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RE: electrical issue

whemme, A properly wired 50Amp service consists of two lines (L1 & L2) of 50Amp service, so the maximum power deliverable is: 50Amps x 2 x 120volts = 12,000 watts. ~Rick
Rick Jay 06/24/20 07:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator question

A big pot hole or other jarring motion could cause the oil level sensor to shut things down. It doesn't mean that the oil level is low but for an instant if it appears that the level is low it shuts the generator off. I agree with this, especially if this is an Onan Marquis Gold. That's what we have in our Georgie Boy motorhome. I noticed it would do this more frequently if the oil level dropped a bit, so I was always careful to top off the oil in the generator before every trip. I also noticed it was most likely to happen when travelling in hot weather, above 85 degrees or so. It never happened when the rig was parked. I was using the multi-viscosity oil recommended (I don't generally use synthetic oils, just dino oil changed regularly) because we camped in early Spring until late Fall, and occasionally in the winter here in the Northeast, so I liked the extended cold temperature operation the multi-vis oil provided. However, on a lark, at the pre-summer oil change, I filled the crankcase of the generator with the straight 30W oil recommended. I rarely, if ever, have the problem any more. Even spending two months in Florida in the summertime, no issues. IF it happens now, I know that it's because I've neglected checking the oil level and it's a bit low. I top it off and we're good. So, if you're using the multi-viscosity oils recommended, try using whatever straight blend oil is recommended for hot weather and see if that helps. By the way, the straight 30W has worked for us even in the Spring & Fall camping as usually it's over 32 degrees when we go camping. If you come to Pennsylvania, don't plan on running your generator while driving. Funny you should mention that. While the problem existed in most of the New England states, it WAS particularly annoying when travelling through Pennsylvania. We used to vacation in the Lancaster, PA area frequently when the kids were small, so this was usually my "test area" while working on solving the problem. When I was able to make the trip to PA and back in the Summer without losing the generator once, I knew I had the problem licked! LOL But Massachusetts isn't that much better! Good Luck, ~Rick
Rick Jay 06/14/20 10:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tankless water heater options on a 35' HR

One more thing to understand is that if they DO get a 240VAC unit connected and working, that it WILL NOT work on 30Amp service. It will ONLY work on 50A service. Depending upon which generator is in their RV, it most likely won't work on generator power either. So that means they will ONLY get hot water while connected to 50A service. No hot water while on the road, dry camping or 30A campsites. In my opinion, I wouldn't put one in my RV. I have one in the house and the wife hates it. The rest of us are OK with it, but it IS different than having a full tank of hot water. I really don't think they'll be ANY space savings involved with a tankless install, either. And if money is tight, I would think the closest standard replacement would be the cheapest route. Pulling new wire, breakers and such, plus any additional propane plumbing (line might have to be upsized?) and it will be time consuming and if you have to pay someone to do that, the $$$ will QUICKLY surpass what a standard replacement would cost. Personally, I like our Propane/electric 10 Gallon heater in the RV. We've never had a hot water problem, though we all pretty good at water conservation. Well...except the teen age daughter! She tries! LOL Good Luck, ~Rick
Rick Jay 05/20/20 04:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: High end gasser or entry level DP

Two cylinders had been chewed (ignition primary) some electrical tape bit of solder. 2 new plugs (They fouled) and no more misfire. Ahhh...see...NOW you're making the point for the DP guys! I've NEVER heard of a diesel misfiring because of bad plugs or plug wires, so that's ONE thing you never had to worry about with a DP! LOL And, yes, I DID appreciate your humor!!! I was wondering where you were going with that! Thanks for the laugh. LOL ~Rick
Rick Jay 05/03/20 10:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replace Dinette Set?

My guess is his wife wants the dinette gone. Maybe, but his "handle" is doghouseman. I'm guessing there might be some meaning to that which suggests he doesn't care what his wife wants! LOL :) ~Rick
Rick Jay 03/13/20 04:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: fitting on water tank

Hi spotrot, Good to hear you were able to resolve your problem. And you're right about finding the problem AND being able to do the work yourself. There is no way we would've been able to enjoy the RV lifestyle the way we have if we had to rely on dealers and paid mechanics. So far, we've been able to do everything ourselves on our Class A. Thanks for the follow-up post too! It's always good to read about the resolution to problems so future readers of the forums with a similar problem can gain knowledge from your solution. Safe travels! ~Rick
Rick Jay 02/19/20 06:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: fitting on water tank

I have no idea if they'll help or not, but have you looked at the 2008 Plumbing Diagrams for Winnebago/Itasca? Good Luck, ~Rick
Rick Jay 02/17/20 04:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wierd bathroom water problem

Just a wild guess, but is it possible one of the winterizing valves or water heater bypass valve(s) got moved? I believe Winnebago has all the plumbing diagrams on their website, so I'd recommend you check them out to see exactly what might be causing the issue. ~Rick
Rick Jay 01/02/20 12:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electronic failures, PCB repairs.

Ditto what ScottG said. I'm an EE as well. What frustrates me to no end is when relatively simple circuit boards are potted (filled/covered) with epoxy so they can't be worked on. But if your board has everything accessible, then that makes it much more likely to be repairable. After solder joints, the next common culprit is either bad connectors (or broken wires at the connector) or relays which no longer work. ~Rick
Rick Jay 11/08/19 10:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where Fill Trans Fluid ?

You probably already know this, but in case you don't, that transmission should be filled with Transynd synthetic fluid from the factory. Make sure whatever you use is compatible (TES 295) with that. ~Rick
Rick Jay 10/17/19 12:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New to class A

We have a 2011 HHR that weighs in at less than 4000 lbs., therefore does not need an extra braking system. For the sake of the newbies, I think you need to be careful with a statement like that. IF your coach is either a Ford or Workhorse gasser, it most certainly IS supposed to have an auxiliary braking system installed per the chassis manual from the manufacturer, once your towed exceeds a specific weight. (I think it's 1,500 lbs.) I'm not talking about State regulations, I'm talking about what the manufacturer of the chassis specifies. In my opinion, they're a more knowledgeable source about our motorhomes than the State. If your rig is a diesel, then the requirements may be quite different. But still, I think it's wise advice to follow the chassis manufacturer's requirements. In other words, one cannot make a blanket statement about the requirement for supplemental braking based solely on the weight of the vehicle being towed. ON EDIT: Assuming your rig is on the more common F-53 chassis, Scroll to Page 34 of the F53 Owner's Manual. QUOTE: "The towing vehicle braking system is rated for operation at the GVWR, not the GCWR. Separate functioning brake systems are required for safe control of towed vehicles and trailers weighing more than 680 kg (1,500 lbs) when loaded." Workhorse is similar. Again, if you have a diesel, it'll probably be different, but it needs to be researched. Now, IF your toad PLUS your rig fully loaded weighs in less than the GVWR, then you are correct, and an auxiliary brake system is NOT required. However, I can say with reasonable certainty, that is a very, very small fraction of all gas motorhome setups. Most push the GVWR just being loaded for travel, forget about adding the toad weight. jets80, My recommendation is to find a vehicle you like which can be flat-towed, buy it and use it. Yes it's an expense, but the convenience is well worth it. Good Luck, ~Rick
Rick Jay 10/05/19 02:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: To Buy or build

way2roll, That's a pretty ambitious project, and considering you don't have the space available to work on it, I wouldn't even consider it. That said, your friends "custom Sprinter"....has he brought it to the scales to have it weighed? I've read many things about the Sprinters, and a common issue is that they are very low on available cargo carrying capacity. If your friend built it like he'd build a house, without any consideration for the weight of the materials used, he might be VERY overweight. In my opinion, that would be unsafe. Again, in my opinion, that would quickly take the bloom off of THAT rose! LOL Obviously, if you work on converting a larger chassis which has ample weight capacity this probably won't be a concern. But then we're back to the lack of space. In my opinion, and what I'm thinking about, is to pick up a nice, 20 year oldish , low mileage, well cared for, high-end Prevost or similar when I'm ready to retire and do some serious travelling. Personally, I'm not worried about the "green" thing, but maybe you can convince your wife that by purchasing a used motorhome, you're actually doing a GREAT thing by getting more life out of everything that went in to create it. The ULTIMATE recycling. You're not using ANY new materials, unless you make some mods to the existing layout. Good Luck, hopefully things won't get too heated! :) ~Rick
Rick Jay 10/01/19 10:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with a value please! Looking to purchase...

just_justin, Keep on searching. :) We started our search looking for a small tow behind for our Honda Odyssey back in 2002. Then looked at travel trailers to pull with a full-size van, then looked at C's, and were almost sold, except couldn't find one with enough cargo carrying capacity for our crew of 6 with the space we wanted. We ultimately ended up with the Class A TOWING our Odyssey as in my signature and have been very happy with that decision ever since. My point being, take your time and do LOTS of research, just like you've been doing. The folks on this board were absolutely instrumental in helping us make decisions over the 2 year process to finally purchase our first RV. We started as complete newbies so we needed a lot of guidance. We still have that RV, so it does pay off to buy the right one the first time. I think you're starting to get a good handle on what to look for. A good floorplan is probably on the top of the list, but then chassis considerations (weight, towing, etc.) also come into play. Keep up the research and don't be a stranger! The wealth of knowledge on these forums is amazing. Sure, a couple of us might get "grumpy" from time to time, but take everything with a grain of salt and you'll learn plenty. Good Luck on your search! ~Rick
Rick Jay 09/16/19 01:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Vent fans and a/c at the same time

I would think it would help for initial cool down to get rid of most of the heat, but once the interior temp drops much below the outside temp, I'd shut off the fan. As other have said, the air being exhausted will be replaced with warm, possibly humid, outside air, so there's no benefit to that. Without any testing to backup my claims, my fans allow me to run the fan with the vent CLOSED. This might be helpful in "stirring" the air somewhat, though, I've never used them for this purpose. When spending the summer in Florida a couple of years back, we DID have a small box fan blowing cool air from our bedroom down the hall into the main living area of the RV up front during the hottest parts of the days. THAT made a difference. ~Rick
Rick Jay 09/15/19 07:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help with a value please! Looking to purchase...

just_justin, I just want to make sure you have the right info while you're making your decision. and as far as the frame/extensions, that's why I wanted a 450, frame is 1 piece all the way back....there are no extensions, 350s stop right behind axle and the rest is pretty much body. The ...towing capacity and therefore GCWR is determined by the engine, trans and rear axle/gearing. An E450 with the 7.3 can most certainly tow more than an E450 with the V10. Motorhome or not... Frame Extensions: I believe all of the longer E-450 RVs have frame extensions behind the rear wheels over the stock chassis. There may or may not be extensions to lengthen the wheelbase. The E-450s may not require the extensions to lengthen the wheelbase, but there most likely are extensions behind the rear wheels. The towing capacity is what the manufacturer says it is. Engine, transmission & gearing are part of the equation, but frame, brakes and suspension considerations may come into play as well as the actual hitch rating. To the best of my recollection, the diesel E-450s were rated EXACTLY THE SAME as the V10 E-450s as far as towing capabilities were concerned. Again, going from memory, they were 14,050 pounds GVWR and 20,000 lbs. GCWR for the E-450's. Like I said, the diesel might give you a better towing "experience" in some situations, but that's about it. The numbers don't improve, other than perhaps MPGs. BUT, the fact that it comes with a propane generator would kill it for me. You'll be stopping for propane every trip so you can run the generator while travelling down the road to keep the AC cranking. Not worth it for me, which is why we stopped looking at the diesels back in our day. As others have said, though, you seem to be sold on it, so hopefully it meets your expectations and then some! :) ~Rick
Rick Jay 09/15/19 05:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help with a value please! Looking to purchase...

just_justin, Like ron.dittmer points out, and I will agree, if it has a propane generator, the deal would be OFF for me. No way! I want a generator that burns the same fuel as the chassis engine. The other thing to realize, I believe the 7.3 was detuned for the van chassis over what was put in the pickup trucks. I believe that was due to cooling/radiator space or something like that. Also, the E450 chassis, especially on larger Class C's, can push the chassis weight limites. The diesel weighs quite a bit more than the gasser, so that uses up some of your carrying capacity. However, seeing as that weight is on the front axle, the front axle usually is underloaded in most E-450 RV applications, so it's probably not a huge deal. Lastly, is the diesel, in my opinion, gets you a better experience towing, but NOT more towing capacity. That's still limited by the chassis. And, it'll give you a better experience if you're running at higher altitudes due to the turbocharger, but again, how often will that apply to your use. And, of course, the availability of diesel is sometimes a bit harder to find at regular gas stations, but if you're not averse to refueling at truck stops, it shouldn't be a problem. WAY back when, when we were doing our research, when we were looking at Class C's, I wanted a diesel. However, after LOTS of research on the subject, I quickly learned that the V10 is quite up to the task of moving around a Class C, and the initial cost, having a generator & main engine that uses the same fuel, ease of finding stations to refuel really allowed me to cross the diesel idea off my list. Heck, that V10 is used in Class A's with 10,000 pounds more GVWRs. more lastly :) Have you contacted your bank about this? I thought I've read posts about banks not making loans on RV's over 10 years old. Even if they do make such loans, they are likely to only loan the amount of the LOWEST value shown in the books. They don't care about options, diesels, or anything else, so be ready to cough up a lot of your own money to make up the balance. But, contact your bank and find out their policy. I believe people have said that their credit unions are generally easier to work with on purchases such as this, so keep that option in mind too! Oh, and I'd recommend keeping at least about $5,000 in reserve in a savings account should you have a major breakdown out on the road someplace. It sounds like you're "sold" on it, though, so good luck with it, should you decide to buy it. But in my opinion, it's WAY over priced. I'd offer him the lowest price in the NADA guideline, leave your number, and tell him to contact you when he's serious about selling it. Its half-past September and the camping season is rapidly approaching an end. He may be willing to really deal IF he doesn't want to keep it through the winter. Good Luck, ~Rick
Rick Jay 09/15/19 10:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: building new campground

You all can debate it until the cows come home... Heh heh...dairy farm...cows come home...I see what you did there! Clever! :) LOL ~Rick
Rick Jay 09/08/19 01:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake problem

Well, I agree it could be the master cylinder, but if the fluid has never been changed since the rig was new, it is LONG overdue, and most likely has water in it. I would change the fluid first, and then see if the problem recurs. ~Rick
Rick Jay 09/08/19 01:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake problem

7.4 gas Work Horse Chassis didn't they have a recall ? I believe the OP's rig is on a P-series chassis. Not having that chassis, I'm not aware of a brake recall on that chassis. The brake recall I DO remember was on the W-22 chassis with the 8.1L. It might have also applied to the W20, but I'm not sure on that. ~Rick
Rick Jay 09/08/19 11:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: building new campground

gasjarvi, I have no idea about this and I'm sure the laws vary from state to state, maybe even county to county, or town to town. But, what will happen to the tax assessment for the portion of property that is no longer being used for a farm? I know in our area, "farms" are assessed a lower tax rate but if the property is no longer farmed, I believe the owner has to pay what amounts to back taxes at the higher "non-farm" rates for the past 5 years, or something to that effect. It's more complicated than what I mentioned, of course, and hopefully your area isn't as bad as ours, but it would be something to look into as you do your planning. As an RV'er, I like the concept, and would take advantage of such a place, but 8 miles is a bit of distance from the highway. But seeing as you are in a scenic area, it just might work out. Good Luck, and please let us know what you find out. :) ~Rick
Rick Jay 09/04/19 01:45pm Class A Motorhomes
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