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RE: Tow/Haul off or on(ram)

Tow/Haul mode and exhaust brake on all the time for me.
Range Maggot Bob 08/20/19 08:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Champion generator

I've been saving for a Honda generator (2000i companion) for a while now because several people have recommended them. 1friend recommended a Ryobi and today I was looking at a Champion generator at Costco. $400 cheaper and 1db less than the Honda which is 59 db. Anyone here have any first hand experience with the Champion? It's rated at 2,800. Saving money is always good but I'm a bigger fan of reliability. Thanks. If you want to go cheap, go Champion. If you want to go reliable, quiet and dependable, and the best- pretty much forever- go Honda. Reliability does go a long way...
Range Maggot Bob 08/20/19 08:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Electricity? Never touch the stuff

OMG... I wish people would stop referring to "phases" in reference to 120/240 volt circuits and services. You might have a tough time with this. For examples, I used google to search for "120/240 volt circuits and services", and 4 of the first 5 hits talked about phase. My similar thing is that I wish people would stop bringing up calories when I go for the cookies or chips.I spent a career as an EE in the construction biz and can tell you it's always been line 1 & line 2. Go look at a 120/240 volt panel, meter base or fused disconnect switch somewhere and see what the labeling says on it. A 120/240 volt circuit/service is commonly called "single phase" but each hot leg is never referred to as a phase. Go by what internet "pros" say if you want tho... As an EE you should know better. The true definition of 120/240 service is indeed "SPLIT PHASE". There is no other way to define it. If not for the split phase definition, there is no way to explain why the neutral lead can be the same size wire as L1 & L2 wires. Single phase is for rookies & EE that don't truly understand the mechanics of split phase. Richard Also an electrician here. Never heard it called "split phase". Never really heard the word "phase" unless working on a 3phase motor or 3phase system. Single phase or 3 phase system. That simple and that's what it's known as in the profession. Don't know where you got your electrical experience Richard.
Range Maggot Bob 08/20/19 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Champion generator

I have used a Champion 3100 invertor generator for the last 3 years, had a Honda and it died. I would not go back to Honda. The Champion is a great generator, runs our AC at 6000 ft elevation and has never missed a beat. I see no reason to spend more than twice the money for a Honda or Yamaha. If you like status, or wasting money then buy a Honda or Yamaha. Right. Just keep telling yourself that. :R
Range Maggot Bob 08/15/19 09:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Sam's Duracell 6v Battery Dimensions

Duracell is a buzzword trade name. Duracell is an office with a couple dozen Herb Tarlicks running around inside. I don't know if that is true or not. I'm in the medical field (nothing fancy; just work at a hospital) and the standard in most hospitals for patient equipment is DuraCell. About a year ago somebody decided to go cheap and started purchasing EverReady brand batteries. They couldn't cut the mustard. We're back to DuraCells.
Range Maggot Bob 08/13/19 06:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Tire pressure gauge

I have this one for about a year, reads identical to my hand held digital. it hooks right to the airline and is accurate and can deflate as well while hooked up! I use this one That is what we use and is an excellent gauge. Sometimes digital isn't always better than analog. EDIT: That is NOT the one we use. Looks just like that except it's analog. Just a gauge.
Range Maggot Bob 08/13/19 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: My favorite Generator

51 pounds is 3 pounds more than a Honda Eu2000i. For 1/3 the wattage. The EX650 may be "more reliable" too - many running EX650s are going on 25 years old. How many EU2000is are that old yet? Maybe an EU2000i will go that long and maybe it won't .... unknown as of right now. A running EX650 can be bought for $200-$350 ... a bit less than any runnning used EU2000i can be bought for. Also, an EX650 putting out it's maximum constant power of 550 watts is still only 54 dB in loudness. I wonder how loud an EU2000i is when it's rev'd up so as to be above it's idle RPM enough to output 550 watts? Remember that to use an EU2000i's power range you have to put up with a loudness range of 53 dB up to 59 dB. Regarding the EU2000i when outputting it's maximum power (which, granted, is way higher than an EX650's maximum power): I've heard EU2000i generators running at full speed and it isn't pleasant ... not only are they at 59 dB, but it isn't the mild humming sound that the EX650 puts out no matter how much of the EX650's total power is being called for. I'm not saying that the EX650 can "replace" an EU1000i or EU2000i for all RV uses. I'm saying that the EX650 is almost the quietest non-solar way to dump up to 30 amps into RV batteries during recharging. (For what it's worth, the quietest non-solar way to charge RV batteries anytime anywhere is with an automatic fuel cell system in the RV.) Man, I don't know where you been camping! If you think the Honda EU2000i is loud, apparently you haven't heard any other brands on the market run...
Range Maggot Bob 08/13/19 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: I hate dinettes

I still haven't figured out if everybody is talking about a stand-alone dinette or the built-in three-sided thing. We have the stand-alone, but I really wish I had the booth type.
Range Maggot Bob 08/13/19 03:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane vs AC on Dometic Refrigerator

YES, will run cheaper (If you paying for electric)and get colder than AC. Move the thermister down on the fins when on Gas. Why do you want OP to move thermistor? Thermostat controls heat cycles regardless of heat source based on feedback from thermistor. On fridge WITH temp settings on upper panel.thermostat is calibrated for temp sensing from thermistor on a specific FIN position On fridges with "AUTO TEMP CONTROL" (NO temp set points) Moving it DOWN means warmer Moving it UP means Cooler Overall temp effect is 4-6*F Propane & electric transfer basically same temp to boiler section Propane does 'start' the process sooner due to hot flame My fridge fan cycles on a little bit more than neccessary because of it's location.It was explained to me that part of the problem was where the "thermistor", as you call it, is located. It can be moved just a little either way to prevent too much cycling.
Range Maggot Bob 08/13/19 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reference post: Love my combo for towing

Geeez do you guys never give it a rest? If you like your diesel keep it, if you like your gas keep it. If you don't like it change. If you want high end trim buy it, if not, don't buy it. If you need someone to pat you on the back and justify your decision go see a therapist. If you don't know which end is up there are about 5,000 post at the top of this page to make it clear as mud. None of us are changing our mind, gas or diesel, we're buying what we want for our own reasons. Enough Already, Give it a Rest - Forever! I am glad to see you don't want other members posting regarding their preference for gas or diesel, for forever. Yet, here you are reading all the posts and posting yourself in the same thread! I suggest you sit back and relax, after all, it is Friday. :B
Range Maggot Bob 08/13/19 02:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: iRV AM-FM iRV 34 radio problem

IRV has excellent customer service. Problem is, their product is a POS. You just need to replace it with something a little bit better quality.
Range Maggot Bob 08/08/19 03:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Dish & Wally Receiver

I'm telling you guys- I've had all the problems everybody here has, went through all the diagnostics with DISH and WinGard, and after they weren't able to help, they quit responding to my phone calls, email, etc. I can't really blame them; there was nothing more they could do. Then a friend of mine found an RG11 tri-shielded solid core direct burial cable on ebay. It has to be the one with the water-proof nickel plated anti-corrosion connectors and the nickel core . It is not cheap to buy. But once hooked up, I have had no issues ever since. I really don't think DISH is keeping up on cable technology. The cable comes in different lengths, but we got the 100 footer and have no line loss whatsoever. Can't say enough about cable quality!
Range Maggot Bob 08/02/19 04:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Reference post: Love my combo for towing

You've had your towing epiphany. You simply have discovered what diesel owners have been raving about all these years. Lots of people are happy with their gassers and become accustomed to the performance of there rigs. They really don't understand the improvement to be gained by going diesel. These gasser owners mostly focus on the cost difference between gas and diesel and really don't comprehend the performance difference. Now that you have towed with a diesel you have experienced first hand from the driver's seat what diesel performance is al about. Ultimately the diesel provides a relaxed more enjoyable experience for the driver. There is less anxiety and an improved comfort zone. The diesel combo requires less input/work from the driver which makes the entire towing experience more relaxing. It's hard to quantify the gas vs. diesel towing experience in X's and O's, especially if you have never towed with a diesel. But once you experience diesel towing, you get the proverbial smile and immediately comprehend what all the fuss was about. Enjoy it!.......The exhaust Brake is the icing on the cake! Pretty much sums it up...
Range Maggot Bob 07/30/19 03:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire Rotation Not Needed?

Just to add to the mess, I change oil and rotate every 5K. Faithfully. And I don't care if it costs a little more money.
Range Maggot Bob 07/30/19 03:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Good Sam Standby Sams

It's a magazine. They have been dying for years. No need to kill trees, pay postage and fill landfills in the digital age. The magazine business isn't dying because of Marcus Lemonis. It is dying because it's time has passed. Agreed. Disagree. This Lemonis guy has pretty much ruined Good Sam Club, and I don't know how anybody could ever deal with Camping World. JMHO.
Range Maggot Bob 07/30/19 03:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Campspreading

Typical inconsiderate ignorant people. Why I boondock 100% of the time. I dislike other humans near me. I don't see where the OP stated the campsite they were playing over was occupied. I could easily argue that boondockers are just as ignorant by camping in undeveloped areas where they may disturb wildlife, run amok or start a forest fire by being negligent. I have my space, you have yours, stay out of my space and my face. I respectfully suggest the opposite. Sounds like you should just stay home. I agree. Sounds to me like the campers were just having a good time and the campers watching were enjoying them.
Range Maggot Bob 07/26/19 03:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ram 2500 rough ride question

My feeling is that 80 lbs of pressure in the truck when unloaded or not towing is too high, but I don't know how low to go. I was thinking of backing it off to 65 lbs like the front tires. Thoughts? I also have a feeling that the Firestone Transforce AT tires aren't that good. Many years ago I had Firestone 500's on my car and they ALL ended up defective (they developed bubbles and/or blew) and no one would honor the warranty. So since then I've not bought a single Firestone tire. I almost didn't didn't buy the truck because it had Firestone tires on it. I'm going to do that. 65lbs in the front and back. Tire guy told me to run 65/80, but if I'm not towing, I'm going the 65 in front route. And Transforce tires- gotta be the biggest pieces of **** ever put on a vehicle. Barely lasted a year before I had to get rid of them!
Range Maggot Bob 07/23/19 09:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Generator Obsrevations.

I can safely say that based on the Internet's calls that the Honda EU2000 is "whisper quiet" that I had lofty expectations. Running full bore to run the A/C, it was obnoxiously loud. Even running 2 of them in parallel was surprisingly louder than I expected. Now that I've changed rigs, I feel like my built-in Onan 5500 is way quieter. Right you are regarding Honda inverter generator noise being really irritating whenever one of them is called upon to delivery real non-idle-speed power! Whenever the inverter Hondas have to power microwaves or air conditioners be prepared for an ear-shock outside your rig. It must be that owners think that their Hondas are quiet because most of the time their owners are using them for relatively low power output? I'll take my built-in Onan any day over a rev'd up Honda for hour after hour of RV air conditioning power. Properly built-in Onans within their cabinets, and with factory installed resonators, produce a much lower-pitched and non-mechanical sound inside or outside an RV. Onboard Onan compared to a Honda eu2000?!? Apple to oranges.
Range Maggot Bob 07/12/19 08:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Feds open 1.4 million acres to hunters and fishermen

I like clean air and water and the regulations that used to prohibit those who would plunder and pollute for their own greedy purposes from doing as they please. When the last tree is cut down and the last bit of drinkable water is poisoned and there's nowhere for your children and grandchildren to visit that hasn't been destroyed with industrialization you'll have nothing left to do but eat your petroleum and fossil fuel. Capitalism works best for everyone only when it's well regulated. Sorry- don't know how to delete a post.
Range Maggot Bob 07/09/19 04:48pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Honda 2000: surprisingly poor oil fill tube design

Honda prides itself on being environmentally friendly. So it is odd (to say the least) that the oil fill tube on the Honda 2000 is so tricky – some spillage is almost guaranteed. Look at this diagram, which is a screen shot taken from the owner’s manual: "border=0" For Full-Size Image. On the right side, note that you have to fill the reservoir just to the upper limit of the threads in the tube. But the tube is essentially horizontal – see the left side of the diagram. So in order to fill the tube, you have to tilt the generator back with one hand, carefully pour in just enough oil (and not a drop more) with the other hand, and then slowly bring the generator back to a level position, hoping that you haven't overfilled the reservoir. So far, I have managed to do all of this without spilling, but it was very demanding. It is a certainty that other folks (especially non-experts like me) have experienced oil spills due to this poor design. (Head-shake and grumble.) Sure you're okay??!!??
Range Maggot Bob 07/08/19 09:29pm Tech Issues
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