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RE: Should older hotspot still work on new 4G/5G towers?

Thanks for the info, especially the Verizon 4510L Page link. If I'd known about this page, I might have been able to activate my device myself and not had to buy a new one. BTW, I'm only interested in 4G. Thanks, Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 08/08/19 10:07am Technology Corner
Should older hotspot still work on new 4G/5G towers?

For the last 3 years of ramblin' 6 months a year, I've been using an eBay $5/mo 4510L hotspot for Verizon 3G Net connections. Has worked in almost every area that has Verizon coverage. However, this year the device has become inconsistent; works some places but not others. I've read about towers being converted from 3G/4G to 4G/5G and figured this was the problem. So, I stopped in a Verizon reseller store in Idaho to solve my problem. I had bought a couple of years ago a backup 4510L (not a $5/mo one) with a Verizon 4G SIM in case of a situation like this. However, the store told me this old unit cannot accept the SIM needed for the new towers. So I bought a new hotspot and monthly plan (more than $5, obviously). Afterwards I got to thinking why an old unit with 4G capability would not work on the new 4G/5G towers. Seems to me the 4G signal would be the same on 3G/4G towers as 4G/5G ones. Anybody had a similar situation or knows definitely if the 4510L unit should still work? Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 08/07/19 07:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Dump valve won't close all the way

I bought an add-on valve and installed it. Thanks for the tips on it. Didn't know they existed! :)
Ramblin' Ralph 06/30/19 09:54am Tech Issues
RE: Dump valve won't close all the way

Many thanks for the ideas! The add-on valve sounds like a good solution. However, I'm a bit concerned about the added length. I have a 2WD truck camper and sometimes get on dirt roads with potholes. No way would I try to change the valve. It's in a rear compartment behind PVC plumbing drain lines and I'm nearing 80. :) I did add years ago a garden hose fitting, with a valve, to the end of the dump pipe. However, it appears to be frozen. Will try a new one as a "first fix".
Ramblin' Ralph 06/28/19 10:30am Tech Issues
Dump valve won't close all the way

My black tank dump valve suddenly started not closing all the way. About 1/4" left to go on the shaft. I tried opening and closing it several times, but no luck. I'm guessing maybe TP is stuck in the valve. Obviously this results in black water filling the space between the valve exit and the end of the dump tube. Messy to deal with! :( Any suggestions? Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 06/27/19 09:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Front tire pressure?

just noticed you have Bilstein shocks , so do I . The earlier model 4600 had a problem with the lower mounting bushing on the fronts wearing out. They replaced mine free . Might be worth checking yours . It would affect the shocks performance . Have fun camping . Thanks for the heads up. Same thing happened to mine years ago. Had them replaced, but don't remember taking the warranty route. :(
Ramblin' Ralph 06/26/19 12:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Front tire pressure?

Been camping for a week. Thanks for the additional input!
Ramblin' Ralph 06/24/19 06:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Front tire pressure?

Many thanks for input and the formulas! My shocks do have a lot of miles, so that could be causing the cupping. Tires are load range E, 80 lb max, one size up from the OEMs. Yes, I should have used the word "opinion" vs. "consensus". :) Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 06/18/19 09:04am Truck Campers
Front tire pressure?

Rig: 2006 GMC 2500HD with 2001 Lance 845 camper. Tires are Michelin LT265/75R16. My door jam plate says: Front 53 psi Rear 80 psi I have been airing up to: Front 60 psi Rear 80 psi My axle weights with camper and loaded for long term travel are: Front 3350 lb Rear 5800 lb That's just under my GVWR of 9200 lb. Last summer I had my tires rotated when traveling and the shop said I had wear on the front (cupping IIRC) indicating not enough pressure. So they boosted the front to 70 psi (or more). I'm getting ready to hit the road again for several months. What is the consensus on proper front tire pressure? Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 06/17/19 07:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Montana Hwy 73 Info

This spot is not on MT73, but very close to Wise River on MT43. It's BLM East Bank Campground. A freebie when I was there for my 3rd time last year. Right on the beautiful Big Hole River. Across the river is boondocking, accessible by a turning off MT43 just before you get to the bridge before the campground. Never boondocked there, but usually see rigs there. The Google map on this link will show East Bank CG on the W side of the river, but it's at my coordinates. here.
Ramblin' Ralph 06/13/19 10:25am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Lamoille Canyon Nevada

I've been to Lamoille Canyon twice in the last several years and stayed in Thomas Canyon campground both times. Wow, what a spectacular area! Drove to the end of the canyon road and thought I was in the Eastern Sierra in CA! :) A highly recommended place. In fact, I'm thinking about putting it on my route to/from MT this year.
Ramblin' Ralph 05/20/19 08:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Firefox disables add-ons

I'm still using 56.0 and it hit me yesterday out of the blue. Just restarted it now and still have ads!! :( I was getting ready to update to the latest version, so maybe this is the time to do it. :)
Ramblin' Ralph 05/04/19 08:52am Technology Corner
RE: Need Dometic RM2453 Temperature Knob

Well, it looks like my problem is solved. I ordered two knobs from the Australian source and had them shipped to a friend of my daughter's there. They will ship to my daughter. Will have to be sent air mail, so they will be very pricey knobs! :) At least my lettuce won't freeze during my upcoming travels! Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 05/02/19 09:29am Tech Issues
RE: Need Dometic RM2453 Temperature Knob

I thought about 3D printing. Looking at pics of 3D projects, I'm sure it could be done, but I've never tried it. I'd need to take some accurate measurements first. Hard to do with the shaft recessed behind the panel and my old shaky hands. Also, I'm getting ready to travel for a few months and don't have time to mess with it. Will just have to let my lettuce freeze. :) Hope you get your order. Looks like you got the last one. :)
Ramblin' Ralph 04/24/19 08:42am Tech Issues
RE: Need Dometic RM2453 Temperature Knob

Bummer. Just checked the UK source and it says "Out of Stock". :(
Ramblin' Ralph 04/21/19 09:46am Tech Issues
RE: Need Dometic RM2453 Temperature Knob

Thanks a bunch!! I found the Australian source also, but they wouldn't ship direct to me. Will check the UK one. Weird that the other knob is readily available. Thanks for taking time to reply. I'll buy you a cold one if we ever meet. :) Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 04/21/19 09:28am Tech Issues
Need Dometic RM2453 Temperature Knob

Last travel season this knob (2932605013) broke where it goes over the D-shaft in the fridge. Can't find it anyplace on the web - except Australia. Anybody got a source or have you made some sort of "kludge knob" that works? Right now my lettuce is freezing sometimes. :) Note: Very hard to get pliers, etc. into hole to turn the recessed shaft. Interestingly, a similar knob that selects the fuel source is readily, but is too short to work for temperature control. Also, I think I read a while back that the fuel knob won't fit the temperature shaft. Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 04/10/19 12:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Cloud Storage became cloudy..

I think I remember in the email from Dropbox that all your connected devices will continue to work until you try to add a new one. Then you hit the 3 limit.
Ramblin' Ralph 04/10/19 08:51am Technology Corner
RE: Good bye but with a forwarding address

Sorry to see you go, Jefe. Safe travels!
Ramblin' Ralph 03/30/19 08:49am Truck Campers
RE: New Eastern Sierra Video Posted

Lwiddis & Clarryhill: Thanks for watching and the thumbs up! Seems we have similar tastes in music, Clarryhill. :)
Ramblin' Ralph 03/16/19 10:55am Truck Campers
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