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RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

Mentioning your charger. I do hope it's lithium compatible, so you can charge to full. That's the real reason I got a new one!
RickLight 02/06/21 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

LiFePo can be discharged to 0%, as defined by it's own BMS! Reliable manufacturers rate their products in real world terms. Whatever point the BMS shuts off power is likely 10-20% of capacity. The important part is getting the amp hours you pay for.
RickLight 02/05/21 10:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Mt. Ranier Washington Camping Recommentions?

We stayed at Mounthaven last summer. Only a few spaces can take long rigs, and they book up early. The facilities are OK but not all well maintained. Some of the only large trees in area! Note that they are so close to the entrance that gate backup can block the driveway! And Rainier has some massive traffic issues!
RickLight 02/05/21 09:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

Officially they are 105AH like most group 27 units.
RickLight 02/04/21 10:19pm Tech Issues
RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

Different brands can charge and discharge at different rates. My 3 Lion Energy UT1300 can each discharge at 150A and charge at 100A but prefer 45A. I upgraded my charger to a lithium rated one and went to 75A. Even at 45A it's just over 2 hours from 0 to full. The beauty is that the charging rate doesn't slow down as they fill, like all lead acid based. Their "internal resistance" is much lower so the last 10% is as fast as the rest.
RickLight 02/04/21 10:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Titanate

pianotuna, you might look at this
RickLight 01/30/21 04:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Norton Security

The IT security pros i know say use 3rd party AV. Norton has bailed me out several times!
RickLight 01/15/21 09:41pm Technology Corner
RE: 4' LED Shop Lights In Costco?

Basic shop lights are a low end, commodity product. Sure you might save a few bucks with one source or another. In the long run though you'll get what you pay for. I'd never put 5000 kelvin in a my house/rv/shop or probably even in a warehouse. The only reason would be to match very blue/north sky lighting. Or to save a tiny amount of energy. Very blue LEDs are a bit more efficient than warmer colors.
RickLight 01/07/21 10:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Moving LiFePo4, Rewire or run Long Extensions?

Yeah we can get off track easily. Sounds like the big question is how much better will the solar be with shorter wires? Longer 120 is not a factor under 50'. Plan exclusively for the future 400W system. Then do your voltage drop calculations for both ways. At 10' 6AWG is probably good, but 4 will be half the loss. What can't be calculated is the value of your cash and sweat. Moving LI batteries inside is a no brainer for me, if you plan on any cool temps. I've been snowed on in mid summer! There are heaters for batteries but that takes time with the truck noise, fuel and fuss.
RickLight 12/27/20 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: RV lighting

After 40+ years in lighting I can say a few things. Dimmers are strongly recommended. There's many types for various drivers and sources. But they won't solve the main issue. What the OP is requesting is called 'indirect lighting' and is a key technique among architectural designers. Lighting on/under cabinets or hitting walls then bouncing into a room prevents glare. Glare is far more complex than just too much light. Many folks are extremely sensitive to glare. Indirect lighting usually requires large distances which makes RV applications difficult. Adapting the existing lights beyond adding dimmers is likely to give poor results. I suggest extensive use of LED ribbon strips, dimmed and maybe even color changing. Tuck them into any and every nook or cranny. Even mounting decorative molding hiding up facing strips if needed. I've done coves that way in my own home but not yet in my RV. Being able to add in the factory lighting as desired will give you a very flexible system! I further suggest some new circuits and wiring maybe with wireless controls, if you can handle the technology. In my rig I have found the lighting circuits are very under loaded. It seems converting to LED didn't involve reducing the circuit count. So tapping power shouldn't cause much trouble, but check anyway.
RickLight 12/23/20 06:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: EMS / Surge Protector

This note is highly deceptive and has several flat out falsehoods. 1. NFPA 70 starts as 'recommendations' and then is made law by cities and counties individually across the country. Some will make minor changes, a few do their own thing. But once adopted it's as legal as speed limits! 2. NFPA 70 is written not by 'a few board members' It is written by a many committees of industry experts, and then passes through a rigorous public review. In fact the whole process is extremely public with constant input. You can go read the discussions on the topic and get all the information anyone could want. 3. 2020 is the current version, not some idea for the future. The next version is underway and due May of 2022. The whole thing is done every 2 years. 4. The Hughes transformer is a rare type of autotransformer. On winding or 4 is of little importance. They are fine having their own name, but the NEC and I are simply using a generic term that would apply to any similar device by another company. 5. Electrical engineering is far more complex than presented. The short version is that such devices lower everyone else's voltage. Maybe one in 10 is OK, but 3 in 10? More? Overheating wires throughout the park IS a hazard. The correct solution is to properly engineer the park system. Park owners resist this answer due to the costs. Yet we all suffer with the danger and poor performance of inadequate power. Please don't make it worse!
RickLight 12/20/20 09:33am Tech Issues
RE: Moving LiFePo4, Rewire or run Long Extensions?

Wire length can be offset by using a much larger $ize.
RickLight 12/19/20 09:15pm Truck Campers
RE: EMS / Surge Protector

Avoid the autotransformer! (voltage booster) Electrical codes are changing to ban autotransformers, and some parks are already forbidding them. I'm not sure how they can enforce that, but this is the trend. In the long run they will be usless.
RickLight 12/19/20 08:55pm Tech Issues
RE: 1157 Style LED Interior Bulb Warm Lighting?

1141 LED is a common interior lamp Won't work in an 1157 socket. Exactly! The numbers describe the physical and electrical aspects of the lamp. You don't put gasoline in a diesel or shampoo in the dishwasher!
RickLight 10/19/20 09:09pm Tech Issues
RE: EGR Deletes

Around here there's only one shop that will freely work on 'deleted' trucks. Dealers and "EPA compliant" shops will require that you take your vehicle away on a flatbed.
RickLight 09/29/20 10:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Solution to Trash Left Behind!

Part of the problem with litter is there is no convenient place to dispose it. People dump tires, old mattresses, etc. along seldom traveled roads and other places because municipal dumping places are few and far as well as their charges for dumping are out of reach for many people. In some campgrounds, the "pack it in-pack it out" plan where you are supposed to take all your trash home with you, leaves people without any resource to discard leaky smelly trash they don't want in the passenger seat of their vehicle. Other campgrounds have one central spot for trash disposal, often quite a distance from the campsite. The key word in your comment in "convenient" I don't intend to be mean, but your comment leaves me wondering about you.
RickLight 09/26/20 10:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Hell's Canyon and region

One of the YouTube crowd just released a video on that. They did several other eastern OR vids as well.
RickLight 09/26/20 09:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: WiFi

The experts are at
RickLight 09/23/20 07:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Battle Born Lithium

If you run your MW off inverter drawing 130 amps for 10 minutes from that 300AH Li 8D, is that "continuous" and so over its 100 amp rating, or is that short enough time to be "peak" at the much higher amp rating, so you would be ok? 100A is likely to low for such a high capacity unit. 2 BB in parallel can produce 200A!
RickLight 09/20/20 09:07am Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Lithium

Considering; I spent under $2K for 315AH and a 75A charger. Prowse is showing how to DIY a 100AH for under $500. One BMS and less case should make the new BB much less expensive. LiFePo has many other benefits than cost, and isn't as expensive as it used to be.
RickLight 09/19/20 08:56pm Tech Issues
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