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RE: Winnebago Fuse

Apparently Ford has redesigned the 2020 Transit chassis so Winnebago stopped production on the 2020 Fuse.....hopefully to redesign the house body for the new chassis. Not one seems to know if Winnebago going to bring the Fuse back to word from them so far... AS far as problems with the .fuse.....the vast majority of owners love their Fuses. Admittedly Winnebago did address some issues on the early low rear clearance. You will find the most useful information on the Fuse on the Winnebago Fuse Owners Facebook group. Reason the Ford Transit not used as a base for Motohomes here. Similar style ,would be the Renault Master, for lighter Motorhomes, not as near as many problems
RobertRyan 01/16/20 01:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bushfires and Caravans

Robert how close are you to the fires? I am near the Royal National Park in Sydney. Do not want it going up.. 2nd oldest National Park in the world
RobertRyan 01/14/20 10:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lemon camper

Let me just say if I didn’t enjoy camping so much I would be giving this adventure up....DO NOT EVER BUY A CAMPER FROM Stoltzfus Rv or manufactured by KZ/Venture Rv....they do not stand by their product...esp when it has been a lemon from day 1....this camper picked upon January 2018 has been nothing but now needs a completely new slide out...which the manufacturer says is too out of warranty to pay for...excuse me this has been an ongoing problem since it was returned to Stoltzfus RV in Westchester not even realizing this was a much bigger problem than some caulking they put on the area at the time. Like I have said before when we picked up camper after they “supposedly” fixed the problems...when in reality THEY created additional problems....they parked it out front and NEVER went over the repairs...the person in charge that day was rude and acted like we were nothing but a bother to him that day even though they knew we were coming. They had nothing ready to travel with this camper..thank heavens we at least checked inside but at that point could not even verify that all the problems were completed. For the manufacturer to say these issues were out of the warranty period is just wrong! This trailer was covered by a manufacturers warranty, a Forever Warranty which costs me over $300 a year to get the inspections needed for this warranty to continue “forever” plus an extended warranty I paid an additional amount for and NONE of this really covers anything. To say I’m beyond fed up is an understatement Extended warranties are a joke, they are more a PR thing than anything else.
RobertRyan 01/14/20 01:17pm Travel Trailers
Bushfires and Caravans

As a result of the massive Bushfires( 5 times the Californian fires in size) there has been a call for people who have Caravans to use them as temporary shelters for people who have lost their homes( roughly 2000 Nationally)
RobertRyan 01/14/20 01:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: just saw my 1st 2020 F-350's

As much as I like my Chevy I'd probably have to get a new F-250 7.3L in a regular cab 4X4. I'll never own a Ram and Ford's 7.3L with their 10-speed trans is the King of Gas. Max payload - 7850 lbs Max GVW - 14,000 lbs Actually the Ford site is a bit deceiving . That payload number is maximum for the F450 conventional Pickup bed, Diesel. The Cab Chassis then gets a 12,000lb rating Forget the above comment but the Ford site is confusing "If hauling loads in the bed is more your business, max payload for the Ford is available on the F-350 with the standard 6.2-liter engine; so configured, its payload capacity comes in at a class-leading 7,850 pounds.Sep 26, 2019"
RobertRyan 01/11/20 11:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Custom Truck Camper

Custom built TC's make up many of the TC's here. This one really stood out for me The French Canadian one is pretty impressive too. Seems the fellow who used to be on these forums, has built two TC's this is his latest below. Details of the Custom TC
RobertRyan 01/09/20 02:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Down a truly rough road in my class C?

Pinichols, no that’s not what causes washboards. It’s simply repeated traction/loss of traction that is exaggerated more as the bumps get worse. Washboarding or corrugation of roads comprises a series of ripples, which occur with the passage of wheels rolling over unpaved roads at speeds sufficient to cause bouncing of the wheel on the initially unrippled surface and take on the appearance of a laundry washboard. Wikipedia article on wash boarding Wikipedia Article on Washboarding
RobertRyan 01/09/20 01:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford is interested in 4 wheel steering

Ford recently filed for a patent on for 4 wheel steering and really surprised me is that the patent implies that it will for the Super D Duty series. Ford patent I don't know what makes this patentable since GM had 4 wheel steering 18 years ago and others have been demonstrating 4 wheel steering recently. Hopefully the differences improve cost and reliability. I like the concept but definitely want to know the costs before purchasing one. Well the first as I know 4 wheel and 4 wheel steer vehicle anywhere was the Australian Caldwell Vale Truck of 1907 The company started in 1907 when Felix Caldwell and Norman Laurie Caldwell of South Australiafiled for a patent covering "Improvements in and connected with driving and steering motor propelled vehicles". In short, the patent was for a four-wheel-drive system with four-wheel-steering. Later they combined with Henry Vale of New South Wales and in 1910, the trio applied for a patent covering "Improved power steering gear for heavy motor driven road vehicles".
RobertRyan 01/08/20 04:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Down a truly rough road in my class C?

You must sell RV's for a living. Gary  No par for the course here, going off road is done by 40% of RV'ers in Australia as against maybe 10% in the US/ Canada
RobertRyan 12/30/19 06:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Down a truly rough road in my class C?

The engine vibration has nothing to do with washboarding; it's at a wildly different frequency (at least a few octaves higher). According to the very quick "research" I've done, the main contributors seem to be the speed of traffic--below maybe 5 mph or so it doesn't occur at all--the amount of traffic, and the susceptibility of the road material to be moved about by wheels going over it, which in turn depends on its makeup and the general climatic conditions: whether it's muddy, dusty, etc. It was likely a far less prevalent problem in horse-and-buggy days due to the slower speed of travel. That does not mean the roads were not rough, of course; horse shoes and skinny iron-bound wheels can tear up dirt pretty well under the right (wrong?) conditions.  Agree. Big problem here. best way to attack it is use speed and not drive too slowly. That can cause accidents on a washboard road. Harmonic vibrations tend to cancel out
RobertRyan 12/30/19 04:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Motorhomes on Mercedes Chassis

We travel mostly in the Western U.S. as much as possible not around population centers or major highways, and as such we're in and around small towns, backroads, dirt roads, the deserts, and sometimes in areas with no cell phone coverage. We're also not into towing something because - like a turtle - we want our little fully equipped home with us at all times. What this means is that for us the RV vehicle type must be a motorhome towing nothing ... with overall chassis reliability and easy access to chassis parts and fuel when on trips being top priorities. Hence, any chassis other than a gasser Ford or Chevy one under our motorhome would be a no-go at purchase time. These considerations rule out the MB Sprinter chassis. Towing nothing would be highly unusual here, most people who have a Class C tow mainly SUV's here Keeping with the European theme. Here is a shot from Europe Class C's with Toys that I like
RobertRyan 12/29/19 12:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Motorhomes on Mercedes Chassis

To the OP. Do yourself a favor and ignore the opinions of those that have never owned a Sprinter motorhome. Some people like to spout about things they know nothing about. Test drive the Sprinter Winnebago View model you like, spend time in it to make sure it will suit your lifestyle. Good luck! We’ve got a few of the original dozen Sprinters we bought a few years back still in the fleet of my company. All the rest of them were replaced, mostly with Ford Transit vans, because the bodies were literally rotting off the Sprinters. One of them failed the annual safety inspection because there were so many holes in the body above and below the windshield they said it was no longer structurally sound. The drivers all agree the Transit is a far superior truck. Interesting Transits barely sell in Australia but Sprinters are very prevalent
RobertRyan 12/29/19 12:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Down a truly rough road in my class C?

Need advice please. I've been offered a FHU on a remote ranchette where I go horseback riding, but the easements, which are very rutted and rolling, sort of up-and-down lumps in the road, are enough to jar the kidneys out of an elephant(to put it graphically). I took my Ford Taurus, heavy duty car, up there and after that trip have the feeling that with my 27 ft. Class C it would jar and twist and perhaps not be the brightest move I ever made. It's got airbags, good tires, and is But I'm apprehensive about going down that long horror of a road. Has anyone had this experience, and how did you deal with it, and give me an idea of what to check and look for before I decide to give up the site, which is really beautiful. I have no qualms about saying "NO" to it, just need some other C RV folks' thoughts on it. Thank you! Donnis I think everyone agrees GO SLOW. You are not going to get anything like this, where they are going VERY SLOWLY
RobertRyan 12/29/19 03:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

'Use' taxes(based on mileage driven) are being studied in some states as a means of insuring all who use the roads pay for them. Others are considering imposing higher registration fees on BEV's. Who knows the outcome, only certainty is the gubbimint will get their 'tribute'. What they have been doing in Australia for years. You get a road tax to pay for new roads, plus State and federal grants to build them
RobertRyan 12/27/19 01:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2WD or 4X4 for a truck camper

Okay,this is for hauling a truck camper only and what a new guy should get when going to buy a truck camper.. Here is a pretty honest opinion of the pro's and con's of both and yes,he has a truck camper..Northern lite 10-2 2WD vs 4WD with TC only Do you "Really Need" a 4X4 with a truck camper?.. No such animal in Australia anymore all 4x4's. TC's placed on car/ truck Utes were 2WD
RobertRyan 12/26/19 01:29pm Truck Campers
RE: First TT advice

I'd bet a weeks pay that a SRT Durango could out handle, brake quicker and accelerate quicker with a 4 ton trailer than a newer 3/4 ton gasser. Plus it weighs about the same as an average 1/2 ton pickup with only slightly less gvw. Remember, the Europeans, Ruskies and our favorite Aussie Robert Ryan and his whole country tow the same size trailers with millions of much smaller, lighter, less powerful "trucks". Tow vehicles are deceptive. GVWR and GCVWR are considerably higher than the equivalent US models. US 1/2 Tons get downgraded, in Australia. A RAM 1500 6.2 v8 is supposed to tow 4.5 Tonne 9,900lbs by RAM Trucks Australia , ( still lower than the US figure)but after a recent test it was recommended that because of the very low payload, the tow limit should be 3.5 Tonne 7,700lb towing a Caravan. RAM 1500 Ecodiesel is rated at 3.5 tonne ( 7,700lb), NOT 12,750lb Looking at overseas comparisons you are not comparing apples to apples but apples to oranges.
RobertRyan 12/25/19 02:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Tesla stock reaches $420 Tesla short-sellers have lost almost $8 billion :B :B :B I could say a lot about all of this, but Musk seems to be running more than a Automotive Company.
RobertRyan 12/25/19 02:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What brands of Travel Trailers are NEW & Quality

A few words from here we imported the grand total of 60 US RV's into Australia. About 500 from Europe and 10,000 from China last year on top of 25,000 locally made ones So in comparison US quality is pretty bad Robert, I've seen you post your opinion that Chinese RVs are trash, complete with pics of abandoned shells that were left where they broke down. So if import numbers are to be used as a gauge of quality, does that mean the Euro products are worse than the Chinese offerings, but better than US made RVs? Curious too if the US imports were something on the upper end, like say an Airstream or a Northwood product, or were they entry lever Forest River trailers? Ironically Yes and I do not like the Chinese. They do Off Road Caravans, campertrailers but Australians design and distribute them. US pfoducts are a mixture, of very cheap Travel Trailers,TC's, some 5th Wheelers high end Toyhaulers Tiffin 30ft Motorhomes maybe an Airstream 500 European Caravans are driven by nostalgia by European expats mainly, European Manufacturer Baily has ztopped building their Australianized Caravans here They are converting RAM and Silverado vehicles here primarily as lifestyle, advertising or tow vehicles. Vehicles have to be remanufactured to RHD US Pickups ceased to be sold here in 2006 from the Ford dealerships, they were used as work vehicles then
RobertRyan 12/20/19 11:40am Travel Trailers
RE: What brands of Travel Trailers are NEW & Quality

A few words from here we imported the grand total of 60 US RV's into Australia. About 500 from Europe and 10,000 from China last year on top of 25,000 locally made ones So in comparison US quality is pretty bad I've bought and accumulated a lot of things over the years, but can honestly say I have never seen anything with a stamp that said "Made in Australia". I am sure everything there is A#1 100% high quality in spite of the rules of economics. The US RV Industry has a hard time keeping up with demand in North America, they have no need to export product to a minuscule market 9500 miles away that supports sales of 35,560 units yearly. You can be sure it has been researched to no end by US manufacturers, and found to not make any economic sense no matter what the quality level is. Saying US quality is bad as a general rule based on sales of RV's in or imports to Austrailia is like saying anything made in Austrailia is pretty bad quality because they don't export anything to Latvia or Iceland. No they have a reputation for poor quality, hence tiny salesm Australian Product you maybe aware of in the RV lifestyle? RESMED Sleep Apnea machine
RobertRyan 12/20/19 11:33am Travel Trailers
RE: What brands of Travel Trailers are NEW & Quality

Many dealers that push the "junk" out of Indiana factories can have customers leave their unit from 4-5 months to administer the warranty fix... As long as we keep buying junk, they will keep building junk. Exactly. The American auto industry of the 70's is where the RV manufacturers still exist. For the most part American built cars are much better than the junk they use to build. Most RV builders have done a 180 and build worse quality than the 70's. Always exceptions of course. Read their brochures and you would think everything is gold plated. Point blank, they just don't care. A few words from here we imported the grand total of 60 US RV's into Australia. About 500 from Europe and 10,000 from China last year on top of 25,000 locally made ones So in comparison US quality is pretty bad
RobertRyan 12/20/19 01:34am Travel Trailers
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