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RE: News Stations

Reuters AP BBC
Pawz4me 12/17/20 01:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Score

well the reality of the world that we live in makes credit scores irrelevent. diff'rent strokes. My MIL's friend, who is 85 yo and well off, thought the same thing. Until a few months ago, when almost simultaneously she found that she couldn't change cable TV providers or auto insurance companies due to lack of a credit score. Now granted no one really needs cable TV, but we (me and my DH) do need auto insurance. And we've found that changing companies every two/three years saves us a significant amount of money. I wish we didn't have to do that--it's a pain in the rear to do the comparison--but (again) it's the world we live in, and we prefer to have choices and save lots of money.
Pawz4me 12/14/20 04:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Score

The way I look at it is: if you have to worry about, or even care about your credit score, you are living above your means! Guy My experience is the polar opposite. The people I know who keep the closest watch on their credit scores and who put some thought into improving them (if possible) are the most financially responsible and financially literate people. Most are the millionaire-next-door types. They understand the reality of the world in which they live.
Pawz4me 12/14/20 05:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Score

I once and only once had a credit score of 851 which I thought was impossible because I read that 850 was the top limit. There are all sorts of credit score tabulations, done by various agencies and services. I had reason to have my score run by a business a few months ago and it was 875. I have no idea what agency/service they used. Like most people nowadays I do kinda sorta keep tabs on my score, so of course I knew it was quite high. But I didn't know anyone was using scales above 850.
Pawz4me 12/13/20 04:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Cold Coffee

My coffee goes in a Contigo insulated travel mug that keeps it hot for many hours. Not that I need it to stay hot that long, 'cause coffee is way too important to ever forget.
Pawz4me 10/30/20 05:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: Jesse has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

I'm so sorry, Crowe.
Pawz4me 10/30/20 05:11pm RV Pet Stop
RE: At my wit's end with Jesse

Crowe, we've been dealing with a somewhat similar sleep issue with one of our dogs. I haven't listed her in my signature line yet (need to do that), but she's been with us since late March. We "failed" at fostering her and formally adopted her in May. She's probably a Lhasa Apso or a mix, and is estimated to be 8 years old. She had always been a calm, somewhat independent dog, and an excellent sleeper until the very early morning hours of 9/22. She seemed to wake up from a sound sleep in a full blown panic or pain attack--shaking, panting, pawing at us, wouldn't settle down at all. This went on for hours and hours, well into the next day. She didn't sleep at all for almost 24 hours. On 9/23 I dropped her off at the vet for a thorough exam and blood work. Everything checked out fine. The vet suggested trying some Gabapentin at night to see if that would help her. It didn't do a thing. We were up with her anywhere from a couple of hours to all night. Every night. We tried melatonin for several nights but that did nothing. We had to strategize every evening about what we would try for her, whose night it was to get up with her (or stay up with her if she wouldn't settle at all), etc. She continued to have the panic/pain attacks, and to have very prolonged periods of not sleeping at all. The longest we timed was 25,5 hours without sleeping. I took her back to the vet Monday, this time for a urinalysis and xrays to see if there were any masses, spinal or joint issues that might be causing pain, or anything else that jumped out. Her xrays and urinalysis looked fine, but the vet (different one than the first time) diagnosed her with infections in both ears, and one of them was particularly bad. The vet who saw her the first time noted some wax in her ears, but nothing else remarkable. But her ear pigment is very dark and it's very hard to see in them. Anyway, we don't know if the ear infections were percolating all this time and are the root cause of her sleeping issues or if they're recent/coincidental and unrelated. The vet treated them and gave me some Trazadone to help her (and us!) get some rest. The first night it didn't do anything, but last night she slept through the night for the first time in three weeks. It was glorious! It's going to take a little while to see if the ear infections were the actual cause of her lack of sleeping or if it's something else. We've got Trazadone for eight more nights, so we're hopeful that all of us can get rested up, and then when that's gone--and by then her ears should be feeling much better--we'll see if she'll go back to her normal good sleeper self. If not then I'm hoping the vet will give us an ongoing script for Trazadone (assuming it continues to help her). Not getting enough sleep was really wearing on all of us after just three weeks. Anyway, I don't know if there's anything there that's helpful to you. I mainly wanted to let you know you're not alone in dealing with a dog with sleep issues. Good luck!
Pawz4me 10/14/20 05:52pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Why is that ....

It's just the nature of the beast. And a good thing too, how many forums would still be around if people were satisfied with one word answers? Thread drift keeps many forums alive, and lively too. ^^This.^^ Also, those types of answers are no different than what often happens in real life conversations.
Pawz4me 10/10/20 04:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Wolves as Pets

I live in the piedmont of NC and have seen several large, gray coyotes that could trick one into believing they were wolves. As far as wanting a wolf for a pet -- Why? Just ... why? There is no logical, sane reason I can think of that anyone would want or need one. If you want protection there are quite a number of breeds of dogs who would serve the purpose better, not to mention MUCH more reliably. I'm firmly of the opinion that the closest anyone should come to having a wild animal as a pet is the domesticated house cat. ;)
Pawz4me 09/14/20 11:39am Around the Campfire
RE: Campgrounds around Shenandoah Valley in VA?

If you want FHU/commercial type places then look at the Luray KOA. It's much nicer than the typical KOA.
Pawz4me 09/06/20 05:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Leather Sofa Or Fabric Sofa?

We don't consider anything other than leather. I'm huge on cleanliness, and being able to wipe off leather furniture is a wonderful thing. I wipe ours down every few months and see how much grime comes off on the rag, and then I think how filthy most cloth furniture that rarely/never gets cleaned must be. I'll pass.
Pawz4me 08/07/20 05:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Don't Panic

I read about the rabbit hemorrhagic disease awhile back, and subsequently noted that I've seen no rabbits at all this year. They're normally plentiful in our yard and throughout the neighborhood. Like many we're going out a lot less than normal, but I haven't even seen any rabbit roadkill. Unless there's been a major uptick in coyotes or other predators, which I don't think there has been, then I'm assuming it's probably the hemorrhagic disease.
Pawz4me 07/02/20 04:37am RV Pet Stop

Ummm... I kinda hate that I need to ask what should be obvious, but you do realize that many people can't wear masks for serious health issues. Even their Dr's advise them not too. That's a straw man, unless you can post a link to any mask mandate that doesn't provide an exception for those people.
Pawz4me 06/26/20 11:22am Around the Campfire

Tell you what. If you're going to be impacted by C19 I suggest you stay home and protect yourself. Wear a mask in your house and keep all people away. Have a fried shop for you and drop your groceries off on your porch. IOW, do your thing without trying to bully other people. Ummm . . I kinda hate that I need to ask what should be obvious, but you do realize that many people with high risk factors have to go out to work, right? They have no choice in the matter if they want to be able to pay their bills and buy food.
Pawz4me 06/26/20 10:18am Around the Campfire
RE: James Island

I don't think there's any bad site. Preferably I wouldn't want one of the shared ones unless I was traveling with someone else, but it also wouldn't be a big deal to have one. If you want to take the shuttle downtown make sure you get your reservations ahead of time unless it's really an off time of the year. Don't wait until the morning you want to go, the shuttles fill up early.
Pawz4me 06/23/20 05:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Parasite control issues help

Nexgard for fleas and ticks. Heartgard for heart worms. Our Shih Tzu had a horrible reaction to one spot-on flea product, and he's had a couple of vaccine reactions. The above two products work wonderfully for him.
Pawz4me 06/20/20 05:48pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

If you're on Facebook you might consider joining the Travato Owners and Wannabees group (it's a private group). The overwhelming majority of those people pride themselves on their ability to boondock for extended periods of time. Some carry extra water, others don't. DH and I aren't into roughing it or depriving ourselves by constantly fretting over water usage, but we have no problem boondocking for a couple of nights in a row.
Pawz4me 06/09/20 05:04am Class B - Camping Van Conversions

There used to be 5. But I supposed you would get the idea. Negative air pressure. Auto sealing three containment levels. LOL! I seriously doubt BCSnob is "lost" on this issue. As far as I'm aware he, along with Dr. Doug, are the most eminently qualified members to discuss it. is lucky to have both of them.
Pawz4me 04/15/20 05:33am Around the Campfire
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