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RE: Rear View Camera vs Backup Camera

:) Hi, instead of connecting my back up camera to my back up lights, or tail lights, I have mine connected directly to my battery. So my camera is on all of the time. Mine is part of my GPS so I can toggle between the camera and the maps. I have a two wire connecter from my batteries for my Battery Tender; I use this same connecter for my back up camera. I only plug it in when I'm towing and un plug it when parked.
ROBERTSUNRUS 05/12/20 11:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: 6 volt battery post melted

:) Hi, melted connections are not caused by a short; They are caused by a poor connection. A heavy load with a poor connection creates heat.
ROBERTSUNRUS 04/24/20 12:38am Tech Issues
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

:) Hi, what is unsafe about parking a travel trailer in the driveway? This is nonsense. I live in an HOA and parked my trailer on my property since day one. Later got notice that RV's were not allowed. Six years later, my trailer is still parked on my property. The only thing that I don't like is paying an HOA fee and getting nothing for it.
ROBERTSUNRUS 04/17/20 11:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: leaking sunroof

:) Hi, my wife's BMW X-3 has a Moon roof that has leaked. First thing that you have to do is to find the bottom of the drains. They tend to stick shut as they dry out. Usually pinching the ends with your fingers will un-stick them. Open the roof all of the way and locate the drain holes. With a small funnel, I pour Simple Green down the drains to clean the dirt out of the tubes. Then I flush the drain tubes out with several gallons of water. But even if you do a perfect clean out, in a really hard California down pour, the drains aren't quick enough. We now keep this car in the garage and out of the rain. This will be our last Sun Roof vehicle.
ROBERTSUNRUS 04/06/20 11:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Front Fender for 2000 Suncruiser

:) Hi, that's quite a list. C & G trailer service is no longer in business. Rod and Darlene retired.
ROBERTSUNRUS 04/04/20 01:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator Placement questions

So far weve made it our first 7 years without needing a generator. This summer however we are headed to AZ and UT in July and will likely boondock a night or 2 in a walmart or flying J parking lot to and from our destination. With that in mind and having kids in the bunkhouse and us up front, where do folks typically place their generators so they can run their AC and not die at the same time? Thanks everyone Adam :) Hi, I have a travel trailer that is towed with a pick-up truck. I keep my generator locked to the bed of my truck and run it from there. It might help if you tell us if you have a travel trailer, a fifth wheel trailer, a motorhome, or a truck camper.
ROBERTSUNRUS 02/24/20 10:53pm Tech Issues
RE: How to improve 2017 Ford 350 head light output? See Update.

I too am not a fan of the stock lights on my '17, but they do a decent job. While I did remove the upper brackets for the aux springs to lesson the BANG when encountering bumps w/ the 5er, back end didn't change much as far as drop was concerned. Really no problems at night being flashed w/ the 5er attached. Now come winter, I tossed in about 1200 lbs of tube sand and towing a 4 place V-nose snowmobile trailer w/2 sleds in front, 1 in back, yes I did get flashed several times. FWIW, trailer was level due in part to B&W adjustable hitch (AWESOME BTW!). Now even w/o the sled trailer in tow, I've gotten flashed at. IMO, I feel it's due in part to all the headlights on at same time from factory. Same goes when I don't have sand in truck or towing anything. I've seen many GM's come at me w/ low beams on, yet have fog lights on and those things are killers to oncoming traffic-----yet legal. Would like to hear from the Ford camp owners who actually have either HID or LED lights from the factory what they are experiencing as far as seeing down the road and wether or not they get flashed. :) Hi, my 2014 F-150 has the factory HID headlights. They are much brighter than anything that I have ever owned. I was concerned about getting flashed, but I never have been. With a bed full of stuff, including my generator, and my trailer connected, I was sure that someone would flash me. I went basically from Oregon to Maine, to South Carolina, and back to Oregon. Over 13,000 miles and for 3 1/2 months, never got flashed.
ROBERTSUNRUS 02/22/20 12:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: How to improve 2017 Ford 350 head light output? See Update.

:) Hi, it's darker in Oregon than it was in Southern California. It was difficult to drive at night with my 2000 Lincoln Navigator. I bought new light housings with little to none improvement. I tried a few different bulbs, some even melted the connectors. Still not very bright. Once again, I bought new headlight housings. Still the lights were poor. Finally I found these LED bulbs on E-bay Same size, same filament angle, and they fit in the housings without modifications due to fan wiring. I am very happy now and the cost wasn't too bad. ($41.00) I bought "Auxito 9007 LED's" They fit the same as the Halogen bulbs and now I can see again.
ROBERTSUNRUS 02/21/20 01:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electronic sway control

:) Hi, at our last Airstream Rally there was one lady that had one of these sway control boxes on her brand new trailer. I mentioned to her that Trailer Life had an article stating that these had a recall on them. As she was checking her lights before heading for home, she noticed that her brake lights were not working. A few of us checked things out and power from her tow vehicle was working. Power from the sway control box was not. We were able to bypass this box with the original 7 pin connector and she now had lights and brakes. The unit appeared to be sealed as we were looking or a reset or fuse.
ROBERTSUNRUS 02/19/20 11:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: 3.5 EB Engine Braking?

:) I, I also have an Ecoboost with a 6 speed trans. I knew when I bought it that it would not have the engine braking that my 5.4L Navigator has. I may be traveling at 65 MPH including up hill. But that 65 MPH starting point will bring you to 70 MPH (automatic) down shift points which are too fast for me going down hill. So as I get near the top of the hill, I will slow my truck down to 60 MPH or a little less. Too fast down hill, on curves, next to big rigs is a common disaster. Also if I get it under 60 MPH I can manually get it to down shift into second gear. Yes it will be screaming but so far has not caused any problems. Going down hill especially too fast can be dangerous and trying to slow things down can over heat the brakes. Just a thought; Maybe mounting an air compressor on the engine could give it a bit more engine braking. ( air horns, or air bags, or a tire tank?)
ROBERTSUNRUS 02/16/20 02:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer hitch

:) Hi, put you hand on the bottom of your steering wheel; The trailer will go in the direction that your hand does. Hand to the right, trailer goes right Etc.
ROBERTSUNRUS 02/06/20 10:47pm Towing
RE: Traveling to the NW

:) Hi, we use all of the freeways to get to our destinations. But stay away from country gravel roads.
ROBERTSUNRUS 01/22/20 09:55pm Roads and Routes
RE: Another Tesla problem

A computer is NOT infallible...nor perfect... A sensor going bad or flaky will or can have the logger...log nothing wrong... For those who compare to an airliners autopilot...ask how many redundant systems and components a car has ? vs any airliner... Pressing on the brake pedal will stop Tesla and every other car too every time, asuming the brakes work. Computer aka AP can NOT overide brakes. Some dumbel obviously steped on go pedal instead of brake and blames the car. Tesla has log to prove exactly that. I noticed There are people who use left foot on brake and right on acelerator,sometimes at same time !!! easy to get confused in a hurry. :) Hi, Back in the old days, Ford products depended on the brake light switch to shut off the cruise control; This was before the vacuum dump switch was used. If you were using your cruise control and your stop light switch failed, hitting the brakes would cause the cruise control to go FULL THROTTLE. And no amount of pressure from the brakes could stop the car. I turned the ignition off and hit the brakes as hard as possible with both feet on the brake pedal and pulling my body with both hands on the steering wheel. Very close to crashing. If the engine or motor wants to go, your brakes will not stop it.
ROBERTSUNRUS 01/17/20 10:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Foot pedal spring, Thetford Aqua Magic 2

:) Hi, since I own the same toilet, I will not be taking it apart.
ROBERTSUNRUS 01/07/20 10:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Stinger hitch too long, want to shorten it

:) Hi, I bought a longer hitch shank to clear my tailgate. (18" versus 12" shank) I had it re-drilled and cut twice. Each time I had the new hole drilled 2"s back. First time I had 1" cut off of the end and the second time I had 2"s cut off of the end. Both times I bought 3/4" rubber plugs and forced them into the old hole so it couldn't be used.
ROBERTSUNRUS 01/06/20 10:18pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Foot pedal spring, Thetford Aqua Magic 2

:) Hi, if a man put it together, then a man should be able to put it back together. Need to figure out how it was installed in the first place.
ROBERTSUNRUS 01/06/20 10:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires with Kevlar

:) Hi, my truck takes a similar sized tire. LT 275 / 65 / 18. Whenever I look for Goodyear tires for my truck, it makes me wonder why the Kevlar tires are less expensive than the others. If it's truly a better tire, why would they cost less?
ROBERTSUNRUS 01/02/20 11:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Thoughts on studded tires

:) Hi, we barely, if at all, get any snow here but some people get their studded tires put on when legal to do so. I hear those noisy tires while destroying the streets during this time. Five months of excessive noise while ruining the streets for one day of snow. :S
ROBERTSUNRUS 12/06/19 11:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dash camera recommendations

:) Hi, I have had two different dash cameras; The problem that I had was since they sit inside of the windshield, they get too hot and shut off.
ROBERTSUNRUS 11/27/19 10:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Upgraded F150 tires to E

:) Hi, My 2014 F-150 came with load range "C" LT tires. Door sticker says to run 40 lbs front and rear. Max cold pressure for these tires is 50 lbs. When towing my trailer I leave my front tires at 40 lbs. and raise my rear tires pressure to 50 lbs. Works perfect. No need to go to "E"s.
ROBERTSUNRUS 11/26/19 12:55am Towing
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