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RE: Random Questions

Thanks everyone. I have several inquiries out to bed manufacturers. anybody have a brand they like? One of my desires is to be able to carry a larger propane tank or tanks becaue we love our propane fire pit when camping plus would run the generator to run the air conditioning. Need to know weights before I decide which one to get as well as which series truck to get. Next question. How do you secure the camper if you drop it off for a couple dys of exploring with the truck off road? In the forest I could chain to a tree but what if I am in the desert? Thanks all! There isn't any 'securing' a camper. Just drop it and go. We carry extra propane tanks in a support trailer. They take up a lot of room..and it you're set on a 350/3500, you'll max out the weight really really fast. Last trip out where I weighed, we were 19,100 for the truck, 27,700 with the trailer. Gone for a little over two months.
Reality Check 02/07/22 07:52am Truck Campers
RE: Random Questions

Yes, it can be done. If you do some searches, you can find a few examples of flatbeds with toys. I'm sure a few of those guys will respond to the thread in a bit. As Jim said... some of us are always trying to get folks to come to the dark side. DO IT!!! Flatbed build thread
Reality Check 02/02/22 08:26am Truck Campers
RE: Hey F550 5500 flatbed camper or custom bed owners:

Things I wish I'd done different? Hmmm... wish I'd jumped on it right away. Truck sat in the shop for a year plus 'cause we didn't have time. Fastguns for tie downs. Last three flatbeds, same system. No reason to change, lot's of reasons to not change. Flatbed build thread
Reality Check 01/24/22 08:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Making A Warmer Truck Camper Bed

Interesting thread. We camp alot in the winter. Just spent 4 days in 0-5F degree weather. Never really had an issue with the mattress or cold. Condensation, can be an issue, but it's a super easy solution. Got to have air movement. I usually just crack the kitchen window a bit and open the bathroom vent slightly (fan stays off). An example, two days into the camp, no condensation at all, windows being the best indicator. Cooked breakfast for three extra adults and two kids (squeeze them in..!) and after a bit over two hours, the windows were covered in condensation. It's our breath. Turned the fan on when they left and half hour later, camper was cleared up. A suggestion for under the mattress. One needs air movement but most can't afford the height loss. Pick up a piece of Miradrain or equivalent. It's a composite drain product, and it will keep an open airway under the mattress. About 1/2" tall, plastic and fiber, water proof. Last... skip the flannel sheets. They're only warm 'after' you get in and warm them up. Go fleece. Tell them I sent you...! There is no comparison.
Reality Check 01/10/22 04:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Delays in camper buiddate

....... Really looking forward to the road trip. Anyone know of a good camping spot near Mesa, Arizona that is a little off grid? Barry We've spent some time, would go back for sure, just outside of Silver City. Hwy 15, maybe half hour, 45 min's out. Part of the Gila Nat forest. It's headed the right direction... from there, White Sands, Lincoln Nat Forest, Carlsbad Caverns, etc.....
Reality Check 11/30/21 06:34am Truck Campers
RE: Delays in camper buiddate

Called to get an update for my Host Cascade build. I signed the papers March 31, I was given a build date last of September, first of October. Build date has been pushed to end of October, first of November. Obtaining materials and components are causing the delays. I'm now thinking I may not even have my camper by the end of the year. Just venting. Barry Yes, waiting sucks. But with the reality of where manufacturing're not doing to bad. Fact is, we created this..doesn't matter what industry, everything is struggling. Between supply issues and lack of workers (and those two go hand in hand most often, compounding the supply issue) it's a small miracle just getting something that is complete. One cannot simply 'shut down' entire industries, pay people to stay home, and think that everything is going to keep chugging along normally. Hope you see soon... would be a GREAT Christmas gift!!
Reality Check 11/27/21 02:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Opinions on lightweight portable inverter/generators

Even if that technique works who wants to go through that every few years Besides, that's not being honest. Ding Ding Ding Ding..!!!! We have a winner. Character matters. It's not always what you do, it's often what you do when you think no one is watching.
Reality Check 11/03/21 09:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Nor Cold 2 way??

We ended up swapping back and forth during the summer from 12v to propane to keep the food cold and as importantly, to save on the use of propane a bit. (Plus propane has increased substantially here in the northeast so definitely want to use the 12v from the dc dc charger and solar as much as we can! Also, we don’t like running on propane as it’s not safe, legal or recommended. Why do you turn it off when traveling? Our fridge and hot water tank are never turned off (fridge on AC at the house). Goes months on a bottle, so never really thought about the price. I've installed a couple of them, and can't find anything in the instructions that suggest not traveling with them functioning, which is why I asked. The legal part; each state is different I guess. Interesting.
Reality Check 10/20/21 11:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Nor Cold 2 way??

For me personally, I'll 'precool' the fridge by having the camper plugged into shore power and using the AC option 1-2 days before leaving on a trip. Then I'll transfer precooled items from my house fridge/freezer to the campers fridge/freezer. I'll usually SHUT OFF the campers fridge/freezer before pulling out of my driveway. While I live in Oregon and travel mostly in Oregon/Washington and the temperatures generally don't get higher than the 90's, I've found that the campers fridge/freezer will keep my items just fine (no matter what time of the year it is) during the 1-4 hours it takes to reach where I'm going. When I reach my destination and start setting up, the campers fridge/freezer will get turned back on set to AC (if available) and propane if AC is not available. I see/find no need for the 'DC' mode/setting at all. Obviously YMMV, - Mark0. Why do you turn it off when traveling?
Reality Check 10/20/21 09:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for options

Wife and I love the 865... it's an awesome model. The kitchen, dinette in back, windows on three sides. It's open, bright. Just think it's an awesome unit. I'd throw it on a 1 ton and go play.
Reality Check 10/20/21 09:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Never saw this before!

I agree with the pull me over mentality if I’m wrong. One of the WA truck scales near Spokane goes off no matter if it’s an RV/rental truck, etc. It seems to have a weight/height trigger. I drove over a couple of times in two different sized Uhaul trucks, and it still went off. Of course, it’s not required to stop with a rental truck for personal use. Nobody chased me down. Not that it would have been hard since I was just going the 60 mph speed limit. :D I’m not sure why you think a TC can be an RV or cargo based on only the licensing. In MT, there is no license for TCs, trailers are generally permanently licensed, and so are motorcycles/atv/utvs. That doesn’t change what they are. Scale houses can set the data triggers for the weigh-in-motions. Between certain weights, over a certain weight, wide open, over a certain number of axles, etc. In this truck..which I supposed looks commercial to many..we've traveled in 17 states since 2019, and BC (before, and have yet to pull into a scale (except closed one's to check myself). I'm flagged more often than not, as we run around at about 27-28k, but do not pull in. Oregon is a "must state"..anything over 26k. Trust me, they don't want you to and no one does. Washington is technically a "must state" also, at 16k. Again...they seriously don't want RV's on the scales. Don't do it. It's an open debate on this forum, but it is subject to individual laws of each state. Generally, RV's are exempt. I run with the "didn't know, oops, my bad" thought process. Face it folks: they're not looking at RV's as a revenue source. The fines we'd pay are paltry compared to the reality of commercial overweight tickets.
Reality Check 10/20/21 09:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Been a busy year

Boom...!!! It's never enough..always an adventure. Bucket list just keeps growing, doesn't it!
Reality Check 10/18/21 05:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Prepping for below freezing temps and snow.

…. Here I am toughening it out in the Philippines & wishing I was in the TC somewhere… Actually on day 8 of a 10 day quarantine locked up in a hotel room overlooking Manila Bay & guess what…NO Alcohol allowed during quarantine…… And REALITY CHECK the dog and I flew into the Fry Canyon dirt strip years ago & stayed at the motel restaurant that operated there, now a residence. Rancher we were spending time with up there pointed out two landing strips...not used much now. They were north of the river in the Glen Canyon rec area. Saw a couple planes dropping in near Hite Crossing to pick up a bike tour group from, I imagine that was cheap. The strip is next to the hwy on the in between the two bridges. No Alcohol...?? Currently hanging in our camper
Reality Check 10/12/21 09:51am Truck Campers
RE: Prepping for below freezing temps and snow. Healthy 5"... LOVE it!!!!!!!
Reality Check 10/12/21 09:40am Truck Campers
RE: Prepping for below freezing temps and snow.

... I was raised in Salt Lake City and just live about 200 miles south. We're currently parked on some land 20 miles N/Eish of Richfield. Snow is a coming tonight I believe... What a beautiful area. We were down in Fry canyon area..had to make a quick hop up to the "hospital" after bike met road...20 miles back in the Glen Canyon area. Should have invited you up for steak dinner!
Reality Check 10/11/21 07:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Side-Trip Report: Great Salt Plains SP, OK

That's awesome. I had a life lesson this year..OK is beautiful. We hit just the south, and then back through the N/E corner. What a wonderful state. Thanks for the gem; our list of places to go just keeps growing and growing and....
Reality Check 10/11/21 02:24pm Truck Campers
RE: New Ram 5500 Build

.....I had planned a full Kelderman air ride but there are a lot of things I'd rather spend $10K on right now..... Where are you finding that the suspension is 10k? We're riding Link's system, which have been fantastic.. but Kelderman makes a great unit. Basic should be about 5-7k. Just curious...because there is no comparison in ride. I've had Kelderman on a previous truck w/ their mechanical auto leveling which ran $6-7K and am familiar with it. That worked well for my purposes then, but not for what I'm wanting now. The ride of the current truck doesn't really bother me - I'm interested in the ability to level the truck on unlevel ground to have a level camper, and gaining a couple inches of extra clearance in the rear. A few thousand pounds of flatbed and tools smoothes things greatly. I may eventually get the Kelderman setup, but that'll be down the road because right now I'd rather spend the money earmarked for it on a couple new bikes and some upgrades to our fifth wheel. We'll see how this does first. $10K is for the kit I'd go with, which is front ($1495), rear ($4550), and 3H control system w/ console mount ($4200), plus shipping ($400), for a total of $10645 with a 10-12 week lead time (talked to them last week). I'm aware it could be done cheaper, but I wouldn't be happy with the cheaper options and I'm not really wanting to wait, as I could use the additional clearance now. Missed the 'adding front' and full tilt interior console. Got it. Agree, that loaded, the trucks are fine. We're running right at 18k solo. But take the camper off, and it would still be a rough ride without the air, which we often do. Cheers... fun thread to follow.
Reality Check 09/27/21 03:12pm Truck Campers
RE: New Ram 5500 Build

.....I had planned a full Kelderman air ride but there are a lot of things I'd rather spend $10K on right now..... Where are you finding that the suspension is 10k? We're riding Link's system, which have been fantastic.. but Kelderman makes a great unit. Basic should be about 5-7k. Just curious...because there is no comparison in ride.
Reality Check 09/27/21 12:39pm Truck Campers
RE: New Ram 5500 Build

Looking forward to seeing the build and tires!
Reality Check 09/04/21 10:47am Truck Campers
RE: How fast do you drive with camper on? .

yada.... read above, no need to repeat it all... yada You have lot's of good points I guess. A very detailed and windy explanation for behavior, no doubt supporting a pattern of driving that you are comfortable with. Perfect. I've driven 14... and 14A. 'pucker factor' comment leads me to a better understanding or where you're coming from, and I think I'll just leave it there.
Reality Check 09/01/21 10:37pm Truck Campers
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