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RE: Chrysler UConnect

No issues with mine.
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 01/07/20 05:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The 2019-2020 Ram 1500 Score IIHS Top Safety+ Pick

For all the Windy Whiners out there Ram Trucks offers the LED Headlamps on all trims except the Tradesman and Tradesman HFE. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 09/13/19 01:14pm Tow Vehicles
The 2019-2020 Ram 1500 Score IIHS Top Safety+ Pick

Enjoy The 2019-2020 Ram 1500 Is The First Full-Size Truck To Score IIHS Top Safety+ Pick Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 09/12/19 01:52pm Tow Vehicles
G.M.'s in line 3.0 diesel video.

Have to say I would be hard pressed to buy any vehicle that the manufacturer stated the engine life was only 150,000 miles! I bet Mr. Truck never gets an invite to another G.M. press show again! LOL Wonder why GM went to Italy to have their 3.0 diesel engineered and not in Detroit? It is being built here in the states though. Enjoy ;) Here's another one. Maybe it's the Engineer that will never see another press show! Man what a way to end a career! Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/28/19 10:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

No issues with my Ecodiesel and as far as fuel economy my Eco makes 30 MPG all day at 65 mph the best my brother can make in his Hemi is 22 at 55 mph! Mine is a 2015 with 3.92 gears and his is a 2016 with 3.55 gears. I tow a 6800# boat at 70 mph without any issues whatsoever. BTW pay no attention to the blue troll, the so called scandal affected 2014 to 2016 Ecodiesels not the 2017 and 2018 trucks. I like mine so much I might get a 2021 best in class towing, torque and fuel mileage for the 2020 Ecodiesel coming out in the fourth quarter of this year. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/16/19 11:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram CP3 swap

So one manufacture tells their customers to pound sand and makes them pay for a new engine and fuel system due to their defective pump and one manufacturer stands with their customer and replaces everything (talking Ford and GM). And all you can do is bring up some B.S. about Ram/Cummins in hopes of deflecting the focus off of your precious Blue Oval? Give it a rest dude and stand up like a man and admit Ford puts profits way before their customers. As for the CP4.2 pump it is as sold as the CP3 pump of yesteryear! But some of you and keep believing what you want. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/16/19 10:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram CP3 swap

????? the CP4.2 is just as bulletproof as the CP3. Now when the CP4 first came out yes they were junk, but they have since fixed that. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/14/19 11:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Which shocks?

Monroe, most come with a lifetime warranty and they actually gave me two free sets (all four) at 100,000 and 150,000 miles on my 2004 Ram 2500! All I did was buy the new sets, return the old shocks in the boxes and they sent me a check. Found out later I could have gotten labor out of them also! Will try it when I replace the rears on my 2015. Had a rear shock let go under warranty but decided not to go with the OE shocks and just changed them myself. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/14/19 11:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ecodiesel specs

All one needs to do is Google here let me help a brother out and you will see for yourself. Like ZF said after 8 there just is not enough return in efficiency to make it worth the effort. Ford is using a in house 8 speed for their front wheel drive cars But Ford has yet to use the nine-speed automatic transmission, despite having just revealed freshened-up versions of the Edge and Transit Connect. The reason? According to a recent article published by Automotive News, Ford didn’t see enough extra efficiency from the new transmission’s ninth gear to justify the extra cost and weight. Ford has instead come up with a pair of eight-speed automatics to serve in the GM transmission’s place. There is a class action against GM over their 8 speed? I thought they were going to use the Ford ten speed? So let me get this straight, Ford and GM decided to team up to defer the RD costs of coming up with their own transmissions. With Ford taking on the 10 speed and GM doing the 9 speed. Now after the dust clears GM is running it's own 8 speed in their RWD vehicles (trucks and big SUV's just like FCA) over the ten speed of Ford? Ford decides they are going to build their own 8 speed for use in the FWD cars because like ZF they understand their is no justification for a 9 speed. Note should read 10 speed not 9. WTH so tell me again why Ford and G.M. supposably teamed up? You just can't make this sh*t up. Bottom line it looks like even numbered gears is the way to go. I did test drive a new Jeep Cherokee with the 9 speed and didn't have any issues with the transmission in it. But it was a 2019 so maybe FCA has figured the trans tune out in the 9 speed now. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/13/19 09:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ecodiesel specs

Its been real quiet from the blue oval and a 10 spd in the 250 and 350. Me thinks it's going to shake up this world of gas vs diesel. I'm waiting as the 6.4 8 spd and a 4.10 from FCA is tempting. But they have let me down on the AEM for the eco diesel. I think FCA is in turmoil, lots of issues at the executive level. What is the issue with the AEM? Had my truck tuned four days later drove up to GDE and had their tune reinstalled, should get my check in 6 to 8 weeks after the dealer gets everything sent in. I love me some free money. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/13/19 09:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ram 1500 3.0L ECO DIESEL upgrades

Am I the only one not ignoring the current eco diesel issues? And I’m not talking about the recall! Too many problems that make them unreliable! No problems with mine. The biggest issue with all diesels are they are being killed by carbon build up from the egr system. Ford is going to have the same issues with their 3.0 V6 also. Just wait and see. The people that use the Ecodiesel to tow and are not afraid to get into the throttle are not having issues. The ones running the stock tune and running it in the city all the time are having the issues. This new gen 3.0 seems to be addressing the egr system and is a totally new engine. Looks like 2021 I might be ordering a new truck. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/12/19 11:38pm Tow Vehicles
2020 Ecodiesel specs

FCA tfltruck ram 1500 ecodiesel The fact that Ram is running a 8 speed as opposed to Ford and GM's ten speeds is not an issue. Here is why, the ten speed is never going to be able to hold the top gear and maybe the top two gears unloaded and they will never hit them towing. You simply can not run fast enough to hold those gears. The ZF nine speed will not hold the top gear until you hit 78 mph and that is an issue for customers. They complain that the trans shifts in and out of gear all the time. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/11/19 05:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ram 1500 3.0L ECO DIESEL upgrades

I'll just leave this right here. Fixed FCA
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 06/11/19 03:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram outsells Chevrolet.

LMAO-ROTF got to love RV.NET! First you all know that I was a blue oval guy owned seven of them with the last four being service department queens. My 1990 was bought back by Ford and I was given a 1991 that had the paint peel of the hod the second day I owned it! Treaded it two weeks later for a 1992 Ford Aerostar, great van if you could get by the AC compressors X4 and the 3.0 engine with the rod knock that Ford knew about and told their dealers to replace if the customer complained BTW I did. Then the 1992 Ranger that with less than 500 miles the oil pump drive gear failed. I requested a new engine do to a rod knock after the oil pump was replaced and the dealer told me it's a two year lease Ford won't replace it! My other three Fords were great but they dated back to the eighties. So please don't tell me how great Ford is, I know better and I know people who work for Ford. As for rust, they ALL rus if the owner doesn't take care of them! Fords are known for rear cab corners, tailgates, rear wheelhouse lip, bottoms of doors and rear windows. GMC, same areas as Ford but add in fuel door. FCA, again same as Ford except no issues with rear cab corners or rear window. If you live in the salt belt or along the coast line and you do not have your vehicles rust proofed and wash you vehicles at least once a week in the winter then shame on you! All the manufactures make a competitive product, it is how they and their dealerships handle these problems that makes or breaks them. For me Ford screwed the pooch and it cost them a once loyal customer. My father worked for GM for over thirty years and when it came for a truck he bought and still owns a 1991 Dodge Ram 350 dually. No rust and the only major repair was the tailshaft on the manual trans at 60K miles. This was due to a undersized .030 oil hole that the repair shop opened up to .125. even though Dodge knew about this they did not pay for the repairs! Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/09/19 09:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Salt, Rust, and the value of a diesel engine

Well I guess I'm the exception to the rule than. My 04 with 150K+ was spotless inside and out and 100% maintained better than the factory recommendations. I don't keep vehicles past the 150K mark because I'm tired of them by than. Even my wifes lease vehicles are maintained to the factory specs. Funny if someone does not maintain their vehicle they should NEVER complain about how it runs or doesn't runs! Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/18/19 08:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Salt, Rust, and the value of a diesel engine

Buy a truck that has been rust proofed with like Ziebart or some other good rust proofing. My 2004 that I sold in 2014 had zero rust on it anywhere! The guy that bought it wanted a 4X4 but every truck he looked at was a rot box and they where 2007's and up. He bought mine and paid me top dollar for it. Clean trucks are out there but you will pay top dollar for them as you should. If you find a super clean truck you can be sure the owner also took care of it mechanically also. My vehicles go through a car wash at least three times a week in the winter and once (min.) in the summer. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/16/19 09:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Broke wires to WIF sensor on GMC LBZ. Leave as is?

It is up to you, I have only had the WIF light come on one time and it was in Georgia shortly after filling up. After I installed the AIR DOG pump/filter system there was no option for a WIF sensor. They recommend you drain the water seperator every month. I did it maybe every six months. Buy your fuel at a truck stop and you shouldn't have any issues. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/16/19 09:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Carbon fiber bed for GMC

As per GM's video of the cinder blocks falling. Notice not one of those blocks fell with a "sharp" point making contact onto the bed like GM did on the aluminum beds. Good slight of hand there and people are "buying it up" so GM marketing is doing their job. EDIT: I suppose I should back up and say that I probably wouldn't be opposed to either a carbon fiber or aluminum truck bed if I were using one of those thick, heavy duty bed mats.But then the weight of that probably completely negates any weight savings you get on the materials change for the skin of the truck bed. Not sure what video you were watching but the one in the Car and Driver article clearly shows the cider and landscaping blocks contacting the bed with the edge of the blocks. However you can clearly see what looks like a chunk missing in the center of the bed after the landscaping blocks and during the first portion of the cinder block section. So this bed does not look much better than Fords box to me. Here is the full video goto the one minute thirteen second mark and you can see the large chunk missing then move to the one minute seventeen second mark which is an overview of the bed and that missing gouge is not there! GM you better look out Ford will be making you look as dumb as you did to them! Link Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/14/19 12:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Carbon fiber bed for GMC

It amuses me when I recall that GM ran ads not so long ago, extolling the virtues of their steel pickup beds (versus Ford's then-new aluminum beds). And now they may be abandoning the oh-so-wonderful steel beds. :D If GM does go to Carbon Fiber beds you can bet Ford will be running some of their own testing just like GM did to them. This should be amusing when it comes out. Don Looks like Ford will have a tough time getting this bed to fail. Good job G.M., they should make it an option on the Chevy too. "In addition to drop tests with cinder blocks, gravel, and steel drums, the company performed extreme temperature testing and something it calls the snowmobile test, in which a 250-pound rider revved up a sled with a studded track inside the truck bed to see how it would hold up. The company says the only damage done was some "minimal scratching.""
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/12/19 09:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Carbon fiber bed for GMC Figures...certain types of folks (poop heads)would sue that garden supply...even aluminum would be better than plastic pickup beads Really Ben? The poop head would be the the guy in the loader not the customer. I made the clown at the "garden center" pay for the repairs to my 2004 Ram when the clown dumped stone down the side of the bed. The owner told me he wasn't responsible for the damage caused by his employee. About four weeks later he sent me a check for $3800 the cost of the body and paint work. I would bet dimes to dollars you would do the same thing if someone damaged your vehicle on purpose also Ben. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/12/19 09:29pm Tow Vehicles
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