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RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

It depends on you and what you want vs what you are willing to live with. Most of my 20 years towing RV have been with duallys, so I am used to no drama towing. Last year we purchased a F150 max tow and a new smaller trailer. Its about 8,000 loaded. We did a 5000 mile trip last summer. It did wonderful but I have upgrades throughout the truck. I have always upgraded shocks on every truck to the Bilstein 5100 series. This truck I added 10 ply E tires and a ride control air bag system. I also use an old Hensley Arrow hitch. The only problem that I had was in high winds when the Hensley Arrow hitch and the factory f150 sway control began fighting each other. Once I disabled the F150 sway control we had zero problems. My wife is very comfortable towing this combo and she believes it is one of the best combo's we have had. Good luck, research you capacities and limits, and if you go decide on the HD platform, skip 3/4 and go to full ton SRW. No real penalties for the payload increase. I love the F150, but know that once the kids are gone, a truck camper is in my future, and I will go back to HD's again.
Procrastinator 01/18/20 08:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: The TFL guys bought a 7.3L

Not sure why anyone cares about the 7.3L. According to the HD gas owners here, they don't need more power which is why they bought the gas engine instead of the diesel. So why would an engine with more power that you will have to pay more for matter now? Wasn't the 7.3 designed with the newer 10 speed transmission? I have not read yet, but will the 6.2 have the 10 speed or the same 6 speed transmission? I know I would definitely option up if the 6.2 was only a 6 speed.
Procrastinator 01/02/20 08:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer dolly: trailervalet, parkit360, etc

Not sure how much storage room you have, but for I have a small Kubota tractor that I put a hitch receiver on the 3 point hitch in the rear and I use it. It will turn tighter circles than I ever could with any of my trucks. The trailer will tighter than I am willing to "scrub" my trailer tires when turn. I use the tractor all the time around the house. With the tractor, I get to use a front bucket and mow/brush hog with and it won't have such a price drop if I ever decide to sell off everything. Either way get a spotter, its a huge pain no seeing around the trailer when backing. One of my round to it projects is making a bar with some mirrors on it to clamp to the bucket.
Procrastinator 09/27/19 12:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dodge RAM flywheel

Contact SouthBend Clutch. Complete flywheel, clutch and pressure-plate around $1,200 shipped to you. Ask for who they recommend in your area. $2,500 would be my total cost guess. X 100. This is the correct answer. If you're going to open up replace it all with high quality and never worry or think about it again.
Procrastinator 09/12/19 06:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

Glad things are working well for you. Do you think the Ford anti-sway system would be adequate with a standard hitch in place of the Hensley? They are not the only manufacturer using that type of system, I would think there is something to it. I think the Ford anti-sway would be fine for anything but a Hensley or a pro-pride. As you get into the engineering of those two hitches, you will learn about the "Hensley bump". It's important to have the trailer brake prior or at lease the exact same time as the truck. If not you will get the bump. The Ford anti-sway uses the truck's brakes to stop the sway. I don't know if or how much it uses the trailer brakes. All I know is the hitch works great when not handicapped by the ford system.
Procrastinator 08/12/19 07:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

To answer a few of the questions, I try to tow between 68-72 mph locking out 9-10 speeds. My speed depends on traffic, road surface temps, and headwinds only due to gas consumption (I am cheap). My speed also depends on how soon I want to get where I am going. Somedays we did 400 miles, other days we did 600 miles. I am thinking about adding the Hellwig sway bar, I added one to my 7.3 Excurion. As for longevity, well its got a 200,000-mile warranty on the drivetrain and I buy and sell my vehicles about every 80,000-100,000 miles not because I need to but because I am normally bored with it. All in all the 3.5 and 10 speed is a great combo.
Procrastinator 08/11/19 12:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

Great write up. I tow very similarly, and have added a Hellwig sway bar to the rear, but no airbags (yet). I also have the same shock setup as you. I feel the exact same problems with crosswind. Question: how to disable the factory anti sway? Also, what capacity airbags? (2,000 or 5,000?) To disable the factory anti-sway, you have to be at a complete stop. Go into your towing settings and scroll to anti-sway and hit OK on the steering wheel. Not sure if I would disable it if running any of the friction type of hitches.
Procrastinator 08/11/19 12:37pm Tow Vehicles
5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

First, my history. I have been camping and towing RV's for about 18 years now. I have owned and towed 3) 5th wheels and 3 travel trailers in that time. The largest was 38 feet long and the shortest was 28 feet long. I have towed with these trailers with three different dually's a '98 Ram 3500, a '05 Ram 3500, and a '05 F350. I also towed with a heavily modified '03 Excursion. When I transitioned to travel trailers, I bought a used Hensley Arrow off craigslist. My current truck is an F150 3.5 Ecoboost 10 speed with Max Tow option. The max tow has 157" wheelbase and the 6.5 feet bed, a 36-gallon fuel tank, and additional oil cooler. As soon as I bought it, I replaced the factory tires with 10 ply E load tires. I also replaced all the shocks with Bilstein 5100 series and "leveled" the front with them. I added Air Lift's ride control airbags and their onboard air compressor so I can adjust the air pressure within the cab as needed. Our current trailer is a Coachman Freedom Express 292BHDSLE. Its dry weight was 6622 lbs. According to Forest River's website, the GVWR is "TBD". Prior to this trip, we loaded the trailer and truck with "everything" that we were taking on this trip and we scaled the truck empty, with the trailer with no weight distribution, and trailer with weight distribution. Yes, we were close to running out of payload on our truck, but we were within specs. The trailer was coming in around 7,500 lbs and we surely added a few hundred pounds more in the last-ditch loading. The trip was from St. Louis, Missouri area, westbound across I-40 to Santa Cruz, California and returning eastbound across I-80. The total miles that we drove was 5017 miles. I budgeted the trip at 8 mpg and I am glad I did. Total average mpg was 9.2 mpg with towing the trailer about 98% of the miles. The F150 is not a one-ton dually and it did not perform like one. Like others have written, it has plenty of power. There was only one time on a mountain pass in Wyoming that I finally felt the floorboard under the gas pedal, and even then I was passing almost every other slowed vehicle. At all other times, the truck had plenty of power to spare to crest any hill or mountain faster than I felt like towing the trailer up (ie drinking gasoline even faster) Yes, in high wind situations I could feel the wind more than I could when towing with my dually. However, the trailer never swayed or got out of control. The towing ride over a long distance was the best I have ever had too. The worst time towing was in high winds in Oklahoma. The winds were very strong and I was observing large motorhomes and semi-trailers leaning hard and steering into the wind. During this time I learned a very important lesson. The Ford factory anti-sway system and Hensley Arrow type hitches were fighting one another. At this point of the trip, I began to worry that I had made a mistake in buying and towing with a 1/2 ton because the trailer was swaying but I was really fighting the truck and trailer in this wind. My mpg had dropped to 6.3 mpg and it was still coming down. Eventually, I stopped on the shoulder, disabled the factory anti-sway, and immediately took off again. Now, the Hensley could do its job without the truck nanny making it worse. That was a day and night difference. The factory anti-sway uses the truck's brakes to stop or mitigate sway, but the Hensley couldn't do its job without the F150 sway control. Think "Hensley Bump", and the truck was continuously activating its brakes making the sway worse and then braking again harder. Once I disabled the factory sway, the trailer movement disappeared, and my mpg gallon "jumped" up the 9.4 average. Yes, now that I moved to a 1/2 ton I am paying more attention to tongue weights and water tank levels than when towing, but I am so pleased with how this thing towed and performed. My wife feels it is one of the best riding set up we have ever had, and she towed over 1000 of those miles and she likes the way it towed too. After this trip, I can honestly say that I have no regret choosing this truck over my previous HD trucks at this time in my life. If my needs (trailer) change, so will the truck but for the money, it is an amazing truck and it does an amazing job.
Procrastinator 08/11/19 05:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: ...a converted Airstream trailer.

That very trailer is on display in the Huntsville, Alabama rocket museum. Very affordable RV camping right next to the museum, and a great museum in general to visit. The trailer display reveals how the trailer was disposed of by NASA and later found in some type of fish hatchery in the south. The museum did a full restoration and you can walk in a lot of it but they have some areas "glassed off" for display. Safe travels.
Procrastinator 07/20/19 10:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Which shocks?

I put the Rancho adjustable shock on my Excursion. We don't get a lot of snow and salt use, but it wasn't a season or two that they were no longer adjustable. No matter how much WD-40 was used. I was not impressed with them the entire time I had them. The next truck I put the Bilstein 5100 series on and it was noticeably better all the time. Towing and not towing. My new truck had less than 3500 miles when I put Bilstein 5100's on it.
Procrastinator 06/15/19 11:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pecking order of Coachmen brands

I could not understand how the apex would be more expensive. We just purchased a Freedom Express Liberty Edition. The physical size (interior height) of the apex was a killer. The Freedom Express had the same square footage, but was way bigger. We also felt quality was higher on them also. Good Luck
Procrastinator 06/13/19 09:36am Travel Trailers
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