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RE: Is Facebook killing this site?

I do not use facebook. ****************************** me neither - when they said they were going to 'sell' your email address i stopped using them. I believe that he sold more than your email addy... ;) I still have the video of a conference that he had saying, Yes, all of the Facebook apps have spyware, I have to make money somehow... Zuckerberg net worth, $60 million to $40 billion with just advertising and spyware games, almost overnight? Just look at him now! All those facial recognition cameras starting in the large cities and working down, need a data base... They put them in here when we had the Republican National Convention. Yes, they are permanent in the cities that they are installed. (Makes me wonder if they are trying to 1 up London) Selfies, where you hang out, your friends, etc... How much have you paid to use Facebook? Do you really believe that anything is free? I give it less than 10 years before mainstream figures it out... For the truth, always follow the $$$... ;)
RayJayco 05/10/21 04:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: How many times hve you heard a woman say it

A person at a true level of 10 cannot make a cohesive sentence, just gibberish... Ask me how I know... Subjective, yes, however at truly higher levels, not so much, at least not to experienced medical professionals... Vitals can often tell the truth as well.
RayJayco 04/22/21 01:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Chromebooks?

Has anyone read the EULA for cloud storage? I have't read chromes, however I don't allow any cloud storage as most will say that all data, pics, etc., are the property of the cloud. Where does it say that for Google Cloud Storage? From what I read, "As between the parties, Customer owns all Intellectual Property Rights in Customer Data and Customer Applications, and Google owns all Intellectual Property Rights in the Services and Software." Basically, you own what's yours and they own what's theirs. If you're using sites such as YouTube or photo gallery sites, then TOS may include allowing the platform the license to host your content for others to view where applicable. They don't claim ownership of your content. No organization would use cloud storage if that was the case. I recall reading it in a few of them. As I said I haven't read Chromes as I have stayed away from clouds after reading some of them when they first came out. All I am saying is ALWAYS read ALL of the EULA's very carefully...
RayJayco 04/01/21 10:34am Technology Corner
RE: Chromebooks?

Has anyone read the EULA for cloud storage? I have't read chromes, however I don't allow any cloud storage as most will say that all data, pics, etc., are the property of the cloud. That means if you are driving down the road and see your picture in an ad on a billboard, nothing you can do about it, just as an example... Moral of the story, read the EULA's VERY carefully... EULA= End User License Agreement You must click accept to continue, most people do without taking the time to read it. You should always read any EULA before clicking yes, clouds, software, etc,,,
RayJayco 04/01/21 07:27am Technology Corner
RE: Do not believe every thing that you read .

Some good ones! LOL I have seen chickens pick maggots out of feces, and I have seen hogs eat that same feces...
RayJayco 03/29/21 09:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Disposable Razors Observation

Mr. Ed, Try Dove bar soap. One of my lady friends got it for me years ago and I have been using it ever since. For years I used Ivory because my little sister had some sort of allergy to other soaps. Then I started using Irish Spring. Then, as I said, I tried Dove... I have only used shaving cream a few times due to it being gifted to me, I have never bought it. I wasn't able to justify the cost difference. I do believe that technique can make a difference for some, not all as we are all different. I have no problem experimenting instead of following the same pattern. You never know until you try! Good luck and best wishes for your success!
RayJayco 03/29/21 09:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Disposable Razors Observation

Bic disposables and bar soap for about 45 years, no problems...
RayJayco 03/28/21 04:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: Charter Spectrum Internet

$74.99/Month for 100mb download and 10mb upload here in Western NY. It just went up last month. Previously it was $69.99 But....I just ran a speed test and I got 230mb download and 11mb upload. I don't know if this is a temporary increase in speed or just something they rolled out here and didn't advertise it. I was shocked that my speed was more than double what it usually is! Did you clean your cache before running the speed test? If not, the results are meaningless... Speed tests are dependent on time, traffic on the net at that moment, server location, and more things than one can count...
RayJayco 01/29/21 05:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Installing a safe?

One of the best security features of a safe is having it hidden.
RayJayco 12/28/20 08:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Cold Coffee

Late to the game, however I am curious... In my travels, I typically would have coffee as the locals, be it beans that were dried on a road and a path swept for a vehicle to pass, then swept back out on the road (cafe de calcetines,anyone?), or coffee in whatever big city and many ways in between... As example, here in the states, in New Orleans and only New Orleans, I will drink chicory coffee. That is probably the only flavored coffee that I would drink, and again only in Nawlins... I don't do ANY flavored creamer/whitener... Milk, cream, evaporated milk, powered whitener,sugar, black, strong, weak... I do quite a bit of 'espresso', in the afternoon, often changing brand, Pilon, Bustello are big and popular, no problem with small, lesser known brands. Currently 'La Llave"... I have an assortment of cafeteras and know how to make a lot of foam... Those that know, know what I am saying ;) For what ever reason (ok, lazy and like to have a cup ready when I awake...) I always have Maxwell House around, only fresh brewed, it's nasty old or reheated! Folgers seems to last longer, retaining it's taste... In it, Carnation Evaporated milk. I buy it by the case. Tried many other brands, too much to type. So, my question and please answer and be honest; What coffee do you drink that can be reheated and retain the taste? In my opinion, reheated coffee is like coffee that has been ground too fine,... very bitter, quite nasty...
RayJayco 11/09/20 01:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: I've Rediscovered Butter

I have used salted butter all of my life. Going back to the days of my granny, a stick was always out in the butter dish. What did people do with butter before refrigeration... My butter dish has never seen the inside of a refrigerator and always has a stick in it. When stick gets small, supplement with another stick to be ready when needed. Never thought about it, a week or so... OK...I'll spill the beans, ...I will 'scrape' any butter off of the sides to put on toast, even though it could be old, 2 weeks or more!!! :E (My dish is upside down, using the flat bottom as the top... :o )
RayJayco 10/16/20 10:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Bad air quality--finally taped a house filter on the A/C

In case that you are interested in just how bad the air is in whatever location, I often refer to this site: Use it like you would any map, scoot it around, enlarge and such... Another good site:,37.54,464 Good luck and best wishes!
RayJayco 09/22/20 05:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Verizon cell signal lost at night

Some may laugh, however,...reboot your phone... It needs that once a week, like sweeping out your house. YMMV
RayJayco 09/10/20 07:38am Technology Corner
RE: How do you go to nearby hike trails after parking in camp?

You may be able to see the parking situation using Google satellite view... Stay safe!
RayJayco 08/28/20 08:36am Beginning RVing
RE: Window Tint

Different types of tint. Some are for UV rays, not as dark. Some are dark. Some are mirrored. I would think calling an auto tint place and asking them, however you would probably be looking towards UV tint or mirrored to reflect... Good luck!
RayJayco 08/25/20 07:42am Tech Issues
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