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RE: PerryB67 and Si02s

We’re trying to get ready to leave for Amsterdam next Tuesday. We carry higher end folding bikes and will be Rick Steves traveling with the bikes on trains and buses. We’ve also been slammed with other items that need attention before leaving. We arrive back towards the end of August. Currently I don’t have the time to write our battery experiences. Needless to say I wouldn’t waste my time and/or money with lithium, and have changed my opinion about solar and batteries, but you’ll just have to wait to hear my logic. Talk the end of August or beginning of September. Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 06/08/22 11:42am Tech Issues
RE: SiO2 Batteries and High Amp Draws

OP here, time for Mods to close this thread.Having used SiO2 for the past 1 1/2 years, but not being on this forum for the past few months, I’m sad that it may be closed. Just got home and was hoping to discuss our actual SiO2 user experiences. There is some BS that was not caught posted here too. Oh, well. Perry
PerryB67 05/29/22 07:40pm Tech Issues
RE: What kind of quality lifepo4 do you get for $300 review

I don't think many people know your not supposed to charge agm batteries below 0 Celsius either...CanBat batteries.. 3. CHARGE AGM BATTERIES IN THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE AGM batteries have a certain charge temperature range. This means if the temperature falls outside of this range, you should not be charging AGM batteries. For all types of lead acid batteries, you should avoid charging if the temperature raises above 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold weather also affects charging AGM batteries. You should avoid charging your batteries if the temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensuring the temperature is within the range of 0 and 40 degree Celsius is important while charging, in order to ensure the battery lives as long as it is designed to. JaycoLOL! Stop and think what you just wrote. Millions and millions of AGM batteries in the norther tier of the US and Canada have been charging in our vehicles in below freezing weather for a few decades. My AGM battery has started my car and immediately started charging 1,000's of times below freezing. Sometimes you can't believe everything you read, especially when you've proven something that sounds so simple to be false. Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/15/22 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: What kind of quality lifepo4 do you get for $300 review

We live in Minnesota, not NV or AZ. When I was looking at batteries the end of last January, Battleborn had not yet officially released their heated battery. Since I don't want to babysit a battery, want to be able to use the battery at less than 0 F (-15 F two years ago), and want a BMS to stop charging below freezing from happening, I didn't buy a LiFePO4, because after having a long phone discussion with Battleborn they didn't feel their battery would meet our needs. Whom am I going to believe? Battleborn said "no" concerning their battery and our use in a much colder climate than those in NV or AZ. Both Will Prowse and Solar Engineering were disappointed the Enjoybot didn't have low temperature shutoff and didn't exactly give a glowing recommendation. That's why I said "No Thanks!" However, I was specifically talking about the Enjoybot battery, not LiFePO4 in general. Jeez! Since we purchased our SiO2/lead crystal batteries, switchable heated batteries have become available. If purchasing now we have the discretionary money to buy a heated Battleborn with a switch to turn on the heat that will meet our cold weather requirements. However, we're extremely happy with our SiO2 batteries and will just have to wait until they fail. When our new SiO2 batteries arrived in early February I pulled the two reverse polarity fuses for the WFCO, and haven't used any charger since installation. The SiO2 batteries get to 100% charge faster than any of our previous AGMs. We are low amp hour campers though. I ass u me that the LiFePO4 batteries will charge as well as our SiO2's have. ;) Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/11/22 05:55pm Tech Issues
RE: What kind of quality lifepo4 do you get for $300 review

The battery tested turned out that it had no low temperature cut-off. Will Prowse has done similar tests with the same results for the cheap batteries. If you plan on using the battery and know it will not get down below freezing it would be a good choice.No Thanks! Another Minnesota resident that finds a low-temp shutoff mandatory. Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/11/22 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: Will my WFCO 55 amp over charge?

wfco chargers are POS and known for boiling batteries dry and/or never going into bulk charge mode.According to the history in our Victron 712, our WFCO decided to charge our AGM batteries at 21 volts. After much surfing I found a couple of others who also had their WFCO charge at high voltage. When I replaced the batteries they were bulged at the sides. I replaced that WFCO with a free one from another camper who had his sitting after replacing it with a LiFePO4 charger. I now have both reverse polarity fuses pulled, since we have no problem keeping our SiO2 batteries full with our solar and have been charging solar only since last February. How did I know to pull the reverse polarity fuses? Answer: because our batteries are not the only batteries a WFCO has ruined, and those other owners don't trust their WFCO either. Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/11/22 07:54am Tech Issues
RE: Will my WFCO 55 amp over charge?

Duplicate Post. Sorry!
PerryB67 01/11/22 07:46am Tech Issues
RE: Sizing a battery bank. Ah VS wh?

I'm dyslexic and have enough problems reading and writing. So, why would I take seriously a person who: won't capitalize the first word in a sentence, put a period at the end of many sentences, writes a run-on sentence with 85 words and no commas, and/or doesn't bother to spell check. And then I'm supposed to rely on that person for accuracy/knowledge? I will correct that person if he's quoting me, otherwise, like others here, just ignore his posts. Perry
PerryB67 01/05/22 07:33am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

Well, I really don't fully see the point. I lived in Michigan for 20 years. Also 5 other states, then ultimately Florida, so I fully understand what it's like to live in different places, with different climates, and four distinct seasons. I just happen to hate freezing cold winters, ice on the ground, brown grass, and trees without leaves . . . . just a personal choice.Now those are perfectly good reasons for living in Florida. :B Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/02/22 06:23pm Tech Issues
RE: LFP Info

I'm about two-thirds through the article and despite the last edit in 2017 I have seen what is stated many times over the last couple of years. Hell, Renogy and Battleborn can't agree on charging, much less others. For example, do you charge to 100% frequently/daily or just a couple times a week? Not expecting an answer. Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/02/22 09:34am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

So, don't move to Florida. No need to go on. I see your point. Minnesota is way better. Maybe it has something to do with the months-on-end that it's just too dang cold, snowy, and icy to go out and commit a crime or drive somewhere! LOL I'll stay right here.I'm glad you finally see the point. When you live in Florida and don't understand why others live where they do, expect those who live elsewhere to explain with facts why they chose to live where they live. Plus, we happen to enjoy the distinct seasons. And by the way, we live in a karst topography, the only area in Minnesota with no mosquitoes! :B Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/02/22 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

Florida ranks 27th of all the states in murder rate, so I don't see it as a 'Florida' problem. I do see it as a US problem, because you're comparing US homicides to Canadian homicides, and as we all know the two countries have vastly different gun laws. I'll be out on the boat this afternoon if you need me :CUsing the Homicide Mortality Rates Florida is 5.8 whereas Minnesota is 2.7. or less than half of Florida's rate. Then there is the Auto Accident Death Rate. Florida is 14.8 but Minnesota's is only 6.5. I could go on and on. Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/02/22 06:59am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

Can't delete duplicate posts.
PerryB67 01/02/22 06:58am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

Duplicate message erased.
PerryB67 01/02/22 06:30am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

Average age in Florida is 42. Where in the world did you get your information? Mold & mildew? Sure, just like any other coastal area. Once it gets out of control, I'll be concerned. Oppressive humidity? Maybe to some who aren't used to it. Much like oppressive cold (such as the current temperature of -11F in Lanesboro, MN as I write this :E) And murders?? In Florida? Seriously? Nowhere else, eh? OK, OK, we get it. You don't like Florida. So noted.Sorry, I meant "lifespan". I've corrected my previous post. Yes, mold and mildew are problems for people and one of the reasons I and many others don't live in the coastal states. The "oppressive humidity" is the reason for the mold and mildew problems. Florida's population is around 22 million and in 2020 they had 1,285 murders or 58 murders per million. Canada's entire population is 38 million and in 2020 there were 743 murders or 19 murders per million. I chose not to live in Florida because of many, many reasons, safety, health, and lifespan being a few. Yesterday I walked about 3 miles and today I'll go out in our winter weather to walk another 2-5 miles. It's beautiful and peaceful in the Lanesboro/Root River Valley where we live. I actually enjoy winter, but now we have the ability and discretionary money to winter in NM, AZ, and UT, where last year we hiked 107 miles and rode bike for another 425 miles. Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/02/22 06:25am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

because around 50% of people from BC live in vancouver or victoruia where any temp below 36 degrees is a rarity. so they don't have the stifiling heat of florida or the cold of anywhere else in canada. summers are mild so less skin cancer and so on..I suggest you look at where Ontario is on the map. In fact, take a look at the Canadian provinces. Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 01/02/22 06:09am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

I guess to each his own, but nobody will ever convince me that such frigid cold temperatures are harmless.Florida? Mold, mildew, oppressive humidity, hurricanes, murders, are some of Florida's noted characteristics. The average lifespan in Florida is 78.9 years. The average lifespan in British Columbia is 82.1 years or Ontario at 82.4 years, eh. Enjoy, Perry Minnesota
PerryB67 01/01/22 05:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Simplest battery monitor and shunt? Advice for non-expert

your first mistake was spending to much on a battery monitor and leaving a WFCO in your unit ;) just kidding, well not realy. I always make a new converter of my choosing (usaly a PD varient) part of the deal to purchase. as for the victron, I did want Bluetooth, history, or anything.. I wanted to know how much battery was left as the 1991 cmper had nothing to indicate battery state of charge or anything. it has all the same readouts as the comparable victron at the time minus the hystory feature and one other one I cant think off... oh ya It hours to dead at the current draw, who cares realy about that.. no bluetooth when I got it and I spent 32 bucks CDN so 2.99 US haha and the 501 victro was over 200 CDN. plus I believe the original poster asked for the simplest not the most expensive, but that could just be how I read it.When our batteries died I cared about finding out why. The Ali wouldn't have told me, so how many batteries would have been destroyed before finding the problem? The 712 told me the issue, whereas the Aili would have been a waste of money. Until you need history you won't understand. You're correct he did ask for "the most basic and inexpensive monitor?" In your opinion, which is the most basic and inexpensive monitor?But he also said, Thanks in advance for your advice and expertise!I don't consider the Aili a worthwhile monitor. Plus I gave "advice" knowing the difference between the Aili and the SmartShunt since I have "expertise" with the SmartShunt, and have a friend with the Aili. profdant139 is much more informed and has other options because 2oldman, FWC, and I expanded on the choices. A forum gives those options. It was forum advice that separated realtime meters from historical monitors that provide considerably more help finding problems. By being able to immediately find our 21v charging issue we paid for that piddling extra cost many times over. Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 12/16/21 02:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Simplest battery monitor and shunt? Advice for non-expert

What I find strange about my Victron unit is that either it or my Android phone insists location service be turned on.Yea, my Victron Connect needed location services, but not files and media. I also chose "Remove permissions if app isn't used". OTOH, how would we know what our next purchase should be if Google and websites didn't constantly display the next appropriate buying opportunity? :B Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 12/16/21 09:54am Tech Issues
RE: Simplest battery monitor and shunt? Advice for non-expert

The second reply…Aili for $41 is the best suggestion. With only one battery you do not need the 350A size. I’m using one and it tells you everything you need to know and easy enough to install.The Aili only tells you in realtime what is going on. That's great if everything is working properly. It's only slightly better than a cigarette plug voltage meter. I want to know the net amp use overnight, or if there was a voltage spike that ruined, or about to ruin, my batteries. BTDT! A monitor with history will do that. Unless Aili recently came out with a new meter that stores some history it's merely a realtime meter. You'll understand what I'm talking about when you have a problem, but the cheap Ali is just that, cheap. If all you want is a simple realtime meter then the Aili is decent, but very limited. However, if you really want to monitor what's happening with your system over time then the $130 for the Victron SmartShunt is a far superior choice. Plus the Aili is harder to install than the SmartShunt . Enjoy, Perry
PerryB67 12/16/21 09:26am Tech Issues
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