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RE: Nascar Follies

I thought Ricky Craven made a good comment about Jimmie and the two near identical 'mistakes'. Ricky said that looking back, he realized that his depth perception had started to decrease and his ability to respond to the movements of the car quickly had decreased at least a year before he decided to retire. This was especially evident during night races. Aging is an enemy that no one can defeat. Jimmie might be beginning to show some signs. Of course to a normal person, such tiny changes would not matter. Just that losing a tiny bit of visual acuity or a tiny bit of slower reaction process can easily make the difference and cause a wreck at those speeds. No doubt that Jimmie is one of the all-time greats, but he is 43 years old.
PawPaw_n_Gram 02/16/19 07:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

A bigger loss today is the end of Jayski. They are calling it quits after 22 years and turning everything over to the RSPN staff.
PawPaw_n_Gram 01/28/19 11:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Just taking an informal Rv sales poll

If you don't travel the interstates and drive through small towns like we do, it is easy to spot a new RV park on bare gravel. Of course a lot of signs that say "No overnight stays" "Monthly RVs only" "No stay less than 30 days" "Two weeks minimum stay" are a hint. Sitting outside Dallas today for our yearly round of doctors appts, I've seen fourteen new RV parks in the last two year between north Dallas, Gainesville, Bonham, Greenville rectangle. None of them are on the RVParky or AllStays app, and the park owners do not want to be listed. I even saw two other parks last week, parks that have been in business at least ten years that I know of who have moved from normal RV parks to monthly only. Both of those are on RV Parky and AllStays. Stopped and talked to one owner. He said the long term market is just too good now. My Good Sam group has stopped camping at two other parks we have visited for years, because they no longer take less than monthly rentals. Do you remember a thread a year or two ago by a guy whose friends were wanting to build such a park in the hills west of San Antonio? I think I found it last March. Up and running, near exactly as he described it on this forum. Though there were about four new ones in that area about 100 miles square, so that one might not have been him. You told him over and over his economic model would not work. But he kept insisting it would. I bet he's got it up and running with 10-15 spaces to start. Jobs are growing, but what kind of jobs. In Texas and the south jobs in construction, welders, small manufacturing are going to illegals. More jobs are being transitioned from employed by a company to being employed by a sub-contractor. That way the subcontractor is responsible for I-9/EVerify and not the manufacturing company. If ICE raids the place, many of the picked up illegal workers are back at work a couple days later. Working for a new subcontracting company under a new name. Also, the jobs move from full-time with health and retirement contributions to about 2/3 to 3/4 old pay rates with no benefits. Toyota new major office building in the DFW area is a huge story. Less than 20% of the 'new jobs' the company will bring to the area are new hires in the 60-100K range. Almost all the 'good jobs' are people being brought in. The vast majority of 'new jobs' for local people are under 35K per year pay. But what is the most sought after new 'business' in Texas - Buc-ee's. It's a super gas station with all sorts of food products and souvenir type items. About 80-100 temp employees, 10-15 FTE at each new location. IMHO those type jobs don't build a strong economy and train people for a future of full employment. However, they do bring in a lot of sales taxes for the community they settle in. Not much school taxes though with a 10 or 15 year property tax abatement normal. The 'poverty belt' has always been there. But what is occurring is that people who used to have the lower end jobs are being squeezed out of affordable housing. I'm just saying that I'm seeing many people who used to have to live in poor apartments moving to RVs. Which is helping drive RV sales. That is all.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/11/18 11:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Best (aka) easiest route from Tacoma to Sequim

If you cross the Cascades on I-90 into Seattle, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge on WA-16 is your best bet. The limited access highway through the Kitsap Peninsula will be minimum delays, though traffic will be moderately busy. I-5 from a bit north of Tacoma down past the turnoff to WA-16 is the worst construction/ traffic currently in the state. And is going to be for years as the rebuilt of the section through Fort Lewis/McCord AFB gets started. Personally I'd prefer coming across the Cascades on US-12 and up I-5 to Olympia to US-101. An alternate of US-2 and the ferry might have the easiest traffic, and might not. It will certainly be the most expensive. Before getting to the ferry terminal, unhook the toad and have the wife drive it separately. Cheaper than towing it which adds to total vehicle length. Also, do not take US-2 westbound on a Sunday. A year ago people were seeing 8 to 12 hour drives from Leavenworth to Monroe on US-2 eastbound on Sunday afternoons.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/11/18 07:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Just taking an informal Rv sales poll

South of Saint Louis Missouri I did a bad job of defining the area. I should have said If you draw a line across the country even with St Louis Missouri, the area south of that line and mostly east of the Rockies The biggest regions I've seen the growth of long-term residents only RV parks is in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama. More of those parks the farther south a person goes until about 150 miles from the Gulf Coast. Though I have seen a few in California and Washington State within the past two years. Yes, some parts of the economy are doing well. But the gap between the population doing well and the population falling closer and closer to poverty is growing. That is in my opinion where many new RVs are going. Travel trailers under $40,000 list price, low 30's sale price. I've even seen dealers who deliver new and used purchases to such an RV park. People buying them who do not own a vehicle capable of towing the trailer. Those small travel trailers under 32 or 33 feet in length appear to be the largest numbers being sold to me.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/11/18 06:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Just taking an informal Rv sales poll

The manufacturers are telling their stockholders that they can barely keep up with the demand for new RVs. Yes that are a lot of them sitting on dealer lots, on resale lots. What I'm seeing most in regions south of St Louis is an increasing number of small 20-40 sized RV parks being built. They are bare bones gravel lots with no amenities except a small two or three washer / dryer laundry. They are intended for full-time residents who never travel. My personal opinion is that much of the growth in new RV sales is not for recreation, but as a primary residence for young families with no money for a home or apartment. Middle ages families squeezed out of homes or apartments by being unable to afford that housing any longer with low wage jobs and poor skill levels. Older families and seniors without an income to support traditional housing. Those long term residents are in the new near slums, and more and more people are being forced to that as the only option to being completely homeless.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/09/18 07:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Voices

Once I was privileged to sit at a large table and listen to a man with the most generic voice I've ever heard. But when he was working, he was amazing. His name was Mel Blanc.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/09/18 03:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hurricane Florence Evacuation

The Tarboro area has been significantly flooded in the past. My son was once married to a girl from that area. Heavy hurricane driven rains as far away as the area north of Raleigh-Durham could flood out the Tar River. 50 miles inland should mitigate any wind damage, if you can find an area with no tall trees around. But flooding 300 miles from the coming ashore point can cause deaths in damage. In 1969 Hurricane Camille hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast with 175 mph winds. 143 people died as a result of the storm in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana on Aug 18, 1969. The evening/ night of Aug 19-20 - the storm dropped rains on West Virginia and mainly central Virginia. 153 people died in the flooding in and around Nelson County, Virginia. Distance from landfall might mitigate wind damage. But make sure anyplace your evacuate her to is safe from possible flooding. That is always the more dangerous impact from a hurricane.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/09/18 12:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: NFL concussions.....Back to the 1930's ?

IMHO like a lot of things, today's emphasis on concussions only reflects better reporting, treatment and a better understanding of the causes. It is not that there were fewer concussions in the past. It is just that concussions were not reported, diagnosed or tracked. If a player got a hit to the head, was vomiting, dizzy and unable to see clearly - he was told to "Man Up" and keep playing 'back in the day'. Looking at this list Football Deaths In the NFL section I see 2 deaths in the 60's from neck injuries that occurred during a game. In the College section I see 7 deaths between 1930 and 1939 that occurred due to an injury in a game, though some were freshman vs varsity games. There are two college deaths from contact during a game or practice since 2010. Yes, today's players are armored up and feel their body can take more punishment. But that armor also protects them from a lot of dangerous and potentially fatal injuries.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/09/18 11:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Topper and Vent Options Offered By Dealer for New Purchase

This trailer had toppers for the slides. I've never had noise problems in almost 5 years and 46 different states. The vents for my first TT did not have vent covers. In a modest rain, water would leak in through the vents. We had to make sure we covered the vents whenever we were away from the TT for a day trip. More than once we left on a hot no cloud in the sky no prediction of rain day, leaving the vents open and returned to a wet bed and wet floor in the TT. I purchased MaxxAir II Vent covers for the three vents in this TT for about $40 each. They were the easiest thing I've ever installed on my RV.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/09/18 08:26am General RVing Issues
RE: TT's

I have no idea how widespread it is - but the place I bought my TT charges $155 per hour labor. They get $90 from Forest River they get less from some other RV manufacturers. I also understand Dometic pays $87.50 no matter what make of trailer the faulty component is installed in. Another thing. I had my Suburban furnace repaired 10 months ago, it was done under an ExtraRide Extended Warranty which the dealership sold to me. Those repairs were done at $80 per hour for labor. I've also heard that some manufacturers are trying to go to the automobile labor standards. If your transmission fails and has to be replaced under warranty from Ford, Chevy, Dodge - the book list X hours for labor for the repair/ replacement. That is what the car dealership gets for the repair, no more, no less. How many hours work is actually done has no bearing on how much the dealership gets paid under warranty. So of course, the dealership shop foreman urges his workers to speed up, cut corners is possible, all to make a 4 hour repair take 3 hours.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/07/18 09:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: TT's

1. Have you ever purchased a car "out of state". It is pretty much the same deal as far as service, and don't forget you will have to pay home state sales taxes, though many (or most) states have agreements so that you only pay the higher state sales tax of the two states. Warranty issues - most RV dealers do not do a good job of working on warranty repairs for a model they sell purchased elsewhere. In general, a lot of people are unhappy with warranty repair. The dealer I purchased my TT from has seven outlets in Texas and the time's I've gone in, they have been very quick to work on mine. Also remember a TT is not like an automobile. The basic frame and fittings are warrantied by the TT manufacturer. The slide mechanism is warrantied by the company which built the mechanism (often Lippert), the axles are warrantied by the axle mfr, the fridge, stove, furnace, water pump, water heater, microwave, television - are all warrantied by the different companies which manufactured them. I once was in Florida in late Feb and the water pump was acting up. The company which built the pump would only authorize a diagnostic visit to one RV dealer in Fort Lauderdale. That dealer had a 2 to 3 month waiting list before I could pull the trailer on their lot. Then it would be at the end of the line of at least 100 other rigs before they could look at the trailer/ water pump. That would be another 2-4 months. If they found there was an issue, they would contact the MFR and see if they would authorize a repair - at least another month. For a less than 1 hour repair. 5 to 9 months wait time. I paid a mobile RV service technician $200 to buy a new water pump and install it. For things like hinges coming loose, screws coming out of fittings - buy a couple square head screwdrivers and take care of them yourself. 2. Maybe. Basically older campgrounds like many national parks and US Forest Service parks have not updated the roads and camping spots, so they do have length limits. Many newer or rehabbed parks can hold any size rig. Often it is not the length of the site, but the length of the rig that needs to be turned around trees, rocks and other obstacles. I have a 36' TT and a 22' long pickup to tow it. Seldom in the 46 states we have visited in that rig have I had to choose an alternate campground. But I now have a lot of experience towing and parking the rig, so I can get into places now that I could not have gotten into with my first trailer which was 10' shorter than this one. Experience towing and parking the trailer is important.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/07/18 11:23am Beginning RVing
RE: Yellowstone info

Entrance for best non-NPS campgrounds - West Yellowstone is by far the best for FHU options, also for USFS dry camping and some limited utilities camping. South has limited options for FHU camping. East - no camping close and a huge climb to the park, North East - beautiful amazing scenic highway - several hours drive to FHU campgrounds North limited options for FHU Time of year - I prefer September after Labor Day - families are largely gone and almost everything is open. Planning a early summer arrival is always iffy because of weather - my experience that whenever I plan a trip at the start of a season, that is the year the cold and snow lingers on into summer. The year I don't go early, snow is gone by May 1 and the place is crowded before Memorial Day. One warning about September. Smoke from fires will always be thicker and obstruct move scenic distance views of some great mountains. However, IMHO there is NEVER a bad time to go to Yellowstone. Yes, snow or smoke might restrict some views and access to some parts of the park, but whatever is open and viewable during any visit is absolutely amazing.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/07/18 07:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Health insurance

All insurance is a bet you make that you hope to lose.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/06/18 07:13am General RVing Issues
RE: 411 Walnut St "residents" ineligible to vote?

The push to purge the rolls of voters will continue. The fewer people that actually vote, the less money that has to be spent to campaign and the more likely incumbents will be re-elected. There is an issue in retirement heavy states like Florida and Texas with people moving to the state, and not de-registering to vote in their old state. A few full-timers I know from Oregon before moving their domicile to Texas received an Oregon ballot in the mail in 2016. Back when I was in the Navy for 20 years, many of my peers used mail services in Florida and Texas as their official residence. Because there were no longer family members left in their hometowns. I'm suspect a lot of the longer serving or career members of the military do that today. One way that Escapee's has dealt with the issue on the Texas state level is to tie the full-time traveling RV'er to the way the military servicemen and women from Texas are treated. The original bill a couple years back about in-state vehicle inspection requirements would have required more servicemen/women from Texas to return to the state within a 60 day period to have their vehicles inspected and registration renewed than RV'ers. I don't know where it will end as long as each state and county keeps their own records on their own systems. A lot of people don't like a national identity card, but so many of our current hot-button issues like identity to vote, identity to work, etc - could be solved with a national identity card.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/05/18 09:59pm Full-time RVing
RE: NASCAR dying a slow death!

I'm pretty sure that the boom times of the 90's and 00's is over. We will be back to the 70's and 80's were fully half the teams will not be able to run a full season. 1989 - 21 drivers started all 29 races 1988 - 21 drivers started all 29 races 1987 - 20 drivers started all 29 races (DE-#3) 1986 - 17 drivers started all 29 races (DE-#2) 1985 - 23 drivers started all 28 races 1984 - 17 drivers started all 30 races 1983 - 15 drivers started all 30 races 1982 - 13 drivers started all 30 races 1981 - 12 drivers started all 31 races 1980 - 14 drivers started all 31 races (DE-#1) 1979 - 12 drivers started all 31 races (RP-#7) 1975 - 7 drivers started 30 races (RP-#6) 1974 - 6 drivers started 30 races (RP-#5) 1972 - 6 drivers started 30 races (RP-#4) 1971 - 6 drivers started 41 races (RP-#3) 1967 - 1 driver started 48 races (RP-#2) 1964 - 1 drivers started 61 races (RP-#1) Other points - there has not been an OEM 'Stock Car' manufactured in the US since near 1990 which can be made safe to run as speeds above 100 mph. Cars no longer have frames. What ever is raced has to be a purpose built racing car with a solid frame, integral roll cage and other safety items built in. Anyone wanting the racing to go back to 'stock cars' wants to go back to racing pre-1990 cars, or doesn't understand the heavy modifications necessary to make a car somewhat safe to race. By 1985 the only 'stock' part on a NASCAR car was the roof panel. EVERYTHING else was purpose built for racing. NASCAR could back to having the vehicle match the template of the OEM vehicle. This usually guarantee's one make of vehicle has a significant advantage over the other aerodynamically. Today all teams start from a common base, and put in their own innovations. The cars are not identical. There is plenty of variation between the cars. The reason we see the big packs the number of cautions and the consistence between the pit crews among the top 25-30 cars. They simply don't get strung out like they used to do back in the 'good old days' when the average number of cars on the lead lap at Daytona and Talladega was less than five. When I was introduced to Richard Petty and shown his operation and team in the summer of 1972 at Riverside - everyone of the over the wall crew except the Jackman was a local racer who did the pit crew job for a paid admission and a couple hamburgers each day.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/05/18 09:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Michigan state parks vehicle fees

Going to the Upper Peninsula mid September. If I am correct I can buy a $32 passport as a non resident for the motorhome. Then pay $7 per campground fee for the towed car? That adds up quickly, am I Right? That is correct the way I was told at four Michigan state parks in the UP in late June and early July. Though I have a TT, I did ask about motorhomes with a towed vehicle and was told that most of the time the annual pass was put on the driving around vehicle, and the $7 per stay applied to the motorhome. BTW the 'yearly pass' is for the calendar year, not for 12 months. One you purchase in September will not be good next April. We never actually camped in a Michigan SP, a death in the family ended our trip in mid-July rather than mid-Sept as we planned. In addition to the city and commercial parks in the UP, there are several nice USFS campgrounds for very reasonable rates. That's what we used. We saw nice casino RV parks in a couple places also. I also agree, many state parks in places like Michigan or Connecticut or California now cost out of states visitors as much as local commercial campgrounds. With fewer services.
PawPaw_n_Gram 09/05/18 08:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camco blue water filter leaking

If the filters are dropped on a hard surface like concrete, they can crack. I've seen a Walmart employee dump a whole box of them out on the floor, bouncing and such, then put them on the shelf for sale. i'm sure everyone of those leaked. When one leaks, I just throw it away and get another. At $15 each, it isn't worth a lot of work to try to find a leak. I've also noticed the cheaper white Camco hoses often leak from the fittings - even brand new. The metal is cheaper grade and thinner than it was four or five years ago. Tighten it too much by hand or with a wrench and it stretches and leaks. Double washers won't stop it, in fact make it worse.
PawPaw_n_Gram 08/25/18 10:05am General RVing Issues

we not detected any after years of monitoring for signals from space. Since many of the most likely places for other life to develop in this galaxy are hundreds of light years away - all the monitoring humans have done comes out to be a miniscule slice of time. We've only got about 150 years of really monitoring local weather conditions on this planet. Maybe 40 years of looking for the most basic level of signals from other planets. We are too new at having the technology to ask the intelligent questions, much less expecting answers. We need hundreds, maybe a thousand or more, years of monitoring data before we can say that there is nothing out there. Yet, even with "all" our monitoring capability, it is only in a narrow segment of the possible range of communication possibilities. While any visitors to Earth from other civilizations might be at a level of technology similar to Cristopher Columbus, that would make detection of their communications almost impossible. By Christopher Columbus level of technology I mean: Sailing off into space with no ability to communicate back home except to turn around and go back; no way to be certain of their navigation/ position; a slower than light technology to drive their ships; etc. We would have as much ability to understand the relatively primitive technology of such ships as the first natives of the Caribbean Islands did of Columbus. Most theories about other civilizations assume FTL travel, FTL communications (which we are not capable of trying to find), etc. If we had the technical ability to produce generational ships of that type, I'm sure some people on this planet would choose to launch such explorations of the stars. At least 40 years on a journey to the closest possible inhabitable planet, no sure way of finding such basics as food and fresh water; or breathable air. The 'people' on Gliese 581 C might have as much ability to detect ships from Earth as the natives did to detect Columbus' ships. And vice versa if people from that planet are approaching/ visiting earth.
PawPaw_n_Gram 08/24/18 06:45am Around the Campfire
RE: I’m soooo confused..........

Only you will know which is right for you and it will likely take a couple years on the road to determine that. Adding a 5er or TT to an existing truck will be substantially cheaper than buying a Class A. Spend the least amount of money you can now when you are getting started.
PawPaw_n_Gram 08/23/18 04:30pm Full-time RVing
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