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RE: A traffic mess in Moab

In this context, yes. But if someone were asking for opinions on Moab, I would think opinions like this would be germane. This is Roads & Routes. Nobody asked if he thinks the town is ugly or not. It sounds like you think I disagree, but I don't. I said in this context, opinions about the town's beauty are better kept to oneself.
Rice 10/29/20 02:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: A traffic mess in Moab

We generally avoid Moab as much as possible anyway, Ugly town Polite people keep those thoughts to themselves. In this context, yes. But if someone were asking for opinions on Moab, I would think opinions like this would be germane. I'm still wondering if the traffic the OP reported might have been related to an event, and not reflective of what it's going to be like there every day from now until the project is finished.
Rice 10/28/20 08:50am Roads and Routes
RE: Hard to find a full-time spot

Somebody mentioned a six month limit in WA state. Do they really enforce it? I think a better question would be, "Does the person who mentioned a six-month limit in Washington state have a citation to that law?" Just to make sure it actually exists. Then you can talk about whether it's enforced.
Rice 10/23/20 11:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A traffic mess in Moab

Wasn't there some sort of big jeep event there last week?
Rice 10/23/20 03:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Duracell Golf Cart Batteries GC 2

How long ago did you buy these batteries? The cheapest GC batteries I see on there web site was $189 apiece. When I go to the Batteries Plus website, I see three different Duracell 6-volt GC2 batteries, for $119.99 (215 AH), $129.99 (230 AH), and $149.99 (235 AH). (It thinks I'm in Denver, in case that matters on pricing.) I paid about $100 each for six Duracell 230 AH batteries from Batteries Plus in Phoenix 2-1/2 years ago. I ordered them over the internet and got a 10% discount for doing so, and picked them up in person. Those batteries would be $117 if I bought them today.
Rice 09/14/20 09:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Personal property ins.

Buy a rider policy or umbrella policy to cover your musical equipment. An umbrella policy increases the underlying policy limits for liability coverage (i.e., bodily injury or property damage that you cause). It won't increase the coverage for loss of personal property. To have that covered, you have to get valuable personal property coverage, and schedule the items individually. I had to provide a receipt for the property I scheduled, and the yearly premium is 1% of the item's value. Also, speaking of umbrella policies, most people don't realize that most standard umbrella policies don't increase limits for uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. You have to buy "excess uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage" for that, and I think it may not be available in all states.
Rice 09/14/20 08:48pm Full-time RVing
RE: How does RV Insurance work? How to get around my Catch-22?

Getting a Class A commercial lic. is a much more difficult test to pass and has to be renewed every yr. or so and requires a physical health exam from a Doctor and cost more money. That's for a commercial license, or CDL. Some states do require a CDL to drive an RV, but California and Texas are not among them. Both states have just an "enhanced" version of a regular license (in Texas, it's a non-commercial Class A or non-commercial Class B, depending on the vehicle(s)). This type of license doesn't require the onerous CDL test, more frequent renewal, or getting a physical. Once you pass the test, the "enhanced" license is yours to keep, and you do nothing different to maintain it. Just like if you had a motorcycle endorsement on your car driver's license. I didn't think you needed a special RV license to drive one, but I found this guide online.Beware. It says New York requires a commercial license, but that's not true. It requires an R endorsement. So we know they got that one wrong, and may have others wrong, too--I didn't check. There are several guides like this out there, and I've found errors on every one I've seen. Major errors like this one, where it gets a state's requirements completely wrong, even though it might give a citation to support it and therefore look reliable. I ran into a cyclical problem when I thought about trying to attain RV insurance and RV license. I can't buy or drive my RV without first getting RV insurance. I can't get RV insurance unless I have my RV license (I think??). And I can't get my RV license without first having an RV. You can get an RV license without having an RV. Same as you can get a regular driver's license without having a car, or a motorcycle license without having a motorcycle. You just borrow one for the test. You can get RV insurance without having the proper license to drive the RV (if your state requires something other than a regular "car" driver's license). People will say that if you don't have the proper license, then the insurance company will reject any claim you have, but no one has ever been able to give a citation to a law that says that or a case that held that. I'm licensed and insured in a state that requires an "enhanced" license for my RV, and no insurance company has ever asked for anything other than my driver's license number. If having the proper license is a requirement for having the policy issued, they have the information to determine whether I meet it. This is helpful, we will look into a truck driving school near us. I wonder if this is what most large fifth wheel drivers do to accomplish this licensing requirement, though? It certainly is a large amount of time and expense.No, I think most people buy the RV, get insurance on it, practice driving it, and then get the license. Or do all that and don't bother to get the license--there are thousands of people out there who don't have the proper license for the RV they're driving. The tricky part is getting the RV to the testing site. Fortunately, in Texas it appears to be a don't-ask-don't-tell situation, or maybe it doesn't even occur to them to wonder how it got there. In contrast, in New York, the person getting the license has to be accompanied by someone who's properly licensed for the vehicle (who presumably either drove it or rode along with someone with the learner's permit that New York has).
Rice 08/07/20 11:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Camping with my dog

You took my statement out of context. Shame on you! What?? We're talking about dogs getting agitated and barking when left alone in RVs. How is pointing out that a dog who doesn't have problems in a regular house might have problems in an RV, where distractions are usually closer and, uh, more distracting, out of context?
Rice 08/07/20 10:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Class-C'ers Unsecured EZ-Up Meets Side of Nice Prevost

Yes I cried because it was the nicest coach (at least custom paint wise) I'd ever seen. I cried because I can appreciate fine things in this world, wether they're owned by people wealthier than me or not is irrelevant, they're still fine things. I put myself in that person's shoes thinking that if I'd worked my @ ss off to get a dream coach & then to have it needlessly damaged because of someone else's negligence, I'd be pissed. That is one deluxe paint job. Those two vertical rectangles in the rear--are they windows that have been painted/whatever-ed white to blend in? If so, the fact that I have to ask if they're windows says "mission accomplished." If not, then "What the hell are those weird rectangles on that fancy coach?" But what do I know--I think it's a risk to paint stripes over refrigerator vents because of the hassle involved if you have to replace it.
Rice 08/04/20 03:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: Camping with my dog

To the people complaining about leaving a dog alone in the RV: if the dog is used to be alone at the sticks and brick house, there is no difference leaving the dog alone in the RV. I'm not so sure. Most sticks and bricks houses are set back from the street a pretty good distance, and a dog inside could very well not even notice someone walking on the street or sidewalk. But in most RV parks, the RVs are much closer to the public areas where people are walking, which makes dogs bark.
Rice 08/04/20 02:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: New Mexico 'Quarantine" Requirements

Thanks for that link, I've been hearing about that for months. It may not be a "set" amount, but they apparently do get more money.... And note that they get more money only if they are treating a patient on Medicare. The statement I was rebutting was, "It has also been proven that if a hospital can claim a patient is Covid they get thousands of $$$ from the government." I'm confident it was just an accidental oversight that it doesn't make the Medicare distinction, and lets it sound like the government is shelling out money to hospitals for every COVID diagnosis. :R And the part you quote is what Snopes found when they were trying to figure out where these alleged amounts came from. It's data from a couple of years ago, before COVID, having to do with uninsured patients admitted for respiratory ailments, and they conclude: But while these industry estimates are similar to the numbers Jensen cited, they do not represent actual Medicare payments to hospitals for COVID-19 diagnoses or treatment, or even a national average of such payments.
Rice 07/16/20 03:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Residential Style Central Air - NOT Roof Air Question

If y'all don't mind, I'll try to help the OP... I have an Alfa motorhome with a Coleman basement air conditioner/heat pump, and I have some experience getting it worked on. I do not have a Winnebago but probably the same or very similar Coleman. OP, do you know what the HVAC guy did? Did he add freon, and if so, do you know how he determined it was necessary? Or did he do something else and tell you you're going to need freon soon? Your post isn't clear on that. If he added freon, how did he do it? As others have noted, these units don't come with the port(s?) necessary to add freon. I've never heard of a vampire port, but when Alfa owners go to the trouble to have the unit removed to be worked on (which is necessary on an Alfa, and not cheap), the advice is to have a port (or ports?) brazed on, in order to be able to add freon in the future. Or, I guess I should ask--what do you mean the air conditioner was "not working"? Wouldn't come on? Wouldn't put out cold air? Would come on and then turn itself off after a while? Someone said these basement units aren't designed to be serviced, but replacement ones aren't available any more (the new ones have the ductwork reversed), so many Alfas have had theirs worked on and keep them running. The newest Alfa out there is a 2008, which means there are lots of air conditioners still running that are substantially older than the OP's. Like my 2003--replaced one of the compressors a couple of years ago, and it's working fine. Can you be more specific about what was wrong and what was done to fix it?
Rice 07/12/20 03:01pm Tech Issues
RE: New Mexico 'Quarantine" Requirements

That's right. I hope you'll be honorable and continue through NM without spending the night unless you plan to self quarantine for 14 days. That's not the requirement. People entering the state have to self-quarantine for the duration of their stay or 14 days, whichever is shorter. So someone passing through and stopping overnight has to self-quarantine in his RV or hotel room only for that night. It has also been proven that if a hospital can claim a patient is Covid they get thousands of $$$ from the government. It has also been proven that people that only have one or two Covid symptoms with no Covid diagnosis are also listed as Covid positive. Can you see what's going on here? Probably not. The hospitals are padding the fiures to make a ton of money off this covid virus. Hospitals don't get paid an extra set amount for each COVID diagnosis.
Rice 07/11/20 02:43pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Any good/cheap electric razor for camping?

Speaking of Braun, I'm assuming y'all all know that you can refill the cartridges yourself, instead of buying a new one every month.
Rice 07/06/20 10:13am RV Lifestyle
RE: Any good/cheap electric razor for camping?

Sometimes I work out of my camper and have to be clean shaven and presentable. Many years ago I bought a battery operated Braun that runs on 2 AA batteries and it's still going strong. They no longer make that model but it's similar to this Braun.. I picked up one of those little blue Brauns for $10 in the clearance section at Walgreens several years ago. I've had a few "regular" Brauns over the past 30 years or so (currently a Series 7 or 8--got it at Costco last year) and the little blue one is the best shaving one of all.
Rice 07/05/20 10:45pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Big Bend National Park closed

It's not just the park. Brewster county is closed down. And according to this map, Brewster County hasn't had a single case of corona virus. (updated April 17) In fact, there are cases of corona virus in every county from the Oklahoma border straight down to Brewster County, where it stops. In adjacent Pecos County, which has 15,000 people compared to Brewster County's 10,000 people, there are five cases.
Rice 04/17/20 05:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electric blanket and inverter

They do make 12 volt blankets , look in truck stop shops . But they're small--like 5 feet by 3 feet. And they can't be washed because the cord is hard-wired. I think it's the same for 12-volt mattress pads, too. They're all for using in a bunk in a truck. I've had the Soft Heat electric blanket mentioned by the OP for probably 8 years or so of fulltime use--on a MSW inverter until we got a PSW inverter a year or so ago. My only beef is that the fabric is kind of "sticky" (microfleece), so it kind of drags on the sheets when you're making the bed. I have the full size on a queen bed, because I wanted only one controller. It hangs over the sides by about 4 inches, which works fine for us.
Rice 02/04/20 08:13pm Beginning RVing
RE: Passport America

Finally, there is no law saying their regular price has to be a fair market. If the Passport park is $40 and a better located park with superior amenities that accepts the normal 10% discounts has a published price of $35 you aren't really saving the $20.00 discount the Passport park offers. There are more than one Passport Park that has inflated it's rack price in order to offer that 50% discount. Just to name one really excellent RV park you can use your PA membership for: New Frontier RV Park in Winnemucca, NV. New Frontier is actually a good example of what can go on with PA parks. (And it does look really nice for a desert RV park.) Their PA page says the normal rate is $35, and the PA rate is $17.50. It's not good on pull-thrus, and the PA discount can't be combined with any other discount, including the discounted winter rate. If you go to the park's own site, it says the normal rate is $35-$40 and it looks like the higher rate is for pull-thrus. Kudos to them for basing their PA discount on that instead of the $40. However, their discounted winter rate is $20-$25. But the PA rate is off the "normal" $35 rate even in the winter, so if you're there from mid-October to mid-April, then you'd be paying $17.50 for a site that would cost $20 without the PA discount. Better than nothing, but you're having to pay for the PA membership to get a $2.50 discount. It might still be advisable to join PA, depending on if you're likely to use PA elsewhere. But the devil can be in the details, so don't approach it as a blanket 50% discount off what you'd otherwise be paying if you walked in off the street.
Rice 02/04/20 06:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Park Reviews

As far as adding advertisements, that is how they make money, its the business model. If not for the ads, none of their sites would exist. They're not doing it for fun to provide a free public service. Yet the people who contribute the reviews that are the backbone of the site do it to provide a free public service. I just went to the website and couldn't tell from the reviews if a campground I was looking at has electric hookups, so I looked at the "amenities" section, but you have to log in to see the list. Grrrrrr.
Rice 01/18/20 04:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Washing clothes while underway

Those of you with washer/dryers in their RVS, while a dryer usually needs a lot of electricity, are RV inverters usually big enough to run the washer while underway? I, like others, am uneasy about how the spinning of the washing machine would interact with the RV jostling down the road. But to answer your question, I used a Kill-a-Watt to measure the electrical draw of my old Splendide 2000 combo unit. The most it used while washing was during the super-high spin at the end of the cycle, with the pump running (the pump runs only intermittently during spinning). That was about 400 watts. During the regular spin cycle, it used 240 watts when the pump was also running. The pump itself uses about 100 watts. The wash cycle, where the drum turns one way and then the other, maxed out at 150 watts. For the full 1 hour and 15 minute cycle (one wash, three rinses), it used 0.210 kilowatt hours. That would be about 18 amp hours out of the batteries. When washing, the Splendide is not a high-amp appliance like a microwave or hair dryer.
Rice 12/31/19 01:06pm Class A Motorhomes
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