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RE: Trans coolers

I like to see trans temperature reach 220 occasionally. Water condenses in the trans oil and needs to be boiled out occasionally.
Roger10378 05/08/22 06:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1157 LED Bulb question

Are you sure that you have a 1157 socket. 1157 is a 2 filament bulb, two contacts on the bottom plus the grounded base. More likely you have a single contact on the bottom. My book is quite a few years old but I don't find a bulb that is brighter than the 1156.
Roger10378 05/08/22 06:44am Tech Issues
RE: Anode rod help

There is not much chance of it breaking off,there is a steel rod running thru the middle. This one is just starting to show some usage.
Roger10378 05/07/22 05:30am Tech Issues
RE: wiring a 30 Amp Power Outlet 30A Circuit Breaker {{UPDATE}}

OK received the box today and as ya'll said it seems pretty straight forward. Just one question about the ground wire, green... as seen in the attached picture there are 2 place to put the green wire.. not sure if it matters, but do I put the green ground wire into the silver lug attached to the box or do I put it to the screw where the box ground wire is now attached???? black goes to black and white to white as i have outlined in the picture...... just asking about where to attach the ground. thanks to all again for the help "border=0" For Full-Size Image. installing this box this weekend for my TT and a quick question. as far as the ground goes, does it hurt to pig tail my ground green wire and screw it to the lug on the box and also to the screw where the existing ground wire is now in the box.. does it matter if its grounded twice in the same box?????? thanks There is something missing in the picture. You can see that the green is of 2 different gauges. How and where are they connected? I am guessing that they should both go to one side of the ground lug and then the incoming ground to the other side.
Roger10378 05/03/22 06:20am Tech Issues
RE: Fresh water dump inside help

Or get some plastic gutter sections. They snap together and can be undone when you complete the job. Support it with some bricks or wood blocks so that you get some pitch.
Roger10378 04/30/22 05:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: No gas to cook top

A little clarification on pressure readings. When pressure is measured it is normally gauge pressure. That means that it is the difference between atmospheric and supplied pressure. The regulator supplies a set pressure above atmospheric pressure. As atmospheric pressure changes the absolute pressure changes with it but the gauge pressure doesn't. It isn't the gas pressure that changes with altitude but the amount of Oxygen in the air that changes which causes a rich mixture. The change can cause a less efficient burner but it shouldn't be enough change to keep it from working till much higher elevation. With this being a new camper I suspect that there is some debris in the system that is causing the problem.
Roger10378 04/01/22 02:13pm Tech Issues
RE: 30 to 50 amp adapter

It is important to read receptacles or plugs to get the NEMA numbers. X2
Roger10378 03/27/22 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: 30 to 50 amp adapter

I don't think either of the linked adapters are the correct ones. Most 30 amp generators have a 30 amp 220 volt 4 pin twist lock. I would think that the adapter is available some where but if it is not just buy the ends you need and make one.
Roger10378 03/26/22 06:29am Tech Issues
RE: Can you jump your 5’er with your truck?

Very few if any 5er's use 6 volts. They may have 2 6 volt batteries wire in series to give 12 volts but nothing in them runs on 6 volts. you would need to jump 12 volt to 12 volt.
Roger10378 03/20/22 09:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do you always have to pay inside at Truck stops?

Pilot Flying J have a RV card. It is thru Good Sam Club. There is a few cents per gallon discount. It is used just like a credit card but is paid in full each month.
Roger10378 03/15/22 11:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: trailer wheel weight rating/compared to tire psi rating?

Tires don't have to be inflated to Max. Your E rated tires will carry the same load at 65 psi as the D tires.
Roger10378 03/15/22 06:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dometic 2310

I wouldn't expect to see a change in flame height. The thermostat is a simple on/off switch. Burner on until it gets to a certain temperature then burner off.
Roger10378 03/14/22 12:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Brakes, dilemma.

This is an unusual problem. Most of the time when we hear about brake problems it is about too little breaking. Your test is to see that the brakes are operating. The fact that they have worn tells you that they are. Your compass test tells me that you are getting some voltage from somewhere that you shouldn't be. That being said it must be limited as full power to the brakes would leave them smoking hot driving down the road.
Roger10378 03/03/22 01:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bed Rail Clearance?

You are going to have major problems trying to make this combination work. Back when the trailer was made the trucks were 6 inches shorter than the new ones are. I saw a post a few months ago from someone that canceled the order on a new F350 when he discovered how much higher the new ones are vs the older ones. I was thinking about a new truck but the only way I could make it work was either raise the trailer several inches or put a flat bed on the truck. I have opted to have my truck restored because I didn't like the other options.
Roger10378 02/10/22 06:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fuse location - 2007 Concord

I'm not sure of your Ford but many trucks have more than one fuse block. One is usually out under the hood and serves mostly the engine and front end needs. The other is usually somewhere under the dash and serves the rest of the vehicle.
Roger10378 02/08/22 06:27am Tech Issues
RE: Thor Wanderer (2000) Battery Location

5th wheel or TT. If you post in the right section you are much more likely to get pertinent information.
Roger10378 01/17/22 07:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Walmart has new auto battery maker

So you now have a 750CCA battery paired with a 850CCA battery? Sure sounds like a problem to me. Maybe you can get away with it in AZ. but I sure wouldn't want to try it anyplace that gets cold.
Roger10378 01/08/22 12:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Do you use EKON OX BLOX Trailer Jack Blocks

They are heavy, expensive, and take up a lot of room in storage. It also appears that only the smallest jack feet will fit between the tabs. There are lots of other options that work fine.
Roger10378 12/30/21 05:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Automatic Transfer Switch

The ATS has two inputs normally marked LINE and GENERATOR Two types of ATS One is a relay race (Whatever is first is only) But I doubt that's how yours works... More likely GENERATOR controls it. If there is power on the GENERATOR input. than that is used. NOTE: DO NOT SWITCH UNDER LOAD Turn off all loads before plugging in or turn off main breaker so there is no 120 volt load when you plug in. I have to disagree. Most likely if there is power on the line then it is used. When line power is not there then it will switch to the Gen position. There should be instructions with the switch that will tell you how it works.
Roger10378 12/04/21 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

How much amperage does it measure? Most low to mid priced meters will only measure small amounts of amps so that function is largely useless. As noted above just buy something cheap as it will do more than most of us need.
Roger10378 11/25/21 06:58am Tech Issues
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