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RE: 110 outlets

Any place you might come into contact with water should have a GFI receptacle setup. That should include the Kitchen sink area, the bath rooms and shower, the hallway single sink, and the outside receptacle. Another place to look is raise your bed and see if a GFI socket is there... Who knows how the receptacles are daisey chained... One tripped receptacle may control four or five receptacles haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/27/20 04:47am Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does my inverter provide

If you are just wanting POWER STATIONS these panel would be ideal... They connect directly to your Batteries and can be mounted almost anywhere. I would get one with an ON-SWITCH as if you have a digital readout the panel may be very bright being left on 24/7.... These are very inexpensive panels and can be mounted either horizontal or vertical... Most of these panel kits come with wiring cables etc... Check out on AMAZON for 12VDC USB SOCKET PANELS... height=300 google image height=300 google image height=300 google Using a POWER INVERTER for something like this will most likely get you in an discharged battery situation. Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/25/20 06:06am Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does my inverter provide

Thanks all, I figured I was good but wanted to be sure. The inverter is only going to be powered by an ignition positive source to power a few phone chargers so I'm not too concerned about draining the battery. But it is good to know about the limitations. It is always a good idea to do some local dry runs to be sure you not getting into trouble being caught off guard... I do back yard runs and I also am within 25 miles of a nice camp ground... Can run to Lowes or WALMART to pick up things haha... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/24/20 05:26pm Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does my inverter provide

Keep in mind in order for your 12VDC Power Inverter to produce the [email protected] AMPS it will want to draw around 25AMPS DC from your 12VDC Battery setup... This is not measuring for any deficiencies It takes a lot of 12VDC battery current to operate the Power Inverters... If you only one 12VDC Battery ON-LINE do not expect it to perform very long powering a 25AMP 12VDC load... To keep from doing internal damage to my batteries internally I will not let the Battery get discharged below its approximate 50% charge state which will around 12.0VDC reading on a DC VOLTMETER... When my batteries get down to this level it takes me around three hours of generator run time to get them back up to their 90% charge rate so I can do this all over again the next day/night run off the batteries. Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/24/20 04:44pm Tech Issues
RE: 120 volt cigarette lighter size outlet

My 600WATT AIMS Pure Sine Wave Power inverter is my always ON Duty Power Inverter and it has two 120VAC connector ports on it. I run a 15-foot extension cord with a multi-head on it to the back of cabinet tops on both ends of my POPUP trailer. Being always On makes it real handy to plug-in small wattage items 24/7... height=300 google image height=300 google image Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/22/20 07:03am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Installed - Open Ground?

I use a 600WATT AIMS PURE SINE WAVE Power Inverter feeding a couple of 120VAC Drop cords with multitap heads that is always ON. Where it is tied to 12VDC the -12VDC connection is grounded to frame ground. i.e. the -12VDC lead feeding the 600WATT Power Inverter is at frame ground... I never have had any issues.... Always have 120VAC at the two locations of the multi head extendion units that is plugged into the 600WATT AIMS Power Inverter... height=300 google image I also have never checked for open ground haha... This is a drawing of my off-road floor plan.. height=300 Roy's image Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/19/20 07:01am Tech Issues
RE: Hand-powered chainsaw -- for emergency use

My neighbor just got a DEWALT battery powered chain saw... I gotta get one of theses... height=300 I see AMAZON has it available $128 ADDED NOTE... I just saw this is sold without the 20V Battery haha... With Battery it is $209... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/16/20 09:00am General RVing Issues
RE: How did you you mount your CB antenna on your aluminum F150?

I used NMO mounts on my rear doors for my 2010 F150 VHF/UHF antennas... height=300 Roy's image The only holes I drilled was in the truck bed rail for the LIL TARHEEL mount. All cables entered the truck through the door seals... ADDED NOTE: Check AMAZON for NMO AMTENNA MOUNTS. They have many different combinations for you... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/16/20 08:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dell update almost froze my Inspiron 500 series laptop

Everytime I get an update things change haha... It usually happens on one laptop first and then the next day the other latop gets updated. I have both these laptops feeding my console setup... One laptop is for my personal files and the other laptop is for socal media junk and forums. They both up and running this morning.... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/15/20 07:16am Technology Corner
RE: Quality Question about Small Inverters

I have the 600W AIMS PSW in my off-road POPUP. It has two 120VAC outlets on it and I run an extension cord to two different locations in my POPUP, This unit is always ON... height=300 Google image Here is a drawing of my floor plan showing where this is located... height=300 Roy's image Having these two multi-socket drop cords does just fine for us when camping off grid and not having the regular 120VAC sockets activated... Having the PURE SINE WAVE model eliminates the possibility of burning something up.. Some items will not run on MODIFIED SIGN WAVE types. Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/12/20 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: Dual battery locking tool box for travel trailer

Maybe you slip some cut up 1x2 or 1x4 wood stock around the batteries to keep them from sliding around... I did that one my battery boxes... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/09/20 09:18am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: GM 400-mile battery

found this photo online of the GM 400 mile battery height=300 Google image Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/08/20 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: DIY battery cable supplier

I ordered my new battery bank cables with ring terminal ends from AMAZON... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/08/20 06:55am Tech Issues
RE: QAV Wi-Fi Booster - Anyone use one?

I have opted for a Weboost RV cell booster and that has made a huge improvement. Which model weboost did you get? I got the Weboost X RV. It’s designed to mount to your ladder and be installed permenently so it boosts while you are going down the road. I don’t use mine that way and I didn’t want to drill a hole as I’m probably changing rigs this year. So I put mine on a PVC pipe and put it up when I get there. Now they make a Weboost RV 65 with a telescopic pole and a better antenna that I would get now. They certainly don't give those away haha... But if you really really need one this looks like it fill the bill haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/06/20 02:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: QAV Wi-Fi Booster - Anyone use one?

On my off-road POPUP trailer I have had good luck with my WILSON SLEEK Cradle with my VERIZON MIFI unit sitting in it. The WILSON cradle has a small outside antenna and my main use was to be able to run around outside my POPUP trailer for a good 50-100 feet or so and use my various CELLPHONE/TABLET devices... This allowed me to get on the internet using the Verizon Network... height=300 Google image... height=300 google image This was a few years back and the VERIZON WIRELESS MIFI unit was only good for up to 3G connections... Might be another avenue to look into for you... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/06/20 07:13am General RVing Issues
RE: weather radio

My NOAA app on my smart phone cost me zilch, and works great. I'm going to have to try that here... Carry my phone on my belt loop all the time... It plays my BROADCASTIFY Police/Rescue squad Radio channels all the time. It is playing country music now haha... I don't know how the NOAA APP works but since the phone knows where you are all the time I suspect it will adjust the NOAA ALERTS accordingly... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/02/20 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: weather radio

One of my local friends got one of those KAITO KA500 Voyager Emergency Radio's Has all kinds of features include multi power sources including hand crank, AM/FM/SW radio, nice rugged case, pull up antenna, Weather ALert mode etc... Said it cost around $45 from AMAZON... The only bad thing he said it was very weak on picking up our closest WX Broadcast station which is about 40 miles away in Manassas VA... He brought it over here for me to look at it... The only place I could get it to pick up the WX BROADCAST was outside in one corner of my back yard. I have a Midland WR120 WX Radio (WALMART) sitting on my radio console area with same looking pull up antenna and it picks up the WX Channels just fine - full quieting... I also have one of those C CRANE pocket radios that picks up AM/FM and WX Channels and it has a speaker cable pugged in and uses that for an antenna... In my shirt pocket with the speaker cable hanging out plugged into one of those ILUV great sounding small pocket speakers work great walking around inside my house... I don't know if that KA500 my friend got was just a bad unit or not. It looks great and comes in multiple colors. This one was yellow... Very rugged looking but doesn't work very good on the WX channels. Works good on FM however... I think he is returning it... height=200 google image Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 03/02/20 07:05am General RVing Issues
RE: weather radio

I like the C CRANE radios... They are kinda expensive sometimes... Check them out online These are very high quality radios and very sensitive... Great receptions of NOAA stations etc,,, Roy Ken
RoyB 03/01/20 07:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Shenandoah NP to Great Smoky Mountains NP

We have driven the Blue Ridge down a couple of times from VA to the Smoky Mtns but this was pulling my POPUP trailer. Even with that we decided to get off the Blue Ridge onto I81 for some reason and just took the first exit off the Parkway that came up. Almost a big mistake haha... The small winding road feeding the Parkway was a nightmare even for my low profile POPUP trailer. Advice here is to only get ON and OFF of the Blue ridge at the major Roads haha... Also I think there is only maybe three gasoline stations on the Parkway so judge accordingly. Another thing caught my attention was the amount of motorcycle traffic. Apparently the Blue Ridge parkway is a big magnet for motorcycles... They are hard to see sometimes and may sneak up on you... I also noticed you may come up on several cars and RV's just pulled off to the side of the road. This is most often associated with a bear sighting... Folks want to pull off and get a quick camera shot haha... We have even come up on a group Bicycle's one time... Don't expect making good travel time haha... Keep in mind the Blue Ridge Parkway was originally created for cars and tent camping. Some places may be a challenge for big RV units haha... I would download one of those PDF's that shows the whole Blue Ridge Parkway Map with mile markers and a lot of info on it... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 02/25/20 06:16am Roads and Routes
RE: School me on OTA for Dish

I thought DISH got out of the SATELITTE TV Service. The only mail things I get from them now is INTERNET TV Service through a local internet provider??? Roy Ken
RoyB 02/17/20 09:53am Technology Corner
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