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RE: Solar trickle charger for chassis battery......Good or bad?

I have one of these 10W Solar panels always sitting on the dash of my truck plugged into an always hot 12V Receptacle... height=200 My Truck start battery is always ready to use. I am getting up in age now and don't use my truck like I used to do... Truck usually sits in a spot that gets direct sunlight thru the windshield for a few hours each day... Have not had any boil out of fluids and Battery sees to be always ready for use when I need it to start... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 01/27/21 06:23am Tech Issues
RE: Flash finally coming to an end

I hate this happening haha... I unfortunately use the FLASH for my ONLINE RADIO SCANNER. I can't afford the real radio scanners anymore... Flash gives me a display when the channel is being used... I know there is a dashboard out there to do the same thing but it only works if you are paying a yearly fee... I will work around it but have been using the FLASH program for many years here. I have a good eight channels that I monitor when on-line here in my radio room... Always like to have a good Local Police Scanner going in the back ground haha... We will overcome the change haha... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 12/09/20 06:32pm Technology Corner
RE: looking for music app alternative to google play

I use TUNE IN Radio app for my music. Like to get country music and TUNE IN makes alot of choices available... I can also tune in my favorite FM Radio station like KLUR or WFLS no matter where I go... We may not be talking about the same thing haha... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 10/24/20 03:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Finally got to test solar system install

I got into the same catch 22 here as well. Have not got to go camping in a few years now due to health issues with both Me and the Wife. I had just purchased my two groups of 6VDC batteries and have them setup on my work bench... I have been making sure they are staying charged up. They are not being used however under any load... I am thinking now I should go ahead with my solar panel plans which was installing three 120Watt panels on my trailer roof with one on each side of my roof window... Then another solar across the rear of the roof between the roof mounted air conditioner and the rear of roof... height=300 height=300 I will use the aluminum Unistrut to mount the panels... height=300 At least I could be using my POPUP TRAILER Panels to feed my radio room here at the house while not being camping off grid somewhere... My big battery bank sure is not doing much good just sitting on my work table haha... height=300 I have a second 10WATT small solar panel on the other end of the battery box. One for trickle charging each 12VDC battery banks... This was to be mounted on my trailer tongue area replacing my three 12VDC batteries currently being used... height=300 Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 10/09/20 05:42am Tech Issues
RE: Outside Antenna Connection

This is a simplied drawing of my antenna box wall plate. The OUTSIDE connected is for hooking to the an antenna signal coming from the site TV antenna source... height=300 I usually use a short RG cable and a signal splitter here so that the camp ground TV cable can be routed to the ANT INPUT connector on the RV and also to a long RG Cable that I throw under the RV so I can connect up an outside TV SET on the picnic table. You will have to do something similar to this on the inside where the RV Antenna is connected to the TV ANTENNA BOX connector. When adding a splitter be sure it is the that will pass the 12VDC that goes up the coaxial to power up your TV Power AMplifier that is located in the antenna. If the the splitter you get does not also pass 12VDC going up the RG Cable to the outside antenna the Power AMplifier will not work.. I guess all of this makes sense to you... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 09/28/20 08:01am Tech Issues
RE: Wifi in Remote locations

I am on VERIZON CELL PHONE and it has had the best cellphone coverage for me over the years... I also have a MIFI Box that will operate up to five of my devices using the Internet over Verizon... When Camping I would set the MIFI UNIT in WILSON CRADLE that has an outside ANTENNA which would allow me to use my various devices around the camp site... height=300 height=300 I have updated the Verizon MIFI unit to a newer model now... It looks like this now... height=300 With the new AT&T 5G towers going up everywhere now this may be a better resource in the near future... I don't know firsthand if things has changed on the camping off grid scene as I have not been camping for around five years now with family health problems... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 09/23/20 06:58am Travel Trailers
RE: What is best AC unit for Tent Camping?

Using anything AC Electric of course has the problem of where do you get your AC Power from. Running a generator 24/7 is not a good idea as this will be a noise maker and you will get problems with other close-by campers... I can't really think of a DC Powered such unit... Tent Camping and heavy 120VAC usage just really doesn't go together... I have tent camped alot over the years and ran across an idea that has worked for me. I had a large battery bank along with a 2KW Honda Generator and my routine was always based around running all my 120VAC and 12VDC needs from my battery bank and always would monitor my 12V level to make sure I would never drain the batteries below their 50% charge state. This is somewhere around 12.0VDC as read on a master DC VOLTs monitor meter. I would want this to occur around 8AM in the mornings so I could fire up my 2kW Generator to charge my batteries. In my case this would take around three hours of generator run time each morning. Doing this during the breakfast time was a good choice for me... 120VAC Air conditioners will draw alot of AC Power which in my case was not a good option having a Power Inverter setup tp provide the 120VAC @20-25AMPS to run an air conditioner all night long... One of my ideas I came up with an old automobile heater unit with built in 12VDC fan along with a 12VDC LOW wattage water pump arrangement. It was amazing I could get a pretty cool air movement going by throwing a long water hose into a close by creek and pump this cold creek water thru the car radiator/heater setup and add a second long water hose to allow the water that was being pumped go back into the creek. Then I would run the 12VDC fan to route the cold air into the tent setup... This works pretty good. In my case I was able to run such a pump all night long and not run down my battery bank below it's 50% charge state. I would then fire up my 2KW generator the next morning during breakfast and recharge my battery bank. Good for the next day/night run of the 12VDC Pump haha... Just passing along one of my experiments of tent camping off grid somewhere... My tent had two doors and it was easy to setup the car heater arrangement with fan setup taped in place coming thru one of the tent doors... Of course if you are camping on private property where noise making is not an issue then you can get a larger generator to run all the time giving you your needed 120VAC at 20-25AMPS current. For the most part this just is not a good idea of running your big AC Generator 24/7 to support air conditioning in a tent setup... You will be running to town as well bringing back generator fuel... Hopefully others on here may have additional ideas on air conditioning and tent camping... ADDED NOTE: I was typing my comments up before the above post was sent by Pete... Glad we both were in the about the same story line haha... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 09/08/20 06:46am Tent Camping
RE: Mattress Underlayment

I came up with a hugh throw away of 2x2 feet Carpet squares... These still had sticky on their backs haha.. I put carpet squares under both tent bed ends and of course had to trim a tad to cover the whole floor. I used DARK GREEN color here... Then I put down 2X2 Carpet squares on the POPUP main floor. I used DARK BLUE color here. One spot was very close to the heat duct coming from the Propane Heater so I used a small section of metal here on the floor in front of the heater vent... I didn't do any of this per say to a problem you are discussing here... I was never aware our mattress was doing something like you are speaking of... I was looking mainly on putting down something under the POPUP mattress to make a tad warmer to sleep on and prevent drafts from sneaking in around the edges... We also laid down a few of those Air Conditioning foam sections that one installs in the house open window where the installed window air conditioner is installed to prevent drafts. This works great going around the where the POPUP floor meets the installed tent bed fabric ends. Also keeps small things from falling out as well like small flashlights haha... height=200 The Carpet Squares did very well for what I was expecting. Having carpet on the main floor however probably was not the smartest thing I have done. I never knew how much dirt and twigs got carried into the trailer through the front door haha.. I installed one of those HD grated steps allowing one to stomp their feet real hard before entering the trailer. height=300 Roy's image Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 08/23/20 04:46pm Truck Campers
RE: A/C couldn't keep up. Help?

You really need to park in the shade somewhere that will help big time... What cooling you gain during the night gets immediately eat up when the sun comes up if you are not sitting in the shade somewhere... I remember my Maricopa days... It is a brutal place to stay for sure... Our Air conditioning back then was water based haha... Had to go up the roof to change out the filter and had fight off the black widow spiders first... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/21/20 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: 12 V cooler

All of my camping trips are based on PLAN Bs.... If I was to use my Truck Start Battery like having a 12V COOLER connected and run down the battery I would then start up my 2KW Honda EU2000i generator that is sitting secured and covered in the tailgate corner of my truck bed. Then I would hook up my portable BATTERY CHARGER and charge up up my truck start battery to start my truck. My battery situation however is geared for camping off grid and consist of two groups of two 6VDC Batteries in series and has a great long term use when camping off-grid... What you are describing would never be a problem for us camping off grid... height=300 This was my original BATTERY BANK setup using three each 12VDC Batteries in parallel... This has recently been replaced with a new 12V battery bank that consists of two groups of two 6VDC Batteries in series. height=300 The new battery bank is installed in this battery box that has a slide off top lid. This is sitting on the trailer tongue area replacing the three 12V Batteries originally used... This battery box extends out on both sides of the tongue area and fits perfect inside the the two welded on mounting rails. I also have a second 10WATT Solar panel so that each 12V groups will have a trickle charge using the two 10 WATT small solar panels when sitting in the high sun.. This is my 2KW Generator sitting inside my covered truck bed.. This is pulled out onto the dropped tailgate when being used... ALways having the generator mounted in my truck has been used many many times getting someone else truck's started. Also being secured in my covered and locked truck bed my generator goes where I go.. height=300 Its all about PLAN Bs hehe... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 08/16/20 07:43am Tech Issues
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