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RE: Smart Light Bulbs

I just purchased the BOUNDERY Emergency Power Failure LED 60W Light Bulbs (4 Pack) from AMAZON. These are the ones that screw into standard light sockets. Turned out they was temp out of stock when I placed the order and got a FEB 7 delivery date. Guess these are the popular ones everyone is getting haha... Wanetd to see how they worked in my Radio Room situation... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 01/21/20 07:15am Technology Corner
RE: Jump Start Question

Two or three years ago I started getting together items to rebuild a new battery bank. One of the items I got was a couple of these 12VDC 10WATT Solar panels... height=300 Google image/// I started to plugin this into an always hot 12V socket in the truck that would trickle charge my Truck Start Battery... This has really prolonged my truck start battery... Every time I look at it is at the 12.5V or so level... The charge rate is in the low MA's that will not be enough to overcharge anything... I lay this small footprint solar panel on the inside dash where it gets sunlight most of the time... Seems to be just enough trickle charge to give my truck start battery a slow charge... I see these small 10 WATT solar panels at the auto parts places and of course AMAZON has it as well... I leave it plugged into a always hot 12V socket that is in the back seat area. My front 12V socket is under control of the ignition key... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 01/20/20 06:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Adding outdoor lights to my RVs

Just be careful to the front and rear of the trailer so you don't get into problems with required DOT Safety Inspections... Roy Ken
RoyB 01/20/20 09:53am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: DirecTV or Dish

I've had both DirecTV and DishTV and own the receivers I have. Over the years I'd switch back and forth because of pricing changes. But I've pretty much stopped doing that after my last switch back to DishTV. Other than the constantly escalating prices the things I like about Dish at home and on the road are: at home I get the HD channels at no extra cost, I get most of my locals at no extra cost and I can integrate most of my remaining local stations with a simple antenna attachment. On the road I can use DishAnywhere without the need for an extra receiver, dish setup or monthly payment - all I need is a network connection and my Mobley works fine for that in most places. This setup allows me to stream all my local channels including the ones I can only get from my home antenna, and all my Dish channels. I use a FireTV Stick in the RV do do this and that also gives me access to a bunch of other free content. This is the part I am very interested in... I think you can do the same with DirecTV... When you get away from your home may be the real problem to deal with??? I suspect DISH is better at this than DIRECTV... I picked up one of those $88 PHILLIPS 24-inch smart TV's from Walmart and can watch al kinds of internet based things.. great picture and sound... Roy Ken
RoyB 01/20/20 09:39am Technology Corner
RE: What is a good camp stove to buy now days?

We like the Coleman Roadtrip two burner propane height=300 google image height=300 google image height=300 google image This has several different grilles to use and runs off of the 1lb propane canisters... Like to setup with at a right angle under the patio canopy. Then have a couple of folding tables up against the POPUP Trailer.. height=300 Roy's image Have had this setup for many years with no issues... The webster models probably have the best heat seal when cooking but this coleman model has lots of cooking accessories for grilling meals. Love having the two grille tops... bacon on one side eggs on the other haha... Easy to setup and comes with it own roll around carry case... Cleanup is a snap. Has a water area under the grill top to catch all of the drippings... hose off real easy... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 01/16/20 06:09am Beginning RVing
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

In my off-road POPUP setup I get by just fine doing the day/night camping run off my built up battery. The time from 5-11PM is the worse draw on the batteries. The next morning if my batteries are down to the 12.0VDC level I will hookup to my 2KW portable generator and do a three hour battery charge running off the generator. usually do this during breakfast. Then I am good again for the next Day/Night run off the batteries... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 01/14/20 09:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Sacramento to South Carolina

Seems like every time I get on 40 out West it is laoded down with many Tractor Trailer Trucks... They seem to run in groups haha... Other than that 40 will take you to good South Road to run down into S Carolina... Back in the day it was actually fun driving the 40 Interstate... This was in the CB RADIO era... We would all run together and make thw same road stops. Met alot of great friends back then... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 01/07/20 01:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: Generator RF Noise

The only RFI I usually get in my OFF_ROAD POPUP setup is coming from my standalone POWER INVERTERs being run off my battery bank. I have a 600WATTS PSW Power Inverter ON all the time running two 120VAC Drop cords with multihead connectors on the end. These two electrical drops are Velcroed to the back of a cabinet top available to use 120VAC items... My Ham radio picks up all kind of RFI noise from this setup... I have a 1500WATT PSW Power Inverter to use as well but it very seldom turned on... It also will generate a lot of RFI signals. I guess the very expensive Power Inverters like those used in the house UPS UNITS are pretty much RFI free... My House 1000Watt UPS Unit runs all the time with no RFI signals being generated on my Ham radio bands... height=300 Roy's image My daily camping off-grid routine is to run all my needs off the battery which require me to run my 2KW Generator each morning for three hours starting at 6am during breakfast to get my battery bank back up to there 90% charge state so I can do all of this all over again for the day/night run off the batteries... It is a challenge sometimes... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 01/05/20 07:11am Tech Issues
RE: Tornado Season

With all this in mind I make sure my NOAA Radio is on and functional... One problem I have with my setup is it requires attention when I am on the move going through different states and counties of states etc... My cell phone proves to be the best Weather Monitor when in travel mode... When setting up camp then I like the NOAA Weather monitor setup in my OFF-ROAD POPUP as it is ON 24/7 and it is pretty loud getting your attention in the middle of the night... I use a MIDLAND NOAA Monitor availale from AMAZON... height=300 Google image Being a Ham Radio and Emergency Comms nut I am also always listening to the local Police and Rescue Broadcastify frequencies when setup in camp. Always like to check on the WX over local TV Channels before going to bed as well... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 01/04/20 06:22am Roads and Routes
RE: Suggest a wind generator

I played with one of those small round units that had several blade around it much like one of those roof mounted heat turbines on houses. This would spin up and turn a shaft going down inside the RV unit. Then a alternator like device would charge your batteries like the automotive type chargers do... It worked to some intent but only reall would work going down the road at 60mph haha... This was when I was living in Texas that alwys had at least a 5MPH wind blowing. If one lived on the coast or near the mountains it might work just sitting there... Solar Panels are the best way to go for sure... Roy Ken
RoyB 01/02/20 07:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer Emergency Brake Cable Broke

X2 what SCOTTG says... I got mine from ETRAILER com Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 12/23/19 08:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Modified/pure sine wave

I got one of these 600WATT AIMS PSW a few years back to use for my 120VAC Pure Sine Wave needs... Its available on AMAZON for $160... I run two power cords with multitap tap ends to two areas of my POPUP trailer and this is always ON wired to my Battery Bank... Being PSW I never have to worry about what gets plugged into it... height=300 Google image... height=300 Roy's image The only drawback I have using this Power Inverter is that it produces a lot of RFI noise over my Ham Radio ops sometimes... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 12/17/19 07:00am Tech Issues
RE: Battery monitor gauge upgrade

I built a monitor panel up suing one of those three position light switch plastic panels... Have three meters glued to the panel.. This monitor the DC VOLTS coming from my two batteries groups and DC AMPS feeding my setup. The two DC VOLTS will read the same DC VOLTAGES if both battery banks have been selected. Sometimes I will be using One battery bank while I am charge the second battery bank... I like to monitor the 12VDC Battery voltages when camping off-grid so that I will not want to go below the 12.0VDC level which is approximately the 50% charge state of the batteries... When this happens I want to be start my battery charge operations as soon as possible using my 2KW Generator setup. Most of the time I do the three hour charge mode starting around 8AM each morning during our breakfast time... I have this panel mounted on a side panel just as you enter my off-road POPUP camper... height=300 Roy's image height=300 Roy's iamge Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 12/14/19 12:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Ceramic Heater Safety

I use a couple of these low profile oil filled portable heaters... These have no open flame or red-hot cores to deal with. They have same BTU rating as the other heaters have... May take alittle bit longer to bring up the heat... Being low profile fits my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer just right... height=300 Google image If I need to move some heated air around the room I can sit my O-2COOL 10-inch fan behind it... height=300 Works good for us... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 12/13/19 01:59pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Quiet side of the Smokies

We always camp at ELKMONT in the NatlPark and visit Townsend for supplies... Roy Ken
RoyB 11/28/19 07:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Wilson Cell Booster?

I was using the earlier model WILSON CRADEL unit that had an external antenna. I had this installed up behind my POPUP TRAILER VALANCE curtains that goes around my whole interior ceiling. This was used with my older Verizon MIFI unit and worked rather well connecting several of my cell phone devices to the Verizon internet... The cradle was the ideal thing to use with the MIFI unit or cell phone placed in the cradle... A great local hot-spot for around my camp site setup... The external antenna was installed on the roof of the POPUP trailer.. Worked well until I upgraded things over the years... Doesn't do much for me now... I guess it is this 2G-3G thing using different frequencies... Might be the same thing when using the older WILSON Amplifiers? Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 11/26/19 06:20am Technology Corner
RE: Operating on a 20amp circuit

winniman - Always got to have a PLAN B... Roy Ken
RoyB 11/22/19 01:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Operating on a 20amp circuit

Converting your ceiling lights to LED would be good thing to do.. Might want to plan on doing this for future 12VDC Power saving items... I have some neat very bright yard LED lights that have solar panels on them. They great to take along on camping trips when you need to conserve 12VDC items... I try not to use the furnace fan when possible. It is a big 12VDC drain on the batteries... We have several of these hanging D CELLS light that you pull up to get more light. Got mine from WALMART... They also available from AMAZON.. Neat to have one for every room. Have one in each of our house bathroom here at the house... Worth it's weight in gold when the lights go off when you are in the bathroom haha... height=200 One caution item when you start using your truck to supplement your 12VDC source. You do not want to run your truck start battery down by any means... I always carry a 2KW Honda generator along with a small battery charger just for worse case battery usage... My get home PLAN B haha... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 11/22/19 06:56am Tech Issues
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

If the whole key is broken into maybe you can turn the key using a small flat blade screwdriver... Roy Ken
RoyB 11/12/19 05:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Microwaves on inverters.

I use my 2KW generator for the short time needs for the microwave and the Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee maker. I have a 600WATT PSW Inverter running 120VAC lights, HDTV, and other low wattage items.. I run two drop cords with multitap heads from the 600Watt Inverter with one drop cord on each end of the POPUP trailer... I also have a multiple battery bank setup and the main reason for the 2KW generator is to recharge my 50% depleted battery bank each morning when allowed back to their 90% charge state. This allows me to use the batteries again for the next day/night run off the batteries... This takes around three hours of generator run time... Keeping it simple was best way out for me.... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 11/12/19 06:23am Tech Issues
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