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RE: Fine Tuning the load

We load and unload so often, I worked on coming up with something reliable and easy several years ago. These pictures are on the old flatbed, but the new one is exactly the same. Because we do this so often, I installed angle iron on three sides of the camper as rub rails. We have angle screwed to the flatbed. The original design, because the angle couldn't be permanent due to other uses, just had two drop pins in it. Either way, these are the guides on the flatbed. Loading is a breeze; no shifting. Same spot every time.
Reality Check 09/26/20 06:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Black tank welding?

It's actually quite easy. Just get the correct 'filler' rod. Even available on Amazon.
Reality Check 09/17/20 05:56am Truck Campers
RE: Campsite Squatters

This article is pretty comprehensive on why not to dump grey water including where it is specifically illegal including Montana. That has to be one of the most painful and badly written 'article's' I've read. They could have shaved it to 100 words and come up with the same 'possibly a chance that it could have an effect'.
Reality Check 08/31/20 10:52am Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

.... I don't get what the big deal is. All I wanted to know was if people full timed in a camper and for them to share those experiences. Why does it matter what I take with me? As far as getting my setup into a camp spot? Yes I have been to places where a larger motorhome/5th Wheel/trailer wouldn't fit. So you move on and find some place where you can fit. Thanks again for the replies and I'll move on now. Glad you are moving on. Here is the "big deal". You asked for input from those of us who had full time experience but you have no interest in learning from those experiences. You have already made up you mind on every issue. It is not really a big deal but I feel like I wasted my time responding to your thread. I was thinking about this last night; the op sounded frustrated with the various responses. Here's the kicker: when one posts something on a public forum, it's fair game. One cannot 'direct' the conversation. Wildman, you received quite a few responses, and I'm guessing you could have gotten alot more, but folks can read between the lines, as I did. I also thought after reading several of your posts that your mind was set and you were looking more for confirmation than anything else. Have at it...but there is a wealth of knowledge, some is pretty good stuff, a lot learned by the school of hard knocks, all worth at least listening to. Even our resident PITA know it all offers some really sound advice at times.
Reality Check 08/20/20 09:01am Truck Campers
RE: Camper to Trailer Distance

Full lock with my truck is 90*...going forward. Backing isn't the only problem. All of the tongues on our trailers were extended. Add this; a 'perfect 90*' with no room to spare, only works on flat ground. Angle up a bit on the truck, and the jack will be a few inches closer all of a sudden. You need room.
Reality Check 08/18/20 06:07am Truck Campers
RE: How does this work?

I can't say I have ever seen a TC "unload" at any campground. Maybe if you were going to stay for a week or more. TCs (that I know of) don't have a black water tank and some (most ? all?) have external gray water so about the only thing you have to disconnect is power and pack up any loose items before running on a side trip. I don't know of many that don't have both blk and gry water tanks.. If we're at a spot for more than two days, it comes off. Lot's of reasons to drop it, not many to keep it on.
Reality Check 08/13/20 11:07am Truck Campers
RE: Tank drop!

And I tried finding light water.... still searching! I think Vodka is lighter... Been three days... I'm thinking you had a great night, camper tipped over and the wife and I need to come rescue you from the tip over?
Reality Check 07/25/20 06:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Cross winds

when I crossed Wyoming on 80 last November on I80 camper in the bed horse trailer in tow the message signs were reading wind gusts 50+ we just slowed down a bit and had no issues. The blowing spindrift and icy patches were worse than the winds. ^^^^ This In the world of trucks, campers aren't really that heavy. But as a unit, they're really quite stable. Think about it: travel trailers and typical semi-trailers blow over often in heavy winds, but they aren't actually heavy. People think tractor-trailer as being full, but more often than not, they're not, hauling LLT, and they are a huge sail. Vs a camper...squat and concentrated load. 15k in one spot. Not going to blow over. Probably why you don't see a bunch of pictures of camper rigs sitting sideways on the freeway. Relax, and slow down a touch if it makes you feel better. But you're not going to blow over.
Reality Check 07/24/20 09:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Tank drop!

lol, like you needed another project. Ya' got to quit carrying heavy water.
Reality Check 07/22/20 06:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Brands That Can Be Used Off The Truck

We use ours the truck. And because of that, and the rumor mill as it is, I called AF when we first got it to check. Ours is older, so good chance things have changed, but they advised me to support it. We do, and probably would anyway (whether required or not) as the additional support stabilizes the camper significantly. Takes us about 5-8 min's to unload, level and support. Sits on three 4x's.
Reality Check 07/22/20 06:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Wilderness camping and gun safety

What is a wheel gun? Revolver
Reality Check 07/15/20 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: Truck flatbed and build for the camper

Nice work man! Is that what you did during the Rona shutdown? One question, what purpose do the recessed "wings" serve? Not sure I've seen that or what it could be for....other than it looks cool and proves you're a good fabricator! Well this should answer the other fellas questions about flat beds ! The AF tails hang a bit lower than the bottom of the camper floor; the wings allow it to sit without having to have a thick mat/build up on the bed floor. No... didn't get to sit around like I was hoping. When the shut down was looming, I gathered the steel and other materials in a hurry, anticipating a bunch of time to work at the shop. Turns out, three of our jobs were 'essential' and we had to take over another during was a ball buster. Completed a years gross in 2.5 months...and got the bed done. A few long nights and some really long weekends.
Reality Check 06/18/20 08:11am Truck Campers
RE: My (our) Ultimate Truck Camper Body Build

Looks like a contest between you n Reality Check for most awesome flatbed build! Nice work so far! PS you’re winning based on the truck it’s sitting on alone.....(lol, sorry realitycheck!) The question is who will score more points? You for hand fabricated tool boxes, or him for air ride? This is the kind of stuff I’d do if I had the it! ^^^^ Say what...??? dang, that hurt. I thought we were buddy' I love the casters... when I stopped by the Powdercoater, they realized that they had 'misjudged' a bit. Our bed would fit in the oven, only vertically. I had to weld four casters on the bed so they could roll it around. Poly melted right off. I guess the oven is a bit warmer than they said. Had a little touch up after I removed them. I love your idea with the slip in tubing for the casters. For anyone following this, I assure you this is premium work. What a treat to see. I am waaay more utilitarian and lazy. Love this bed.
Reality Check 06/17/20 02:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck flatbed and build for the camper

Looks good! I predict you will love the air ride. Any idea how much the flat bed weighs? Bed is probably in the 2000-2300 range, but just a guess. Boxes were 700 alone on top of that. I'm going to guess that I'm about 4k without the camper, as in bed, boxes and stuff. Truck with camper is right around 17,500. Air ride; wouldn't go any other way. We had it on the last truck too. These things are just brutal when they don't have weight in them, when sprung. But not so with the air ride; comfortable even empty, and no matter what the load, our headlights are always aimed correctly.
Reality Check 06/17/20 10:42am Truck Campers
RE: My (our) Ultimate Truck Camper Body Build

Good man.. thanks, I'll be following too. Just an absolutely gorgeous rig!
Reality Check 06/17/20 10:27am Truck Campers
RE: Who's hitting the road this summer?

Ate out last night too.. full house, busy place, great food and experience. The locals aren't buying it either. Glad to see. If anyone is going to protest something, it should be the continued repression of the economy. This has been, and continues to be, nuts. If you are someone that is compromised, then act accordingly. Otherwise, go travel... it's good for you and good for the economy. Something to think about . More people in the USA have died of covid19 in the last 6 months than all the highway deaths , all the military deaths , and all the influenza deaths , combined , for all of 2019 . Yes it is nuts Stats??? we lost 80k in 2018 to the flu. This thing could multiply by 10 and it doesn't compute to sending us into a depression. There is more to living than life... it'll always be open to debate whether the 'shut down' was the savior, but never open to debate that we have room in the hospitals now and that the virus isn't going away. Open it up and clear the way and get through it.
Reality Check 06/15/20 10:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for some advise on flat beds / cab and chassis

I built my own bed as I couldn’t find any beds that would fit my needs or wants. Seriously nice work!!!!!!!!!!!! Only way to go for sure. I like the comment about not wanting to hyjack the thread...therefore, you need to do your own. Come on, gotta see the rest of it!!!!!
Reality Check 06/15/20 08:45pm Truck Campers
Truck flatbed and build for the camper

Just like everything else, just got a little busy last year and couldn't get to it. Dang truck sat for 12 months patiently waiting... Anyhow, had to start with ripping the springs out and getting the suspension system on. Pretty easy stuff, 3/4" air gun is nice for breaking the nuts. Lay out all the parts and start drilling. Dry fit for where to fit the air unit. Last one had it on the outside of the rail..had to remove a box, which meant cut and weld, to get to the unit. Wanted something different, so figured a way to mount it within the rails. Start in on the flatbed build; keeping it simple, and understanding that this is not a work truck with concentrated, possibly offset loads, I was comfortable building it on the light side. Details take waaaay longer than the big stuff. A little buck out for the hatch for the air unit. And some indented wings..bed is only 10' long, and the wings sit lower. And I didn't think it would look bad. New hitch. I thought about taking the one off the '07, but what a hassle. So, new it is. Dropping the tank made it easier for the drilling. Exhaust didn't fit so well; needed a little heat and adjustment. After; Time for the headache rack. Rear bumper; And time for box brackets. 700 pounds of boxes.. Hangers for the mud flaps. Had to work on a latch for the trap door to access the air unit. And then we get to put on the skin; 98 holes later, for the spot welds. And lots and lots of grinding.. First time for me; I've always sand blasted, and then used etching primer, primer and good paint. The price I got from the powder coat sub was about 3 times just my cost in paint and blast material. Add in a long day where I'm not having any fun, and it was a quick decision. In the mean time, stuck on a new bumper and 17,500 winch: Worked on some interior wiring. Have the camera's to install, the Air link dump system and the aux fuel tank gauge and pump wiring. I have laying on my back on concrete and feeding wires. Just plain sucks. Painted and ready to install; Flatbeds and fueling are always an issue. Since this was a purpose built bed, I wasn't concerned about the 'usability' of top side for anything other than my use. The boxes aren't going to be coming off. So, I stuck both fillers on top; I can use truck nozzles full speed, and she fills quick. The mounts were on before the bed went to the powder coater, but I cut and installed the piping after the bed was installed. And then the wiring... At the tail is the standard ******** RV plug, along with a second one wired up near the front filler neck. And then our standard 7 pin Pollack that all of our trailers have. A ton of wiring loom and electrical tape and ties. Ugh. With boxes: First fill up; 78 gallons, loving it! Up near east Mt St Helens a few weeks ago: Hoh river two weeks ago: Have some things to work out, like always. Going to reposition the top boxes two inches just because, and I have two outfitter switches on the truck that are sporadic which I need to chase down. This air system allows me to level the truck 1/8" at a time, and then maintains that level regardless of the weight (it has 2 sensors instead of the usual single). The dump is part of the sweet part. Especially since we almost always remove the camper if we're staying more than a couple of nights. Trailer swaps are so much smoother...less cranking. Cheers... Teanaway area:
Reality Check 06/15/20 06:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Who's hitting the road this summer?

Spent three nights middle of May tooling around central Washington..camping on fire roads. Spent 6 nights in the Peninsula area week before last. Even ate a normal meal at a restaurant. lol, Inslee would not have been impressed by the following of his orders. Dog and pony show is seen for what it is. A couple of nights in Moses Lake; working on some property, last week. And just pulled in from two nights in Westport..and a giant chest of Ling Cod. Limited easily each day, pulling 3 dragons on Friday.. 40+ inches each. Awesome. Ate out last night too.. full house, busy place, great food and experience. The locals aren't buying it either. Glad to see. If anyone is going to protest something, it should be the continued repression of the economy. This has been, and continues to be, nuts. If you are someone that is compromised, then act accordingly. Otherwise, go travel... it's good for you and good for the economy.
Reality Check 06/14/20 05:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Support trailer build and story...ideas and the why

I'm surprised no one has commented the storing of propane tanks INSIDE the trailer and not UPRIGHT. If one of those ever decided to vent and find an ignition point, there won't be much left. I had a bit of discussion prior to the rack on that. I'm totally comfortable with them in the trailer; it's not a living space, it's well ventilated at all time, and did I mention I don't live in it? As for the storage, we work for some LP companies, and last summer we were putting in a couple more foundations for larger tanks at a 'filling station' (think production line for the little 20# the thousands). Other than the propane 'safety course' we had to go through again, I spoke at length with the techs there about this. In the end, it was making sure the tank stands vertical for awhile before using it, to let any liquid in the valve settle out. I was going to make a standing rack with chains/doors, etc, but they actually headed me in this direction. I'll let you know how it works out. Great then, looks like you crossed your T's and dotted the i's. Well, I don't know about that, ( T's and i's ). No gold star needed. You brought up a real valid point and the door isn't closed on the issue. Wouldn't be the first time in my life that I've changed my mind after learning something new. I ran with a bit of the "that'll work" on this, after the discussion. I do wish I'd put more angle in the shelves. We'll see. Appreciate the input.
Reality Check 05/11/20 05:48pm Truck Campers
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