica/ We reserved an E/W site and stayed there in Aug 2015. Louisiana has several federal campgrounds, but Beaver Dam campground on Caney Lake north of Minden, a few miles from I-20 is the only one with reserve able sites. Most of them are able to handle very large RVs. The COE has one CG with 50amp/water sites in that area - Tom Merrill near the Bodcau Bayou Dam (only holds water during floods) about 20 sites last time I walked through it. There are several boondocking sites between there up to the Arkansas border on Bodcau (also called Bodcaw). Grew up in that area.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/07/20 07:35pm Full-time RVing
RE: Sharing our location/travels with others

I've seen everything from FB wide open to a private blog that a person must request approval to see/ access. We use FB, but I restrict my posts to my 'friends'. Once publicly defriended a second cousin of mine who made a copy of one of my post and shared it widely. But we do not say every place we visit, when we arrived, when we plan to leave. Often we post pictures of where we are, after we have left. And FB, and political parties, seemed to think we should vote in Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana and Arkansas this year. I guess the left too many traces of our travels in data that could be mined. Of course, it might have been Gas Buddy or Accu-Weather which they mined for tracking our travels.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/07/20 06:18pm Full-time RVing
RE: Reality of RV length restrictions?

The reality is that there is no consistency. In general, the larger the rig, the more places you cannot take it. No way we can get our 36' TT into Mount Rainer NP campgrounds. Personally, I think I can, having walked the main two CG when they were closed. But I've been told on this forum and at the park that my TT would be stopped at the entrance, measured, and I would be turned around and sent out of the park. Ok, there are several alternates in that area, and we enjoyed several day visits to the park during ouf time in that area. Many full-timers prefer to stay outside the parks in order to have full-hook up facilities. We stayed outside Yosemite due to lack of available spots in the park. Two friends contacted the folks at Yellowstone 18 months ahead of their planned visit, and were able to work out a nice 2 week stay, dry camping in their 44' tag axle motorhome, in the Bridge Bay CG. We had two weeks notice before our route changes made a short visit to Yellowstone possible, so we stayed in West Yellowstone. The places were worth the trips, flexibility is the key, and for really popular parks, try to plan far ahead.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/07/20 09:01am Full-time RVing
RE: Planning travel

It is true that some of the places RVers want to go like Death Valley, Yellowstone, Yosemite and others can often only be accessed by roads many of us would describe as 'hairy'. It is part of the learning curve. Research, slow down, take your time.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/07/20 08:54am General RVing Issues
RE: 50 years today

Congratulations to your wife for her patience, and to you also. DW can be trying at times. Guess you think you found a keeper.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/06/20 08:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

Okay prediction time I hope it is Chase Elliott who takes the Championship.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/06/20 02:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: travel during covid

We aren't afraid, but as full-timers, and elderly with several underlying health conditions - making our semi-annual doctor appointments is important. We will travel, but in August I could not get reliable information on campsite availabilities in Utah and Colorado, so we stayed several extra weeks in Arizona before coming back to Texas. We never saw crowded campgrounds, except near Flagstaff and Alpine, TX. New Mexico closing their state parks, then only allowing state residents cost me close to $100 when the state cancelled my paid reservations, and does not refund the $12 per reservation booking fee. Texas State Parks were impossible to get into on our way back. We adapt.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/05/20 03:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: travel during covid

We finally broke out of Texas at the end of June, managed almost 3 months in Arizona (I know, crazy time of year to go there - but we got to see granddaughter who lives with her mother there for the first time in over 3 years and some cousins). I was having to deal with state park closures, travel restrictions and such at least once a week. Even when we headed back to Texas twice we had to seek alternate RV parks, either because of closures or too full. Going to stay in the Texas area rather than go to Florida this winter. Well, we have a granddaughter wedding in Miami on Mar 27, but have to be back in Texas a few days later for another family event. Too far to drive too long day after day for me. We will fly. If we are not in another COVID lockdown.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/05/20 10:56am General RVing Issues
RE: I am now "terricited"

Amazing trip. I'm jealous. Our Alaska cruise was amazing, even thought it was a big liner. Of course the only comparison had to that was January in the North Pacific near Alaska on the USS Midway.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/03/20 03:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

BTW if he passed Kyle it would have been 3 way tie and Kevin and Brad would be in, which wouldn't be fair either considering Denny's record. Yes, it was that close. One spot would have put Harvick into the final four. And Keslowski out. If Keslowski had gotten one more spot, if Logano had slowed enough to let him past, and Harvick got past Kyle Bush, Hamlin would have been on the outside. If Hamlin had lost one spot on the final lap, Harvick was in and Hamlin out. ====================== People on this forum, and every other racing forum, complained about the old system where Harvick would have been locked into the season title back in September. Fans hated the last four, five or six races of the year being just fillers for some of the secondary positions in points. The best team in the regular season in football, college or pro, is not guaranteed a spot in the final championship game. Nor basketball, college or pro Nor baseball, nor hockey. Not even individual events like the olympics or tennis or golf. The NASCAR championship is for the WHOLE SEASON, which also means the playoffs. Harvick was simple, his team is not the best team in NASCAR in the playoffs, and it hurt. Now, with 16 cup teams making the chase, I feel NASCAR has become like the NBA where too many teams are in the playoffs. Go back to 12, and four races at each cut level. With three races per level, one bad race can hurt too much. JMHO, I could be wrong.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/02/20 10:31am Around the Campfire

I vastly prefer a stand-alone RV GPS. We actually have two, a Rand-McNally which I like because of several additional features such as fuel mileage tracking. Also we have a GARMIN. I find Garmin traffic superior to any other system, even Google Maps or WAZE - because it works on traffic on my route, and KNOWS my 60 ft total length cannot go onto normal city streets most of the time. I do not care about the major traffic delays on another freeway. The MAIN reason though is that I tell the GPS the route I want to take. Seldom to I take the GPS recommended route without checking it over closely. They are made to accept my alternative waypoints to shape the route. I do sit down the night before travel every time and look over the route with the GPS and some checking with my cell phone, and a map, maybe electronic or paper. For longer tows into areas where I have not been in a few years, or have never been - I check state DOT websites for information on construction on the planned route. I used Google or Bing Maps and look at the satellite views of major freeway intersections, looking for changes which even apps which Google Maps do not seem to know about. I've seen Google more than once route me though a major freeway intersection to go upon ramps which are no longer present, miss new ramps which are visible in the Satellite View. The key is that you be comfortable with the device/app, and have a system what you use to ASSIST you in keeping track of where you are and the next turn. Your co-pilot should also be familiar with the system so the driver does not have to make adjustments to the device. If you miss a turn and feel you are going the wrong way or such. STOP (off of a freeway) and then look at the tools available to help you.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/02/20 09:47am Roads and Routes
RE: Anyone know anything about Thousand trails? Good or bad

TT does NOT work for a lot of people. It is a different animal to normal camping. 1) DO NOT LOOK FOR A RESALE MEMBERSHIP AT YOUR STAGE OF INTEREST. You do not understand the system, the parks, how they work, how the booking system works, etc. TT has dozens of different plans, types of membership. You do not want to get locked into something which turns out to be less than other folks have, paying more than them. I strongly recommend a visit to a TT park to look around, not camping yet. Preferably two or three parks. Look at the restrooms, the common use facilities, etc. With COVID restrictions, it is challenging, but look also for sites marked out of service, permanent sites with long term residents. Are those sites kept clean? Even such things as are the signs clearly painted or aged beyond being able to read, grass mowed, landscaping kept up, etc. Then if you are still interested I recommend a 3 day weekend stay at a park (preserve or resort are names they use, but it is really just a mid-level RV park). The stay will be a bit expensive, but a bit of extra expense for 3 days and deciding it is not for you is a whole lot better than spending a few thousand and deciding it is not for you. If you like that, but a ONE YEAR Zone Pass for the region where you plan to visit. Don't let them hook you with and easy payment plan and a three year commitment to buy a Zone Pass every year. Then see if using the system works well with your plans. USE the system. Frankly anyone not planning to be in TT parks at least 45-60 days per year is wasting their money in my opinion. With TT it is always easy to upgrade to a higher level plan. Extremely difficult to downgrade, or to cancel out in the first few years of a plan. We are happy full-timers for 7 years, TT for 4 years. Frankly TT is cheaper for us because my son and daughter and 4 grandchildren live in the Dallas area. DW son and 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren live in Orlando/ Fort Lauderdale. DW daughter and 2 grandchildren and 1 gread grandchild live near Portland OR. The other granddaughter who lives with her mother is near Phoenix. ALL of those locations are relatively close to TT campgrounds and associated Encore Trails Connection Parks.
PawPaw_n_Gram 11/02/20 09:32am Full-time RVing
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