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RE: 2019 Chevy 2500 and Sundance XLT with new hitch too high

If you do continue with the nose high trailer I suggest you check the pin weight percentage. A nose high trailer becomes more sensitive to the pin weight and will require more than a level trailer to maintain good towing.
RCMAN46 01/29/20 09:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 Silverado 2500

At a wheelbase of 160 inches and 4 inches behind the rear axle a 2500 lb pin will only remove 63 lbs from the front axle.
RCMAN46 01/09/20 08:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV Crushes Truck

"Lets do this, yes it was high hitched , if thats what it will take, but in the classic sense , no it was not high hitched, but lets use that . My point was there was no gap ." Lets assume for argument that we have 4 extra slip discs. That will not allow the subject hitch or any hitch to latch. There will still not be a gap. I would call that a high hitch even though the pin is not on top of the jaws. But in this case the OP did not close the hitch plain and simple. It would not matter what hitch is used including the B&W it would result in a dropped trailer. Now it will be said that that can not happen with a B&W as the arm would be open. But if you look at this picture it is clear the subject arm was also in the locked open position. In this picture I believe you can see the pin just to the left of the jaw. You should not be able to see the pin when the hitch is closed and latched. There was nothing wrong with the hitch is was an operator error.
RCMAN46 12/31/19 11:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel tire question This is why you need a TPMS. My TPMS notified me that I had a tire going low about 100 miles into a trip. Had I waited until my next fuel stop (which for me is about 250-300 miles) I suspect the tire would have been ruined with possible damage to the trailer. I doubt anyone checks their tire pressures by what ever means more often than 100 miles. In my case I was able to find a safe and shady place to put on my spare. Tire was repairable and was moved to the spare position.
RCMAN46 12/31/19 08:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel tire question

Get a TPMS system and you would not be second guessing if you had damaged a tire. One damaged tire will almost pay for a good system.
RCMAN46 12/30/19 06:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

Handle was NOT latched. Possibly because of the extra slip plate but he sure got it hitched later WITH extra slip plate still on. Not what I would call a high hitch for sure. Because you've got one image of high-hitch in your mind, and that one doesn't qualify. But the pin was too high for the jaw to close, so it fits the definition of high-hitch. Open your imagination a bit and think outside of your paradigm. Yes it did close later with the disk in place, but if it is marginal, the jaw may snap closed one time, and not the next. You could probably push on the handle and force it closed if it fits metal to metal, but Mr. Newbie didn't know to try that. That's why I think it is likely to happen again if he doesn't figure this out. The fact they had some problems getting the hitch to unlatch also points to the pin being too high and the jaw was binding on the King Pin. I agree a pin that is too high to engage the hitch jaw could be considered a high hitch as happened to another trailer with a B&W hitch mentioned earlier.
RCMAN46 12/23/19 07:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rear end ratios

" But good luck finding, let's say a new one ton vehicle, with more than 3.73 gearing." I may be wrong but I am almost sure the new GM one tons with the Duramax and 10 speed Allison has a 3:42 rear gear as the only option.
RCMAN46 12/22/19 08:41am Truck Campers
RE: RV Crushes Truck

For me I love the informative Vids on YouTube like the one i watched that gave great info on how to replace my HD's Compensator. All the little tricks from someone experienced saves a lot of trouble. YouTube has been given a bad rap in many of the responses during this round of postings. I agree with Cummins12V98. When ever I am going to do something new and even if I have done it before I look up as many YouTube videos I can. All the little tricks from someone experienced or sometimes inexperienced saves a lot of trouble. I even learned a few things during this posting about RV Crushes a Truck and the two videos posted.
RCMAN46 12/22/19 08:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 Powerstroke stock dyno numbers

Here's a 2020 6.7PSD with 455HP and 954Tq. Link Nice numbers. The only thing I don't like about Mike's numbers is that his dyno is much higher than others. When I had my F150 EcoBoost, I had his tunes. Several of us on the F150 forum did dyno runs on his tunes and could never even get close to what his dyno numbers. I believe the closest was 40hp shy. Not saying anything bad about Mike because his tunes are awesome. I just think his dyno is overly optimistic. At 0.25 of the video it was stated they were testing the stock numbers.
RCMAN46 12/21/19 02:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How about those after market steps for TT?

I do not believe you can purchase the TorkLift GlowStep Revolution directly from the website that was given at the beginning of this posting. It is not uncommon for a manufacturing site to only give specifications and features of a product. I have a TorkLift GlowStep Revolution and it has been worth every dollar I paid for it. I purchased mine from Etrailer. GlowStep Revolution
RCMAN46 12/19/19 09:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Crushes Truck

2 nylon plates = increased chance of a high hitch? The release lever on either my Holland FW001 and my B&W will not latch when high hitched. The pin uncouples as soon as you tug test but you can see the jaws are not latched by the lever position. Both 5th wheels (“hitches”) are designed for 1 nylon lube plate. And if you had tried to pull your trailer with the B&W as the OP had done you would have dropped a trailer as he did. Nope. The handle won’t pin if the jaws aren’t locked. You missed my point. If you look at the second photo I posted the hitch in question also was not closed or pinned. The white pin only shows that the king pin is in the hitch head and does not indicated if the hitch is latched.
RCMAN46 12/17/19 03:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

2 nylon plates = increased chance of a high hitch? The release lever on either my Holland FW001 and my B&W will not latch when high hitched. The pin uncouples as soon as you tug test but you can see the jaws are not latched by the lever position. Both 5th wheels (“hitches”) are designed for 1 nylon lube plate. And if you had tried to pull your trailer with the B&W as the OP had done you would have dropped a trailer as he did.
RCMAN46 12/16/19 03:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

The first thing I noticed the trailer tires did not have chocks. I am sure the trailer was high hitched thus the hitch did not latch. This was most likely because of the extra lube plate. The first picture shows what the release handle should look like when the hitch is latched. The second shows it after connected to the trailer. You can clearly see that the hitch is not latched. In the third picture I can still see the hitch pin as the hitch jaw has not completely surrounded the pin and locked in place.
RCMAN46 12/16/19 02:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dexter Axle Electric Brakes

Defiantly pull the drums. You may have got things hot enough that the grease seal has failed and you may find grease everywhere.
RCMAN46 11/22/19 06:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Tx Fluid Level ??

Typically with the Allison transmission they run hot if overfilled. At least that is what many with the Allison 1000 used in the Duramax pickups have discovered.
RCMAN46 11/14/19 12:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to destroy a truck camper in .5 seconds.

If they had not used a jump so they would go over the frame of the RV the outcome would have been way different with three bodies probably going to the morgue. Did you notice where the passenger side mirror went. They were lucky it did not cause some bodily damage to one of them.
RCMAN46 11/10/19 09:08am Truck Campers
RE: Tekonsha Prodigy P2 or P3?

The P3 has some very useful diagonistics that the P2 does not have. Most noteworthy is the current function. I use it before every trip. A two axle trailer will draw about 1 amp per volt applied. I do this test as if there is a brake magnet missing it can be detected by this test.
RCMAN46 11/03/19 06:10pm Towing
RE: Buckling bronco!

Two things required to have a trailer tow well. First about 12% tongue weight. The only way I know how to determine tongue weight is a trip to the scales or the use of something like the Sherline scale. Second a trailer that is a little nose low when all set up. This helps prevent the teeter totter effect that a nose high trailer can give you. After these two things are corrected then work on the proper setup of the WDH if one is used or required. Sway control devices should be on all pull trailers to handle an emergency hard road correction such as a deer crossing the road in front of you.
RCMAN46 10/29/19 05:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Signal strength for phone meter

I use the "Network Cell Info" app on my Android phone for comprehensive signal info. I recommend trying the free "Lite" version first. width=200 That was a very useful ap on the Android. I have not been able to find one that is comparable for the Iphone.
RCMAN46 10/14/19 09:06am Tech Issues
RE: Ideal V8 rpms when towing?

Install a vacuum gauge. With a gas engine the vacuum will give you an indication if you are lugging the engine. Go with the gear that will give the best vacuum.
RCMAN46 10/08/19 12:53pm Truck Campers
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