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RE: The Emotions in a TC

I had to make the move away from my TCer because of my health. I am glad I am where I am now but I miss the TCer. I recently did a video talking about it and I realized when doing the video how much I missed the camper. I even have a post above where I still had the camper and was thinking about switching, how time move on. Here is the video I did when I talked about the move and what it took to find what I am using today.
Photomike 02/18/21 09:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Espar type heater to replace older furnace.

They do have mufflers for them. The diesels I have heard a lot of people say that the mufflers cause problems. Likewise high altitudes can cause issues without the high altitude kits. Some of the newer diesel pushers use these as well. They can run the ones that preheats the engine or for air heat.
Photomike 12/07/20 06:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Espar type heater to replace older furnace.

I have run both. Both have good and bad features, but I am leaning towards my Espar being better then the RV furnaces that I had. Now my Espar is located in my van so this will change a few things then a truck camper. One of the GREAT benefits is the ability to run multiple ducts BUT even bigger for me is having a cold air return. I can take cold air from the coldest part of my vehicle and heat it. My RV furnaces all took air from the front of the furnace to heat and with them being a foot or two from the floor the floor was always cooler. Maybe other units had this ability but my two units did not. I like that my Espar uses gas as it stays liquid in extreme cold better then the propane. I like only having one fuel to worry about in my van. Using one of the diesel units with separate fuel tank would work but I would be back to two fuels to make sure were topped up. Inside noise I would say is a little quieter then the propane. Maybe half the noise on my worst RV propane unit and a quarter on the less noisy one I had in my RV. BIG issue is the noise on the outside. The Epsar is like a CF-18 kicking in the afterburners when it fires. Does keep people from camping on that side of me. Maybe an issue if you run it in a campground. Myself I would not put a duct in the cab over. Heat rises and it would get REALLY toasty up there. A second thought would be a vented cat heater if you are looking for quiet.
Photomike 12/06/20 08:47pm Truck Campers
Drive to Yoho Park and Takakkaw Falls BC Canada

Took a drive up to Takakkaw Falls on a very interesting road! The second highest waterfall in Canada. Video on YouTube
Photomike 10/23/20 05:16pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Road Trip Kananaskis Alberta

Took another road trip. This time to Kananaskis Alberta. Started in the fall and drove into winter :B Video on YouTube
Photomike 10/21/20 02:54pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Hello Guys. Thank you so much for all the information on this thread. I am traveling to Vegas to pickup a ex-rental 23a from Cruise America. I have a question about buying a pre-inspection/ non refurbished unit. Does anyone have any information or suggestions on that? Difference between a refurbished unit and non refurbished unit is $3,000. SO i am making up the cost by buying the $3700 warranty. What do you think? I would say a bad idea UNLESS you know a lot about RV's. A refurbished unit from what I know has things replaced to "usable condition". So you may be doing little repairs like fixing hinges, repairing water pumps, etc. to get a usable unit. The warraty does not cover wear and tear only breakage. I would check into this more before taking the leap.
Photomike 10/11/20 02:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Trip Report - September Long

^ My goodness - those freeze dried meals are expensive - looks like around 9 bucks per 1 person meal. For hubby and I that would be an 18 dollar meal. I do get those hash browns - you pour hot water into the box and wait for 20 minutes for the potatoes to get soft - then you fry them up. Frozen is way easier, but with limited freezer space... Yup. Although I find a package is almost too much for one person. My wife and I were out picking berries and stopped for lunch and grabbed one. It was perfect for the both of us.
Photomike 09/21/20 12:57pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Trip Report - September Long

This forum is dead - thanks for posting! You got lucky to take pictures of the new snow - very nice. I'd be interested to hear about your freeze dried dinner packets - like brand, where you get them, etc. Keeping the pantry stocked is a great idea. Oh - and thanks IAMICHABOD for fixing the link... I have used all the brands out there. My favorite right now is Happy Yak (made in Canada) followed by Wise and Mountain House. I have used Mountain House for YEARS and they may not be a gourmet brand but they are not horrible either. Locally a couple of the outside stores sell them or if you need a quantityy you can order on-line. On another site, someone mentioned a brand of Freeze-Dried Hashbrowns that Costco sells that are suppose to be AMAZING!!! I need to get a box of them.
Photomike 09/19/20 01:18pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Trip Report - September Long

Mike, Thanks for the Video! I enjoyed the photos and seeing your van, we have a regular top GMC Savana van that I built out and we use it for short trips 1 to 2 days and for longer trips we tow our 17' Casita trailer with it. I have thought of a trailer. A Casita, Escape, or Bigfoot would be my choice in the 18 - 20 foot size.
Photomike 09/19/20 01:11pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Trip Report - September Long

The link should be fixed. it worked on my end of things but not when I signed out of Youtube. Thanks for fixing it!!
Photomike 09/19/20 01:07pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Trip Report - September Long

This forum is so dead. I miss the trip reports from the other forums when I had different RV's. Here is my last trip with my van on the September long weekend. Why you need to be prepared! September Long Trip Report
Photomike 09/17/20 07:13pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Hello all! Thanks for this great resource! It makes me feel confident about my purchase reading all your experiences. We just got 2008 Majestic 23A EX rental from person that had it for 6 years. Getting ready for 8000KM round trip and trying to get everything in place as a complete newbie to RV thing. I have some questions, I did try to go through this thread but it is overwhelming so please forgive me in the questions have been answered already. I will shoot my questions, please answer what you can. I will do multiple posts to make it easier with photos etc... 1. At some time this unit probably had a generator installed. I see electrical connectors and what looks like capped fuel line. Fuel line is held on by one zip tie so that does not look great. I would like to make use of that space for storage but I am not sure where I can bolt things. I saw video of Tito using same space but he reused generator mounts that I do not have. Next to this place is battery tray and that is just bolted to the floor, can I do the same? I bought Champion inverter generator 3400, so I am not going to use it for generator but batteries would be nice. Thanks!!! I had a custom battery box built for my 19. The bolt pattern I used was the same as the generators and are VERY secure!!!! I added 4 6v batteries to my custom box then had the battery box empty. Had tons of power. I was going to use the extra space for a tool box in the old battery box and storage next to the 6v's but sold the unit before I got to that point. width=640 width=640
Photomike 08/06/20 02:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What's changed about camping?

I live in southern Alberta and experience the same thing. Not only for RV'ing but for everything outside. There is a community west of me that is an old mining area. In the 80's the houses were going for $5000 - $10,000 now people from bigger cities have bought them and they are trying to flip for $500,000 with almost no repairs done to the places driving out most of the young families that don't have that money. Reason for the flipping other then money is that they are in nature and only a couple coffee shops / diners to go to when they are there and they are bored!!!!!!!! When they do go out they take all their toys and destroy the back country for others. Campgrounds are the same around here. Lets put our 40' RV in a site that will barely fit a small trailer. Then power up the generator before you even unhook as you need power for the big screen and microwave. That is if you can get a camping spot. Add to that the prices for camping is going NUTS. A guy was telling me last year he went for a trip and found a number of campsites at $60 a night and they were not willing to rent to anyone that was only using a tent. I miss the old road trips where you could pull over and pay $5 for a spot and you never needed a reservation.
Photomike 08/03/20 12:41pm RV Lifestyle
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