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RE: Residential Style Central Air - NOT Roof Air Question

3. I have NEVER in 45 years heard Older Coolant called anything but Freon. Freon 12 or Freon 22. Doug Thus we have verification of experience and training. Its amazing how people can be such JERKS. They disparage someone because they use Industry standard language. Turn on the TV and they talk about FREON being banned. HVAC people come to your house and they State FREON. NOT 22. FREON. FYI, before we were a RV ONLY we were part of a Cadillac/Oldsmobile dealership and we ALWAYS charged out Freon 12 when we worked on those 30 and 40 year old vehicles. Doug Doug, with due respect for your vast RV and refrigerant knowledge. I refrain from saying FREON. As a refrigeration tech with a universal licence, I find properly addressing the chemistry makes us look more professional. I find it really too bad that DuPont's trade mark has become a slang term for refrigerant. Richard
RLS7201 07/13/20 07:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Add digital thermostat to manual rooftop unit?

I did that mod to my 95 Bounder. You will get tired of listening to that mechanical contactor going clunk clunk clunk clunk. I elected to use Solid state relays in the AC. I have complete control of all functions from the thermostat. Fortunately my RV had 6 small control circuit leads from the AC to the circuit breaker panel. Didn't have to run wires through the ceiling. If you elect to try the solid state relays. Spend the extras $$ for a 50 amp relay or better for the compressor. The back EMF imposed on a smaller relay, when turning off, will make it fail. Richard
RLS7201 07/09/20 10:25am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Engine surge, generator

That surge is called a "lean roll". The carb is running lean because of an obstruction in the carb. Richard
RLS7201 07/02/20 09:59am Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator Interior fan ?

I use a Hard drive cooling fan with the two fan wired in series. Nice and quiet and clips onto the shelf. No need to mount on the cooling fins. All you need is a little circulation. Run it off of the 12 volt light wires. RIchard
RLS7201 06/24/20 09:25am Tech Issues
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

I can't find anywhere to enter my dogs name as a password in my flip phone. Richard
RLS7201 06/23/20 04:24pm Technology Corner
RE: FORD 460 Overheating Mystery

If your transmission cooler is inside the radiator, install a separate one and don't use the one in the radiator. The trans will put a lot of heat into the radiator when under load like towing of climbing hills. Your trans will be happier too. Check your trans fluid to see if it is darker than normal and if it smells burnt. On the OP's coach, not using the trany cooler in the radiator is a very bad idea. The OP's coach has 2 tranny coolers. The first one is air over oil and the second one is coolant over oil. The second cooler/heater helps keep the tranny up to temperature in cool weather. Ford engineered it correctly. Richard
RLS7201 06/23/20 12:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1995 Bounder F 53 Coolant Tank, Hydraulic Hose

Some time in the 1980/90s Ford changed to a "different" style of cooling system. Actually, they revived a very old style of cooling system. One where the reservoir for the cooling system was remotely mount from the radiator (on a typical radiator, the very top part of the radiator is actually the reservoir). With this type of a system, the remote reservoir is under the same pressure as the rest of the cooling system. When this type of system was first introduced in the 1950s the tank was made out of brass or copper. When Ford brought it back the reservoir was had out of heavy, high temperature plastic, but it is still pressurized. This system works very well and has advantages over a traditional cooling system with an overflow tank. The biggest advantage is that "burping" the system (expelling air) is no longer required. When filling an empty system, fill through the remote reservoir. Run the engine up to operating temperature, shutdown and let fully cool. On more top off and you should be good ! Bottom line, if that tank develops a leak, buy a new one from your Ford dealer. Don't trust aftermarket tanks ! The overflow tank on the OP's MH is NOT pressurized. Any aftermarket tank of adequate capacity will work. Richard
RLS7201 06/23/20 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Hostess Cup Cake

How many squiggles of white icing on top of a perfect Hostess Cupcake? No fair Googling............ Richardthere should be 7 swirls I think BINGO! We have a winner.
RLS7201 06/22/20 08:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: heater core in dash

Yes, I did one in a 2002 Bounder DP Richard
RLS7201 06/22/20 08:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: FORD 460 Overheating Mystery

Before you spend any more $$ on your cooling system, go count the fins per inch on your replacement radiator. If anything less than 20 fins per inch, it won't cool properly. You OEM radiator was 20 fins per inch. I replaced my radiator because it was leaking where the composite tanks were crimped on the brass header. The new radiator caused overheating and the fan did not engage until about 230. Found out I had a 15 fin per inch radiator. It would not put out enough concentrated heat to engage the fan at the correct temperature. I ended up installing the brass tanks from the new radiator on the old radiator. All is well. Richard
RLS7201 06/22/20 08:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hostess Cup Cake

"perfect Hostess Cupcake"? You have got to be kidding, one of the nastiest things since the Twinkie. More chemicals than real food in those things. Ahhhh, you must lead a real dull live if you don't like Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies. Richard
RLS7201 06/21/20 09:08pm Around the Campfire
Hostess Cup Cake

How many squiggles of white icing on top of a perfect Hostess Cupcake? No fair Googling............ Richard
RLS7201 06/21/20 06:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Most dont sanitize water heater?

Interesting how some of us have sanitation problems and some don't. I have never sanitized any of my freshwater system and don't have any smell or get sick from using it. I have an Atwood WH and winterize for about 3 months every year. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Richard
RLS7201 06/21/20 06:29pm Tech Issues
RE: 1995 Bounder F 53 Coolant Tank, Hydraulic Hose

Ken, the coolant tank on my 95 Bounder failed several years ago. I'm using a small tank from the parts store with no problem. The first place to look for leaks on your F53 is the left lower corner of the radiator. The brass tabs on the radiator lose tension and let the gasket leak. If you see coolant dripping from the center hole in the core support, it's the radiator. The Factory OEM jacks were 3 point Power Gear. If you have 4 point jacks, they are aftermarket and probably HWH. Don't worry about getting the hose too long, just lose the extra length in a loop. Richard
RLS7201 06/21/20 05:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Mach III plus 13.5 ac fan running backwards?

That is a double ended motor. If installed backwards it will turn the fan blades backwards. Richard
RLS7201 06/21/20 04:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Grease on rear wheels

Your rig doesn't have an axle seal. It has a hub seal and an axle gasket. From your description of the leak, you probably have a failed axle gasket or loose axle bolts. THat type of leak will not affect your brakes Richard
RLS7201 06/21/20 04:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2000 Bounder Electrical Problem

Jiggling the key will NOT have any effect on your problem. The key is connected to the ignition switch by a long rod. The ignition switch is under the dash on top of the steering column. Check that connection. In most automotive applications the alternator will keep the engine running without the battery BUT you coach has a chassis battery disconnect relay. If your alternator charges the battery and the disconnect relay fails when you hit a bump, your engine dies. Move all the large wires on the disconnect relay to one terminal and see if the problem goes away. Disconnect relay is in the Battery Control Center. Wiring schematic in inside of BCC cover. Richard
RLS7201 06/19/20 04:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking at a 1998 Rexhall Aerbus 29XL

Ford did not make a 1998 model year chassis. That 98 coach is either on a 97 chassis with 460/E4OD or a 99 V10/4R100. Make sure you know what you are getting into. The 460 (240 HP stock) chassis with Banks is a great grunt engine. The V10 (275 HP stock) chassis with Banks runs OK but operates at a higher RPM. Richard
RLS7201 06/11/20 09:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning Fabric Replacement

Acrylic is the way to go. Pricey but lasts for ever. The 5 Acrylic awnings on our Bounder are 23 years old and are still in good shape. Richard
RLS7201 06/07/20 10:02am Tech Issues
RE: SmartRVControls

If I ever get a smart phone it will overwhelm me. At 80 I gotta be careful what I do. What's a smart phone? Does it have a higher IQ than my flip phone? Richard
RLS7201 06/05/20 01:14pm Technology Corner
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