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RE: Campsite Sanitation - Beware

And yet no wide-spread breakout of cholera in the camping community. As dodge guy said, your immune system has developed to take care of this. Over-sanitizing weakens the immune system. If it didn't work, everyone using a public bathroom anywhere would die. Lol, true! I’m just guessing there’s a stark difference in sitting on a somewhat dirty toilet seat or playing in the dirt compared to running fecal matter through our water lines. There’s a reason manufactures recommend sanitizing the system every 6 mos or so. I’m sure they didn’t even factor in poop water in the lines. Or maybe they did. And as many said, it’s not about widespread as most folks know better. It’s about the one time it does get ya. There’s simply no down side to sanitizing the water hookup. It’s not diminishing anyone’s immune system.
Ride S40T 10/16/19 11:14am General RVing Issues
Campsite Sanitation - Beware

So a few things we've witnessed in the past several months. Rare indeed, but only takes once to catch a nasty infection from an unsanitary site. 1. This weekend, watched a person few spots down rinsing their black water hose right under the fresh water spigot, splashing water from the water hookup all over the hookup itself. Stood there in disbelief and reached for my phone to zoom in to see if I was really seeing straight. Not in time. Waited until they left and headed down there to sanitize the fresh water hookup with alcohol wipes and let the water run for a while. In hindsight, know I should have scooted over there and said something. Wasn't up for a brawl that early in the morning and wanted to be sure of what I saw. Just gross, though. 2. Earlier in the year, we arrived at after dark and went about our normal routine with headlamps only to find out after 20 min or so that I'd been walking through some black water runoff in tall grass near the hookups (toilet paper gave it away). It had been raining the night before so no solids and such.. Again, just gross. We've added these to our checklist upon arrival: 1) always sanitize the water hookup because we have no idea what the people before were doing. We've always ran a little water before hooking up. But now it will get sanitized and then ran. And 2) Expand that all-important walk abound of the camp site prior to hookup. For what it's worth. Play safe out there.
Ride S40T 10/15/19 07:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Murphy Bed vs. Separate Bedroom

Murphy bed all the way. There is no substitute for the added floor space. Especially if there's no bumps. You'll appreciate that extra room on the occasional rainy day or when packing lots of family. For us, it was either a murphy or the unit we have that pops out the back like a pez dispenser. We have as much floor space as a 30 footer wrapped in a 25 footer.
Ride S40T 10/15/19 07:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grand Design after sale warranty treatment

Wow, great news and very happy for you. With all the crappy responses and run-arounds many get, it's nice to see a manufacturer step up and make good on their product. This is what integrity and service looks like. Others who are not of this cloth, please take note.
Ride S40T 09/27/19 11:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sound like a good deal?

Dunno but I think someone has the no longer used (for the most part) Rule of 78's interest calculation method and simple interest which does indeed calculate interest on a daily basis. Asked my wife who was 30 years in banking and worked in consumer lending. Yup, ditto. That's why auto dealers ask for a "10 day payoff" when we have a balance on a car we're trading in. And sometimes a part of that daily interest is returned to us, the consumer during these transactions. And we've probably scared the heck out of the OP. A lot of sage advice here...this dealer is not above board to ask for any non-refundable money before a complete "deal" is solidified. Just nuts and quite unethical IMO. We plopped down $500 of fully refundable at the time of our "deal" while they searched for financing. They did us right and came back with 3.5% through our own CU. Didn't like their heavy push of extended warranties, simply not worth it for us.
Ride S40T 09/27/19 10:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tires

Obviously every safety aspect of a tire is important. Be sure to check the load rating with the (C or D) tires that you may purchase since there are variants within the those load ranges. Anywhere from 103 to 108 which can be up to 600lb or more difference in load carrying. This, I didn't know until having a long talk with the tire shop. They were very versed in trailer tires. We went to a 215 over the 205s that were on ours to gain around 600lbs (I believe) in carrying capacity. These new tires are .6 inch wider and just under an inch taller. Safe for operating as they exceed mfgr ratings and fit perfectly on the stock rims (they must to be safe). They should run cooler and we can carry 8200lbs on a TT that maxes at 7488 so they'll never really be "tested" to their max. Yeah, we went well over and above. The cost was the same as OEM Endurance tires (205's) and we have a little more piece of mind. All that to say "you have options". Be sure to do your research and you can even reach out to the manufacturer. And of course there's plenty of wisdom here from those who've been in the game for decades.
Ride S40T 09/02/19 09:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bunkhouses similar to 272BHS with light hitch weight

Get a tongue scale (around $130ish - Shurline is one) and test some of the trailers. Then add what you know batteries, full LP tanks and other gear weighs. We did and were surprised how much closer we were to the 15% than the 10. Especially after batteries were installed and LP tanks added & filled. As previously stated, suggest staying away from the 10%.
Ride S40T 08/02/19 12:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black holding tank censors

After about 6 camping trips in the new RV the black started to read 1/3 even when completely empty. 1. We probably weren't using enough water when we flush. 2. We were probably using too much anti-smelly stuff...again with not enough water. 3. Poured 5 gallons of really hot water in there and think we added vinegar. Drove it around town on bumpy roads with several turns (10-15 min), drained. No issues since.
Ride S40T 07/26/19 09:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Maximum length for 1500

Have seen this formula for length, pretty sure there's some science behind it but wasn't quoted: "Rule of thumb (20’ for 110” wheelbase + 1’ for each additional 4” of wheelbase)" That was adopted (plagiarized) from a veteran RVer on this forum. With this formula, my previous GMC 1500 was right at the safe limit of (27.9' calculated) and my RV is 28' hitch to bumper. For what it's worth.
Ride S40T 07/26/19 09:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: 7 Pin Connector From Truck to Trailer

Since I have been using electrical contact grease on my connectors I haven't had any problems with error messages. It helps prevent corrosion and aids the conductivity of the pins. To add to my post above... We (GM shop) tried the grease with our GMC due to water in the 7pin, no luck, no change. Connectors were not dirty as the truck was only 6 months old and had seen one or two dirt roads in the time we had it. And to boot, had a brand new 7 pin put on and it still did it. I would get the error and have zero trailer brakes yet all the trailer lights worked fine. Trailer was checked out and all worked fine. Truck was checked out and all worked fine. Wonder if there's something in the e-brake that frustrates the GM computers at hookup (theory at best)? Hook it up before power, zero issues.
Ride S40T 07/26/19 09:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: 7 Pin Connector From Truck to Trailer

I'm on my second GM truck in 2 years. The first, a 2018 1500 sierra did the same thing. Had the 7pin replaced under warranty because it seemed to be full of water after every rain, wash, etc. Still gave the error after replacement so I too hought it was the trailer. It was not. What I found was this. My theory: For some reason on these new GM trucks, we (I had to any way) have to set up the trailer emergency brake plug FIRST before plugging in the 7pin (needed to be dead power to trailer). Putting power to my trailer first and then connecting the trailer brake was giving me the error. No idea why. But when I set up the trailer e-brake first, power second - Never had another error. Give it a try. After all that though, it truly could be the trailer. My 2 cents.
Ride S40T 07/25/19 09:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cleaning black streaks

I've used magic eraser, as stated do not scrub with it. A bigger question would be: we're in the year 2019 and manufacturers can't find or develop a rubber that doesn't bleed down our RVs? Seriously?
Ride S40T 07/22/19 09:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stoped routine

what about fueling and getting the heck out of the pumps and not use the restroom, wash your hands, wonder the sales area looking for snacks, order a sub, get a drink, pick up the chips from the sales area, get in line to pay ....... all while someone else waits to use the pump. I do my checks while the truck is filling with fuel.. I don't go into the store to buy anything or use the facilities after the fuel stops filling the tank. I want out of there as soon as possible! I have seen these types of folks however, and yes, that is annoying... Mitch And I'm scanning for openings in the traffic flow around the pumps. Not all motorist appreciate or understand our clearance issues. We always move when possible but there have been one or two times where there's no pull-off area and we've let it set while we grabbed a drink. Bathroom biz is done in the RV while we fuel. Find it cleaner - and no waiting for her.
Ride S40T 07/15/19 10:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator / Invertor

Ditto. Have a 2000w Champ inverter, barely runs a few items. Won't run a lot of things without the home made jumper plug to settle the floating ground. Also have the 3400w Champ inverter. It runs everything fine (15,000 BTU AC) and barely groans.
Ride S40T 07/15/19 10:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Furnace

There's no ventilation for ours. There's a futon over the ducted system with a wood base. Believe all the air/gas fun stuff happens outside the that vent. We're thinking of doing the same, we'll measure the pieces taken out (with no vents) and replace with the same dimensions. In the end, contact your manufacturer and they'll likely guide you.
Ride S40T 06/24/19 07:03pm Travel Trailers
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