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RE: Symbiotic Relationships for Mutual Survival

Double what Crowe said about undiagnosed condition. Had a friend with bipolar disorder. He did not receive any medical help until later in life. He had many jobs, many wives and made and lost many friends over the years. It is a very hard road to travel and a good friend to encourage them to seek help, hang in there and be a friend....
Redcatcher70 02/22/21 11:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Do you know....

DKean, well I think I am out of the woods, (or should I say snow), for the time being. Today so far the high is 56 deg. And a lot of the snow is gone. I have had enough snow for this year, thank you. ??????
Redcatcher70 02/22/21 11:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Do you know....

way2roll, gave trying to play tennis years ago. I do have a badminton set laying around but I don't think they will support 240 pound plus of me, I will just stagger along..... ????
Redcatcher70 02/20/21 10:42am Around the Campfire
Do you know....

How hard it is to find a pair of snowshoes in Central Arkansas? Seriously, not often we get a 12 to 14 inch combined snowfall. Went out for the first time today (since Monday) cleaning off vehicles, and such, tough walking around. Side note, we received mail delivery today, first since last Saturday, 6 days total. Not really worrying, supposed to be near 60 deg. By Wednesday.....
Redcatcher70 02/19/21 01:17pm Around the Campfire
How would you answer this question ?

I was in line at Best Buy Saturday waiting to pick up my laptop after repairs. Two mid-twenty somethings were in line in front of me. I wear a ball cap with my Unit patch from my time in Vietnam. One of the young men asked if I was a Veteran and if I had served in Vietnam. I replied in the positive and he said his friend was currently in the Air Force NG. He then asked me a question I had never been asked, "what was it like over there?". The only answer I could think of to make any sense in the minute or two we would have together was, "it was hot!". How do you explain a life experience in a minute or two?
Redcatcher70 02/04/21 05:40pm Around the Campfire
A shout-out to a deserving School..

In these days of madness, disfunction and virus shut-downs, I want to say thank you. My grandson attends Rockwall High School in Rockwall, Texas. He loves school, he loves football, he loves music. He is also Autistic, he struggles with reading and his speech is sometimes hard to understand. He was allowed to join the football program in his Freshmen year. He attended every practice, every game for four years. The Coaches have worked with him, his teammates and fellow students have accepted and embraced him and he has enjoyed his school experience. Rockwall made it to the semifinals of their conference championship this year and lost the game by three points. My Grandson had the experience a lot of High School football players never get. I want to say "Thank you" to the Coaches, Football team, students and Administration for giving my Grandson a true experience he will never forget....
Redcatcher70 01/09/21 07:40am Around the Campfire
RE: I Was Stimulated Today

Mr. Ed, know the feeling, wife was looking at our checking account on line last night. She let out a whoop-whoop and said, "with our stimulus money, both of our retirement checks and my VA deposit hitting the account all at the same time, it looked like we hit the lottery!!". I told her don't get excited, all the auto withdrawals would take care of that on the Fifth.... ????
Redcatcher70 01/02/21 09:11am Around the Campfire
Granddaughter is a simple country girl...

We babysit our 14 month old great grandson at our granddaughters house. When they put up their Christmas tree and outside decorations, they had to plug them up and un-plug them manually. I bought them some remote control units so they could work them without physically plug and unplug them. My granddaughter was so impressed with them, she plugged two of her table lamps into them so she wouldn't have to get up to use them. May have been her favorite Christmas present!!!! ??????
Redcatcher70 12/30/20 12:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: More Reminiscing Part 2

Growing up in the 50's and 60's, with seven siblings, only my Dad working, we did not get a vehicle of our own until we got out of school and went to work. Parents usually bought station wagons and I was 17 my Dad brought hone a 1963 Ford 9 passenger lead sled, bright red, inside and out.... I kept thinking how I would look driving around town in that car, when I did get to drive. Got around to opening the hood, expecting to see a 6 banger or small V-8. It was the Thunderbird 390 c.i., and did that baby purr.... I pegged the needle one time, never knew what it could actually do.
Redcatcher70 12/21/20 09:15am Around the Campfire
My appointment at the VA started off my day...

Had to go in for a hearing test to order new hearing aids. I was scheduled for an 8:00 AM appointment and I arrived about 7:45. They have set various tents in the parking lot for flu shots and Covid screening. As I slowly pull up to the screening tent, one of the nurses starts shouting "take cover, incoming!!!" Without thinking, I slam the car in park and start to open the door to jump out. I then hear the honking of geese from behind me and then a large flock pass overhead, about 20 feet off the ground. After they pass, I guess the nurse saw how big my eyes were an said, "I guess that was a poor choice of words around here, huh?" I asked if they had been bombed before and she said daily... I told her I had not heard those words for 50 years, but I was ready!!!
Redcatcher70 11/20/20 03:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to Book Arkansas CG as a Senior Citizen?

As an Arkansas resident, may I suggest you call the preferred park directly. It may save some hassle over trying to do it on line. When we stay at a State Park, I call and ask if anything special is going on during the stay, and we make our decision then. Usually in the Fall a lot of small festivals are going on in some areas we are not aware of. Come on over and enjoy, weather will be great after this hurricane blows through this weekend!!!
Redcatcher70 10/09/20 08:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Concrete block in my stove !

Could have been a counter balance weight to keep stove from tipping over when door is fully opened. Our new stove had a special bracket with it to screw to the floor at the rear of stove, the rear leg slipped into a slot in the bracket. Call and the Mfg. and check it out...
Redcatcher70 09/27/20 06:54am Around the Campfire
Crater of Diamonds State Park, arkansas

You want something to do during the Pandemic? Go to the only place in the free world where you can keep all the diamonds you pick up. Crater of Diamonds State Park in southwestern Arkansas is the place to go. Recently a man found a yellow 9.07 carat diamond, the second largest diamond ever found in the parks' almost 50 year history. Park offers campground, equipment rental, and a 37 acre plowed field to explore. Check it out, makes a nice three or four day trip when you have time on your hands...
Redcatcher70 09/25/20 08:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: We are Drowning in our...

Schools have enough on their plate trying to teach the four R's and dealing with the pandemic. Government projects cost millions and seem to have little effect. It al starts at HOME!! Respect for nature, other people and being taught to do the right thing starts at the lowest level. Always taught my kids to leave a place cleaner than they found it. They grumbled sometimes but they now teach their kids to do the same...
Redcatcher70 09/19/20 09:55am Around the Campfire
RE: A plea to get involved

Lynnmor, not just a long day, but the day before elections machines arrive. We meet in the afternoon to place machines, run power cords, set up tables and chairs, hang up posters that are required by law. Usually takes 8 of us a couple of hours to get all ready. On election day, we go in an hour before opening and check all machines and set the game plan, who works what and schedule lunch breaks. After polls close and the last voter exits, we lock up, run reports, dismantle machines, store all materials and clean up. Voting day is usually 14 to 16 hours long, IF everything goes smoothly. For this combined 16 to 18 hour work we receive a whopping $100 USD... But I wouldn't miss it if I can help it.
Redcatcher70 08/22/20 09:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: A plea to get involved

JRscooby, yes it is nice when you have the younger person involved. A couple of years ago we had a young college student help us and it just added a different dimension to the atmosphere. I wish they would give college students credit if they work during elections. Used to, if you were working, employers were a little more lenient about leaving work to vote, not so much anymore.
Redcatcher70 08/22/20 02:08pm Around the Campfire
A plea to get involved

Not one to get on a soapbox, but your help is needed. It is not known yet what the General Election process will look like. Hopefully, it will be the time honored process of Americans going to the polls on November 3rd with very few problems. Of course, the current pandemic may change all of that. There have been reports in my State that many Poll Workers are not working this year. Many are older, retired people with some medical issues. In the polling site I work at, we have 10 to 12 workers, and I have heard of at least 5 are not working this year. I have been talking to some people trying to recruit them to sign up to work, but so far, no takers. All for the same reason, fear of the virus. I am sure many other areas are having the same problem. I do not know what precautions will be taken, but as long as I am able, I will work. I am 70, and a couple of health issues, but I take pride in working the last 15 years during the Elections. Please contact your local County Clerks office to check if they are recruiting workers. They provide training, and if you can work a 12 hour day, you will be providing a great service to your community.
Redcatcher70 08/22/20 12:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: After one day, I am finished.....

Let me add this: I agree that we all have the right to protest PEACEFULLY, not burning, looting and destroying property that others have worked and built. Dressing for battle,, arming yourself with Molotov cocktail, and baseball bats to me is not protesting, it is preparing to do harm. They do not want to talk about changing anything. Out of the whole scheme of things, taking two minutes to stand, place your hand over your heart recognizing that we are all Americans is not a lot to ask of people. Not only for those who served and died to give you this freedom to protest.... Now, I am done with it all, not political at all, we have lived through good and bad presidential terms, and we will again. That is one reason I have worked Elections for the last fifteen years, and Lord willing I will again November 3rd. I refuse to let a flu stop me from making sure everyone's voice is heard.
Redcatcher70 07/25/20 07:13am Around the Campfire
After one day, I am finished.....

With the MLB!!! Just like all the pro sports, bunch of overpaid jerks kneeling for the Anthem. Those few that did stand, how long is going to be before you also cave. As a Veteran I am sure they can find another way to protest whatever. Now my only salvation for sports on TV is college sports, and I know the that may not last long..... Rant over, off the soapbox.
Redcatcher70 07/24/20 07:51am Around the Campfire
RE: Watched some MLB last night...

Steve, not watching sports is your choice, glad you have other things to fill you days. Since I am 70, retired, a few health issues, a wife that is basically home bound also, I am glad I have some sports to look forward to. Maybe College football will start on time and we will have other options to watch. Never cared for Soccer, NBA, golf, Nascar, or tennis. Not many options when it comes to filling long shutdown days, so I guess a little MLB like it or not, is an OPTION for some of us......
Redcatcher70 07/22/20 06:23am Around the Campfire
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