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RE: Sleepy Checking in!

Sleepy, thanks for the time hack.
RickW 08/11/19 08:50pm Truck Campers
RE: HOW to GET RID of a LOT of GOOD STUFF I Might Use Someday

Carry all the tools and items that have three or more uses. Carry some of the tools and items that have two uses. Carry a credit card to buy what you need only when you really need it.
RickW 08/04/19 11:02pm Truck Campers
RE: How to store the camper in Florida

I use a small dehumidifier with a timer (on at night) during storage with interior doors and hatches open. Remove as much bedding, fabric and foam as possible. Some use dryer sheets in corners to help prevent mold and mildew.
RickW 08/04/19 06:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Three cheers for BKA

Congratulations Brian, Somehow I was in a different campground and just missed the best campfire talk of the year. Best wishes, Rick
RickW 08/04/19 06:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Which to comprimise on? Toilet or Heat?

A porta potty is a portable, smaller "cassette", easy to store, cheaper alternative for winter camping. Put it in the shower and drain the TC water supply. If you need more capacity, buy two and just carry the second cassette.
RickW 06/24/19 02:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Dumb Question about Tent Only sites

Hmmm ... I've seen plenty sleeping in their cars in tents only sites... at Zion. Yes, they setup a tent, but when it dipped into the 30s overnight, their skin tight yoga pants and northface parka didn't keep the youth warm and they retreated to their vehicles, starting the engine even. I don't know how the rangers draw the line, sleeping in a car at a tent site is OK, but sleeping in a truck, at a tent site maybe not? When I inquired, they screened by type and configuration of vehicle at entry. Car? OK. Truck? OK. Truck plus shell higher than roof, go apply over at the RV campground to confirm you are not staying in this park tonite. I don't think they check the vehicles parked in the tent campground after it's full and the sun goes down. Non sequitur: I was at a campground last year where many tent dwellers slept in their cars right after the evening bear visit. :E
RickW 05/05/19 03:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Dumb Question about Tent Only sites

Maybe, but probably not. There was a long thread about this a year or two ago. My experience from interviewing a ranger at Zion NP is that "tent only" there was to fairly allocate scarce camping real estate. They even had a placard at the fee station with all kinds of trucks, vans and campers that were not permitted in, even if you "promised" to sleep in a tent. Basically, no pop ups or heat or water on the rig. In other locations, the camping site is a walk away from the parking, hence, tent only. In other situations, it is justified by citing reduced environmental impact. Some cite fire marshal restrictions. You can always ask, but don't get offended and be prepared to be denied and look elsewhere.
RickW 05/05/19 01:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Build your own Water Heater / Furnace Unit?

Another approach would be to install a copper tube coil on the outside of the water heater tank (or a flat coil on the bottom of the tank if sufficient clearance), insulate and use a recirculating pump to distribute the heat. I would probably just recirculate the hot water directly from the tank to a radiator and turn off the pump system when taking a shower. In any of these approaches, the output might be enough to maintain comfort but would not initially heat a cold TC anytime soon. You might need a portable heater (electric or propane) for initial heat up.
RickW 05/02/19 03:51pm Truck Campers
RE: VTR - virtual trip report, my last one

wow, Your highlight reel is a bucket list for the rest of us. Happy trails,
RickW 04/06/19 07:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Popup truck camper with soft sides

About a year ago, camping in the Eastern Sierra, a female black bear (known to rangers) visited the campground after dark. People started yelling, banging pots, jumping in their cars, setting off car alarms, etc. :E The bear came up to my popup TC and took a dump by the right rear tire. I'm sure it was a message that my ol' softside was no match for her and, if she wanted to, she would have gotten in bed with me. What did I do? :h I put on my noise cancelling earphones and went back to sleep.
RickW 04/02/19 12:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Good bye but with a forwarding address

Jefe, Sorry to see you leave. I know the forum has changed to be less collegiate, but it may be a sign of the times. Keep that rig travelin'. I hope to see you on (or off) the road.
RickW 03/28/19 01:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Free Camper Adventure: Moved Successfully!

Define the goal. Evaluate possible solutions. Devise a plan including contingencies. Execute. Good Job! And now we all know that a HD rental truck will haul a lite TC.
RickW 03/24/19 11:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Finally......a good way to carry extra gas (mod)!

Thank you for sharing your mod and exemplary attitude. Guys, sorry for all the controversy on this post. My intention was simply to share a mod that solved a problem. I was so excited to see the Rotopax on the front porch from Amazon, excited to install, and then equally excited to share with everyone. I understand the can find danger in anything. Considering the amount of different gas can setups I’ve seen in the past, mine seems pretty safe. Yes, I did get snarky with my second post as some comments seemed derogatory. I see this often on this forum (mostly with weight police) and its too bad that it’s so easy to hide behind a keyboard. In the end, I hope this forum continues to be a resource for all of us RVers. Now it’s time to load up and enjoy our beautiful country!
RickW 02/17/19 05:35pm Truck Campers
RE: How Do You Think This TC is Laid Out?

How much effort to access the engine dipstick?
RickW 02/13/19 12:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Cabover space alternatives

So, what if your hard side TC became a "pop up"? You could gain an extra 2 foot of head space in the cabover area. Cushions and/or table from below could be transferred to above. This would also provide wall space for additional portable storage in the TC. Maybe something for a custom TC.
RickW 02/04/19 02:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Cold Weather Camping

Hi Mike, This is a great write up with very good observations and tips for cold weather. I am an infrequent level 1 temperature camper. At the end, you mention a catalytic heater, but in your photo you show an open flame ceramic radiant heater with a low oxygen cut off feature. I also own one. I hope this slight mention does not restart the annual winter argument between these and true catalytic ( i.e. Wave) heaters in RV's. Again, great job.
RickW 12/26/18 01:43pm Truck Campers
RE: mattress moisture barrier

There are three methods of heat transfer. Convection, conduction, and radiation. Reflectix has NO insulation value as far a convection or conduction goes. It reflects radiation - AND IT NEEDS AN AIR GAP in order to do THAT. My My. This reminds me of the blind men feeling an elephant. All are correct, as far as they know. The above is mostly true. Reflectix has a marginal R value of 1.1 for conduction. The original question was about moisture in the mattress. Moisture is generated by the body and will migrate down through the mattress material (except some foam mattresses, toppers and air mattresses). If the mattress is cold, the moisture will condense where the dewpoint temperature is encountered. Condensed moisture in or under the mattress will promote mold growth. One solution presented here is to ventilate the underside of the mattress to allow air flow. This air gap stops conduction, can help remove moisture and insulates slightly. Another solution is to use a foam topper to prevent migration of moisture down through the mattress. Some of us sweat when sleeping directly on a foam topper because moisture cannot penetrate. A third solution here is to insulate under the mattress to keep the mattress above the dewpoint temperature. The moisture will migrate out after you get out of bed (assuming it is not too humid in your TC). A sheet of foam is probably best for this solution. Another solution is to use a heating pad to elevate the temperature of the mattress above the dewpoint temperature. All solutions work in some situations, but not all work for all situations. Putting reflectix under a mattress provides marginal insulation, but in some cases, might be enough. Unless one reflective surface "sees" air, it will not function as a radiant barrier, only as a marginal conductive barrier. The air inside the mattress does not count. Hope this helps, (I needed a break from writing Christmas cards ;))
RickW 12/11/18 01:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Desert SW trip advice, please.

There is a sign at the entrance to tour monument valley that says "NO RVs". Just mention that you are a truck with some cargo and in you go.
RickW 08/23/18 06:26pm Truck Campers
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