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RE: Ontario: Motorhome yellow sticker exemption?

Awesome, that’s exactly what I was looking for - thanks!
PrivatePilot 07/12/21 08:32am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ontario: Motorhome yellow sticker exemption?

Indeed. The core of my question however is….what’s the requirement for the “conversion” to be considered legit?
PrivatePilot 07/12/21 06:34am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ontario: Motorhome yellow sticker exemption?

“Reclassified” is fine. If they’re actually legal as such, whether they think they are or not, may be very much otherwise. There was very specific requirements for such. You can’t just take a commercial truck and decide you’re a Motorhome one day and do away with all the requirements.
PrivatePilot 07/12/21 05:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
Ontario: Motorhome yellow sticker exemption?

I’m having a debate with somebody online elsewhere right now with regards to their ability to use a full on class 8 tractor for recreational purposes completely exempt of all CVOR/daily inspections/annual inspections (yellow sticker) because they claim to be using the “Motorhome” exemption. Now, I know such exemptions exist for true motorhomes, however I was pretty sure that there was wording specifically with the MTO that required anything claiming to be exempt to have static plumbing systems including a toilet with a holding tank, etc to be considered eligible. I know this fellow is using it for recreational purposes (so he claims), but it appears to be a pretty standard class 8 tractor to me. And I drive these for a living, I know they don’t have bathroom facilities that would meet the standards of being an “RV”. All that being said, after 30 or 45 minutes of searching on the MTO websites and elsewhere I can’t seem to find any details on these exemptions any longer. Can someone who’s been able to find them please provide me some hard factual links (preferably from the MTO) that I can provide this unfortunately misled fellow.
PrivatePilot 07/12/21 04:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Fittings for holding tank revision.

If you are draining a sink into the tank you will need 1 1/4" pipe minimum and 1 1/2" would be ideal. Less and you will be waiting a while to drain as you would be creating a funnel. Likewise, the vent line should be the same size as the drain line even if you use an under sink vent stack with a vent valve on it. Shower should be the size of the fitting that is attached to the shower pan/tub for the same reason as the sink. Thanks. Not too worried about the sink taking a bit longer to drain, it is quite small - this is a tiny trailer afterall. I think I found a combination that will work at HD.
PrivatePilot 05/31/21 03:58pm Tech Issues
Fittings for holding tank revision.

Hey all. It's a long story but I'm redoing a mixed black/grey (solo) holding tank on our latest micro-trailer and making it strictly grey and then adding a cartridge toilet instead. The existing tank was leaky, the single mixed tank wasn't ideal, and when I dropped it, it didn't take me long to figure out why it was leaky - the installation (either factory, or some previous owners modification) was a gong show with caulking trying to make up for it. Anyhow, I have the tank at a reputable plastic welding shop getting returned to basically new (and hole-less) condition. It's in otherwise good condition and was a waste to throw away when I could get it fully repaired for 1/3 the cost. For the revised setup I need 3 (probably 1" will be fine) holes on the top of the tank near where the toilet used to drain into. 1 for the galley sink, 1 for the shower, and 1 for the vent. I'm struggling to figure out what fittings may work best for mating onto a flush ABS surface. Ideally I want them as flush as possible, and threaded - that way I can adapt whatever fittings I need externally beyond that point. Anyone have any suggestions?
PrivatePilot 05/28/21 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: A terrible dinette table. Opinions on modification?

So I spoke to some people with the newer generation of my exact Trailer that does have a round table as opposed to rectangular, however at the same time does not have spacers or anything for the gaps the table leaves. Apparently the secret is that the 2 cushions that go down over the table gap have thin plywood backers between the outside material and the foam. So they become part of the structure and bridge the gap the round table leaves. Aha!
PrivatePilot 02/24/21 06:00pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: A terrible dinette table. Opinions on modification?

Thanks all, I'm still reading all the replies and contemplating. Table looks good Profdant. Certainly gives me ideas - redoing the table entirely with something like that which could be made full size for the bed usage but folded back on itself using piano hinges for dinette use (and not having to worry about unfinished edges) has appeal, absolutely. As does reducing weight. The table that's in it now has to weight 25-30 pounds, it's freakin unbelievable.
PrivatePilot 02/22/21 06:01pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: A terrible dinette table. Opinions on modification?

Cutting and hinging came to mind, absolutely, but then there’s the unfinished edge thing to deal with again. But not insurmountable even if I farmed out the job to someone who has the related skills. I’d have to come up with a way to latch at least the forward piece up flat against the bottom otherwise it’ll be in the way still getting in and out of the dinette. That wouldn’t be too hard.
PrivatePilot 02/22/21 08:01am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: A terrible dinette table. Opinions on modification?

What about cutting 8-12" off the length of the table. Relocate the pole mount on the bottom of the table so that the front edge is further back to allow for access. The cutoff piece would be used as the filler for the bed, and just left in the back of the 'bed track supports'. Use the original table top bed at the front for the bed. The table appears to be solid wood, router, sand and matching finish. Love your pillow cushions Ken Hmmm. Yeah, we may have a winner here. The cut piece could almost just stay in place in the bottom rails as the actual footwell area is pretty sizeable so it wouldn’t likely be in the way. When it’s time for bed, fold down the table as normal and just butt the two sections together and it’s all good. That’s going to be the top option at this point barring any better ideas coming out of the thread here. Thanks!
PrivatePilot 02/21/21 08:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: A terrible dinette table. Opinions on modification?

The slider idea occurred to me but it seems like a kludge - when you slide the table back it’s still way bigger than is necessary. I wonder about getting a new round table made and then finding some hollow aluminum slats (like the ones the compact “table in a bag” setups use) that could just roll out into the gap for the bed. Roll-up means they’re reasonably compact and aluminum means light and not unwieldy to deal with. Just don’t know if they’d be strong enough in the end considering that area bears a lot of weight when someone’s climbing into and out of bed and might have ones entire body weight bearing on one knee or something.
PrivatePilot 02/21/21 07:36pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: A terrible dinette table. Opinions on modification?

I thought about cutting it, yeah, but then I've got ugly unfinished edges to deal with. Honestly, I could go for an entire replacement of some sort, the whole woodgrain thing is dated. Someone else elsewhere suggested just replacing it with a round table which would be ideal (and is exactly what they did in the newer model of this same trailer) but then I've got the issue of the round table not working to fold down into the bed support, so I'm left carrying around the second table anyways which there really isn't space for. I thought about going the new round table option and carrying slats or something to drop in for the bed option (and just drop the round table down onto the floor) but it seems like a clunky solution...and then the slats need to go somewhere through the day too. I can't help but keep thinking there's some sort of new style legs or support or something that could replace the old fashioned pole setup (or at least complement it if I opted to shift the table-end bracket back to shift the table as a whole rearward) but I can't quite put my finger on it.
PrivatePilot 02/21/21 06:36pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
A terrible dinette table. Opinions on modification?

So, we sold our big 5th wheel and the big truck a number of years ago...but realized we missed camping, so after renting one last fall and rekindling our love of RV'ing we recently bought a little ultralight unit that we can pull with our cars instead I find the little trailer very liberating vs the big rig we used to own - no more having to worry about "Can we fit in there" or "Can we get down that road and be able to turn around" etc. We can literally go anywhere without a second thought. Anyhow, long story short, the dinette setup is terrible. The big square table gives us lots of space, sure, but getting in and out of the dinette requires spinning the table (which really isn't super stable to begin with on the old style pole setup) and/or contortions. Pictures tell a thousand words. Making the table round or notching the corners isn't really viable as the table is of course needed for supporting the cushions when the table is folded to the bed. Moving the receptacle for the pole further back on the bottom of the table will shift the table top back and probably fix the issue (and realistically it'll only ever be the two of us sitting at it anyways so there really needn't be room at the back), but then the table will be off balance and would need some sort of additional support in a place where we really can't provide it due to the design. I could move the pole bracket on the floor back but that would leave a bunch of big ugly holes in the floor. Of course, if I'm going to remove it anyways I'm sure I could touch it up or disguise it somehow... Is there some sort of magical solution here that I'm just missing? New leg setup that would work? Anyone got any DIY ideas? Someone thinking outside the box more than I am perhaps?
PrivatePilot 02/21/21 05:43pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Curt Rockerball

2-5/16 Curt RockerBall I can't really see the purpose of this. If your hitch and coupler are fastened together properly and greased there should not be any fore/aft movement. Looks to me like this thing would only introduce it. That's exactly what it's designed to do - introduce a little (rubber dampened) for and aft flex to things to help reduce the herky-jerkyness that is often experienced pulling a trailer. I'm curious for anyones experience on this as well. I'm likely going to buy one for a small 1500# ultralight we have now that transmits a ton of aforementioned herkyjerkies to the tow vehicle. The reviews I've been able to find online thus far seem to be overwhelmingly positive, but as with all things, I take them with a grain of salt until I see the same trend across multiple places.
PrivatePilot 02/21/21 06:37am Towing
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