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RE: Add second air conditioner to 30 amp RV

I do just as you describe, with my 2 A/Cs on a 30 amp coach. A 20 amp cheater cord WILL work with a GFCI if you make sure the ground and neutral are not bonded. Much easier than rewiring your coach for 50 amp. Richard
RLS7201 07/14/19 09:38am Tech Issues
RE: Disconnect load before stopping generator?

The idea that load must be removed prior to starting/stopping a generator seems to fly in the face of AGS systems used to keep an RV cool (for pets, for example) while the owner is not there. doesn't ... think about it the ATS in the RV does not connect the RV to generator until after the the generator has started running, there is NO load on the RV generator until the ATS closes, then the A/C can come on But the AGS does shut down the generator with the A/C load connected, which is the topic. Richard
RLS7201 07/12/19 10:29am Tech Issues
RE: 1996 F53 Motorhome Radiator?

There is a very limited number of replacement radiators out there that will Fit and cool a 460 F53 MH chassis. If the radiator has 1451 as part of the part # it will NOT fit your MH. All the copper brass radiators that I find, only have 15 fins per inch, ver your OEM radiator at 20 fins per inch. 15 fins per inch will not radiate enough concentrated heat to make the fan clutch operate properly. I've been there and made the mistakes. What I ended up doing was to remove the composite end tanks from my OEM copper radiator and replacement them with the brass end tanks from the new replacement radiator. It was kind of a custom deal but I now have no leaks and the cooling is back to normal. There are aluminum radiator out there for your MH but I don't have any feedback as to their cooling capacity. If you can find an old radiator guy, have him install some custom brass end tanks on you OEM radiator. The tubes in your radiator can be rodded out and cleaned. Richard
RLS7201 07/09/19 03:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1997 Hurricane Thor Motorhome

You probably have belt failure. The power steering pump deliveries the needed energy for both the power steering and power brakes. Richard
RLS7201 07/09/19 02:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford 460 engine questions/issues

I already ordered the high volume pump a while back, but you think that could cause issues? It looks exactly like the one that i took out. If you intend to use that HV pump, double pin the distributor gear to the shaft. Or install a larger pin. It will shear with added load. Go to the site I suggested and listen to the professional engine builders. Richard
RLS7201 07/07/19 11:17am Tech Issues
RE: Ford 460 engine questions/issues

That engine has experienced a high degree of oil failure. I'm not saying any thing about brands, just that the delivery system has failed for some reason or other. I took my 95 class A 460 down at 140,000 miles and the bottom end was still good. All bearings had plenty of babbitt on them. I took my engine down to add a stroker crank. Do NOT install a high pressure or high volume oil pump. You'll only be adding load to the cam gear and the distributor. A standard millings pump is all you need. For some really great 460 guidance, go to Also, while on the 460ford site, inquire about rear main seal crush. You don't want to drop that pan again! Richard
RLS7201 07/06/19 08:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Duracell 6 volt batteries

My Sam's Club 6 volt batteries give us about 5 years. We spend the winters off grid in AZ., so they get used. Richard
RLS7201 07/06/19 07:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Problem with Rogue MPT-3024

I sent Marc (Rogue Power Technologies owner) an email, asking if he is in the repair business. Let you know if I get a reply. OOPS! The email came back Address not found I tried............. You have a private message. Richard
RLS7201 07/04/19 05:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Dash AC Control Knob Replacements

Ford didn't make your A/C. Denso did. All Ford supplied is the compressor, condenser & receiver/dryer. Richard
RLS7201 07/04/19 10:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help needed- 1997 Bounder steering parts needed

HendersonLineUp is the way to go for you P32 steering and suspension parts. Robert Henderson's custom bell cranks have been a tremendous asset to the P32 community. At 76, I still do some part time front end work and have a lot of respect for Robert. Richard
RLS7201 07/04/19 10:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV outlets reliable?

The receptacles used in RVs get an unjustified bad rap all the time. If they were failing, there would be lots of posts about them. Do a search. They are better devices than the stab locks used in sticks & bricks. Go shake your sticks & bricks down the road for thousands of miles and see how long any of those receptacles last. So far the receptacles in my 95 Bounder have been flawless. Richard
RLS7201 07/01/19 09:20am Tech Issues
RE: Hot water heater drain

A round wire brush or a pipe tap should do what you want. Then use some Teflon impregnated pipe dope in the drain plug. Richard
RLS7201 06/19/19 09:36am Tech Issues
RE: Rooftop ac repair

Mike, you should have ask the experts first, then you could have really screwed things up......GRIN. GOOD JOB. I bet you have the same card in you billfold that I do. It says, "your name" has been certified as UNIVERSAL technician as required by 40 CFR Part 82, Sub Part F. Richard
RLS7201 06/19/19 09:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Please confirm what I think I already know

I've owned a 30 amp MH for 17 years and don't use any sort of inline electrical protection. I do have a 15 amp polarity checker with 30 amp adapter that I plug into the camp ground service to check for polarity. I do have a kill a watt meter plugged inside so I can check the voltage. All low $$ items. I see the Hughes Autoformer as a waste of money for a 30 amp system Most importantly, I hope you get through your time of stress and find much happiness in the future. Richard
RLS7201 06/18/19 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Hot Water Tanks with Anode Rods

Suburban water heaters use a porcelain-lined, steel tank. Richard
RLS7201 06/16/19 12:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Tailgater

I found the same issue with Dish, while in the South East. As it turns out, there are a couple of zip codes that are Eastern Arc only. Fortunately for me the tech I talked to knew of the issue and set me up with the neighboring Zip Code. If only I had wrote that Zip Code down..... Tell Dish you are in a Zip Code next to the one your in and see what happens. Let us know. Richard
RLS7201 06/15/19 02:18pm Tech Issues
RE: UPDATE - F53 external fuel pump install FINISHED

I'm curious, is there a place in the fuel line you can just slide it in? Or do you have some new fittings to splice in the fuel line? Richard
RLS7201 06/14/19 11:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coleman Mach 3 thermostat retrofit

I did the same project as you intend to do. You'll get tired of the mechanical relays going thunk thunk. I re-did my project with solid state relays. Make sure and use the 50 amp relay for the compressor, as the back EMF, when the compressor shuts down, will blow a smaller relay. I used two smaller relays for the two fan speeds. I can't seem to get a link posted to the relays on Ebay Look for "Single Phase Solid State Relay SSR-50DA 3-32VDC 50A/250V Output 24-380VAC" Richard
RLS7201 06/12/19 02:30pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Water Heater Replacement PROBLEM!

I 3rd flair-it fittings. They are not expensive and you can tighten them by hand. It just doesn't get any simpler. Two couplers is all you need. About $6.00 Richard
RLS7201 06/11/19 04:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Winegard RV-6004 TV antenna

NOT all Winegard bat wing antennas have amplifiers in them. A lot of trailers have the NON_amplifies antenna installed. You will get very poor reception when using an amplified antenna with out the power inserter (wall plate). Richard
RLS7201 06/11/19 04:04pm Class A Motorhomes
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