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RE: 2021 Ford E-Series No V-10

Meh, I owned a 6.0 for 10 years & never had an engine related issue, but then again I never chipped or modified the powertrain in any way. The 1st year of them (2003) Ford cheaped out on the IH spec'd injectors. I would say the 6.0 was a horrible engine to hot rod. For years every time I was at a fuel pump & someone else was there with another 6.0 I would ask them if they had lots of issues, it was very rare I ever encountered someone who said they did and 99% of those guys were running chipped trucks. The current 6.7 Ford diesel has been a great engine from the day they started selling it to the public. The 6.2l gasser was a good engine from a reliability perspective over the many years Ford offered it in the Super Duties. The 7.3 gasser should be no different. Say what you want about the 6.0 &/or 6.4 diesels but those were IH engines that Ford did stuff to that didn't help. 6.0s that were used in medium duty commercial trucks that were untouched by Ford's hand, had/have a good track record. Haven't had a Ford pickup for a number of years & even more since I had a Ford diesel pickup.... I'm not a Ford guy per se, just someone who's owned some of them & noticed how people chipping & otherwise messing with OEM power tend to cause a whole lot of problems (then blame the manufacturer). FWIW, the worst diesel vehicle I've ever owned in my life was a 24v Dodge/Cummins. The list of **** that went wrong with that truck was biblical (& MANY of those issues were with the motor, which if you believe people all over the interwebs, are engines that are beyond bulletproof. Lol).
Powertour 06/07/21 12:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

I feel your pain. HOA's = Tyranny. After over a decade of HOA living (including being on the board for a # of years) it took us 9months, looking at 75 or so homes & putting in 1/2 dozen offers on various homes before we were able to get out of the HOA life. The problem from what I saw was the old the homeowners (who were heavily represented on the board) got more paranoid & less tolerant the older they got. Got so bad they would have to approve anyone parking an RV (or anything else) on their own RV parkings pads that were put in the same time the homes were build over 20 years ago. And every pad is behind gates to the RV pads. This is just tip of the iceberg. The once nice area to live in became an intolerant iron-fist situation ran by a bunch of non-RVers, boaters, off-roaders, or anything else that many active people like to do in the modern world. We got out & it was like 10 tons of weight were lifted off our shoulders. We built a pool, RV parking area, a separate driveway and all kinds of other stuff at our new non-HOA place & did so without having to deal with any Nazi fellow homeowners whom think because they're filling a voluntary position they know better than you & thus control every aspect of your property rights. I'd rather live in a van down by the river than EVER live in an HOA again.The narrative "but mah property values" is a false narrative. Home values are determined by price per sq ft via zip code, not whether or not a home is in an HOA. Matter of fact, every single ad for any home in non-HOA areas in my metro area always have a place in the ad where "NO HOA" is listed in all-caps. That is telling in & of itself.
Powertour 03/07/21 08:04am General RVing Issues
RE: I just got the new RV Magazine

The New RV magazine appears as though the target audience is the Elite RV'er, not the casual weekend RV'er. So much yes & is part of my pet-peeves with the state of RVing nowadays. Today, the weekender / 2-week RV vacationers are treated like red-headed step children in so many areas of the RVing culture. It's like if you're not a full-timer you're a 2nd class citizen dirtbag. Magazines, YouTube videos, & the social clubs seem to either act like weekenders don't exist or thumb their noses at em. Funny to me as I would think the vast majority of full-timers were weekenders first.
Powertour 01/26/21 09:42am Good Sam Club
RE: RV cover vs shed?

After having owned both my .02 is covers are a ROYAL PITA to put on & take off, can actually make it hotter inside a coach, & don't last. This is based on using a cover for a short period in Southern NV. Years later, we put up an RV shade structure (Alumawood) beside our 1-story house & it's orders of magnitude better than any cover could ever be. In our neighborhood there's at least a 1/2 dozen similar structures to ours now... it's the norm.
Powertour 01/26/21 09:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Changing Spare Tire

Buy / maintain a spare tire with your coach & if you get a flat on any of the rear duals call a service & let them toil over the change out.
Powertour 12/29/20 02:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Water left in Suburban water heater - UPDATE!

I drain mine after each trip & we average about 1 weekend a month using the RV. I have left the anode out between trips but now I put it back in after draining the tank as rust/sediment deposits made the threads a bit tricky to engage.
Powertour 10/05/20 09:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel mileage 5th wheel vs travel trailer

We just sold our 2011 Crossroad Cruiser Patriot 5th wheel for a 2020 Winnebago Voyage travel trailer. The 5th wheel was 34 foot and weighted 9700 pounds. The new Winnebago is 36 foot and is 1500 pounds less at 8200 pounds. The question is the t re mailer gets less gas mileage by about 3 mpg that the taller heavier 5th wheel. Both pulled by same truck .My thought is the weight distribution and pulling of hitches? Any thoughts? Back in the day I went from a tag toyhauler to a conventional 5ver. 5ver was longer (by like 7') and was taller than the toyhauler. I got at least 3mpg better going to the bigger & taller 5ver. I also was able to crest many hills in a higher gear than I could with the tag behind trailer.
Powertour 09/29/20 02:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Foam Mattress Topper

Looking for information on RV foam mattress toppers. Do they need adjusted or re positioned every couple of days. Do the straps that hold the topper to the mattress keep it in place. Do you have the 2", 3", or 4" thickness. In your opinion do they work or are worthless and not worth the money. I have the RV King mattress. I think they are an inch or 2 different than a standard King mattress. Thoughts??? We have one on ours but it wasn't cutting the mustard so we ended up going to a local foam store, looked/felt various density and combos of foam and eventually had them build us a custom topper that actually worked (density we wanted & was cut to the exact dimensions of our bed). It wasn't cheap but not having the mrs be fussy after every night in the RV bed is/was $$ WELL spent. Wife did have to fashion some straps to hold the waterproof mattress cover in place as the added height of things after the added foam was causing everything to 'top off' by morning.
Powertour 09/24/20 08:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Class C Pros and Cons

We've owned multiple tag trailers, a 5ver, and 2 Class C's during various points in our lives (some of which were from my wife and my previous lives so to speak). Right now I'm in my 1st Class C and it's the 2nd for my wife. I'm really digging the motorhome vs trailers at this point in my life. Motorhome Pros: - Dogs are way more comfy when traveling & they're not up in our biz when going down the road. - Mega easy camp setup once we get to our campsite & same goes for packing up time. - Easy for the wife to get me a sammich while I'm driving 8-) - Don't have to use a tow vehicle as a daily driver (a bigger deal for those of us in urban areas). Cons: Ours has a corner bed and we HATE that with a passion.
Powertour 09/24/20 08:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: EMS/Surge Protection or.... TPMS???

If you only had $200 or $300 available, would you spend it on an EMS/Surge Protector or on a Tire Pressure Monitoring System? Which would you consider the higher priority? Bonus points if you give an opinion on which specific product you would buy (manufacturer and product number).. -Speak EMS hands-down. I got this one last year, it's been awesome. Love the app that goes with it as well.
Powertour 09/24/20 08:09am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 MicroQuiet - Quasi No Start (new carb needed?)

Now, run some Seafoam through your fuel system. Suggest a little heavy on mix as shown on can. Make sure you run genset long enough to get Seafoam into carb. It should remove much of the gum. Make sure you run genset under load! Plan on doing that soon. Heading out this weekend so I'm out of time to mess with it. I did get some fuel line at Autozone yesterday when I picked up some Seafoam so I have the stuff I need now to eventually run some directly into it (next week or 2 most likely based on my sched).
Powertour 09/24/20 08:06am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 MicroQuiet - Quasi No Start (new carb needed?)

Update: - Pulled carb out - Hit as much of it as I could with carb cleaner (bowl area, main jet, fuel cut-off solenoid, etc). Didn't see anything in particular while cleaning it but we're talking specs of dirt / fine layers of gum can cause issues. - Reinstalled everything Fires right up now. Not sure how long it will last. May eventually eliminate (bypass) the solenoid if I get problems again here in the short term.
Powertour 09/24/20 06:43am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 MicroQuiet - Quasi No Start (new carb needed?)

160 hours use in 5 years is low, IMO. Is this genny being exercised regularly? (I suggest 20 minutes, once a month, every month) Chum lee I've only owned the coach for a little over a year and during that time I have exercised it at least 1x every month (as a minimum). It's parked at my house so it's very easy to step outside and fire it up once and a while (if we're not out using it on a trip). The reason for the low genset useage is the coach is equipped with some solar capability hooked up to an inverter (that's wired to some of the outlets in the coach). That, combined with the fact we rarely boondock, equals low genset use.
Powertour 09/23/20 09:10am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 MicroQuiet - Quasi No Start (new carb needed?)

No, it is time to remove the bowl, see if float is left in bowl or still attached to body with small pin. It is possible as other poster stated that debris could be in line or between needle and seat. You could carefully remove pin, float and needle. Spray brake clean or carb cleaner into opening. With needle removed, crank over genset to check for fuel flow into bowl. A good small engine (lawn mower) shop can go through carb. Gotcha. I was under the impression these bad boys were kinda 'sealed' units. I've done a ton of carb work on my motorcycles, quads, and buggies over the years. Shall dig into this now that I'm hearing you can get to the jets and stuff.
Powertour 09/22/20 08:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 MicroQuiet - Quasi No Start (new carb needed?)

Float could be stuck or needle has come loose from the float arm. If one of these is the case is it straight away new carb time? Thanks for the input!
Powertour 09/22/20 07:01pm Tech Issues
Onan 4000 MicroQuiet - Quasi No Start (new carb needed?)

Searched high and low & can't seem to find an answer to what I have going on..... Generator came with my '15 RV. 160hrs on it, most before I bought it. Plenty of spark. Plenty of fuel flow as tested with fuel line off carb & using prime function. New air filter and spark plug in it. The thing will only start (hot or cold) if I drain the float bowl & crank it over with the float bowl screw open. Once it fires off I can close the float bowl drain screw & it will stay running. Never seen anything like it in decades of off-road bike/quad carb'd stuff. Float bowl stuck? Need a new carb? Thanks in advance for
Powertour 09/22/20 05:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Class-C'ers Unsecured EZ-Up Meets Side of Nice Prevost

Curious here. Did you see ay damage to the coach or just the EZ up against it? It looked like it was scratched in a # of places.
Powertour 08/04/20 11:29am Beginning RVing
RE: Class-C'ers Unsecured EZ-Up Meets Side of Nice Prevost

I am sure there was no intent. Just a careless accident Did you cry because it was a Prevost, or because a low life class C had the unmitigated gall to be close to the kings ride. I am sure that the Prevost owner has insurance and although a pain, will not cause him financial distress. Why does the Brand and type make a difference, this is akin to naming the race of a person when race has nothing to do with the story! Yes I cried because it was the nicest coach (at least custom paint wise) I'd ever seen. I cried because I can appreciate fine things in this world, wether they're owned by people wealthier than me or not is irrelevant, they're still fine things. I put myself in that person's shoes thinking that if I'd worked my @ ss off to get a dream coach & then to have it needlessly damaged because of someone else's negligence, I'd be pissed. I thought about the stress with having to deal with someone I didn't know trying to get reimbursed, about having to spend my valuable time/effort rectifying damage done to my property. I surely didn't think that because the person owning the Prevost had money then it was no big deal to have his stuff damaged by others. ETA: I own a Class C smaller than the one I referenced in my post so insinuating that I'm someone sitting on a hill looking down on peons that can only afford a Class C is not applicable here. Nice try with the class warfare approach though.
Powertour 08/04/20 07:01am Beginning RVing
RE: Class-C'ers Unsecured EZ-Up Meets Side of Nice Prevost

Who says the C pictured owned the EZ up? It could have come from anywhere. It was their stuff, I walked by it all set up a 1/2 dozen times over 2 days before it ended up in the side of someone else's very expensive coach.
Powertour 08/04/20 06:54am Beginning RVing
RE: Ford's 7.3L gas engine

I'm very interested in this subject matter myself.
Powertour 08/03/20 03:15pm Class C Motorhomes
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