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RE: Full-time and don't/didn't like it?

Maybe I will need a home base at some point. Almost no chance we will ever buy, or live in, a stand alone home again. Frankly, RV is almost too big for DW to keep up to her standard of cleanliness. It really hurt me to sell that big rolling Craftsman Tool Chest, and my power tools. Didn't bother me at all to sell the lawn mower. That was a celebration event.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/30/20 10:29am General RVing Issues
2020 Crisis Joke

Please post any Virus related comments in the Virus 'Sticky' at the top of this forum: The humor is needed there. Thank you.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/29/20 10:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Camper got hailed on last night

About four years ago we got hit in a hailstorm outsie Dallas. The roof held up very well. The outer layer of the shower skylite was holed. Several plastic items around the trailer were damaged. Clearance light covers, TV input cover, etc. Insurance adjuster took off her shoes and walked over the roof covering basically every square inch. She found no tears or cuts in the roof fabric. Felt no weakend spots. My TT has fiberglass sides and no damage except two pieces of the graphics wre damaged. Lower aluminum skirting was dimpled quite a bit on the upwind side. Several rigs were totaled in the COE . A 'SportsCoach' Class A DP a hundred feet from us had both AC's basically destroyed. Covers torn apart. Coils bend and holed. We were very lucky. Now my truck, another matter. First estimate was $4,200. Final bill which required two long stays in the shop, for almost 65 days - Was over $14,000.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/29/20 07:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Corpus Christi/Rockport/North Padre

I don't know all the parks in detail, but almost everywhere I've been does not have an actual view of the Gulf from the campground. There is a dune running almost all the way up the coast, and the campgrounds are behind the dune. There are a few places on the islands where someone camp on the actual beach, but they are (1) boondocking with no hookups ro facilities of any kind, and (2) not for heavy rigs, probably less than 6,000 lbs. would be bests.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/28/20 01:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Full-time and don't/didn't like it?

Over six years of full-timing, we've met a few people who decided it wasn't for them. Most people who do that do so in the first year or so. One of our best friends decided after three years, that though they loved being on the road, the needed to be 'home' to help with the grandchildren. Felt they were missing too much of them growing up. We also know quite a few folks who have 'aged out' of the full-time lifestyle, or been forced out for medical reasons. But I'm met only one or two that regretted the decision to go full-time after coming off the road.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/28/20 08:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Propane Switch: Was Red, Now Green

Well, 82 yesterday on Lake Tawakoni. 52 this morning. I've seen temp variations like that make the cutover switch go from empty to full and back several times in the past six years of full-timing. I always take the 'empty tank' off the trailer and get it refilled. Some times it only will take 6.5 or 6.6 gallons in that situation, rather than 6.8 as is normal. I've never replaced the switch. When it shows empty, plan to fill it at the first opportunity. And 84 degrees today might make it flip flop again.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/25/20 06:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Well, They gone and done it

a plastic pink flamingo outside the rig.:) We have four. Buying last house about 14 years ago ask the real estate agent if the HOA had any unusual no-no's. She said no pink flamingos. It was a joke. But as a retired sailor, I took that as a challenge, and found some. Came with us when we sold the house. I was scheduled for my semi-annual haircut Tuesday, but Dallas County closed the hair places. I won't go anywhere else. With a four inch wide part, I need someone who understand my hair to cut it. Never liked really short hair. But wife says I will trim beard short tonight, or sleep outside.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/25/20 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Closing campgrounds and no where to go

He mentioned private campgrounds. Unlike some people from the western states, Old Biscuit understands that federal land boondocking isn't available in a lot of states east of the Rockies.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/25/20 04:43pm Full-time RVing
RE: RV living and registering child for 1st grade.

Never mind. On my soap box again.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/25/20 04:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV living and registering child for 1st grade.

As mentioned above - each state laws may be a bit different. Someone living in a state like Florida or Texas with tens of thousands of people, and their kids, living in RV parks as full-time residents. Not really a big deal. Another state with very few people doing that - maybe a bigger burdern of proof as to what is the parents/ guardians real residence/ domicile.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/25/20 02:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

I've seen stories on BBC about the Scottish and other islands closing themselves to RV's and tent campers. So many flocked to the islands that they overwhelmed and overcrowded the few campgrounds, beach boondocking sites, etc. Ferries were being limited to only island permanent residents inbound. Fees waived of lowered for folks with RVs leaving. I would not be surprised if that was happening many other places in Europe. Spain, Portugal, Atlantic and Med coasts of France, Italy are all popular with 'caravanners'. So is Croatia. Bit early in the year for most of those, but...
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/25/20 02:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Wylie has less than 3,000 people the first time I went through there. When we sold our house and went full-time, Wylie's over 45,000 would have made it the tenth largest city in Arkansas, and Garland has many more people than Little Rock.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/25/20 10:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

PawPaw_n_Gram 03/25/20 06:18am General RVing Issues
RE: waffle house

About ten days ago, watching panic buying near Houston. Someone said "You would think a hurricane is coming." Got real unhappy this morning that IHOP is only doing takeout in the Dallas area. Pancakes and such will travel and reheat well. Sunnyside up eggs don't.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/24/20 05:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

My doctor today strongly disagrees with you. We went in for our semi-annual checkup in a northeast Dallas suburb this morning. He is a staunch right wing supporter of the Republicans, Trump and Gregg Abbot (TX Governor). He was ranting about TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick's statements yesterday that the country needs to get back to work, and that we can live with an increased infection and death rate rather than damage the economy. Dr was very emphatic that no one has a good idea what this really is yet. How to stop it, and that this is spreading much faster and worse than anything the US has ever seen. On the eventual sickness and effect, he says he sees nothing that would stop this short of 50,000 deaths, minimum. Would nto be surprised to see five to ten times that if we stop our efforts to minimize contact. This is a guy who thinks Trump is god and Pelosi the devil. When we arrived, one window at the office (a stand alone building) was open. They took our names and told us to wait in our vehicle until we got a text. Took us straight into a checkup room. We were not allowed to be in the hallway when another patient was there. Diabetes tests, urine samples, blood work, we were escorted from one to the next. Very strange. And they only see 'wellness' checks in the morning. Anyone with any problems is seen in the afternoon, and more isolation. So far they have seen no COVID-19 cases. Three patients asked to be checked for the virus, and were referred to Dallas County Health Department. Saturday, we visited daughter and her family after winter in the RGV. Three of her four children, one boyfriend and her husband. Eight in all. It is almost #2 grandson's 18th birthday, a small party. Today after Dr, we stopped by for 10-15 minutes to drop off something we picked up in Mexico for her, but forgot to bring Saturday. About two hours later, she sent us a text. She worked in a large building last week. Work from home started yesterday. She has been informed that someone on her floor in the building has tested positive for COVID-19. She, and everyone she has been in contact with since the middle of last week needs to go into 14-days self-quarantine. Most concerned about her almost 24 year old daughter who is 5 months pregnant with my first great granddaughter. So far this has been rougher on pregnant women than any group, even us old farts. ---------------------------------------------------------------- On the OP and the original topic. I've seen nothing about stopping truckers traveling normal routes and such in states with lock down orders. But I would say an internet forum is one of the worst places to try to get accurate policy information. (Facebook is worse). Policies are changing daily, hourly in some cases. In about two weeks, there will be some clarity to the situation. Unless you have to move right now, try to stay put. If you have to go now, call the state police and ask them what is the rule in their state for through travelers.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/24/20 04:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Multi month trip planning

The thing is that all these methods are tools. And like all tools they are extremely useful in the hands of someone who understand how to use them. And dangerous in the hands of someone who doesn't want to be bothered to learn how to use them. That's the problem I have with many internet tools. They are so easy to use that many people, my granddaughter for one, don't bother to look at the whole route picture. To understand the potential faults. Not learning how a tool works, it's strengths and its weaknesses, is how people get down dead end roads with 60' long rigs. Or drive into a lake. I like my method of planning, and you are very welcome to yours. I enjoy the level of planning that I do, and I'm sure it is excessive and a waste of time in almost everyone else's mind. Now when I'm not towing, well my wife calls some of my trips 'adventures'. Sometimes there isn't a ditch, or much more than two faint tracks across a field. We have fun. Some routes I drive so much that I'm sure the truck can find it's way without me. And many others are the first, and probably the only time, I will ever travel that road. The goal is to enjoy life's journeys, and be flexible enough to stop and smell the roses when you have the opportunity. Safe travels.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/23/20 08:07pm Roads and Routes
A little break

Found this on a aviation oriented forum that I frequent. Mostly aviation oriented, but also some neat views on today. Coffee and Pretzels
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/23/20 11:45am Around the Campfire
RE: What to do this spring

TT, KM and RPI are all commercial RV parks. We are in Texas and TT members, also Trail's Connection and RPI. I don't forsee anything like happened in Pennsylvania where commercial RV parks were ordered closed. But even there - residential use of the campgrounds is allowed. I do know that TT has been waving the length of stay limits for some people on their contracts. The company wants to accomodate their base membership for as long as possible. They know that this is a stressful time for everyone, looking at the future. None of my reservations have been cancelled. We are mainly staying in the Dallas area. In fact, I've modified my reservations to be in TT parks for times that my COE reservations have been cancelled. I would say that Thunderbird would be a bad idea to try to get to, or Tall Chief. Chehalis and Paradise are more isolated with only small communities around. If you are interested in Crescent Bar or Leavenworth, try to make a reservation if your booking window allows. Since they are across the Cascades from the Seattle area, they should not be in the virus hot spots. Expect heavy usage of parks like Sunset - but that is normal every year. Personally, I prefer Long Beach over Sunset. But my very favorite, Whaler's Rest, is also very hard to book any summer. Bend is often busy in the summer. Those of us who use TT as our major parks each year tend to want our bookings at the start of our individual reservation window. This is an uncertain time right now. Try not to stress out too much over the uncertainty. In a few weeks, the situation will stabilize a bit more. By mid-May, we should know what to expect over the summer months, and into the fall and next winter. Remember shutting down campgrounds at the state level isn't just impacting RVers. That also means shutting down motels, hotels, casinos and such. It is a huge economic disruption. As much as I hate to say it, the country cannot be completely locked down, even for a major epidemic. People will start to starve in their homes, and parents will take action rather than watch their children die. Grandparents like me also. God will see us through this. Maybe the full-time, maybe even the part-time weekend warrior, RV lifestyle will disappear. We will get through it. No one every promised the world won't change. Hate to see that happen. No idea how the money would work out for us, but we will do what has to be done. We are going to be in the Dallas area until at least mid-June, even though summer and 90+ temps usually start in mid-April. That is a commitment to some other people. And we are expecting a new great granddaughter in July. the lengths some people will go to in order to make me suffer through July and August in Dallas. :-( So I have four TT and 2 RPI campgrounds open to me. In June, I expect to be able to go to Tennessee and Mammoth Cave. Have a little hope and faith. Last time we were on the west coast in the spring, campgrounds and roads were being closed almost daily due to flooding. Our reservations got completely redone and itinerary modified several times to deal with the uncertainty. The folks at the reservations center did a wonderful job of finding openings for us, sometimes juggling six bookings to make the trip work. I'm sure they are doing things like that now. Next time you are on I-10 near Pascagoula, MS, stop by the reservations center and say Hello/ Thank you. We did. And a big plate of cookies and brownies, even from the local Walmart, was greatly appreciated.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/23/20 11:27am Full-time RVing
RE: Groceries

Some things are in plentiful supply - green beans and peas seem to stay on the shelves or in the freezer case in Texas. Some things totally gone due to panic buying. With kids home from school entering the third week I can understand cereal, cookies and such. Bread. I can kind of understand why fresh chicken and beef almost non-existant, but turkey and pork plentiful. Sausage abundant. Peanut butter rationed - 1 or 2 per family in most stores.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/23/20 08:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

Watched most of the 'race' today. Did enjoy the shots of the different setups drivers have. Some are at home, many are at the shop. Several wrecks looked to me like a lack of tactile feedback. i.e. driver could not feel the car loose or tight with his body. More than one racer has told me that he starts correcting when his bottom feels the car get out of shape. Often before his mind recognizes what is happening. Also appears no one acting as spotter, nor an out fo the car view for the driver. Some very interesting things. The program lets cars run at same speed/ time lap after lap, until one driver pits for tires. Then all cars without new tires see their lap times drop by 3 seconds if the guy too four tires, a bit less if he took only two tires.
PawPaw_n_Gram 03/22/20 08:18pm Around the Campfire
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