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RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

I replaced all 6 couplers. Yes, I did see corrosion on the couplers and connectors in the Zone 1 Heat Pump. I cleaned all of the remaining connectors. I did not replace any of them. They were clean and shiny after the cleaning. Toothbrush and CRC Electronic Cleaner. It was strange after cleaning the connectors and replacing the couplers I went down and did another initialize but had the same symptoms. I guess it's possible the connectors may have still been a little wet from the cleaner. Understand now regarding the board connections. Crazy all of the wire connections inside the plenums. Seems like a pretty sloppy way to do things. Should have used some kind of moisture proof connectors. Funny how it is actually getting hard to find RJ-11's. I bought all my local Menard's had and also the last one at Walmart. Heading to Talladega tomorrow so I will try the Zone 3 thing again when I get back. Thanks again!
Roadgypsie2020 09/26/22 07:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

I just realized there is no Zone 1 Setting. I have been looking for Dometic Manuals that describe the EXT. stage setting but all that I have found just state Not Used On This Unit.
Roadgypsie2020 09/26/22 07:58am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

Well more to the story. Around 5AM the AC shuts off. All of them with E1 error. So I ended up replacing and cleaning all 3 units now with new couplers in all of them. After that I did an Initialize and it did not recognize any of the zones. Went up and put the Middle AC back on Ext. stage instead of Zone 3. Did another initialize and is working as was originally. One other thing I did was swap the RJ-11 cables on the middle AC relay board because I think I may have swapped them. Not sure if it makes a difference? Another observation was that the Blizzard Heat Pump only had Heat Pump and Furnace Dip switch settings on. No zone 1 or EXT. stage on. I figured one or the other would have been on? So now I am a bit confused. I don't know if it was the RJ-11 couplers, the dip switch settings on the middle AC, or a swapped RJ-11 on the middle AC relay board that caused the issue this morning. Any input is welcome!
Roadgypsie2020 09/25/22 09:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

Our model is the Champagne 38EL. Rear living/Front bedroom. The Blizzard 15K Heat Pump is now Zone 1 Rear. One Penguin II is in the center and now Zone 3 was EXT Stage of Zone 1. The 2nd Penguin II is in the Front bedroom and is Zone 2.
Roadgypsie2020 09/25/22 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

Roughly 12-15 ft.
Roadgypsie2020 09/25/22 09:23am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

No. They are all original.
Roadgypsie2020 09/24/22 02:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

I guess I could do that but the wall thermostat is in the same room. It seems to work OK as is.
Roadgypsie2020 09/24/22 02:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

Doug, thanks for your input. I REALLY appreciate it! So I changed the 2 RJ-11 couplers and all is well. I also changed the 2nd unit that was on Zone 1 and set it to Zone 3. Now it is working the way I wanted. I just stagger Zone 3 to be a degree higher than Zone 1 so Zone 3 only kicks on when Zone 1 can't keep up. No more toggling breakers! Now to answer your questions. I only have 1 CCC2 Thermostat. No only the rear AC on Zone 1 would come on. Zone 2 was fine. So I will take your advice and check/change the other connectors on the other 2 AC units when we get back from our Talladega trip next week. Also noticed some duct work taping I plan to do to seal up the plenums better. This is a ducted system. Again, thanks for your help! You are the man!
Roadgypsie2020 09/24/22 11:26am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

Doug. I found something in the manual that explains my setup. In the Special Features Section the subject is Stage Select. Stage Select - Two Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Units (Select Models) On 1 Zone It won't let me post the entire paragraph due to some type of strange formatting of that section but it describes how mine is set up. Learn something new every day.
Roadgypsie2020 09/23/22 09:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

I am the original owner. It has always been just 2 zones. And has worked this way since new. Yes the CCC2 does show both zones. When Zone 1 calls for cool, both units come on. When I only want 1 AC to come on in Zone 1, I flip the circuit breaker off. (Labeled AC3) I am pretty sure all Cedar Creeks are wired this way when they have 3 AC units. At least from 2016 to present. The DIP switch for this unit (2nd AC Zone 1) is set to EXT Stage. I figured they did it this way so they could use the Wall Thermostat for both ACs in Zone 1? I do have a remote sensor in the bedroom for Zone 2. I did find 2 inline RJ-11 couplers and some CRC Electronic cleaner today. I will replace them tomorrow and try first to clean the contacts on the RJ-11 connectors.
Roadgypsie2020 09/23/22 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

Doug, thanks for the reply! 1. CCC2 2. You need to add more info OK. See below. 3. Does the CCC2 show a display for BOTH Zones? Or does the AC that is inop has no Zone display? The inop is the 2nd AC on Zone 1. I have 2 Zones but 3 ACs. Display is normal. This is in a 2017 Cedar Creek. 4. It is extremely RARE for a CCC2 wall tstat and upper AC board to be defective. I hope that is the case. 5. The CONTROLS are 12 volt, NOT 120 volt. So, most common problem on CCC2 systems is lack of communication for the Inop Zone. AND, most common failure is corroded Communication cable quick connect ends. OK. I did see those. I will see if I can find them locally today. Might be tomorrow before I get them replaced due to rain here today. I also saw an unused wire with a connector. I think it was 2 wires in a plug. Is that likely for a remote temp sensor? I was always thinking it would be nice to put that unit on a separate zone. 6. The COM cables use RJ22 modular ends and use a standard 4 wire flat Phone TYPE cable. But NOT wired like a phone cable. You cannot use a standard prebuilt phone cable to test. The ends on a COM cable the wires are reversed. OK. 7. Most common failure of a Penguin COM cable is corrosion where the ends are plugged in, in front of the evaporator due to the moist environment. There are 2 COM wire cables plugged into the upper board. Then those 2 wires go about 18 inches and are connected with a quick connect splice at the evaporator area. IF when you check, I always cut off and replace the RJ11 connections(all of them on the zone). Takes 5 minutes and that removes a bad connection and usually the corrosion will be very evident. OK. Been a long time since I used any of those. I will see if I still have my tool. Any suggestions on connectors? Better ones to look for? 8. BOTH roof AC units have this com cable between them. So you need to check the operating AV Com cables also. Usual connection is --Wall tstat to Zone 1, then a Com Cable to Zone 2. That is why each AC control boards have 2 Modular connections. Doug Since I have 3 AC units, Are all 3 usually daisy chained together? I have 2 ACs on Zone 1 in the main living area. Zone 2 is bedroom. Are there diagrams anywhere that show this detail? Thank you much!
Roadgypsie2020 09/23/22 09:07am Tech Issues
Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

Hi, new here to the forum. One of my roof AC units quit. It doesn't do anything. I measured voltage on the board (115VAC) but nothing coming out of the board. The board has P/N 3312227.000 on it. Anyone have a schematic of the board or know how to troubleshoot this board? It seems like there may be a shortage on the board as no one seems to have one in stock. Any help is appreciated.
Roadgypsie2020 09/22/22 07:50pm Tech Issues
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