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RE: trailer bearings leak - castle nut stuck (why?)

Watched the video and the cotter pin was removed along with the excess grease so that's not an issue. It appears to me (guessing) that the axle threads may have been damaged when the cotter pin hole was first drilled or installed. I would do a VERY close exam of the cotter pin hole on both sides of the axle looking for damaged axle threads. You may be able to grind down the damaged threads with a small Dremel tool or clean out the cotter pin hole with a small drill. IMHO a large Crescent or open end wrench would work better on the castle nut instead of the channel lock pliers.
Rover_Bill 07/06/20 09:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Mounting things to the walls

For hollow interior walls or fiberglass insulated outside walls, I like to use small 1/8 in. Pop Toggles and how to install. For foam filled outside walls where a pop toggle would not expand properly, I like to use Molly Bolts.
Rover_Bill 06/19/20 12:48am Truck Campers
RE: gps which one is best,second best

I've been using my Garmin RV660 for over 4 yrs and more than 30,000 towing mi. I LOVE it and recommend it. The RV780 is the current upgraded version.
Rover_Bill 06/07/20 11:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Rear View Camera

I have my Garmin BC-30 wired to my running lights. It's on all the time when towing but doesn't bother the camera. I can instantly see if anything is behind me on my Garmin RV660 GPS. It's great to see behind you when backing up at gas stations, rest areas, and backing into parking spots.
Rover_Bill 06/07/20 10:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Tow vehicle advice

Unless you AND your DW are already experienced and comfortable driving a full sized pickup in city traffic and parking it in tight Walmart parking spaces, I highly recommend you consider a mid-sized pickup or large SUV rated for your TT. On vacation, you will spend more days driving to sightseeing and shopping places than towing your TT. When not on vacation, will you park/store the TV along with your TT? No, you will be driving it to work and shopping not towing. My DW and I have been VERY HAPPY towing our 30ft 7000# TT for more than 30,000 miles in 4 yrs with our Canyon.
Rover_Bill 05/30/20 10:58pm Towing
RE: A trip to the CAT Scale

IMHO your WDH could use a little tightening. Truck only weigh: Steer Axle: 4280 Drive Axle: 3160 Truck and trailer - WDH engaged Steer Axle: 4200 Drive Axle: 3940 The weight on your Steer Axle with WDH engaged should be greater than the truck only weight. Your numbers show the drive axle lost 80# while the drive axle gained 780#.
Rover_Bill 05/24/20 11:52pm Towing
RE: Do I need sway control on my trailer if my truck has TSC?

Depends on how much instability you are willing to tolerate. The TSC system REACTS to sway as soon as it senses it. It takes the computer just a few milliseconds to identify the sway and then to apply corrective braking. The sway control on a WDH tries to PREVENT sway from starting in the first place so the TSC doesn't have to REACT to it. After pulling my TT with my Canyon for 30K miles in 4 yrs. I can feel that "uncomfortable" instability whenever I'm following a semi or in buffeting cross winds and forgot to engage the sway control on my WDH. The TSC working with the sway control of my WDH saved my a$$ a few times when I had to do a high speed swerve to avoid road debris on wet roads. I strongly recommend you get a good sway control WDH to work with your TSC!
Rover_Bill 05/23/20 10:41pm Towing
RE: No Hot water

If the hot water is just lukewarm you may have a water bypass going through the shower hose either inside or outside the trailer. Run water in the shower and turn the water off using the valves and not the one in the shower hose.
Rover_Bill 04/19/20 10:10pm Tech Issues
RE: What is your favorite indoor-outdoor thermometer?

I use this one from Oregon Scientific. It has temp plus HUMIDITY for both inside and outside, ice warning LED, atomic clock, weather forecast, and storm warning.
Rover_Bill 02/27/20 10:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Rear Observation camera

If you have a Garmin GPS, you may want add their backup camera to your GPS. I have a Garmin BC30 working with my RV660LMT in my 30 ft. TT.
Rover_Bill 02/25/20 09:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Hitch set up

Put all your gear in and if you still have doubts, take it back to the dealer and have them look it over and adjust it. X2 You should also bring along a CAT scale slip showing the axle weights with the TT attached to the TV and a second weight slip of the TV alone.
Rover_Bill 02/24/20 12:30am Towing
RE: my travel trailer will be stationary throughout the year?

Beware of Allstate's stated coverages. At least when I had them, they did not extend collision coverage to a towed trailer, only liability (I guess in case you back over somebody?). This effectively left a gap in coverage, and Allstate auto pointed fingers at Allstate RV over who would pay for my totaled trailer (Allstate RV only provided comprehensive coverage)... Last year while leaving Myrtle Beach State Park, I clipped a tree with my slideout topper which was totally torn off the TT (TT collision while moving out). Allstate paid for the fiberglass repair of the TT and a new topper replacement (except for the standard $250 deductible). It was all done online with no hassle. I don't know if MBSP filed a liability claim for any tree damage.
Rover_Bill 02/22/20 11:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: "Single Drop"

"Single drop" trailers are those low riding trailers normally used to haul construction equipment like bulldozers, graders, etc.
Rover_Bill 02/19/20 12:40am Beginning RVing
RE: my travel trailer will be stationary throughout the year?

My TT (when stationary at home, camping at an RV park, in storage, etc.) is covered by Allstate under my homeowner insurance like an external building. When it is being towed between campgrounds, Allstate covers it under my auto insurance as a separate vehicle.
Rover_Bill 02/19/20 12:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Hairline crack on tail end cap fix?

Take it back to the RV dealer you purchased it from and have them examine and DOCUMENT the crack. It could be a structural defect in the underlying framing that causing the crack. If it is structural, the $$$$ repair should be covered under your warranty.
Rover_Bill 02/19/20 12:15am Toy Haulers
RE: Best *mid priced* Kinetic Recovery Rope?

Recovery ropes are priced according to the diameter and length of the rope. This is a very highly rated rope on Amazon that may meet your requirements.
Rover_Bill 02/07/20 12:06am Truck Campers
RE: Starting RVing again; have GPS & backup camera questions?

FYI - I have a Garmin RV660LMT with a Garmin BC30 camera mounted in my ultra light TT (fiberglass shell on aluminum frame). Garmin says that setup is good for up to 45 ft. separation between camera transmitter and GPS. My RV660 picks up the BC30 signal atleast 200 ft away when parked at the CG. To fix your map download problem on your RV760, I recommend you download and install a fresh copy of Garmin Express on your PC. That installation should correct any bad connectivity settings on your PC. Garmin RV760 requires a BC20 camera (now obsolete) NOT the newer BC30 model. The wireless receiver on the BC20 model is located in the special mounting plate on the back of the RV760 GPS. The receiver for the BC30 is located in the power cable. Without that special mounting plate receiver (which is part of the BC20 kit), I doubt that a BC30 camera will work with your RV760. This LINK may help explain the differences between Garmin cameras.
Rover_Bill 01/31/20 10:30pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Badlands

Try Badlands KOA. Good southern access to the park and the best view.
Rover_Bill 01/14/20 01:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mail Service? What's available?

Take a look at Mailbox Forwarding They are a month-to-month service that lets you view ALL incoming envelopes online free. You can have them open your letters and send you a PDF scan of all pages in the letter usually overnight. You can also have them send you your mail as often as you want for a small fee above the shipping cost (multiple options, USPS, UPS, FedEX, etc) if you need the original letter. They are cheaper then most other mail forwarding services because they do not provide legal service to help you setup a "home address" for voting, drivers licences, vehicle registration, or income tax services.
Rover_Bill 01/11/20 12:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Pig tail propane tank connector hoses.

...Both were leaking at the connections where the hoses thread into the regulator... You may want to try a PTFE thread seal tape specifically formulated for propane something like THIS.
Rover_Bill 10/30/19 11:54pm Travel Trailers
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