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RE: Filling large propane tank on the road

Get a 30 or 100 pound tank and an extended stay kit and run off it. Assuming you have toad and able to load the tank.
RedRollingRoadblock 01/15/21 11:27am Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

For us it is a convection/microwave, built in, and an air fryer. The air fryer is a hand-me-down from our daughter, they liked it but with four kids it couldn't keep up. Between them the wife can cook about anything we want. Last trip out the micro died and we spent four days cooking on the air fryer and fired up the stove a couple of times and she hates using the stove. The air fryer is to big to store inside so I had it outside for awhile, but now we just stash it under the dinette for travel. Cool. Thanks. Are you aware there is an attachment for the Instant Pot which turns it into an air fryer? it goes on the top in place of the pressure lid. Thanks. I thought I have seen something about that but never researched it. Going to now. She found a good deal on Amazon for a Ninja air fryer pressure cooker combo 8 quart that we were going to try. But it was DOA and the basket for the air fryer was too small. She decided that it was too large to put in the MH and since the lid stays attached looked like it was going to be too big a PIA to use.
RedRollingRoadblock 12/20/20 08:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: More Reminiscing Part 2

Not sure, but don't think seat belts where factory installed in '57... I know for a fact that there was no lap belts factory or otherwise in the '57 Chev 2-door a close family friend of ours owned. Being in a wreck it it, my older sister bounced her head off the windshield and to this day still suffers from problems. How she lived after that blow was a miracle. The driver got that pointed horn button in her chest, internal injuries and knocked out cold and also a long recovery. My brother and I in the back seat were unhurt. The fact that we tossed forward against the folding front seats probably contributed to the front seat occupants injuries. Mr. Google says seat belts made mandatory in 1968/
RedRollingRoadblock 12/19/20 11:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: FMCA Verizon data plan no more

Can anyone shed more light on the Sprint deal than what FMCA shows? I worked for a company some time ago that had Sprint data for our in truck communications and carrier pigeons were better. Since Sprint merged with T-mobil are they using their towers? I thought there was a frequency issue (?) between the two companies, didn't pay much attention to it all. I am mostly in the western states, and had decent coverage and knew where I could get a good signal with AT&T till our love affair went to the toilet and they divorced me. Looking at the coverage map it looks promising, but I've lied by cell carriers before. I see they you must use their hardware. How many devices can be hooked to it simultaneously? Any options to bring your own? It might be worth joining if this is one of the perks and cost seems like it is reasonable.
RedRollingRoadblock 12/19/20 11:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Propane Delivery to RV

This is something we have seldom seen elsewhere. No one wanted to deliver unless it was 100 gallons or more. In winter, pulling up to fill with propane, when needed is not a favorite chore. Original tank haled 38 gallons, factory changed it out and new one holds only 80% of that to suit the EPA. The 80% capacity is to allow for gas expansion. Propane delivered to the tank at your home or business is stored in a liquid state under pressure. It expands in the presence of heat, creating pressure that can build in a propane tank when it’s hot. The additional space inside the tank is needed to allow for propane to expand into a vapor.
RedRollingRoadblock 12/19/20 10:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

For us it is a convection/microwave, built in, and an air fryer. The air fryer is a hand-me-down from our daughter, they liked it but with four kids it couldn't keep up. Between them the wife can cook about anything we want. Last trip out the micro died and we spent four days cooking on the air fryer and fired up the stove a couple of times and she hates using the stove. The air fryer is to big to store inside so I had it outside for awhile, but now we just stash it under the dinette for travel.
RedRollingRoadblock 12/19/20 10:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oil for generator
RedRollingRoadblock 12/12/20 10:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toilet Freezing Issue

Little olive oil in the bowel.
RedRollingRoadblock 12/06/20 11:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: bidet seat

Bumpy I'll see if I can confuse you more. If you look at the pictures on Amazon the the third picture shows the nozzle "port" the rectangular item that hangs in the bowel. One of the knobs is water volume and the other directs it to the target or for cleaning. There is a "nozzle" that lowers down with a angled-up hole that does business. When you get it installed, stand in front of it and you will see clearly how it works. Maybe not so clearly if the water hits you in the face. LOL Have towels handy. It has a fitting to attach from the toilet tank to the unit. All parts are included. And according to the add "HAVE FUN DOING IT YOURSELF." But they forgot the part about old, fat stiff jointed men getting down and crawling around the toilet. "IT'S FUN." Like a trip to the dentist.
RedRollingRoadblock 12/05/20 03:23pm Tech Issues
RE: bidet seat

Installed a Luxe Neo at home as well as in MH. No water heater or air dryer. It is what the DW wanted. I was skeptical about it but am fine with it. She chose this model so I didn't need to run electrical. Since it uses cold water it can be an eyeopener at times, especially at the temps cool off in the MH. Works okay on the pump, has cut the TP usage way down. I installed on a Doemetic 520 with no modification. Had to buy a fitting at the hardware store for a few dollars. I needed to replace the bowel seals so I did it while I had the throne on the workbench. Found them on Amazon.
RedRollingRoadblock 12/04/20 07:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Torque on Lug Nuts

Oh, . . . come on. Please stop it. I'm not saying that owning something like a Dewalt/PorterCable 6 gallon 120 volt pancake compressor (no affiliation) is the most efficient, production line industrial/commercial way to live your life. THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M/WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. Granted, when using a pancake style compressor, you may have to pause briefly to recharge the tank (to 165 psi) after breaking a few oyer-torqued lug bolts/nuts (maybe 650 ft-lbs in this case) but it WILL get them off so that you can, . . . git-er-done in an emergency situation rather than sitting dead in the water. (waiting for some (IMO) overpriced "expert" like you to show up) Chum lee I am sorry that you seem think that I infringe on your self-anointed "Expert Status."
RedRollingRoadblock 10/04/20 01:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Torque on Lug Nuts

Whenever anyone (well, . . . besides myself) touches the wheels, tires, suspension components, etc., on ANY vehicle I own, drive, etc., I ALWAYS check/retorque at least a few of the lug nuts/bolts before I leave visual range of the shop that just worked on it. I don't enjoy getting stuck with a flat tire, at night, while it's raining/pouring in the middle of nowhere with a lug nut/bolt that was torqued to 450 ft-lbs and now I CAN'T GET IT OFF with the tools I have. The factory spec on the MH is 150 ft-lbs. Chum lee Factory specs on ours is 450#. My biggest torque wrench only goes to 300#. Might be time,for a torque multiplier. Wow! 450 ft-lbs. That's a lot. (well beyond the capability of mortal men) A torque multiplier is a good idea. If I was driving your vehicle (no, I'm not giving advice here) I would consider investing in a 120 volt pancake style compressor and a 3/4" drive heavy duty pneumatic impact gun like they use in the long haul truck stops. Chum lee A pancake compressor wouldn't last for one lug bolt, if that.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/01/20 09:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sway Bar mounting brackets bolts.

It is a well known problem. What you did putting Locktite Blue on them then torque to 66 pounds. (That's two fingers on a 3/8 drive ratchet. LOL) The nuts also are known to break the spot weld, Use your best jury-rigging to get them tightened. Ford warranted mine when it was there for an unrelated issue.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/01/20 09:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oregon coast to I-5 south?

Just about any Oregon State routes from the coast a doable trip. The Only exception is Hy 36 between Mapleton and Junction City. It can de done but you will be worn out when you finish. What is your destination going south? There is some California routes that would be fine too. Don't take CA 36 between Fortuna and Red Bluff.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/01/20 08:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Craters of the Moon, ID

We will be heading West from Yellowstone and have decided to take the high road as we are taking the low road to get there. Never been but I hear it is worth seeing. Hope to hear opinions one way or another. Thinks were pretty well closed up in October due to COVID. Museum was closed, gift shop open. I wanted to drive the toad through the Park but was overruled. I was going to spend the night in the campground but decided against it as I figured the temps were going to be to warm. Glad I called that right.
RedRollingRoadblock 09/27/20 11:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Craters of the Moon, ID

Another vote for Picabo Angler RV Park in Picabo, ID. It is a good park about 30 miles from Craters of the Moon. Water and 50 amp and a dump station. Decent AT&T to stream. Right on highway but very little traffic at night so it is quite as a tomb. Plenty of grass. Lot of room between sites, mix of pull through and backin spots. IIRC I saw a propane tank at the hardware store. We were there mid October, the store was open, and I think the restaurant was working limited hours. In another lifetime the food was good, use to make deliveries to the hardware store occasionally and would eat there.
RedRollingRoadblock 09/27/20 11:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Oregon Coast in September

Smart on doing the jet boats. You will get wet and have a blast. The ride is surprisingly smooth, but your butt gets a little tired. Do at least the 80 mile trip. The two spots that they do the meal stops both have good food and decent prices. Our go to place is Kimball's Creek. They are the only RV park on the river with a dock that Jerry's stops at. You can book at the park. Place is a little dated but clean, lot of full timers and great people. If southbound GPS will route you off 101 north of Gold Beach on Edson Creek Road and it is a good county road.
RedRollingRoadblock 08/03/20 03:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Costco batteries

Bought (4) 6 volt from them about 16 months ago. Doing as expected. Ad a watering system and keep them happy. Flow-Rite is one. On Amazon and some auto part stores.
RedRollingRoadblock 06/30/20 04:28pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Required signing waiver of responsibilty

Here is some interesting reading on this. The next to the last paragraph about sums it up.
RedRollingRoadblock 06/30/20 04:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Flashlights

You can't go wrong with a Maglite. For me Maglite is about 50/50. I worked nights for most of my working time, always carried a Mini Mag on my belt. After several years the switch started to fail. I bet the last 10 years I have bought 6-7 of them. Last one I bought was bad out of the package. Plus all of the canvas holsters stitching when they switched from the leather pulls out in about 3 months. No more Mini Mags for me, but after several months I'm still reaching for it. Retired 5 years ago. Now the 2 and 4 cells I have had good luck with, beat the heck out of them and kept working. I think I may have had one go bad and the other I dropped when I was changing the batteries, and it landed on the open end of the tube.
RedRollingRoadblock 06/30/20 04:06pm General RVing Issues
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