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RE: Toyhauler hitch/truck setup

I picked my camper up today and was able to weigh it empty (no bike, no water, no food). Total weight is not far off what I figured. The pin has me scratching my head. I had a little under a full tank of fuel. Steer axle remained almost identical Pin approx: 2,600lbs Total trailer: 14,700 lbs Pin comes in at 17%. If I load my Bike and water in the back (soon to be done and weighed again), I am adding approx 2000 lbs behind the trailer axle, lightening the pin even more. It also puts me at the max GVWR for the trailer (16,800 lbs)and the 7K lb axles would be maxed out. This seems far too light of a pin for the weight of trailer. However, the trailer towed great that way. What's everyones thoughts?
RoyBell 07/31/20 01:50pm Toy Haulers
RE: Weighing Fifth Wheel at CAT Scale with Weigh My Truck App

Did I read that right, that your 2018 Dodge 3500 DRW weight is almost 10,500 lbs ? I'm not sure, but I'm thinking my 2017 F-350 is 8500 +/-. Why so much ? Interweb says that thing should be 7000lb ish Must need to deduct Pin. Me thinks you should visit the scales. This sounds like a lot to me as well. I weighed my 2500 Megacab Diesel @ 8600 lbs with just myself and over half a tank of fuel and some fire wood in the back. I have to assume the megacab weighs pretty close to a crew cab with 8' bed. I am also deleted with no DEF or DEF filters. Those exhaust components were heavy, I assume another 100 lbs easily. I do have heavier than stock tires, but only 4 of them, so add for the 2 extra wheels @ 130lbs each + longer axle, another 100 lbs. 3 extra passengers if he had company= 500 lbs. Assume another 10 gallons of fuel= 80 lbs That would push my truck to about 9650 lbs. Where does the extra 800 lbs come from? Hitch? I have a goose ball so my hitch weight is on the camper.
RoyBell 07/07/20 07:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weighing Fifth Wheel at CAT Scale with Weigh My Truck App

I tried this app today. It was the first time I ever weighed and it was very easy. Thank you for posting this.
RoyBell 07/01/20 03:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Toyhauler hitch/truck setup

So I dropped the camper off at the dealer for some work today. I did not have time to weigh with the camper since I was running late. I did weigh the truck on the way back though. This was with a little over half a tank, but generally how I would roll (minus people) with the camper. It seems accurate total weight since that is roughly what I weigh when I roll on the scrapyard scale. I drained the rest of the fresh water (there was approx 50-60 gallons) before I left. It was worse than the trip home. I played around with the airbag pressure, pumped up to 85 lbs and was still floaty. What is the ratio supposed to be for steer to drive axle weight with the 5th wheel? Also I measured front to rear at the camper store since the drive was pretty level. The front was 5" higher than the rear. That seems like a lot to me. I still think I am going to lower the front at least an inch or 2 regardless. Once I pick it up in a couple weeks I can see what the camper weighs. I am tempted to ride my cycle up there and have the wife drive the truck, load the cycle and check the weights with and without the cycle so I can do it all in one shot.
RoyBell 07/01/20 03:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toyhauler hitch/truck setup

How was the wind? Wind makes a huge difference in the way the rig feels in the driver's seat. My experience with toyhaulers and over 50,000 miles and all kinds of weight configurations is wind is the primary culprit. With what you described; your rig should have pulled better in the second scenario with the garage unloaded. Wind didn't seem bad. First trip, over 2K miles I had to watch from pulling it at 80 since the trailer was so balanced and the truck was happy. This trip I felt better at 65. Over 70 and it wanted to sway and the truck felt more "floaty". I don't expect to travel often without some type of weight in the garage. We just didn't get a chance to get a cart yet and she said we wouldn't have time to ride so no Bike :(. If all it needs is weight in the back to be happy, that's easy :). I just wasn't sure if a slightly longer wheel base or lowering the front some would be helpful.
RoyBell 06/29/20 02:53pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toyhauler hitch/truck setup

Just out of curiosity, how far behind the rear axle is the hitch mounted? By that I mean where does the weight rest in the bed with respect to the rear axle. And where is your fresh water tank located? Kind of hard to tell exactly, but the trailer looks pretty level to me. Hitch/ball is roughly right over the axle, if not slightly ahead of. I just looked under the camper and I think (it's all covered) the fresh water might actually be just behind the trailer axles. The overflow and main dump are there. The fuel cell is located under the garage, at the very back. The cleanouts are coming from above the axle and in front of the axle. That makes me think the greys and black are actually towards the front of the camper. This now makes me think I didn't have enough air in my airbags. Without the extra counterbalance of the bike at the back of the trailer, a lot more weight was on the truck than I originally though. I only had the fresh water partially full the first trip. With the bike that's putting almost 2K lbs behind the trailer axles. I didn't try running pressure past 35 lbs since that worked the best on the first trip. Specs list dry weight @ 12,400 with Pin @ 2300. The tag lists mine @ 13,200. With the generator my rough estimate on pin was 2,600. I assume filled up and running without any toys I am 14,500 lbs with 3,200 pin. That should put it right around 22% which seems like where it should be. I realize these are assumptions on my part for weights based on literature.
RoyBell 06/29/20 02:46pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toyhauler hitch/truck setup

I have to drop it off this week for some service to be done. I might be able to hit a scale since I won't have a nagging family breathing down my neck. It will be dry without the bike in the back. Not sure that will help much.
RoyBell 06/29/20 11:00am Toy Haulers
Toyhauler hitch/truck setup

We have a Grand Design 320G and would like some input on the current setup. I have a Ram 2500 with aftermarket airbags. It's a Megacab with 6 1/2' bed. The hitch is a gooseball/ reese goosebox. Our first trip was over 2000 miles and the camper felt very stable and I had no issues towing. We did have the 1000 lb Harley in the garage and approx 800 lb water ballast. The truck was just the Wife and myself. The trip this weekend was more local and we did not have much weight in the garage. I did fill the camper fuel cell this time (approx 250 lbs), whereas it was empty on the first trip. A couple bicycles and our usual grill/spare tire. I filled the water tanks full (approx 950 lbs). The truck had wife, myself, and 2 young adults (300 lbs extra if even) The camper pulled ok, but not nearly as stable as the first trip. Now for the questions -Was this the cause of not having the extra weight in the garage? I was hoping to get a golf cart for this trip but ran out of time. I know TH generally run better weight in the garage -I have been debating getting an 8' bed truck, but holding for hopefully a redesigned HD Cab from Ram (2021/2022 rumors). The Ram with 8' bed is approx 9" longer than the Megacab I have. 160.5 vs 169". Would 8.5" in wheel base make any significant difference in stability? I have no interest in a Dually since I live in suburbs and have to park in Chicago sometimes. -Should I lower the front of my camper? Right now I have a hair over 7" clearance to the bedrails. The bolts on the pin box are 2" increments. It's sitting a little low in the rear currently. (I would guess approx 2") If I lower a bolt hole it lowers my clearance to 5". Or I could get an extended ball and get to 6" clearance. I believe everyone says 6-7" is ideal. I also have new tires on the rear for this trip which are approx 1/2" taller than the Fall trip last year, raising the front a little more. If I put too much air in my air bags it makes the problem worse by raising the front of the camper more. It's hard to tell from a picture, but this is the best side view I have from when we picked it up: Appreciate any insight on this.
RoyBell 06/29/20 09:14am Toy Haulers
RE: Genesis Supreme RV Overnighter

After looking at the link, I think the picture is skewed from the wide angle view. If you load engine towards the front, most of the weight will be over the axles, or just in front of it. The camper portion should hopefully offset weight behind the axles. The units with larger living quarters seem to be the same setup, but the vehicle would be pushed towards the rear of the axles. I would question how well those would tow with a car on them.
RoyBell 12/26/19 08:02am Toy Haulers
RE: 320G first impressions

RoyBell, what campground is that with the creek right at the back? Mountain Stream RV park, Marion NC.
RoyBell 12/19/19 12:39pm Toy Haulers
RE: 320G first impressions

I'm just starting to look at 5th wheel toy haulers, one of my concerns is the angle of the ramp as I have a 18' Road Glide Ultra that's 950 lbs., as I've gotten older I find I don't like steep ramps anymore. I imagine my Ultra is about the same. One way to combat the steep angle is to raise the front of the camper which will bring the back of the camper down. While unloading at my house I did find out that you need to keep it in gear and modulate the clutch when backing it down. If not, the front tire can skid down the ramp. I found that out the hard way.
RoyBell 12/19/19 12:38pm Toy Haulers
RE: 320G first impressions

Nice looking rig. I'm glad to hear you didn't have more gremlins. Usually a new rig has a long list of warranty items. I like your convenience center. Did you remove a partition to fit your 50A cord like that? I have to give you a hard time though: Is that actually three cans of WD40? That's more than a lifetime supply. width=800 I did not remove any partition. It's a passthru- kinda. The other side is a full rubbermaid bin width. Where the water is it angles in a bit, but is open all the way through. It's 2 bins deep before it angles, then there's about 3-4' of passage that's hard to reach unless you pull everything out. It may eventually our location for the bag chairs. I have heard of people reworking this area because they say there's a ton of wasted space behind that angle. If I get bored over winter maybe I will see if I can pull it off and rework it a bit. Angles are the devil for storage. If you look close I have my surge protector hanging on the right of the cord. The other clips are for the 50-20amp and 50-30 amp adapters The three cans are Slide lube, dry window lube and rubber seal lube/spray. They are in the white bin now. I may rework the area in the future. There's a lot of wasted space in the truss area that I could possibly use somehow too. width=800 width=800 Hose storage. width=800 edit: fixed width
RoyBell 11/25/19 04:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: About to GO Full Time

6- Option it up. Make sure you have 3 AC units. If you travel somewhere warm, you will have enough cooling. If one goes down, you still have 2. Adding a 3rd to ours was only about $800 from the factory. Also make sure you have slide toppers. Full timing you will stay at CGs longer and all sorts of stuff will fall on your slide. The toppers will keep the slides clean of debris. Get the 3 season door so your deck is usable as a deck. Ours have three, but you can only run two at a time. There's a switch in the bedroom that toggles between the bedroom and garage AC. Sometimes it's a tough choice. The furnace doesn't make it to the garage either, so the garage gets the shaft for both seasons (we only have two seasons in SoCal). I can't comment since we haven't ran our AC yet, but supposedly it's designed to run all 3 or cycle between all 3 automatically. I am not sure how the system works because we haven't needed the AC yet. They are all linked together though, so you will get some output from the one that isn't running. When I ordered mine, there were 2 AC options. Just adding the third one, and this was the $300 more option: 3rd A/C Garage 15K BTU w/Load Management System There is heat in my garage and it's insulated...but there is only a single vent on the inside wall. IMO not enough for a space that size. We ran an oil filled electric heater in ours to supplement the vent and it kept the garage toasty down to 18 degrees outside.
RoyBell 11/25/19 10:38am Toy Haulers
320G first impressions

I know this is a newer model, so I figured I would share my impressions of our first trip with it. The post is a bit long, so bear with me. I also posted this on the GD forums for those that aren't on that one. We ordered it from the factory. Every option except King bed and double pane windows. It took about 8 weeks to get over summer. I will preface this with our previous campers- A pop-up for 4 years, 28 quad bunk for 4 years, and now the 320G. I prepped the camper best I could for the 3 weeks before our trip. More below on that. We left Chicago, stopped in the middle of Kentucky, Northern West Virginia, Gatlinburg, Western North Carolina, Nashville, Effingham IL. About 2K miles of towing averaging 2 nights a stop. I did not weigh the camper, but in the garage we had the spare wheels, my Harley Ultra, portable grill. Assume approx 1200 lbs total. I ran with about 100 gallons of fresh water to offset the weight in the rear. Approx 800 gallons. I am assuming total weight of camper to be roughly 15.5-16K lbs loaded up with everything. Tow vehicle is a '16 Ram 2500 Megacab. It is tuned and deleted (although I only towed with the lowest +50 hp tune). I installed airbags and gooseball on the truck solely for this camper. Once we got the air pressure right on the hitch and airbags, it towed fantastic. I was afraid the single wheel 2500 would be unstable, but it was not. It towed 70mph all day no issues. I did not feel unsafe towing at all. I ordered a spare (2nd) spare tire for the camper AND my truck incase anything happened along the way. It did not luckily. The sweet spot for the airbags seemed to be 35lbs. Less air and it was a bit bouncy. More air and the truck was too high making the camper a little tail happy. I was going to buy the offset gooseball hitch, but did not. I would had to lower the hitch and inch to make up for the added height. Out of the 6 stops, 4 were back-ins, 2 were pull-thru. I had no issue backing in with the shortbed truck + regular gooseball. My biggest issue was swinging the front of the truck around and not hitting anything (tree, staying on the concrete, etc). I will start with the things we did to the camper first. We removed the factory kingpin from the camper and installed a Reese 20K lb goosebox. That's listed above. It was super easy to unhook and hookup. Some of the times I would have the wife back the truck up so I could lower the camper on the ball. It speed the process up because she was not willing to do that part. At most it took 3 tries backing up when we were at a weird angle to get it lined up right. Most of the time it was 1 or 2 tries. Installed Furrion observation cameras in pre-wired locations, plus installed the 4th camera in the garage to keep an eye on the cargo while traveling. I made a post here about it. The side cameras are useless because there is no frame of reference of where anything is, plus the distortion. The rear camera was awesome while traveling. It allowed me to keep my eyes forward without checking my mirrors constantly. I could see cars coming up from behind and going around me easily just by glancing at the screen. The camera in the garage allowed me to check on the bike when we were on rough roads and if I heard something funny and I thought the bike fell over a couple times. I seen some youtubers install the Level Mate Pro. It was helpful because I could see how far off level I was. I could be off approx 3.5" before the autolevel would lift a tire or 2 off the ground on the high side. All our sites were pretty level left to right so I didn't need to do any leveling beyond self leveling. I have it mounted on by the front storage area. Bluetooth seemed almost out of range there. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I will probably relocate it to the driver side storage, or possible front storage to get it closer to the driver seat. I installed straps for the ladders under the loft bed in the garage. They are out of the way and secure. We found containers for all the storage areas. Cheap plastic ones from menards worked great in the fridge. The fridge is so wide that it allowed us to keep stuff separated, secured and allowed us to pull out stuff without keeping the door open all day. I have read that stuff will scrape the frosted glass so we made sure not to have anything that could touch the glass. I cut some boards for the bathroom cabinet. It worked great having 3 shelves for towels and bath supplies. Nothing is nailed down/glued, and it stays up fine. I will likely do the same for the big one in the kitchen above the pantry. A case of wine will fit perfectly up there, along with 3 jugs of water though. Outside storage seems to be lacking on this model, but I made due. I put hooks for all the power cords and adapters in the waterside of the pass-thru. The 50amp cord is so heavy that having it coiled up after each move and putting it on the hooked kept it neat and out of the way. It's coiled up with 2 velcro straps. My hose is coiled up with a velcro strap and carabiner and hanging off one of the propane tanks. I had my 15' rinoflex tube hanging on the other propane tank, but forgot that I never got a carabiner on it. 20 minutes into the trip I saw it drop and get destroyed on the highway. It was at that moment I remember that I had forgotten to get a fastener on that side. Oops. I have a generator and 2nd battery so that takes up a lot of the front storage space. I fastened some unistrut on top of the generator box for my rubbermaid boxes to sit. There are electronics on the backwall and I did not want them destroyed in transit by the boxes hitting them. The strut prevents this and allows me to have 2 rubbermaid bins + the sidewinder sewer support up there. I have my sewer adapters in a box next to the batteries. I also installed a battery powered motion light since there is no light in the front bunk. I ordered additional door bins for the fridge doors, but they arrived after we left. That was the extent of the little things I did. I installed my TPMS from the other camper so I could watch the tires. Worked as well as the last camper. Now for the camper itself. Awesome. It was just the wife and I, no kids, so the camper was more than large enough for the 2 of us. If we were full timing, I would opt for the 351 or larger model for the larger kitchen. The kitchen is fine on the 320G for 1 person at a time. Sometimes someone is cooking and someone else needs something out of the cabinets. Not happening. For our purposes of weekend camping, it is fine. It averaged 20 degrees at night for almost the whole trip. We used the electric fire place set to 70, an electric oil filled heater in the garage and the furnance set to 70 to keep the underside/water area warm. We went through approx 75 lbs of propane over 2 weeks. Camper was warm inside, but the floor was cold when the temps dropped. I don't think the double pane windows would had made any difference with those temperatures. The rear bathroom has no heater so after a week I picked up a little electric 200 watt heater which was all it needed to stay warm. The heated seats are awesome. We thought it was a gimmick at first. However, on the cold nights and early morning it was nice to keep our buns warm. TV placement was perfect. We toyed with the 328g because the open floor plan was nice. We didn't care for the TV placement and I liked the idea of 2 toilets. Originally I wasn't a fan of a slide in the "porch" area, something that Grand Design loves to do. However, after living with it for 2 weeks I actually prefer it. It makes perfect sense. Why would you want want your main window to be facing the neighbors vs your own side? The 2nd bathroom was awesome for just the 2 of us. I used the rear bath and she used the front bath. We had zero mechanical issues and only real issue was the swing door into the garage wouldn't stay closed during transit. I had to wedge a box between the door and strap to keep it closed. The deck we only used a few times since it was so cold. The 3 season glass doors did a surprisingly good job of keeping the cold out. One day we were able to setup the rear bunk sofas and have coffee out there and watch the stream behind the camper. The bed was pretty uncomfortable, but by the end of the 1st week my body was getting accustomed to it. I wouldn't mind a nicer mattress. It's a lot nicer than the last camper mattress though. The sofa was very comfortable and the ambiance with the fire place was perfect. We got the upgraded stereo. I can't comment much since we didn't blast it much. Initially it sounds great. The sub thumps pretty good the little we turned it up. The Jensen receiver is nice when it connects to my phone. A lot of control from the app like turning zones off, up and down, and choosing input. Interface from the deck and the app were a little clumsy to operate though. The TV is not a smart tv which was annoying considering the price point of the camper. It was too cold for campfires so 4 days in I ordered a firestick and picked it up on the way to one of the campsites. At night we were able to stream our shows through our hotspot or the campground wifi. One of the reasons we settled on the 320G was the length and CCC. We also wanted a dedicated garage for the toys vs being in the middle of the kitchen or having to unload them to use the camper. I am storing it in the dock at my office. It is 39' long which limited how big a camper I could get. CCC was approx 3K lbs whereas the 38' models only had about 2K lbs. That meant the Cycle and half tank of water at most. I really like the layout of the 351M and the under 40' length, however it just wouldn't have enough CCC for our needs+ a bit long for my storage. One of my main concerns was that the pin weight would be too light. On paper, with 1000 lb bike in the back, it appeared as though the pin would be under 20% I didn't get a chance to weigh it, but with the water tank filled up it seemed to be just fine. We were a little worried about moving into a 5th wheel and taller camper. It was no worries though. It's overall length is shorter when towing than my 28QB was (34' OAL). I was for sure worried I was going to rip the top of the camper off under a low bridge, but did not. I picked up a Garmin RV GPS before we left for peace of mind. It routes based on known bridge heights. If anyone has any questions on the model, let me know. width=800 width=800 width=800 width=800 width=800 width=800 width=800 width=800 width=800 Mod Edit: Correct photos, when posting here please set the width to a maximum of 800x wide. width=800
RoyBell 11/25/19 06:59am Toy Haulers
RE: About to GO Full Time

If full timing, I would want these things: 1- 2 separate baths, or at least a half bath. My wife is a mess in the bathroom. We have separate bathrooms at home and it works very well for us :). Our camper has the bath and a half which is nice because I can do my business in the rear half bath. 2- Make sure your tanks are large enough that you don't need to worry about finding a hookup or cleanout. Our blacks @ 40 gallon each lasted us a full 2 weeks (80 gal total between the 2). Our grey is 40 I think? It lasts us 4 normal showers (ie: water running not turning it off) and some dishes before it's full. I would had preferred a 60-80 gallon but we only have a 36' camper. 100+ fresh water is ideal so you aren't freaking out if you can't find water. Most triple axle trailer double the capacity of all those tanks. 3- Kitchen or open floor plan kitchen is a must for full time I think. We have a peninsula style kitchen. It's functional and fine for our weekend style camping, but I could not live with that full time. 4- Figure out the length you will need. Shorter is better for campsites. Longer is better for full time. Our garage is 11' and my Ultra fits fine. I hold it far enough back that the antenna has to come off the rear pack or it will rub on the 3 season doors. That allows plenty of room for walking in front of the bike and getting to the half bath. 5- Check the stove. Some campers (like ours) has no counter space on either side of the stove. That is OK for our type of camping since most of the cooking is done outside and it was a compromise to keep the length short as possible with a full garage. However, for full time, that would drive me nuts. 6- Option it up. Make sure you have 3 AC units. If you travel somewhere warm, you will have enough cooling. If one goes down, you still have 2. Adding a 3rd to ours was only about $800 from the factory. Also make sure you have slide toppers. Full timing you will stay at CGs longer and all sorts of stuff will fall on your slide. The toppers will keep the slides clean of debris. Get the 3 season door so your deck is usable as a deck. 7- Forget the "residential fridge". I know they are likely better quality than an RV fridge, but I like having the propane option when traveling vs running the generator to keep it going. We have a 12 CF fridge and I think the largest on the market is 18CF which is pretty dang big. 8- Make sure you get a generator. Nothing worse than having no power at the campground and it allows our more places to camp (ie boondocking) As far as brands go, we settled on a Grand Design. We are happy with it. The specs were better than other models we looked at. Better tires (G rated vs F rated), upgraded suspension with wet bolts, higher CCC, more cabinets, ducted heat/ac (no floor vents), more ambient lighting (under counter, above cabinet, etc).
RoyBell 11/25/19 06:53am Toy Haulers
RE: Just wondering

I am a Ram guy, but if I were looking at Fords, it would be the 450. That wide front axle is awesome. It allows much tighter turning than your standard 1 ton. I would also think that you could register it down to 1 ton on the plates. At least in IL I think you can do that. If Ram had the 4500 with the pickup bed I would be driving one of them right now. Ford saw the market for that and got that part right.
RoyBell 11/25/19 06:07am Toy Haulers
RE: Let's talk generators - again.

I have never had that much trouble finding propane. Yes after hours might be tough at times. Google says Cocke County Gas should have been able to fill you up. Anyway if I had a propane Onan I would be carrying at least 4x 30# cylinders. I rarely use 60 lbs in one year of camping, let alone 30 lbs in 3 days. However, temps were in the 20s and high teens the night before that first tank ran out. Cocke County Gas would had been good, but they are closed on Saturday and Sundays. M-F hours are 7:30am-4:30pm. We rolled out of West Virginia Friday morning and arrived in Newport that evening. The tank didn't run out until Friday after dinner. Seeing the propane fill at our campground I figured I would fill when we got back from exploring the Smokies that Saturday evening. I was wrong. Google also says that the Murphy USA fills, they don't even have exchanges. I am not saying it's impossible to refill. I am saying it can be very difficult at times, especially during the colder months when places are using more propane than during summer months. Their supply may be depleted when you are counting on them. Pretty rare for a gas station to run out of regular gas.
RoyBell 11/20/19 03:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Let's talk generators - again.

I know this post is a little old, but I got just back from a 2 week trip with the following observations in regards to getting propane tanks filled. Finding places to fill propane is incredible difficult if you aren't in major towns. If you need a fill on Sunday or after hours, most propane fill places are closed on Sundays/after hours. I was in Newport TN and I spent 2 days trying to fill one of my empty 30lb tanks. I have a gas generator, my propane was for our furnace and fridge while moving. Our campground was out of propane. I called Lowes 20 minutes in town and they said, yea, we refill. I specifically asked if they refill. I get there, and they only had 20 lb exchanges. Walmart next, door same thing. The couple gas stations listed on google as having propane fill had no propane of any kind. I gave up. Went back to our campground and asked them who fills. They said, oh, the campground (KOA) next to us fills. I Called them up that night and they said, yea, we refill propane but we are closed currently. No problem, just swing there in the AM before we leave and fill it up. I drive over there- Nope, no filling. WTF. They said to go on down to the corner hardware store. 20 minutes back into town I get to the hardware store and they were able to fill me up. They were closed when I went into town the first time so it wouldn't had mattered if I knew they were there. I run my tank out again (I have 2 ) the night before we were leaving for home. The campground I was at had a fill station. I paid my $28 to have it filled. We get out there, and they can't get the propane in. Not sure what is going on. I told them the hardware store in TN had no problem filling it....They gave up and said you might want to try the walmart down the street. Well, Walmart doesn't fill. I said screw it, I will just fill it once I get it home. If I had 20 lb tanks and didn't mind the expensive $20-$25 exchange, I would had been OK. Trying to get your own tanks filled proved difficult while on the road. I did, however, pass quite a few gas stations trying to get them filled. A couple gas cans in the back of the truck and it would had been easy to get that petrol generator back running.
RoyBell 11/20/19 03:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: My Grand Design 320G came in!

Just got back from the maiden voyage. 2 weeks, 2500 miles. Camper performed flawlessly. Only "real" issue was the door to the garage would not stay closed while moving. I stuck a cardboard box between the door and strap for the cycle to keep it closed during transit. As for the comment on the double pane windows, I don't think it was necessary, especially at the $2000+ cost plus the added weight. Maybe if we were full-timing. Most nights it was high 20s and one night it got into the high teens. Camper stayed warm with the fire place and furnace set to 70. The floor was really the only cold part of the whole camper. The ram 2500 performed better than expected. The airbags seemed to really help from what I can tell. I ran 35lbs and it was the sweet spot. I carried about 100 gallons of freshwater the whole trip to offset the weight of the cycle in the rear. The only thing I will change with the setup is to get more aggressive gearing on the truck. The factory 3.42s are OK for the flat lands, but it's lacking a little on grades over 5%. I think some 3.73/4.11s will work the turbo less resulting in better MPGs too. I would like to lower the front a notch on the hitch, but I am afraid it would be too close to the bed. I am current sitting about 6" which is what everyone says it should be... It seemed to tow ok so maybe it's fine. I will do a full report when I get a chance. Here's a couple pictures in the mean time.
RoyBell 11/17/19 01:41pm Toy Haulers
RE: My Grand Design 320G came in!

Congrats! GD trailers are some of my favorite styles. They just do modern looking quality looking, right. Maiden voyage is the honeymoon? You gonna name it the stabbin' cabin?? Congrats on that too! Yes sir. Been moving up from our pop-up, 28' quad bunk and now this beaut. We are getting married in 2 weeks. Timing wise I thought, hey, why don't we break it in proper. She liked the idea so we are booked now. 2200 mile loop to the Smokies and back.
RoyBell 10/17/19 05:57am Toy Haulers
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