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RE: Hats Off to Marcus Lemonis

U.S. Flag Code (i) The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. "In any manner whatsoever" seems that it would cover cases like this. It would be hard to credibly argue that the flag isn't being flown at least in part for advertising purposes, to attract attention to the business. If not then why not fly a normal, regulation sized flag? That is every bit as patriotic. What it lacks is the ability to grab attention for the business. Also, I have concerns about such huge flags being able to be flown at half staff without touching the ground, and being able to be taken down if necessary without touching the ground. And sooner or later all flags get worn and need to be taken down. (b) The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise. Unfortunately, violations of the Flag Code are epidemic in this country.
Pawz4me 07/02/19 01:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hats Off to Marcus Lemonis

And a lot of us just consider it extreme marketing using patriotism, and the flag to generate free ink for Camping World. Not to mention that a very good argument could be made that it's a glaring violation of the U.S. Flag Code. It's a disgusting level of disrespect for the flag and one of the clearest representations of the "all about me" attitude I've ever had the misfortune to witness. And yes, I watched the interview before posting. It most definitely didn't improve my opinion of him, but rather reinforced that he's using the flag--and his violation of the local ordinances--as a publicity and marketing gimmick.
Pawz4me 07/02/19 12:10pm Around the Campfire
FDA lists brands of dog food linked to DCM

Link to FDA Lots of good info there, including the dog food brands that have been most commonly linked to reported cases of DCM, and info on affected breeds.
Pawz4me 06/28/19 01:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Myrtle Beach

Still no beach. Honestly, and I know everyone has their tastes. But for most of us. the only reason to go to the beach, is for the beach. I want to be able to step out of my RV, and onto the beach. If I had to stay more than 50 yards from the beach. I would rather be in the mountains. And when we say we are going to the beach. We don't mean lake. This year we are going to the OBX. What time we will not be on the beach, will be spent on the deck looking out over the ocean. Watching the moon come up out of the ocean, and watching the sun rise out of the ocean as well. What could be better. Here's the thing, though. Everything is not about the ones responding. I assume original posters word things the way they do for a reason. The OP here said nothing about beach, but did mention being convenient to shows, other attractions and restaurants. Had he specifically said beachfront I wouldn't have mentioned Willow Tree (I was the first person on this thread to mention it). He did not specify that was important. Now maybe it is and he just assumed people knew he wanted ocean front. But being from St. Augustine I'm guessing the ocean isn't a unique, unusual thing for him and that perhaps he was going to MB for other reasons. Like the shows, restaurants and other attractions he did mention.
Pawz4me 06/19/19 04:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: CBD oil

Twodownzero, you might find this an informative and educational read, especially the "What about the Feds" section. I tried to copy/paste here, but the forum software isn't cooperating.
Pawz4me 06/16/19 12:31pm RV Pet Stop
RE: CBD oil

Hemp and marijuana are made from the same plant. With limited exception, it is a crime to possess any quantity of either anywhere in the United States. A quick Google search of "where is CBD oil legal 2019" results in multiple reputable sites that disprove your assertion. According to WebMd marijuana is fully legal in: Alaska California Colorado Maine Massachusetts Michigan Nevada Oregon Vermont Washington Washington D.C. And medical marijuana is legal in: Alabama (CBD only) Arizona Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia (CBD only) Hawaii Illinois Indiana (CBD only) Iowa (CBD only) Kansas (CBD only) Kentucky (CBD only) Louisiana Maryland Minnesota Mississippi (CBD only) Missouri Montana New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina (CBD only) North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma (CBD only) Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina (CBD only) Tennessee (CBD only) Texas (CBD only) Utah Virginia (CBD only) West Virginia Wisconsin (CBD only) Wyoming (CBD only) Where all marijuana is illegal: Idaho Nebraska South Dakota I don't know how "medical" marijuana is defined in all states (whether a doctor's prescription is required, etc.). Here in mine it now means I can walk into a store and buy CBD products just like I can any other vitamin/mineral/herbal supplement.
Pawz4me 06/16/19 09:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: Myrtle Beach

I agree with the others that the only way you're likely to get into a campground in MB on this late notice is if you get lucky and catch a cancellation. If being ocean front isn't an absolute must then you might check out Willow Tree Resort and Campground in Longs, SC. It's about a 15 minute drive into MB, but it's a very nice place. But I'm thinking they probably won't have much more availability (if any) than the ones right on the ocean.
Pawz4me 06/16/19 08:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Historic Triangle Virginia

We stayed at American Heritage several years ago and enjoyed it.
Pawz4me 06/14/19 08:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping with Dobermans

I think these size wars are beyond silly. Years ago I had a young Rottie. She was attacked once by a mini Doxie. Thankfully by that point I'd gotten her reasonably well trained (not perfect by a long shot), and she just looked at me while the Doxie was hanging off her neck. It was kind of funny in hindsight, as he was of course never a serious threat to her. She outweighed him by about 70 pounds. Her head was almost as big as his entire body. Now I have a Shih Tzu. He's been rushed (not attacked, thank goodness) by several pitbulls, an ACD, a GSD and a couple of hounds. Those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. It's an all-too-common occurrence in campgrounds. In the heat of the moment and in hindsight these are most definitely not funny. They're very scary, as the larger dogs could quickly and easily kill him. Thankfully the Tzu is unflappable and quietly and calmly stands his ground and gives them a "What is your problem, stupid" look. I'd like to take credit in the training department (like all of our dogs, he's been trained extensively), but it's mostly just his nature. I really should have done therapy work with him. I do not think all little dogs are untrained yappers (which is silly) nor do I think all bigger dogs are uncontrollably aggressive (which is also silly). All of our reports here are anecdotal, and for most they're colored by the person's usually very obvious bias, and certainly by the size of the dog the poster currently owns. It gets tedious. Humans are silly and nonsensical most of the time. OP, you will encounter some RV parks that don't allow your dogs. But I don't think there are so many of them that it will present a huge problem. In our experience most people in RV parks are dog friendly and don't have the biases that are often displayed on here. Over the years we have RV'd with well trained dogs of all sizes and have never met anyone who seemed put off by any of them. Good luck!
Pawz4me 06/14/19 04:50am RV Pet Stop
RE: New member from Oklahoma

Pawz4me 06/11/19 12:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: lost my co pilot

I am so sorry.
Pawz4me 06/11/19 12:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Who else is at home this weekend?

We prefer to stay home for holidays and avoid crowds. Plus it's too hot. I doubt we'll do any RV'ing until after Labor Day.
Pawz4me 05/27/19 04:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Cooper, not good (final update last page)

I'm so sorry, Colliehauler. It's so hard, even when you know it's the right thing to do.
Pawz4me 05/26/19 05:20pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Poor to Terrible WIFI

As the others said, we rarely/never actually use CG wifi. Both for security/privacy reasons and because they almost never work and it's just a frustrating experience all around. But sometimes I do give it a try, just for curiosity. I've found that about the only time most campground wifi approaches usable is very early in the mornings, typically before 6:00 a.m. Sometimes not even then if there are a few other early risers.
Pawz4me 05/26/19 04:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What!

Regarding the CW near Greensboro--I believe it's actually in the unincorporated area of Colfax and therefore they wouldn't be subject to any sign/flag ordinances the city of Greensboro has. A better comparison would be the Gander Outdoor location in Winston-Salem, which does fly a very large flag. I couldn't begin to guess its dimensions, though, nor do I know what W-S's ordinances are regarding such things. Saying huge flags are common in other parts of NC is irrelevant, though, and not a valid legal argument. Every municipality has the right to enact their own specific ordinances, without regard for what other municipalities do.
Pawz4me 05/22/19 03:57am Around the Campfire

Camping World and car dealers flying huge flags has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with advertising. X2
Pawz4me 05/21/19 08:39am Around the Campfire

Mine likely won't be a popular opinion, but I intensely dislike the race to see who can fly the largest flag. That's not patriotism. It's ostentatious. It's tacky. It's purely a "look at me" or "all about me" thing. Ugh. Good for Statesville.
Pawz4me 05/21/19 08:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Cooper, not good (final update last page)

I'm so sorry, Colliehauler.
Pawz4me 05/14/19 04:16am RV Pet Stop
RE: Flannel

low 80's today. sorry, ------ no not really. I'd much rather be wearing flannel! Just got back from walking the dog. It's already too hot. Another few weeks and I'll have to be out walking him by 7:00 a.m.
Pawz4me 05/06/19 08:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Camping At Savannah, GA

I third Skidaway. It's a very nice park.
Pawz4me 05/06/19 03:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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