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RE: Battery failure puzzle: voltage good, little power

Quote: . If the batteries are bad I would defiantly go with 2 6 v GC batteries, they will last much longer than your 12 v batteries. ------------------------------------------------------------- Not true !! An amp hr is an amp hr no matter if its in a 6v or 12v. 2 12v w/ a total capacity of 220 amp hrs will last just as long as 2 6v w/ the same total capacity.
RJsfishin 11/26/20 09:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery failure puzzle: voltage good, little power

Exactly why I have a digital readout voltmeter mounted in the television panel, staring me in the face anytime I watching tv. This way I know what the voltage is under the load of the tv/inverter lights, water pump. That's when you learn that 11.9 volts will still go a long while.
RJsfishin 11/25/20 11:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Rear View with ? Camera ?

My wired rear camera is powered from the acc, its on all the time, has its own 7" monitor and its clear as a bell. I still don't know what the problem or question is.
RJsfishin 11/21/20 10:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Rear View with ? Camera ?

what wrong w/ a plain ole backup camera ? They are legal
RJsfishin 11/21/20 08:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Boondocking --- Average AH consumption/day?

The solar is not going to do what you think. So start w/ 200 watts and go from there. You don't need more batteries
RJsfishin 11/15/20 07:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 -Carb replaced - now idle is high (Code 14)

First thing I would do is put the original carb back on. At 152 hours , the carb is like new yet, and surging is not a reason to change out a carb.
RJsfishin 11/14/20 06:34am Tech Issues
RE: LED light and 12v Voltage? UPDATE-OOPS!/Got Kohrees too.

Never a problem w/ leds @ 14.6 PD converter, but all my leds came from Napa
RJsfishin 11/13/20 02:13pm Tech Issues
RE: 10/3 Wire split

That’s what the wire nuts and J-box do. :):) More connections are worse than no connections and simply wrap the wire with proper electrical tape and carry on. ------------------------------------------------------- Yes, don't need electricians here, you need common sense DONT FIX WHAT AINT BROKE !! Seal it
RJsfishin 11/09/20 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: Water heater question

I have never known a drippy PRV to cause any problem
RJsfishin 10/28/20 11:51am Tech Issues
RE: We have a toilet issue......

Vaseline is petroleum based, I would not put that on rubber gaskets. I agree with Old-Biscuit, but I’ve used vegetable oil to rejuvenate a seal that leaked. Additionally I recommend putting an inch of vegetable oil in the toilet to keep the seal in good condition if you store for a while. It will keep the seal lubricated, and it won’t evaporate. The seals are not rubber, they are neoprene, and vasoline or any other petroleum base will not hurt them !
RJsfishin 09/19/20 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: Deep cycle battery maintenance

For some reason batteries left on a PD wiz charger 24-365 just do not use any water,....meaning once a year at most, besides that they will last 8 to 10 years, much longer than if not plugged in in between trips.
RJsfishin 09/18/20 01:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Carbon Monoxide/Propane Alarm - Propane Leak?

My propane alarm made my life miserable once to often, and it will never do that again. I went 30 years w/o one, and I don't need one now.
RJsfishin 09/07/20 09:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar

Also on the batteries I have 4 12v is the pos hooked up at one end and neg to other? It's been awhile since I did solar.How is your converter hooked up? Sounds like you are describing series hookup wich would be 48 volts.
RJsfishin 09/05/20 07:01am Tech Issues
RE: Cracked frame Heartland/Lippert - Warranty but no help!

What about the other 2 hangers that are going to do the same thing. It was never designed correcrly. All 4 hangers must be done or you are prolonging your agony. And I would estimate more like 12 hours to do all 4 hangers correctly
RJsfishin 09/03/20 10:06am Tech Issues
RE: Cracked frame Heartland/Lippert - Warranty but no help!

Short cut and just find a good welder and have him start welding all the cracks then start laying in reinforcement. Right on, and that renforcement should cover at least 18 inches of the frame, in other words the frame should be boxed in outside and inside for 18 inches minimum. And that should be done after all the cracks are welded it. You are much better off having a good weld shop do the job correctly and then try to collect the money, than ever trying to get the trailer MFG to do the job right.
RJsfishin 09/01/20 06:03pm Tech Issues
RE: 10K psi grease gun

Change out the grease zerk, and drill out the bolt one grease gun is as good as another, most all will do 10K psi
RJsfishin 08/25/20 07:42am Tech Issues
RE: Can I use 20 amp service

We lived in our MH for 5 months on a borrowed 20 amp service, WH on propane, and A/C "or" Microwave. Tripped the breaker 2 times when DW forgot to turn off A/C when using the Microwave. Once you get used to it, no problem
RJsfishin 08/25/20 07:30am Tech Issues
RE: Recharging house batteries

No. depending on converter output and alternator output. My 140 amp alternator will charge much faster than my PD 45 amp converter. And 2 different charging sources will usually fight each other. The one w/ the highest voltage will do most all the charging
RJsfishin 08/19/20 06:23am Tech Issues
RE: House/chassis battery issue

just connect the positives together thru a toggle switch on the dash gives me manual control for charging either direction, and from either source
RJsfishin 08/17/20 10:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery powered portable fuel transfer pump

I have use that pump for 3 years, stil working perfectly on the original batteries. Buy a neoprene cork for the outlet.and a rubber chair leg cup for the inlet to keep the bugs out during storage. They can be had for 6 bucks when the price is right on ebay.
RJsfishin 08/13/20 09:02pm Tech Issues
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